Working at Channel Awesome Sitcom

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  • Speedwagon33
    Awesome video, was laughing through so much of it XD.
  • benzaie  - I LOE YOU
    I really loe the fact that some registered for that, it s all the reward I need...

    coming up with that was such a mess since nobody was available at the same time, it s been shot within 3 days, bits by bits, whenever people would have time for it...

    and the quality was horrible, the sound was crap and lighting was shit, my 100$ camera didn t help same for my 1948 tripod...

    so this is one of longuest edititing work I ve done so far, just to make it look good took me hours...

    the artwork has been brought to you by poopay, who did the geek fight card of "that guy behind the camera"...

    James, Tom, Lee and the rest had part planned so the original should have been more like 15 minutes...well for episode 2 !!!!

    thanks for the kind words, it really ate my free time after I came back

    EDIT: Arcade Braeden here actually came up with Beary's name last summer...
    so I'm lying in this video, (but it's a work of fiction dude, I can't transform and roll out )
  • AngryJoeShow
    [b]J'leux petes
    la chatte![/b]
    J'leux petes
    la chatte!
    J'leux petes
    la chatte!
  • lanthroviel
    Actually, it's: "j'leur pète la chatte!" (X3)
    the rest of the bad words he said are: "Salope, trou du cul,con,putain,nibards,bi te,moule"
    (say that in any french forum and you are banned within 5 mins ;) )

    To get back to the vidz, great indeed, too bad I was expecting more with spoony, based on his gallery (you know, him in bed with the 5 girls, or with the chick, stuff like that) and same with ya, and too bad there's nothing with Linkara or "Joe en colère", but let just say that's for next year :D.
  • benzaie
    je leur Pète la chatte ! :)
  • Josephes
    Great job, dude! :D

    Btw, We loe you too dude, we loe you too. :)
  • Caelthis  - Awesome Job
    Between your video, Sage's new Fanfic Theater, and Spoony's documentary and commentary videos. I'm really excited to see what else everyone has.

    I'm really looking forward to an awesome DVD release or another fund raiser to get all of you guys back together again asap.

    Thanks for the awesome video Benzaie.
  • chaotic554
    Great vid, was the nostalgia chick on roofies?
  • sumbodyshero
    Dude you are so amazing. the funny person on this site in my mind. This video was the best one i've ever seen on this site. I can't wait for the next one. You should totally branch out into more than just game reviews (though i love those). You have proven that you have real talent, as a writer, actor, and director.

    I registered just to tell you that lol. Had to.

    By the way you remind me sooooo much of myself lolol. I think that if we lived in the same country we were be the best of friends.

  • orwellianson  - !!
    This was a delight to watch Benzaie. You worked hard for this flick and it shows your madness at work, this I truly admire. Keep it up!
    I love your bizarre sense of humor!

    Vive La France!
  • Weareclaudius
    That was awesome work Benzaie!
  • Noll_UK
    haha, brilliant. Totally random. Although the date raping spoony made me properly laugh.

    You guys had too much time on your hands when over there :lol:
  • Andyman999
    Nice work. It was really quite amusing.
    Edit: Oh and I stayed to watch the credits(he says after watching it a second time)
  • DanManX
    Oh man that had me laughing. I don't normally watch Benzaie vids, but the part with the French, and Kat being all enamored with him saying these filthy things made me bust out laughing.
  • NowCompleteWith  - Dude....
    that pretty much summed up your great disjointed humour. While giving NC the opportunity to show the world he can rock one creepy smile. Good show Ben. GOOD BLOODY SHOW!
  • Rokee
    I totally cracked up at the ending :D
    "Come dream with me tonight..." - Brilliant! :woohoo:
  • DicksMcErson
    Oh man, I laughed hard. Are there anymore of these collabs coming? They're all great
  • qmattp  - teddy...
    come dream with me toniiight :evil:
  • Eyz
    Awesome! More crossover stuff!

    Great work Benzaie!
  • Blitzkrieg1701
    "Coming this summer to The CW: CHANNEL AWESOME"

    I hereby lawfully state that I, the undersigned, watched all the way to the end of the credits.
  • Arkady Saulski
    That was one of the most awesome movies I saw EVER!! I would SO like to see more of this in the future... and not wait one year!

    Benzaie - as always - you are my inspiration!
  • lionessempress
    This is so funny :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  • starmandeluxe
    That was very strange. The laugh track really made it work. Good look for Spoony by the way (I've seen his image gallery too ;)

    Also, watched 'til the end.
  • Adama Geist
    I may have stayed to the end of the credits, but I refuse to acknowledge your request to comment that I had!

  • CrimsonDusk  - Cool
    Cool ending but I missed the part were Conan the barbarian was fighting hordes of orcs wit Benzaie. On the serious tone loved it even the pics at the end, hope we have some more from the other episodes, but please lose the laugh track, in my opinion.
  • The Brit
    Was that Beary or Teddy Ruxpin at the end?

    BANG :D
  • Coldguy
    :huh: Mike Ellis' office is in his bathroom?
  • Chosen Zelos
    What? Isn't everybody's bathroom their office?
  • Heinzketchup  - Registered
    Been watching the website since it began back with the nerd vs nostalgia critic but I never felt like commenting. Anyways, I don't think it will ever get better than this. Amazing work Benzaie. I watched the credits by the way.

    J'leux petes la chatte!
  • Solemn
    I managed until the end :P

    How many times did people crack up during the filming of that, btw? I can especially imagine Spoony cracking up... X3

    I loe you Benzaie :D
  • Chosen Zelos
    wow ... just, wow. i ... i can't describe it. It's like an art film ... minus the artistic part, and it was awkward, but in a good way, and it's overall message is unclear, and it was humorous for probably the wrong reasons, and I feel like watching it again for no reason.

    ... In fact, it's EXACTLY like an art film. Nice yob Benz.
  • Nepece
    I stayed!

    Or I think I did...
  • Huge
    I always stay to watch the credits. They just mesmerise me.
  • DeathsHead419  - What?!
    A whole year between episodes!?! You are such a tease.

    Whached till the end of the credits.
  • babyvash
    i stayed through the credits! yay!

    i think it's cool that you guys actually put together all sorts of video crossovers together! great!!

    look forward to more!
    I said for the 2nd vlog from spoony that she has a crush on doug but her and spoony would end up together and them

    BOOM it happens..

    im a genius.. you guys are cute together
  • Gorvar
    You should see the Spooining with Spoony video and found out what happend after -wink-
  • Cten
    This was pretty funny. Got a few out loud laughs from me.
  • tim333
    This was great. I enjoyed the surrealist parody of formulaic sitcom humor.

    Oh, and I loe you Benzaie.
  • Nerull  - Genius
    I've been a follower of this site for a long time, but until now, I've not registered. I decided to do it now, just because of this video.

    This was amazing Benzaie.
    This was one of the funniest videos I've ever seen, not just on this site, but ever. It might sound like hyperbole, but this was *just* my kind of humor, perfect blend of self-irony and hilarious jokes. Thanks for the great work, I rarely laugh out loud throughout an entire video, this was a rare treat.
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