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Hello all,

As you have all seen by now, well most of you, as we still are getting quite a few NC requests via email, we at Channel Awesome have made a big decision. This decision will impact not only our future, but potentially grow us to a point that could not be reached with the Nostalgia Critic alone.

We hit a point late last year where the site began to stagnate, approximately 1% increase in traffic per month, and we had two options on the table. Option 1 was to continue producing the Nostalgia Critic forever, living off past reviews and hoping it would still have a future 4 years from now. Or we could finally explore our second option, one that has been on our minds for well over a year now. Option 2 is one that takes us into the unknown, which while quite unnerving is the option that gives us the best potential for long term staying power as a company. Below is Option 2.

Option 2:

We end the Nostalgia Critic character with To Boldly Flee, which if you follow the site you know has already happened. With the Nostalgia Critic gone Doug now has the time to invest himself in 2 new projects. One is a project he has wanted to do for a long time and the other is a recently developed concept. Doug has already discussed working on Demo Reel, his second show we will announce now.

Show 2 from Doug as of now is an un-named nostalgic based talk show, something we plan to start filming in early November. This show will be something Nostalgia Critic fans will enjoy, and as we get closer to filming we will be announcing, and possibly showing, a bit more.

With Option 2 we also wanted to produce more shows. This will take the burden off of Doug’s shoulders as Channel Awesome’s only direct producer at this point. Everyone not named Doug has their own Blip/Springboard/etc. accounts, accounts that they keep all their earned video advertising money from – Channel Awesome does not take a cent from them. We plan to have 3 additional shows airing weekly by the end of the year. Of the new shows 2 will be game shows, one hosted by Brad Jones and the other hosted by someone we find at the casting call. If everything goes according to plan you will be seeing Demo Reel every two weeks, the talk show every two weeks, both game shows weekly (projected to be twice a week by Q1 of 2013), and the other unannounced show weekly.

After that we have a secondary list of smaller and larger weekly shows that may start as early as Q1 of 2013. These plans required us to get studio space which we have leased not bought which was stated in error in Doug’s video. The space we leased is a warehouse/office combo and is just under 7000 sq ft. in total space. This space was the 10th we looked at and the 2nd to go into contract. The journey to find and sign on a space took over 6 months, and we are glad it has finally come to an end. October 1st 2012 begins our new journey as we officially move in on that date.

This journey is going to require a much fuller staff. Currently Channel Awesome employs only 7 people (6 full-time and 1 part-time). By January 2013 we will be bringing on 4 more “jack of all trades” production crew members to work on these new shows. As we add more shows we will be adding more employees, which brings us to the next part.

Channel Awesome Open Casting Call:

We will be announcing the time and dates for our casting call which will be open to all people who think they have what it takes to be in one of our new shows. More information will be available next week as to the exact time/dates.

Chicago is a big city so why does everyone we talk to immediately assume we do porn?:

Yes, this is true, as no one in Chicago knows anything about online media. At all! We talk about what we do in NYC or LA and people do not make the assumption that what we do is porn, but in Chicago? They do.

In the coming year we want to change that. Radio has been surpassed by TV and online media will surpass TV. We want Chicago to become the entertainment hub we know it can be. We do not want the bright minds and talented individuals in film, audio, and acting to leave Chicago after they get their degree in hopes of getting into the industry. We want them to stay, we want them to create a series, and keep it here. So how are we going to do that?

We will allow people not working for Channel Awesome access to our studio space when we are not filming and, if needed, help them with their projects. We want our location to be a real world learning experience in what it takes to not only grow an audience online, but create a show that will last, one that will allow you to play by your own rules.

With that said we already have the initial ground work laid with a major Chicago university to have our studio become a place for its students to try out their skills, and possibly get a job, here in Chicago. and Its Future: will still be around, and it will be transformed. A redesign is back in the works now that the location search is out of the way. The redesign will most likely be first launched at as a trial ground before we completely rebuild TGWTG.

The redesign will be WordPress based, and will allow us to turn TGWTG into a reviewer site, allowing to become an independent show site focusing on our non-review based shows.

With the TGWTG redesign mobile device support will be implemented, blogging will be not only easy and less lag-tastic, but it will also allow us to feature blogs we like on the front page with other TGWTG related videos and articles. Yes, articles. With the new layout we will bring articles back to the site. The redesign will get rid of the text links front page, the side scroller, and the convoluted drop-down menu system we currently have in place. More features will be added as we start talks with our developer, and will be announced as they are completed. Currently we have no time table for completion but as we said before is a horrible clusterfuck and needs to be fixed. So here is hoping we get this done quickly.

We plan on fixing soon, possibly within the next 4 weeks, as its problems have gone on for months.

Nostalgia Critic Final Episodes Release Timeline:

10/2: Blues Brothers (DVD Exclusive w/ Commentary)

10/9: Nostalgia Critic Retrospective (most likely Top 11 Least Favorite Episodes)

10/16: Turkish Rambo (DVD Exclusive w/ Commentary)

10/23: Nostalgia Critic Retrospective

10/30: Possible Nostalgia Critic Retrospective

And that will be it for the Nostalgia Critic character for the most part.

Nostalgia Critic DVD:

This is something that we plan to release in December, as a way for us to buy equipment to help with the ‘Chicago’ section of this update.

The NC DVD will contain 3 NC reviews (To Boldly Flee, Suburban Knights, and Kickassia) with a possible 4th, along with tons of bonus material and behind the scenes footage from the making of these reviews. This DVD will be limited to only 1 run of 2000-2500 copies, so when it’s gone, it’s gone for good.

If you have any questions post them in the forum link below, and we will try to answer them as quickly as possible. Doug will be posting a video update next week talking about a live appearance in Iowa City, IA as we will be meeting up with Reddit for their Internet 2012 Tour.

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