Weekly Manga Recap: Buraiden Gai

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Comments (21)
  • nelsinki
    First time I see them was 'Not the fullbringers again, whyyyy!', the second was, 'okay Naruto has his Ninja Aliance Jutsu' Bleach has 'Tsukishima: the magic of friendship', now I see them more as the Three Stooges...
  • Heart-Lightning
    BLeach: LOLed at the comedy bit. Kon was being useful and Urahara is always a troll. So let me get this straight: You hate it when Kubo makes a joke about how much Mayuri and Urahara have turned Kon into a App device, but poop jokes from Obito and Zetsu in Naruto are class act?

    YOU. FAIL. AT. COMEDY. You bring shame to your families!!!

    Grimmjow's appearance is suppose to be a funny joke too. Jeez guys, have a sense of humor? The Rieatsu thing is suppose to be much better at fixing Ichigo's Zanpakutou than Mayuri's method. Wouldn't you want to take the better method.

    Maybe the Quincy bit they heard of kind of brought up Chad's question? A breach in what Ichigo knows about his family maybe?

    The plot twist totally made sense. Ginjo and Tsukashima never really killed anybody. Giriko did try killing his wife as an experiment but halfway through he started to regret it and that resulted in a breach of contract with his powers and is how he got that eyepatch.

    It's a good use of the basic Bleach knowledge to Kubo's advantage and is not an overly complicated explanation!
  • muichimotsu  - Hit the nail on the head
    Ginjou at best killed a Shinigami, but the point remains that all of them probably weren't evil to the core like Shrieker was.

    Reforging and modification are fundamentally different in the same way that slightly altering a video card for a desktop is different than making a computer basically from scratch.
  • cannedfury
    Everything wrong in this chapter of Bleach can be explained by one of the series' overall problems- Kubo ran out of material somewhere around the Soul Society arc. Urahara has nothing to say besides "we're okay," so that segment has to be padded with disjointedly random "comedy." There is nothing Grimmjow can contribute besides existing, so he has to be lamely postponed. The only thing Kubo can think of to hype the upcoming fight is, "Ichigo is sure going to fight somebody," so Chad and Urahara have that unnatural, out of character conversation. Every last reveal about Soul Society continues the tradition of being made up on the spot and contradicting everything before it.

    Kubo can only write at the pace of his slow moving fight scenes. So when he tries to go faster, it just means the train cars pile up quicker in the wreck. Which is entertainment as far as I'm concerned!
  • muichimotsu  - Pent up anger is bad for you
    The fight scenes move slow because this is a print medium, not a motion based medium like anime where they can extend it far more, ala Dragon Ball Z.

    Grimmjow may very well attain Segunda Etapa, if we assume that's going to remain relevant, since it made Ulquiorra a force to be reckoned with comparable almost to a Captain's Bankai.

    Kubo's hyping up this with far more than Ichigo merely fighting: we have Ichigo's own divided self as regards the unknown about his mother and her past relation to the Quincy who are now threatening the lives of everyone he holds dear.

    These character's motivations and general personalities are far more complex and for you to miss that point means you're looking at the character's superficial and immediate behaviors instead of their internal behaviors and thoughts, their doubts, their aspirations and the relation reality has to both of them.

    I'd love you to bring up these alleged contradictions that have explicit proof to demonstrate the disconnect between past and present
  • cannedfury  - I think you're projecting
    You can believe Kubo will utilize Grimmjow's natural potential, just like he has with so many of his characters. You can assume Chad somehow learned about Ichigo's mom through contrived means and is speaking with deeper insight. You can even believe the Fullbringers redeemed themselves through brainwashing highschoolers and attempted murder, or they regretted some other act at some point, kind of. I'd say you're doing way too much of Kubo's job for him, but you have every right to keep the fandom funny. But you can't blame his utter lack of material on the medium.

    Even compared to other shounen titles, Bleach really does contain far, far less content. Someone actually gathered the numbers on the amount of panels and text in various Jump titles, and Bleach was staggeringly below average. It had about half as much on both. On top of that, most of the giant panels and word bubbles are used on empty taunts and exchanges that don't advance the plot or action. Bleach is quantifiably a record-breakingly slow, underwritten work regardless of medium. Kubo spends entire issues on flashbacks that add nothing just to show he has no idea what explanations or payoff are. Hunter X Hunter has accomplished more during one of its delays.

    Like a lot of people who come to this site for the bad movies, I appreciate Kubo's failings. Derivative as his writing is, he invents all new ways to mess up and they are memorable. But I'm not going to list every last one of them here. Nobody has that much time, and this comments section doesn't have enough space. More importantly, we already know from the ones in this podcast alone, it's a pointless exercise if you aren't already convinced.
  • muichimotsu  - Can't project if I don't think I'm Kubo
    Grimmjow was purposely left vague, probably because Kubo still wanted to use him.

