Caligula (Part 2)

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  • link77
    By far my favorite review Brad. I'm almost tempted to rent the film now to see just how nasty and "controversial" it is. Keep up the awesome work!
  • ProvocativeAmbulance
    You should rent it, after all, Brad said it was his favorite movie.
  • ladydiskette
    I just can't get over the scene in the first movie when they showed the "side-show freaks" in the creepy sex palace. Like the ass-stomach man and the four-legged guy.

    I mean, considering they didn't have CGI back then, could you imagine the blood,sweat, and tears it took to make those special effects look real and grotesque. You just don't see that anymore even in movies that are like this.
  • Moomoof
    =D ass stomach man.........i loved this review ...the cameos were awesome xD lupa's was the funniest

    oh why did he have a door that has king tut's face painted on it ? tut wasn't known back then
  • Ductape_Mobster
    Jew Wario will never get to make any other type of cameo again.
  • TheOrangeSpyGuy
    great review but i don't get wtf was wrong with the people who made this garbage, like the guy who pitched the assman idea for the film, he must hav had some real balls to share that shit
  • markwritesmusic
    I honestly cannot believe just how relentless this movie is with the violence, sex, and violent sex. I'm honestly tempted to see it just to say I saw it... But I'm afraid. I'm terrified, because if I get a boner from the lesbos fucking, my dick may run away with a followup of castration. I fear for my crotch.

    Anywho, loved this review Brad. I wasn't sure about you for a while, but you've really come into your own. The jokes in this review were spot on... I loved the joke referring to Rome's "standards" in relation to this movie, and how hairy-nipples may just be the most attractive thing in that world. I really am starting to enjoy your reviews, and I think you have yet another faithful viewer! Can't wait for 3D titties!
  • Deimos1984rd
    [color=green]One of my favorite reviews ever, happy 100th and thanks a lot for the great reviews. =) [/color]
  • Not Shelley Duvall
    ...well, it got one thing more right than "i, claudius" did.
    in "i, claudius", drusilla is pregnant, and she dies by way of caligula stabbing her, cutting the fetus out, and eating it. which did not happen.
    if you'll excuse me, i need to go watch "i, claudius" now and watch john hurt do a sexy cross-dressing dance in front of derek jacobi (no, really...NO, REALLY...).
  • SpeedyEric
    Nice reinactment of the "Caligula" opening.

    2:26- And this is the same Malcolm McDowell who later starred in in films like "Star Trek: Generations" and the Rob Zombie "Halloween" movies. I wonder if he was on acid during this point. ...Well, it WAS filmed in the 70s, so I shouldn't be surprised I guest.

    It's weird to me that this film is a big budget biopic, a musical, a comedy, a gross-out film, and a porno. Was EVERYONE on acid during filming?! :flame:

    The horse in the bed would have worked better if it was done Godfather style.

    8:18- Don't forget about the head-mower from part 1.

    12:55- XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD

    14:51- Where's Longinus's "Longinus" tatoo that was on his head?

    :eyebrow: Is it just me, or do I find Obscurus Lupa as Brad... kinda sexy?

    I recognize the 3-D glasses 80s Dan was wearing. They're one of the pairs that came with the Deluxe Edition DVD of "Friday The 13th Part 3," and I have that copy. Also, I would like to see 80s Dan team up with 90s Kid. :cool:

    Man, Phelous's hanging looks too realistic.

    Finally, Awesomely well done on you 100th Episode, Brad. can't wait for your future reviews. =)
  • Sandie Sandwicheadman
    [color=red]I didn't think this review could get any better, and then Phelous killed himself.

    Congrats on your big 101![/color]
  • Torchic91
    To quote Morrissey
    "What she asked of me at the end of the day
    Caligula would have blushed"
    o_O I dare not imagine what he was referring to
  • Raziel
    LMAO @ 80's Dan! Awesome! Bring on the next 100! and thanks for all your hard work Brad.
  • CaptainAndy27
    Great review, I learned so much about ancient Rome, *not really* and I've never watched a Brad and Jerrid episode but I just might if In the Mood is in the background of all of them.
  • GamerGeex
    So glad to see the Cinema Snob coin get the same period treatment as the original Caligula coin.
    In all, one of the funniest reviews I have seen on this site in a long time, and I will certainly have the sound of the Tiberius drunk face stuck in my head for a long time.
    :sick: [img]http:// Gallery/ActorsO/13129- 2782.gif[/img] :sick:
  • JesuOtaku
    Ha ha...from a Family Video,'s like the cherry atop it all. XD

    Congrats on 100 episodes! =D
  • pap64
    Great review, Brad! I loved the cameos, especially Obscurus Lupa's. Though, after watching Phelous's cameo, I have the feeling that one of these days he will win the Darwin award XD :snicker: .

