Weekly Manga Recap: Anima

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  • TheAngryAnimeAddict
    I love +Anima, even though I feel like there really is no overall plot, it gives me an incredibly nostalgic feeling of adventure, like Pokemon or Avatar the Last Airbender. Just some kids, traveling the world and trying to find a place to belong.

    I'm also not a really big fan of "action" mangas or animes, so that might be why I like it. Just some goofy subplots with occasional some dark stuff that doesn't get too violent. I often call that genre "Fluffy dark" and I like it very much.
  • spacefurry
    My wife and I have both read this series, in fact we own it, and we both like it. We though it was kind nice that the kids weren't defined by their Anima's. I think I remember reading somewhere in the series that the animal powers gained were in response to what they needed to survive their near-death experience.

    That said, I admit now that I have not listened to WMR but a few times. I was curious if you guys had done reviews of Et Cetera, Aria, Psycho Busters, or Pet Shop of Horrors?
  • Athos
    None of those series have been covered by WMR as of yet.

    To my knowledge, that is.
  • Chaotix
    Just like Rave Master, I began reading this series thanks to my High School's library and they had 9 volumes of it. I actually bought the 10th volume and donated it to them just so I could make sure that people got to read all of it.

    It did sort of disappoint me at first when I realized the tone it was going for considering I'm a huge fan of fighting manga but every thing else worked out great for me in the end.

    Also, love that moment where Senri's drinks the blood. It's just like WTF?!

    Also, I was a little confused as to what was supported to be happening at the end of that One Piece chapter mostly due to how quickly Cesar Clown went from being overconfident to crying and Luffy saying that his crying face was pissing him off. That's extra harsh for Luffy. Not saying the asshole doesn't deserve it.

    And I don't want you to stop talking about Bleach. It'll be like I lost another "Old Man Talbot" joke. I love it when Chris talked about "Old Man Talbot".
  • Athos
    I couldn't go past volume 2 of +Anima. I know it might have been unfair-- I mean, who knows, maybe it was only beginning to introduce the characters, but I seriously could not find any sort of hook. I'm not sure how to explain it, but I don't think they were trying to be creative in the first place. Maybe it was aimed for children?

    ...well, the bear guy was kind of amusing.

    Hoo boy. Good Ending next. I don't think you've ever covered one of those shounen romance mangas except for Umi no Misaki. I'm sure it's not gonna go THAT bad, but it's still gonna be difficult to enjoy if you can't get into the genre. Then again, I've only read about halfway through, so Iunno.
  • Brenediction
    Anima didnt interest me that much, there was nothing to get me invested in the series but maybe it did get better later.

    In Toriko its noted that Lizards run on top of water doing what Setsuno is doing. I also think Komatsu will win the first competition by cooking relatively low level ingredients to their fullest potential.
  • Mysterious One D
    I have to say that I completely disagree with Chris' comments about Naruto. Obito is nowhere near the "greatest fallen angel" of the series. Obito is nowhere near a good villan. Obito still comes off as a whiny, self-entitled dick who is complaining that the world isn't fair. Well NO FRIGGIN' SH*T SHERLOCK! He turned evil because the girl he liked, who never showed the slightest bit of romantic interest in him, died. It's not because Kakashi killed her for heretofore unexplained reasons. It's only because she died. He lived in a ninja village where the possibility of death was an everyday thing for ninjas and the families of ninjas. Tsunade, the HOKAGE, has more reason to turn evil than Obito as she lost her brother, her fiance and her father (I believe it's implied that the second Hokage died in battle) to ninja wars. Three people that she loved, not liked but loved, and loved her in return were killed. Yet she is still, presumably, fighting for the village.

    I would call Orochimaru the greatest fallen angel of Naruto. We never got a lot of backstory on his early days, but it's clear that he was a good guy at some point in time. He turned evil, very much like Lucifer the original fallen angel, out of greed and a desire for immortality. It doesn't seem as tragic because we were introduced to Orochimaru as a bad guy and we never spent much time exploring his gradual descent into being evil, but his reasons for becoming evil are still more real and relateable than friggin' Obito.

