Weekly Manga Recap: Reborn!

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Comments (30)
  • Dragoon1809  - Check listing!
    Let's go over the list shall we:
    1) Having Captain Unohana and Isane talk about that they should have helped what sooner but couldn't because Crazy, old man Yammamoto told them not to until the battle was over as his final order while farther proving How incompetent the old fart was and displaying how useless the 4th division is with them not being able to decide between disobeying a direct order to help injured/dying comrades or staying in their barracks like cowarding fucktards. Check
    2) Reveal that Urahara, Ori-You're fucking pointless-hime, and Chad are a-ok even though it might be a trap becuase of the guy with the sword at Urahara. Check
    3) Having the characters trading names and insults at one another as Kubo's backwards attempt at comedy after THE MASSIVE DEATH AND DESTRUCTION OF THE SEIERITI OF WHICH WAS A RESULT OF THE CHARACTERS INABILIY TO ACT A TRUE MILITARY ORGANZITION.(sorry for the outburst) Check
    4) Having half of the remaining captain act like children after losing a little league baseball with only Shunsui, Ukitake, and to my surpise Hitsugaya being the most mature and acting as how captian should. Check
  • Gohan-RulezGX  - Wow.
    Wow.....This is...this amazing. I don't think I have ever met a more ignorant and stupid Bleach fan in my life. You are the type of Bleach fan I hate the most. If you don't like the direction the manga is going in,then stop reading it and leave the fanbase. Because we Bleach fans who still like the manga don't need people like you in the fanbase.
  • TickTockCroc  - @Gohan-RulezGX
    Oh go fuck yourself your the type of fan I hate most. Ones who blindly fellow without question and who don't care about the quality of what there being given and can't handle someone else s opinion that's opposite to there's.
  • Dragoon1809
    To be fair, I was going too far. I just question certain things and how i said it didn't help at all.
  • Gohan-RulezGX  - Aww. How cute.
    You think I give a fuck.
  • TickTockCroc  - You Do
    So your saying you don't give a fuck what other people think about you but apparently give enough to reply and tell that person you don't give a fuck.
  • Dragoon1809
    Good sir or ma'am, It would best not to reply. It would makes worse.
  • Dragoon1809
    Ok, three i take back.
  • Chaotix
    I love it when Chris talks about Old Man Talbot. It's so hilarious. My breath is gone.
  • ChaosAdvent  - Manga Review Suggestion
    Hey guys!
    I didn't see a review of this manga on TGWTG listing so I decided to suggest it.
    The manga Monster by Naoki Urasawa.
    (http://en.wikipedia.org/ wiki/Monster_(manga))

    Edit: For some reason I cant seem to get rid of the space between .org/ and wiki/
  • TheIrrehensibleTJ
    You can't get rid of the spaces because of a program used by the site to prevent people from hotlinking in the comments.
  • Thatfatguyinalittlecoat  - My thoughts on Bleach
    I think the idea was Yamamoto didn't want to fight. He thought that the captains would finish the bad guys. It sort of stands to reason that you wouldn't want your medics on the battle field. Typically medics are kept away from the main battle field.

    The thing is that was a stupid choice.

    I hated the captains fighting and such was stupid to me. These people are a few hundred years old. In that time they would NEVER have been prepared if a leader died?

    I also really REALLY hope we finally get Ichigo's dad's story soon. That's pretty much the only reason I'm still reading Bleach.
  • Athos
    I'm glad you found something fun to read for a change. Except for Neuro, most of the suggestions you've picked these past few months have been either uncomfortable to read, hilariously bad or just plain bad. It's been a while since you took your time covering a recommendation.

    With that said, I've decided not to read Magi for now in favor of watching the anime first. I feel like I'll get much more enjoyment out of it that way-- though I might change my mind if they start going into filler territory.

    About Reborn... yeah, it's exactly as you said. The moment Gokudera stopped using bombs I could tell things started going downhill. I still hold that Negima had the most badass shift into shounen in creation. So much, in fact, that I guarantee you, anyone-- ANYONE who ever got that far can tell you -exactly- the moment Negima was no longer about a kid who makes underwear disappear by sneezing.

