Weekly Manga Recap: GE - Good Ending

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  • Heart-Lightning
    HOLY HELL, WHAT THE FUCK WAS WITH THAT TEN TAILS TRANSFORMATION?!?!? Kishimoto must have been drawing Slenderman while on some hallucinogen. The fact that Kishi has now made me want the Ten Tails to turn into a giant version of Butterfl-Aizen instead of what it did shows that he has just stopped caring about even the art at this point.

    And there goes another few characters that were not even bad at all. I may have not loved them, but why does Kishimoto have to make Team 10 suffer more than they should. Looks like Choji may be the only one going home with a mom and a dad left.

    Shinshui being Captain Commander = AWESOME.

    Well at least Kubo is consistent at jokes.

    Renji being a badass is always cool.

    Shunshui really straightening out the Central 46 shows how good and ready he is to become the new Captain Commander. Also, actually that was the new Central 46 always complaining. The old Central 46 was murdered by Aizen, remember?

    "Art of Killing" = Kendo. Kenpachi only learned one day of it. Not the complete set.

    Unohana being the FIRST Kenpachi AND being Yachiru "Retsu" Unohana, the one person that Kenpachi respects, was a plot twist SO good that it's up there with "Aizen was the big bad guy the entire time" plot twist.

    Also to the guy in the podcast who said he did not give a fuck about Unohana: FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUC K YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOU! Character traits she has: Lovable, motherly, empowering, patient, wise, etc.

    If Yamamoto had let Unohana fight and she would have been killed, then Kenpachi would never learn the full art of Kendo and Soul Society would be doomed. Do you WANT that to happen?
  • muichimotsu
    RolloT has shown in the past he doesn't like many women characters, like Robin from One Piece, Erza from Fairy Tail, Orihime from Bleach, etc. He's likely sexist.

    Art of Killing=Zanjutsu. Zan as a kanji can mean killing, so that's what their translation went from.
  • Oddsky
    No, it's just that he doesn't like those three characters specifically. If you have time, I'd suggest listening to their episode about Magi, where both Nick and Chris explain the reasons why they like one of the female characters more than any of these three.
  • muichimotsu  - He hate feminine characters
    He doesn't hate realistic feminine characters, at least by his standards of femininity. I like Morgiana too.

    There is such a thing as too much, but Retsu is more than meets the eye. This revelation should make him at least curious. It's actually interesting in that it makes Retsu more like Robin from One Piece, who's a similar kind of character; indirect, demure, feminine, almost passive
  • cannedfury
    I don't give a fuck about Unohana, either. She's motherly by barely reacting, empowering by not wielding any, patient by rarely contributing, and wise because she made one good, blatantly obvious call. Those things don't make her lovable, they make her uninvolved and imemorable. She's the only person who should have changed her hair during the time skip but didn't, because she's defined by terrible inaction. Unohana has spent nearly 50 books as a motionless set of informed traits, and that gets old.

    Though you are right about one thing, it's better that she's getting to teach Kenpachi. A man obsessed with fighting and surrounded by professional swordsmen for presumably centuries never figured out the basics like holding a weapon with both hands until someone spent an entire day teaching it to him. That's already a thing of absurdist comedy, but now it's escalated to a matter of national security following the series' grimmest massacre. Kubo's doing it right. It is also yet another reminder that Soul Society literally has no idea how to do its job. I can respect Unohana moving onto this joke, but only as a joke.
  • muichimotsu
    She's motherly by being stern without being overly strict like Yamamoto. She's the mother we all want in some sense, at least if we're Japanese, heh.

    I think Kubo didn't want to give any more hints than he already did about Unohana and that's a better way of writing: foreshadowing rather than telegraphing

    Soul Society doesn't know how to do its job because it did its job so ineffectively to begin with. You think they did any better when they were a bunch of brigands slaughtering anyone in their path and behaving like a chain gang? Of course they suck now, but it's because they're governed by outdated methods, not because the people themselves are necessarily incompetent in themselves
  • Athos
    Can't quite recognize the lady from the picture, but I've read my share of GE.

