Faces of Death

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  • Bodhisattva  - Why?
    Don't you watch these things and wonder why didn't the money that went into these... Go to something useful?
  • Smiffy666uk
    Oh come on Brad, I can't believe you didn't trust this film not to fake it's footage. I felt that Dr. Gross seemed pretty on the level and if there hadn't been silly music, watching a man get electrocuted to death might have been a little depressing.

    But seriously, another great review Brad. Keep them coming.
  • plaidman
    Heh, nice Bee Gees Reference.
  • Namenamenos
    All I could think of at the end of watching this was, "WHY KERMIT, WHY?!?!??!"

    Anyway this whole review was excellent as usual so keep up the good work Brad.
  • qazox
    Faces of Death... Thank you. Why? For shattering the naïveté of a 9 year old kid who accidently stumbled across this movie in 1986. FoD has made me the person I am today.

    And 90% of it is still funny as hell to me.
  • BooRat
    I think I might like to see these movies just because of my morbid curiosity!
    That heart surgery looked pretty realistic.
    I hope the guy that wrote this movie does realize it's a lot easier to kill an animal for meat than it is to farm a field for veggies!
    I don't know if you were joking or not but those were watermelons...
    So that's how you get your hair like that you shampoo daily with rich vitalizing Heinz ketchup! Now that made me gag a bit as those Alka Seltzer Tablets taste terrible!
    Well, this movie(series) was like the Rotten.com of its day!
  • Extreme-Madness  - re:BooRat
    "I hope the guy that wrote this movie does realize it's a lot easier to kill an animal for meat than it is to farm a field for veggies!"

    And do you know that for the purposes of animal nutrition, we also have to grow plants for food for animals, and then after all that we kill animals for food.
    So it's not really a lot easier, actually it is even more complicated.

    You have a little naive understanding of how the steak and other meat come to your table.
    And I'm not a vegetarian, just for the record.
  • SciFiGi  - Not to mention...
    The cleaning of a carcass is a serious pain in the ass as well as being one of the most disgusting things you have to do before you can even get close to eating the thing.

    Plucking/skinning and then gutting. Pretty nasty.

    So, yeah, growing vegetables is a bit easier.

    And I also enjoy food that once had a face.
  • BooRat  - EM and SciFiGi
    No I know how the meat makes it to my table. My grandma use to raise cattle and my cousins raise chickens. I'm from a place that is known for beef and chicken production.
    I'm talking as a hunter though. A person that doesn't raise the animals. I'm talking of killing something that has been feeding on its own. Most things animals we eat eat are things that grow naturally. The reason we feed them corn, grain, and a crap ton of proteins/vitamins/ steroids is just so we can get them as big as possible as quick as possible so that the farmers can make the most money off their cattle.

    My point was the narrator of this crappy film basically said in an extreme situation he wouldn't be able to kill his own food so he'd just prefer to go vegan because killing an animal is "gross"!

    Dude I wouldn't have said that if I didn't mean it or know what I'm talking about! I've killed , skinned, gutted, and quartered animals before it's not that bad!
    I'd rather spend the 30-45mins cutting up a dead animal that weighs more than I do then spend 3-4 months working my ass off trying to grow a garden that no matter how much work I put into it watering and fertilizing and it still might not produce enough food to feed anything other than the bugs that'll probably destroy half of it.
  • Extreme-Madness  - re:BooRat
    Well, most people today eat meat from farmed animals and most people are not engaged in hunting.
    So I talked about farmed animals and plants, and not about the wild animals and hunting.
  • TheIrrehensibleTJ
    To be fair, presumably he would hunt for food instead of raise it if he were on his own, but, then again, he wouldn't be growing his crops then and would instead be foraging, which, if you know what you're doing, is plenty easier than hunting. So, yeah, either way, meat takes more energy to get than plants.
  • BooRat
    It depends on what kind of hunting he's doing? Is he chasing a freaking deer down and stabing it to death or is he doing it the sane way most modern people do and staying in an area with a heavy animal population and shooting it from a distance with a long range weapon? Or is he fishing yet another way to get meat and you're still sitting on your ass for like 90% of the work.
    Also foraging is a bit difficult for most. They don't know what wild plants are safe to eat, but if it is a freaking animal it's pretty safe to assume it's ok to eat it unless it looks sick or is some sort of bug or some reptiles and amphibians!
  • Asmodai  - @Bodhisattva

    For the glory of Satan, of course!
  • JumpingGigawatt123
    oh god my cousin has this he showed it to me and i fucking speechless especially with the cows and animals.........and ive seen shit in my days.
  • Octavian About The World  - 4:25
    Chicken, one of the few animals that are "legal" to be killed on camera. If they wanted scarier footage they should have filmed the KFC's treatment of chicken.
  • Jdogthehellhound
    My mom used too have all the FOD movies. Made the mistake of watching the forth one when I was 9 years old. That one might have the most real footage.
  • Flemeth4  - O.o
    Is it bad that I was told that, when I was a toddler, my parents let me watch this with them?
    That was then followed up by them telling me that I laughed the entire time. . .
    I now question thier parenting skills. . . and my childhood.

    Good review!
  • Dicrel Seijin
    My friends decided one day to rent this and I went along for the ride. I am thankful that of the four video rental stores we went to, not a one would rent it to high school sophomores.