    ...anyways. I'll be skipping next week's episode to avoid spoilers of Magi, but I'll try to drop by to hear the next manga recommendation. Always looking forward to that part.
  • M_A_X
    No, they have never covered any of the stuff with Rin before. Kakashi Gaiden covered up until Obito was crushed by the boulder, and assumed dead. We knew that Rin died before this, because she was nowhere to be seen, but this is the first time we've actually found out what happened to her.

    As for the Shadow Shuriken technique.... they've actually done variations on that same move throughout the series, to reflect how Naruto has grown. It's the reason why his special move for awhile was the Rasenshuriken. He threw a Rasenshuriken at the fat Pain who absorbs chakra, turned out to be the real Naruto so he couldn't absorb it. There's also another point during the war, where he's in his new form, throws the shuriken, it misses, but he just has his chakra stretch out in the shape of an arm to catch it and throw it again.

    PS. The wood dragon DOES have a gonzo nose
  • Lieju
    Those giant shuriken always look so comical to me... I can't take them seriously.
  • LikaLaruku
    I hear this one's popular with the ladies. I was thinking of watching/reading it.
  • Puty
    That flashback with shady guy talking to Rin was from the Kakashi Gaiden.
  • Arika
    All flashback scenes were shown in Kakashi Gaiden. The man who is holding Rin's hair is one of the Rock Village ninjas, who kidnapped Rin for informations about their mission. Kakashi wanted to abandon her, as rescuing her would put them in danger and could result in failing a crucial mission, but Obito disagreed with him. Then he put his speech about rules, which made Kakashi changed his point of view. They split at the beginning but Kakashi came back to help Obito after all.

    Because of that, Kakashi's killing Rin makes no sense.
  • ProjectZuel  - Critical contributions unwanted...
    "Wow.....This is...this amazing. I don't think I have ever met a more ignorant and stupid Bleach fan in my life. You are the type of Bleach fan I hate the most. If you don't like the direction the manga is going in,then stop reading it and leave the fanbase. Because we Bleach fans who still like the manga don't need people like you in the fanbase."

    So people who still like Bleach don't want criticisms thrown at the series, even if they are valid. Isn't that called blind fanboyism...?

    I always thought it was obvious how bad Bleach at got, even if you still like the story the panel layout and art is apalling.
  • Heart-Lightning  - Things about Bleach
    I'm going to apply a bit of counter logic to this.

    1. Well, Unohana and Isane being in the back is a basic RPG strategy. You always keep your medics in the back. That is a legit strategy used in not only video games, but Naruto did this before and it made sense (before it got really bad). If the best medics in the Soul Society were to have Unohana's Bankai stolen and/or both of them dead, then that would put the Soul Society at a BIGGER disadvantage the next time the Quincies attack. Unohana and Isane are not meant to be soul reapers that fight and try to avoid it. They are trained to defend themselves, but not to take the offensive. They tried to in the Soul Society Arc and did so in the Arrancar Arc. Kubo has established them to be these type of people and it would be out of character if Unohana were to just go off and say "Screw it, I'm fighting because I want too".

    2. Yamamoto was thinking he was not going to survive his fight with Juha Bach, not lose. He was going to take Juha Bach down along with him like he tried to do with Aizen in the Arrancar Arc. He was not expecting Juha Bach to outsmart him (surprise surprise). Yamamoto has been established to be the type of guy who will willingly kill himself even if it means the death of his enemy and protect Soul Society.

    3. Yamamoto did not use his full power the last time he fought Juha Bach. He thought that since he used his full power, curb stomping Juha Bach was just natural reaction. He was just overconfident since he had never used the full power of his Bankai for hundreds of years against any opponent and over measured the capability of Zaka No Tachi. But I completely agree with the whole "Intentional incompetence of Yamamoto because he has gotten soft" though.
  • Heart-Lightning  - Things about Bleach 2
    4. Who saved them: SWORD!!!!! Also, when were you two ever under the impression that it was Urahara that sent the message that they were fine and that SWORD did not just fake the message? KUBO'D!

    5. Mayuri has used surgery to heal himself and examine dead bodies. Not unknown or out of nowhere

    6. Only Kubo could kill a character off, then bring him back, then kill him again, and then bring them back only to be put into a coma. I do believe Kubo was going to kill Byakuya, but the editors stopped him due to the backlash from fans on Twitter. This may fuel the whole "Kubo writing week to week". Remember, if the big major character does not get a death flashback, then they are not dead.