    Finally, to be completely fair to Bleach if you're floating on your stomach like Rukia was a fatty area like the butt is more likely to break the surface of the water than anything else. The problem I had with that chapter was that the cliffhanger wasn't really a cliffhanger. We don't really have any reason to care that the King of soul society is waking up. It's not been built up as a good or a bad thing. So it relegates the last two pages to an ever-growing pile of completely pointless Bleach two-page spreads.
  • muichimotsu  - Orochimaru is insane
    I hesitate to call him a fallen angel in any sense. He was motivated by greed and has no real philanthropic concerns for the ninja world. He merely has a God complex.

    Obito feels betrayed by Kakashi, not to mention he thinks Rin was basically an innocent who didn't deserve to die like this. It isn't the romantic aspect, it's Kakashi's promise that he would protect Rin being broken. He even resents Minato in that he hasn't ultimately changed anything for the ninja world, ninja are still dying, wars are still fought, etc.
  • Heart-Lightning
    Obito, not generic shlock villain? Hold on while I laugh harder:


    Good one, but seriously Obito is so FUCKING generic. The fans knew who Tobi was 5 years in the making of this horrid comic and it does not come out as "special" in any way. Look at villains like Kotomine Kirei from the Fate Series or Kyuuby from Madoka Magica. THOSE are special villians. Obito is NOT. He is just a desperate attempt on Kishi's part to "pull back" the fandom.

    Aizen did have that whole "feel bad for me bit" Kubo did at the end. Also if he was as truly evil, wouldn't Aizen have joined up with the Quincies and NOT disrupt Juha Bach's senses? What the Zero Squad girl was saying was "there was a time that AIzen was true evil because he wanted to become god and shape the world in his image, but now we see that the Quincies with their drive for revenge and mindless destruction is WAY more evil".

    Kubo is thinking about his fans. The 4chans went ballistic and thought it was awesome. Besides, not just Rukia got the treatment, everybody in the hot tub did. Byakuya was thrown into the blood tub, Renji was thrown around like a rag doll, Ichigo was made fun at for looking at Rukia's butt. Again, nobody was safe. Just because the woman of the series was used as a joke, does not mean everybody else was safe. You're not looking at the full joke because the joke started with Byakuya floating in the water.

    Calling it now, the Zero Squad is the Bleach equivalent of Van Hoenhiem and Father from FMA. Also, the Oken is the Bleach equivalent of the Philosopher's Stone from FMA
  • muichimotsu  - Obito is a bit more complex
    Obito feels betrayed by Kakashi, not to mention he thinks Rin was basically an innocent who didn't deserve to die like this. It isn't the romantic aspect, it's Kakashi's promise that he would protect Rin being broken. He even resents Minato in that he hasn't ultimately changed anything for the ninja world, ninja are still dying, wars are still fought, etc.
  • Heart-Lightning
    Bleach continued:
    I think god may changes his look depending who is looking at him. Hence why Urahara and Aizen had different interpretations on what the Spirit King is.

    Personally, I think it's better if Uryu didn't show up for now. He went to do some searching after finding out about the QUnices attacking and he needs to do some private soul searching. There is also the Zero Squad that we need to get to know because WE DON'T KNOW MUCH OF ANYTHING ABOUT THEM! We have been waiting forever for these guys to show up! Who are they? What makes them special? Why are they chosen to be the Spirit King's gaurds? What is the Spirit King like? Why did Aizen see the Spirit King as a "loser" per say and why did Aizen want to murder him in the first place? Let's get that out of the way first before going the Uryu!