    Not much to say about it, really. It starts out pretty interesting trying to point out the differences between normal dating and fictional dating, but it soon delves into pretty standard romance drama material.

    I always like all of them at first, but after a few rounds of separating and going back together, it invariably becomes a little tedious. I didn't stop reading it for any particular reason, it just sort of happened. I might pick it back up, I dunno. Only about 60 chapters behind.

    By the way, I don't know what Kongo Banchou is, but it looks BADASS.
  • muichimotsu  - It is manliness embodied
    The main character's catch phrase is pretty awesome and even a bookish women gets muscular at one point, even if it's brief. That's how awesome the series is.
  • cannedfury
    Aw, I wanted to laugh more at Bleach this week but two of the bad points are just the translation being dumb. Ichigo didn't reflect the punch back at Elvis, he reflexively struck at his fist and broke it. The "art of killing" is one terrible word choice on "art of cutting," or just "swordplay." Oh, well, the revelation on Unohana is still too little too late and the series is rehashing itself yet again with the twins.
  • Adviel  - under a hour
    i actually stop after bleach
  • Athos
    Oh, that's right...

    Sorry, I listened to the podcast on sunday so I completely forgot.

    Go for it. Make it a longer podcast. Don't mind one bit. I'd even suggest making the show biweekly so that you could have time to do things other than reading that week's manga suggestion, but that would kind of make conflict with... the name of the show.

    I'm sure the show's format will change quite a bit after Shonen Jump Alpha does its total synchronization thing, so there's still a lot of time to think until then.
  • McNuty
    Please make it longer i just can't get enough of you guys.
  • zappyreviews
    I love it when you guys go on for longer because you always have more things to say, when you guys try to keep to the hour limit it's easy to see that you could probably have still gone on for another hour or 2. Theres never been a point where its got boring to listen to you guys, easily the best out of the 8 different podcasts I keep up with.
  • sharkjack  - longer show? Hell yes
    Thanks again for taking my suggestion, I could not make the live show but it was still great to listen to in podcast form. I wouldn't mind a longer podcast at all, you guys sometimes rush through the weekly manga when you want to talk about them more in depth. I'd rather you extend the show when this happens, this also gives you more time to mention occasional/monthly manga you keep up with.

    About GE, it's one of the first manga I read from when it started, making it one of my special manga. Does it have it's flaws? Yes and it dragged at times, but it also tells a genuine story which hit home (for me at least)

    I get what you mean when you say it becomes more like a soap opera, but I disagree with using that word because GE definitely has a cohesive story that the mangaka has been building up to from the start.

    GE feels like it's getting ready to end soon, but it might deviate from that, that's how it tends to go with manga.

    so yeah, yay for longer shows when you feel like it, but keep the standard an hour, that way you won't run out of things to say on less eventful weeks.
  • WitcherCibopath
    Make the episodes longer, I love your discussions about all this stuff.
  • geminia999  - Reader Questions?
    I like the idea of the episodes being longer, but more so that questions can be answered. I really liked your guys opinions on it but because you guys haven't taken 2 weeks to read anything besides magi recently (which you talked about reborn)that there has been little time to do any. Add in that longer shows would give time for questions, I would really like it.
  • HUNRonin  - One Piece
    The two guys in the bottom right of page 5 are Blueno and Lucci. I'm calling it.
  • Skyscraper
    Doubtful. The shorter person (he who lacks bullhorns) speaks in a way that is COMPLETELY contrary to Lucci's personality. He sounds panicky and upset, and Lucci is never upset or emotional unless Luffy is beating him. And him being ordered around by Blueno. No. No. Not happening. Heck, I doubt he's even the top-hat guy in the bottom middle panel, he sounds way too verbose to be Lucci. I think they're still trying to lay low and just not get involved with all the troubles in the world.
  • Skyscraper
    Interesting distinction that, that some manga focus on love, but this one focuses on romance. It's made me somewhat more interested in GE than I was before, especially if the protagonist does grow... even if having what sounds like a personal assistant in his corner feels a little over the top.