    From what you've shown, I'm glad I missed it.
  • Shinigami
    This "movie" is reminder of times when you could film anything and make it commercial.
  • KINDLE  - BEAR good fun!
    I love your Snob Reviews so much Brad! I was creasing up at you with the frying pan on your head! Almost as funny as the line from Dolomite about the Bullet that had to have a 40 degree turn "to hit the fucking squib"!
    The first time I saw that particular review I laughed myself to orgasm. (After all, I am a girl!)
    Do you like bring a girl to a gargantuan climax Brad? ;) Cough! Er.. anyway, back to the review!

    This films more disjointed than the death star after it's explosive demise. Your reviews have always been hard to follow as it is due to how Doug's are much more linear but this film is snakes & ladders!

    You're really putting more effort into these now Brad, & it shows. Fuck! I may even be subjected to multiple orgasms if you keep 'it' up! He he!
    Gosh.. isn't it hot today?!! I better go. NOW!

    Try & work the word 'penetrate' in to your next review 3 times! ;) I dare you! mmmWah!

  • alexthed
    I can tell by the clock you shot this in only a few minutes. I'm impressed.
  • JJAlbert
    Or he paused filming for the day to start recording again 24 hours later. ;D

    This is one of those movies I'll leave to the snob; I'm respectful of myself... Even if I haven't slept in ages. :p

    Lookin' foward to a healthy stream of reviews after the 4th anniversary. From everyone here @ TGWTG. Especially you, Brad. You'll never run out of horrible exploitation films. :D

    ... Er, maybe that isn't such a good thing, in your case. I honestly would've gone insane by now. :p
  • PaladinDemo
    Stock footage, stock footage, footage that is stock, oh stocking the footage, and more stock footage.

    Kinda weirds you out from playing Wraith or Sin Eater.
  • SlickEverett  - Couldn't Watch
    I listened but couldn't watch lol hates morbid stuff
  • Krakenstein
    I never actually seen one of these movies, but I have seen ,by accident, edited news reels that showed the dead bodies of recent murder victims(really fudged up) in an old Barber Shop.
    I asked why the fuck where they watching this, and they said it was just for fun.......
    Yeah, that's why I shave my hair.
  • TheAntWarrior
    I don't understand who this film was made for. I mean, is there seriously someone out there who watches it and thinks 'yeah, that's what the movie industry has been missing'...

    Lol, the frying pan on your head was funny as hell. I hope you washed your hair afterwards though.
  • Witney  - Dig this:
    John Allen Schwartz, the creator of "Faces of Death," these days, co-hosts an online movie review show with his wife, Joan, called "Two Jews on Film."

    http://www.youtube.com/ user/twojewsonfilm? feature=results_main

    Those two are great fun, actually. If you want to see what the guys looks and thinks like, watch the reviews.
  • ladydiskette
    I think scary enough I saw this on the self of my local video store, but until this review I was always too chicken out to rent it because of the "disclaimer" that it was all real and banned.

    I feel like I know a little better now....
  • Psyche  - Oh this movie
    I remember seeing this movie and it really did nothing to churn my stomach with its silly fake footage. The part that sticks out in my head is the monkey scene o,o
  • Anarchitech  - Seems so silly now
    This movie scared me to death as a young boy! I'd watched horror movies starting at 6, I was around 8 when I one of these saw and it terrified the hell out of me! It wasn't until I finally learned years later that a lot of the footage was faked. So now this movie TERRIFIES THE HELL OUT OF ME! Sick, stupid crap. The scene with the hiker getting gutted by a bear is still in my head. Boo!
  • Trekkie313  - Missing Footage
    Why is there so much of the gore footage cut out of this review? Most of its fake.

    Also show the damn animals, animals get killed for food...it's fucking nature. Screw the "animal sensitive" people!
  • Sir_D
    The reporter at approximately 7 minutes has the most amazing pants! But that is quickly replaced by pool toys... you know, for this major movie.

    I am so glad that I skipped this film for so many years. Dr. Gross, if I could call him that, would not recognize a rubber band from a set of forceps.
  • SpeedyEric
    2:20- I really hope Hollywood won't make a movie based on the game Operation.

    4:45- I was also thinking that.

    7:38- Indeed.

    8:41- He actually reminds me of a poor man's version of Bane from "The Dark Knight Rises.

    12:03- That's sure to be one hell of a mess to clean up.

    Poor Kermit.

    15:14- At least THIS cartoon duck is against the Nazis

    17:23- That pretty much sums up this movie. It's unsure of what the hell it's trying to talk about.
  • TheEveryman  - Is there a point to the story?
    I saw this movie a few years ago. As someone that more or less discovered the internet in my teenage years I saw the movie from a different perspective than most. I do remember most of the obviously faked footage but my brain mostly filters that stuff out. It discussed death from a perspective that you don't normally hear people talk about in feature length movies made these days (especially since the decline of "mainstream" exploitation films).
    Faces of Death reminded me of some really fucked up stuff that I've seen on the internet. Never do a search for real faces of death. You can't un-see that shit.
    What really frightened me is the pace that society has moved at. This movie came out in 1978 and it was widely considered to be scandalous at the least. Now anybody with internet access, including access at a local library, can see video of the actual acts that were faked in this movie (maybe with the exception of the electric chair execution. I've found footage of an actual death in the electric chair to be rather rare since the US is pretty much the only place in the world that still uses such an inhumane method of execution and they don't film them). Our society is sick that we can look at even the fake footage in this and say that it is acceptable to mock and laugh at it. I know that humor is often the most accessible method to bring attention to something but without a lesson being learned or a moral to the story it just seems to be another pointless reflection on the past where nothing is gained.
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