    I think Bleach having these jokes in each chapter is good. Too much seriousness has been following these 2 arcs so far and this is a good time for some good old fashion comedy.
  • Wisteria
    +Anima works more with logic than anything else. Because +Anima are usually kids, it means that there really aren't very many opportunities for them, considering that they were put in a situation that caused them to get an anima in the first place. Those circumstances mean that they probably don't have anyone to really take care of them, so its likely that +Anima would resort to stealing to stay alive. Otherwise they have to rely on the kindness of strangers. Also because they are kids they don't have of political power, so the kids are forced to rely on their anime to survive until adulthood when they can get a steady job and support themselves.

    Technically Cooro was in a life or death situation, his mother died while she was pregnant with him, and his village had a tradition where they would make crows eat out the corpses of their dead. So because of the death of Cooro's pregnant mother with him still in the womb, he couldn't be born, until the crows ate through his mother's womb, which put him in contact with a crow Anima, who gave Cooro the ability to fly out of her womb. If Cooro didn't fly out then no one would have seen him, and he would been left to die.

    Tobi/Obito has got to be one of the most mind numbingly idiotic and cliche villains in the last 5 years. Really its nothing but a guy who was friend-zoned by his crush and couldn't move on, and then throws a temper tantrum of the century, killing uninvolved innocent people over something that we all know by now will be a misunderstanding. If anything Tobi is making Danzo out to be a hero, since all its saying is that Danzo was doing the world a massive favor by trying to kill them off.
  • muichimotsu  - Obito's complexity
    Obito feels betrayed by Kakashi, not to mention he thinks Rin was basically an innocent who didn't deserve to die like this. It isn't the romantic aspect, it's Kakashi's promise that he would protect Rin being broken. He even resents Minato in that he hasn't ultimately changed anything for the ninja world, ninja are still dying, wars are still fought, etc.
  • Mysterious One D
    I love this guy. He's saying all the things I've been saying about Obito since the incredibly stupid decision to make him a villan. I liked Tobi much better when he was Madara and not whiny emo Uchiha prick #3.
  • WitcherCibopath
    2 thoughts I had with Bleach.

    1) Why don't they have those hot springs in Seireitei ? I understand 0 Squad they don't involve themselves in those battles unless the king is endangered but can't they just give them those things for healing ? It would be mighty helpful.

    2) The king reminds of the StarChild from 2001: A Space Odyssey.
  • muichimotsu  - Economics in Soul Society
    Part of it is economics, they don't necessarily have the budget for it, but also there's plenty of other things Mayuri and 12th Division are researching, so they probably haven't had enough time to think of that. Not to mention it's quite possibly top secret, since it was designed by most likely one of the original Gotei 13 from 2000 years ago

    I liked the observation that it does look slightly like one of Aizen's forms, minus the mullet
  • dragonfly_dust
    The manga Anima for me had potential but it decided to play too safe and generic with the plot.

    It's a shame because some elements of their world was interesting like Cooro's origins...
  • Heart-Lightning  - Thank you based Tite Kubo....

    It has been confirmed people. Unohana, the healing captain that everybody in both the fandom and the comic saw that was much more powerful than she led on has not become the following:

    FIRST Kenpachi Yachiru Unohana. The most destructive Kenpachi is also the most powerful healer. Not only this, she has been trained by the afro Zero Squad member so that doubles her coolness factor. She is also the one person Zaraki FULLY RESPECTS. Now she is going to train Kenpachi Zaraki in the full force of Kendo and turn Kenpachi even more powerful than ever before with the possibility of seeing him gain a Bankai out of this as well.

    This was one of the BEST plot twists from the series. Up there with the Aizen being evil reveal from the Soul Society Arc.

    *fun fact: Retsu is Japanese for "violence"*
  • muichimotsu  - Where'd the afro guy come in?
    I think all we figured out is her former title and such, not who she was trained by. Except pompadour guy, Tenjirou, but that makes sense already with what's been established.
  • ohe
    To my experience the Japanese fucking love their Jung. Based on that I'm assuming +Anima is a really on the nose metaphor for people who embrace their anima/animus side. The so-called carnivore women and herbivore men.
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