    One Piece: I personally would think Magnum Grizzly makes for a better name for a wrestler, but that's just me. I liked the shot of Killer stroking his beard, nice way to show he's making all kinds of plans (either gonna suggest an alliance to Kid, or point out that they may have competition. I'd also say that Buffalo doesn't fly like a helicopter, but as a propeller plane- his head acts as the forward propeller, and arms and legs kinda like VTLO-engines. I was also not prepared for Baby 5 to be so funny, as Chris I thought she had some legitimate grief with Joker, but apparently all those murders and exterminations of whole cities were just for funsies. Nnnot sure how I feel about massive scale murder being used as a gag.

    As far as the homoerotic opening page, I wonder what it says about me I was mostly just confused by Aokiji and Brook's presence- you'd think he'd pick any of the men to provide manservice but them. It was cool to see that Aokiji are sporting some pretty wicked damn scars though- looks like the fight with Akainu was not an easy one. All in all, a nice chapter for set-up.
  • Skyscraper
    I'm not entirely convinced these deaths will stick however, mostly because I'm afraid that Sasuke's big plan is going to be him discovering a process to grow Rinnegan eyes and then coming back to fight Naruto with his new hyper-duper eyes. And as long as Rinnegan eyes have even a SMALL possibility to exist, I for one will suspect the hell out of every possible mass-death scenario. Chapter itself was neat and dramatic though, I just doubt it will last. I have to admit that my favorite part here is Madara and Obito bitch and BITCH at each other. You can just TELL these guys don’t like each other, but can at least STAND each other long enough to co-operate.

    BLEACH: the whole four names thing is probably because he’s a noble, they have crazy amounts of names. The two moustache dudes being rehashes didn't even cross my mind though, they felt THAT unneccesary. Basically just there to show us that you have to be supertough and badass to survive a dip in that pool. Also that whole “that punch would have killed you” was, I think, captain Hot springs being boastful of his own skills, and not at all the truth.

    Central 46 being useless was dull, and I'm guessing they just don't know about Ukitakes two third seats because he has NEVER told them. they seem like the type of people with their heads up their asses so far they just don't bother unless something is officially reported. As far as Shunsui being likable and competent, I can't quite enjoy it because I just don't know if it's going to remain consistent, or if he's only written competently as long as it's necessary for the story, and then when Kubo needs a tragedy bam, he'll go dumb again.

    Now, the matter with Unohana... I too am pretty excited about this, because it means Unohana can FINALLY DO SOMETHING. She has been sidelined so often now that it ain't even funny, and a chance to see her actually take charge, be proactive and grow as a character is sorely welcome as I consider her being so powerful and never doing anything to be one of the big potentials Bleach has truly wasted (along with the Visoreds, but I digress). But. Was this planned from the start? I doubt it.

    Because how long ago was her captaincy if Zaraki Kenpachi can remember her as an important part of her life, when there have been NINE captains between them? How long has Kenpachi lived if he encountered Unohana and respected her as a Kenpachi, not as the captain of a healers division, before he was even trained as a shinigami? The flashback Yachiru had could not have been over a hundred years, maybe less and I doubt Kenpachi was at that time, old enough to have met Unohana when she was the first Kenpachi unless she somewhat recently stepped down and the Kenpachis have just had an ENORMOUS turn-over rate due to deadly duels... which wouldn’t be BEYOND them, but it still stretches credibility.
  • Skyscraper
    So yeah. I dunno if this was really planned from the beginning, but at least it makes for neat story-telling so that's all I'll ask. I think Kubo just didn’t know what to do with her, so he threw in this and at least I am excited because it feels like she can be someone at last.