    Heh, you should have put "Singin' in the rain" when Caligula was dancing naked in the rain. The Roger Ebert quote was great. You know your movie is bad when a reviewer resorts to using a random comment from a moviegoer in order to describe a movie. XD

    80s Dan should totally be a character! I know there's already Kung Tai Ted and the Big Box guy (I forgot what his name is T_T ), but 80s Dan was funny in the minute he was in.

    I still think this is a messed up movie :snicker: . Although, considering that Peter O' Toole isn't in the second part it was much more tolerable (dick cutting and all).
  • Drake666
    The name's Vic !
  • Fluffyman
    So how exactly can you define "Caligula"? It seems this movie tries to be so many things, but what it doesn't end up being is anything... GOOD.

    Love the appearance of Kung Tai Ted.
  • Lord Xtheth
    For some reason the video cuts out on me at the 2:00 mark, saying an ad is about to start, then it cuts to the end... I tried watching this review like 4 times now. Is it just my pc, or is the video fucked?
  • mwong04
    Damn, this review is like a 165 reviews in one. I mean, hell we got bruno mattei show, radiodrome, Kung Tai Ted and hell lot of critics. Nice Snob!
  • jalford
    [color=red]So, is [b]80's Dan[/b] related to [b]90's Kid[/b]?[/color]
    [img] vi/QLI9dKv-DDs/0.jpg[/ img]
  • KRTellez
    Now that's an interesting revelation! XD
  • The Dutch Guy
    Whoa, Phelous' appearance was rather... dark.
  • JohnnySparks
    Probably your best review yet. But I wonder what film you'll review for your 200th episode now that your all time favorite is out of the way.

    Quick note : the gigantic dude from My Giant is an ex-basketball player from Romania and his last name is pronounced Mooreshean. Yes that's how we romanians read Muresan.
  • FunkyM
    Great vid CS, and Congratulations on your 100th episode!

  • HobberHobber
    How much you wanna bet Phelous hung himself just because of the ass stomach man?
  • whatever42
    I'm not so sure. The fisting might have done it.

    Anyway, great job on this review Brad. I'd only heard a few whispered words about Caligula before this review. Now I understand why those words were whispered. Seriously, the people who thought this up were just messed up in almost every concievable way. :sick:

    I loved your commentary and the repeated cameos were really awesome. You even had a cameo from someone who didn't exist. That's definitely a new one on me. Here's to another 100 episodes of porn, violence, and other unspeakable things. =D
  • Biggie Smiles
    Brad, seriously dude. Your wife is unbelievably hot.
  • Argent Larkin
    Great review.

    Only downside is I'll never be able to watch the Apprentice and get past the opening credits without laughing from now on.
  • Endless_Nameless
    Brad, this is one Epic Review.

    Not just because you released it in the same day of Film Brain's Epic Movie review. It is because you made a great homage to Caligula, blended with all your series and characters (even invented a new one), could get almost everyone from the site dressed as Caligula (minus Film Brain. Btw, bad movies can do everyone dress as Caligula, Tommy Wiseau and even John Travolta from Battlefield Earth).

    You are "incrediblesome".

    Bob Guccione would be proud of your version of the movie.

    To me the lowest part of the movie was the ship scene. The senator's wifes should look at least a little ashamed or disgusted, and not like porn stars. Strangely, the rest was ok. I own the movie, and when I moved from my country, it was one of the movies I took with me (but I had watched it only 2 times in my whole life)

    Congrats on your work. It is impressive.
  • Gammelmann  - Holy...
    This two parter is not only my favourite review by Brad, it's probably one of the best ones I've seen posted on this site by ANY reviewer. You have done a great job, yes a REALLY great job with this video! =D
  • LeoHowler
    [color=green]Man... all I can say is wow. I'm just surprised this movie was even made, given that both the director and writer left. I also gotta say that you did a fantastic job giving the Snob treatment to your favorite movie, Brad.

    Never stop: you are golden.[/color]
  • Xevabis
    Too bad 8-Bit Mickey wasn't with Phelous. He would've been able to teleport him 5 feet away from the noose.
  • Mr.Stillman
    I think the funniest thing of all is how this is Brad's favorite movie! I guess Brad can out sick fuck me any day.

    "...extra batter money for an uncircumsized penis cake."

    Jesus, Brad. Great job!
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