    I didn't say Chad figured it out through means outside of what's realistic. Kisuke could've mentioned something like that, or Chad could be concerned because he knows that people are actually dying on the good guy's side, which is a more serious situation than they've had before.

    I didn't say the Fullbringers redeemed themselves through evil acts, but through interacting with people who took them as humans, not as monsters. Ginjo, Tsukishima, everyone minus Giriko (who I admit is an outlier), had people that didn't stoop to their level and confronted them for their faults.

    The material isn't strictly panels, though that is part of it, I won't deny that fact. I mean lore and background stuff that he's established through the series and seems to have a good grasp on. It's quite possible the memories of the readers, myself and others included, is not as good, esp. since I don't reread series for the most part.

    I'm not convinced Kubo is perfect, I never argued that. His failings are likely in part derived from the pressure of the work, even with assistants. Having a co writer would help this, but few mangaka do that and it can affect their storywriting over time. I'm not convinced he's awful, because he does have sporadic moments of interesting philosophy and insight about things, even if it's sophistic in quality and potentially overdone in shounen. But that hardly constitutes or necessitates this sort of criticism when Nick and Chris have ragged on Naruto for an entire show as much as they did for Bleach.

    This sort of criticism seems to hinge on nostalgic fanboy frustration about the series changing from what your personal expectations are. Kind of simplistic, if you ask me.
  • jakerose20
    While I personally found Saikyou Densetsu Kurosawa (Legend of the Strongest Man, Kurosawa) by the same mangaka the way better work.
    I still enjoyed: Buraiden Gai very much.

    WMR continues to be my favorite pod cast.
  • ProjectZuel  - @Heart_lightning
    I actually recall them being disturbed and annoyed by the poop jokes in the Obito/ Zetsu bit in Naruto. In all honesty it is probably weaker than Kon's random and non-sensical use in the latest chapter but that doesn't make it good.

    Defending Bleach recently is like trying to defend Sonic 06'....almost
  • Heart-Lightning
    @ ProjectZuel

    Well I guess there is only one thing left to say:

    Fuck you!
  • Dragoon1809  - @Heart-Lightning
    Come on guys. Don't do this. Bleach may not be doing well, trust me I having trouble trying to find something worth following. But there's no point taking it out on each other.
  • muichimotsu  - Difference between printed media and video games
    Printed media has much more material total than a game, not to mention a game has to function within far stricter parameters, so you have no excuse for a failed game except a combination of bad programmers and bad playtesters. Serialized content is different in how it comes out and how it maintains popularity. And the difficulty of full understanding is compounded by the Japanese/English language gap that even the best translators have some problems with communicating in terms of literature, let alone graphic novels, which have less space to get their points across.

    I really wonder how people could expect Kon to become relevant to the plotline in any way other than something that lends itself to comedy: being unknowingly modified by Kisuke to be R2D2.
  • Dragoon1809  - @ProjectZuel
    Come on guys. Don't do this. Bleach may not be doing well, trust me I having trouble trying to find something worth following. But there's no point taking it out on each other.
  • Morganwrath
    Trafalgar Law is the fucking boss.
  • Oddsky
    Buraiden Gai does sound interesting... I'm not a big fan of the author artstyle but might as well check it out.

    For me, One piece and Naruto have been very good this week. One Piece has a huge amount of awesome stuff and Naruto got me really hyped for the upcoming fight!

    Bleach on the other hand... I'm sorry but I just don't think this chapter was funny. I know Kubo can do comedic moments, remember back in the Soul Society arc when Yumichika comes up to Ikkaku with an afro? That was great! And now look at this week's joke: Urahara tells Chad and Inoue to kick Grimmjow out using... word bubbles. That's all there was, bubbles. There were no visuals to help make the moment funny! No wacky faces or Chad holding Grimmjow over his head, just word bubbles. It doesn't matter if it's in English or Japanese, you can't see what happens anyway! Even in this chapter, you have Mayuri pressing Kon's eyes like buttons, and that's (moderately) funny. For this kind of gag, you need to actually draw the action so that it looks funny and interesting.
    But you know what, I think I know why we don't get to see Grimmjow. Kubo's not done with his "redesign", or to be more accurate, he is not sure how long he should draw his hair. Or it could be that he realized he SHOULD have revealed Grimmjow back in the 500th chapter because introducing him in this chapter would have been underwhelming.
    But it didn't matter anyway because in the end, this chapter was underwhelming. As usual.