    Also, yes. Yes. Kongo Bancho is amazing and you should feel good for reading it and reviewing it. It will be amazing. cars will be carried. hammers will be dropped. You will believe that a man can fight... from inside a very tiny box. All this and more, in Kongo Banchou.
  • muichimotsu
    She's given off a feeling of being more dangerous than she actually is since remotely in Soul Society arc, not only because she intimidated 11th Division, but was able to remotely intimidate Aizen in that she realized he faked his death. He didn't want to have to fight her in the same way he didn't want to directly fight Yamamoto, I think.
  • muichimotsu
    The two guys with Tenjirou (elvis/pompadour ryu) didn't have mustaches. Koganehiko and Shiroganehiko were in the soul society arc, way back when Nick thought the series was good.

    As someone else brought up, these are technically a new Central 46, seeing as the last ones had been dead for who knows how long by Aizen's hand. Maybe they think having 2 3rd seats isn't as weird as 2 vice captains?

    It does seem chronologically off for Unohana to be someone that Zaraki would know. Perhaps he met her at some point. We don't know how long Pluses are expected to live in Rukongai, so perhaps their lifespans are a bit longer. He could've met Unohana after she was Kenpachi, but she disclosed her true name to him because she thought he had potential. Stereotypical shounen cliche, I know.
  • Arika
    Actually, after some thinking, recent chapters ain't so bad, since they somewhat come back to old Bleach mood with goofy humor and actual plot and explanations.

    What I hated about this whole Quincy invasion was that it didn't explain a damn thing but only rose more questions and made more plot holes (and was boring as hell). New chapters actually explains something and ain't bullshit.

    I agree with Skyscraper about Unohana twist. Why Zaraki never said anything? If he had respected Unohana then he would always shown his respect when they were together or something, but he didn't do anything close to that. Also I agree she didn't do anything expect for healing someone few times. She was suggested to be really scary, but it was it. First Kenpachi looks like a long stretch. I honestly doubt Kishimoto had it all planned. I think he rather come up with it just recently.

    About whole "Art of killing" I think I can explain this.

    It was establish that Shinigami use 4 basic fighting styles. Namely Kidou, Hakuda, Hohou and Zanjutsu. Respectively, Magic, Bare-hand combat, Movement techniques and Sword techniques.

    I checked the raws. Kyouraku literally says "To teach Zanjutsu to Zaraki Kenpachi."

    The kanji used for "zan" in zanjutsu, is the same as used for "zan" i "zanpakutou". So Zanjutsu actually suggest the art of using zanpakutou, as art of using normal sword (or killing with normal sword in that matter) would be simply kenjutsu.

    But why I'm brining it up. Well for those who doesn't speak japanese, Zanpakutou literally means "Sword Slaying Ghosts/Spirits" that is why "Soul Slayer" is the best translation for it. So as you can guess, kanji for "zan" has meaning "to slay". So "zanjutsu" can by literally translated as "art of slaying" or "art of killing"

    My guess is translators forgot that Zanjutsu in Bleach universe means "art of using zanpakutou" (but let's be honest, it's hard to blame them since probably most of you only remember Kidou from all 4 basic fighting styles) and thus translated is as "art of killing".
  • Arika
    And the more I think about it, the more sense it makes that way. Kenpachi knows how to swing a sword to make you hurt, but he was never taught the proper way of using it. Yamamoto tried to force him to learn proper sword play, but since Zaraki wants to fight as long as possible in order to enjoy fight, he doesn't want to get stronger. He is so strong fighting half-assed. We all saw what happened when he actually started fighting seriously, using proper grip on sword. He sliced Nnonitora in half with 1 hit. And from what I get, THAT IS NOT ALL that Kyouraku wants to teach him. From the sound of it, he might want to teach Zaraki ways of communication with his sword. You know like learning what his shikai actually does and maybe learning bankai. That could be potentially cool if it only won't ruin Zaraki's character.
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