    Toriko is back and that's something to celebrate! Especially with a Triathlon of cooking! Sounds awesome!

    Magi is also doing very good, the head of the Magic Academy is getting more and more interesting! He is so ambiguous, I love it!
  • muichimotsu  - Humor is variant in execution
    Sometimes it's visual gags, sometimes it's sheer absurdity.

    They kicked him out with something else. The word bubbles are obviously not in the actual scene itself, they're a method to convey dialogue in the medium.

    The humor is in Grimmjow's verbal reaction towards realizing Ichigo is on the other end of the line. It doesn't have to be physical in nature.

    It's not like Grimmjow didn't have freakishly long hair in his Resurreccion, so I don't see why he'd need to have exceedingly long hair. Different outfit could change things up.

    Honestly, it's like people can't read this series without finding something to gripe about as if everything has to meet their expectations about a series that's over 10 years old.
  • Oddsky
    I was not clear enough in my first statement so let me clarify my point:
    The word bubbles are used in a way that prevents us from seeing Grimmjow. If this scene was to be, let's say, animated, of course there wouldn't be any word bubbles. They are here to convey the dialogue.
    Now, what I have a problem with is the content of the word bubbles and the action in this scene.
    First of all, I don't see why Grimmjow getting pissed off knowing that Ichigo is on the "Kon-phone", is funny. Being pissed off all the time is natural to him. I think you probably meant that the funny part was how Urahara freaks out when Grimmjow gets pissed off. But that's not exactly funny either. I guess the second panel is a little comical... but not really because Urahara only line is "Ah!" and the back of his head is not that hilarious-looking. I guess his word bubble is supposed to be funny but... that's kinda underwhelming...
    Secondly, that central panel was the thing that annoyed me. This is really as Nick said: you see that Chad and Inoue do something... and Grimmjow is like "Don't get that thing near me!". But you only see them from the back, so that you can't see what they are holding (it looks like melons...), and Urahara says "Use that thing to get him away!".
    This is mostly a problem of "telling instead of showing", I don't necessarily have a beef with that method of story-telling, but here it's not done well. And that's because Kubo backed himself into a corner... again. If Grimmjow had been revealed before, this scene wouldn't feel as empty and uninteresting, But since he didn't show him before, he has to go that stupid comedy bit. It's not like revealing later in the story that he is afraid of one thing is going to be dramatic, it is going be a thrown away line or maybe even dropped off because next time Grimmjow appears, there is probably going to be important stuff going on!

    You have your opinion, I have mine but good God, right now, Bleach has so many problems in term of story-telling and writing, it annoys me.
  • memnarch  - OnePunch Man
    Hey guys love the podcast, as usual.

    I'd like to suggest OnePunch Man for you guys to review. There aren't very many chapters, but it's a parody of typical shonen/superhero tropes and it's drawn by the same artist as Eyeshield 21. Definitely give it a look. I just picked it up today, but I'm REALLY enjoying it.
  • Oddsky
    It would make for an interesting recommendation but for now, the series is still a bit young. It's best to wait a bit so that the series has more content for a longer discussion.
  • Athos
    I believe it's difficult to convey... well, any kind of meaningful message through manga without coming off as preachy. Buraiden Gai is clever in that it's so easy to read that, even when it's trying to preach, it contributes to the story rather than slowing it down.

    I think the reason it feels that way is because the author spends several pages on the same conversation in order to allow each individual sentence to match with the appropriate reaction of the character, making it look like a movie rather than a comic. It's pretty interesting.

    I never do this, but I want to point out that absolutely noone in the comments complained about Naruto this week, which is something I didn't think could ever happen. I really like this new, positive audience, so let's all hope it doesn't turn out to be mass hypnosis or something.

    Next week's suggestion is... damn, 10 volumes. I hope I get to read it in time.
  • Paragon  - You keep using that word
    "Levity" means the exact opposite of how you kept using it: it means lightness, silliness, funniness. You kept using it as if you thought it meant "gravity," as in, "This new threat lent some gravity to the situation." Adding "levity" is what the Bleach bits were trying to do.

    It didn't come up here, but while I'm here I might as well mention the way you pronounce "tsundere" is wrong - the characters are tsu, n, de, re, so it's pronounced "tsoon-day-ray", not "tsoon-dair," like you always say. It's a transliteration of Japanese characters into Latin ones, so there's no reason to assume it's a silent e, like we have in English.

    Since this is the Internet and hyperbolic invective is the order of the day, if you make either of these mistakes again, I will find the person you love most, and poop on their eye.
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