    7. Shunsui being the Captain Commander = AWESOMENESS!!! Do it Kubo, DO IT!
  • Heart-Lightning  - Fairy Tail: Yukino's plot twist
    As for Fairy Tail, I enjoyed this chapter like I have many others from this manga. It seems like the only manga I can really enjoy week to week. A new group is here to kill Natsu and Co., Minerva blackmailing Sting was ballsy, and the final battle in the Wizard Tournament is looking good.

    The whole Yukino being the Edolas Lissana is just a red herring. Remember, Yukino said her sister was kidnaped by people when she was very young and taken somewhere. The Edolas Mirajane said they lost Edolas Lissana when she was a the age of a teenager. That is why Edolas Mirajane accepted Lissana so quickly. Both girls were the same age when they were both lost.

    My guess is that Yukino's older sister is actually Angel from the Oracion Seis. Here is why:

    1. Angel was kidnapped when she was young to work in the tower just like Erza and Jellal (fitting with the kidnapping of Yukino's sister).

    2. In Yukino's flashback, the older sister's clothes resembled a lot like Angel's clothes (very feathery). Yukino's dress when we first met her was very feathery as well. Very subtle foreshadowing.

    3. Both are/were Celestial Spirit magic users! Lissana is not a celestial magic user, she uses transformation magic. Even the Edolas versions of Fairy Tail members used the same powers that the Earthland Fairy Tail members. It does not fit that Yukino is a celestial spirit user if Lissana's family uses transformation magic.

    4. Yukino's sister's name is Sorano. In Japan, Sorano means "In the sky". What is considered to to live in the sky AKA the heavens? ANGELS. Just like what Angel calls herself.

    5. We also never got to find out Angel's prayer. I'm betting it was "I want to find my sister again".

    One last thing: The Princess in the castle = the girl Jellal was chasing who has Zeref's magic radiating off her.
  • Dragoon1809  - respond.
    1. Well you put it in that way, it does make alot more sense. The 4th division aren't fighters after all.
    2. I get the feeling that Kubo wanted to do what Kishimoto did with the 3rd Hokage. Having the leader battle the main bad guy but sacifices his life to greatly inflict the enemy. However, I don't think anyone thinks highly of Yamamoto as a leader and protector when most of time(and this just me) he wasn't a nice guy and audience didn't connect with him.
    3. looking back, I agree.
    4. HAHA. Yes, it was the phathom sword who write the message.
    5. Well Mayuri is a mad scientist and proves he can do surgercial wonders in himself(turn himself into goo to escape and making spare body parts) so I believe it.
    6. I agree. But i think how he wanted it wasn't gonna win anyone over and maybe he had 2nd thoughts. I don't think highly Byakuya, but I do understand he appeals to some people.
    7. YES, I agree. Shunsui would be a great head captain.
  • ProjectZuel
    "Only Kubo could kill a character off, then bring him back, then kill him again, and then bring them back only to be put into a coma. I do believe Kubo was going to kill Byakuya, but the editors stopped him due to the backlash from fans on Twitter. This may fuel the whole "Kubo writing week to week". Remember, if the big major character does not get a death flashback, then they are not dead."

    This isn't a counter argument so much as a "different reason for badness". Lets say the fans or editors or whatever told Kubo to keep him alive. The result is the same and we as an audience should review what we read.
  • TickTockCroc  - @ProjectZuel
  • ImitationJesus
    i never understood the appeal of Reborn. well, some people will miss it and others won't. i'm more of the latter.
  • Oddsky
    Ah yes Reborn...
    I think pretty much the same way as Rollo T. I actually really like the series when it was just a gag manga. Then, we got the first Battle Ar with the Varia, which in my opinion, was pretty good! I was looking forward to what would happen next.
    And then, it was the start of the 10-years-in-the-Future Arc. I immediately called bullshit. We got future versions of the characters, weapon boxes, animal totems/companions and one of the worst villains I witnesses: Byakuran. Reborn didn't need to go into this crap!! They're the freaking ITALIAN MAFIA, they're not supposed to go into the future and have this new stupid retarded plot lines about a guy who crosses dimensions and shit!!
    After that, we got the Shimon Arc which was just forgettable and the Arcabaleno Arc which ended with a... sort of anti-climax (the fight Tsuna vs Bermuda was pretty good).
    And of course there is no real conclusion.
    I don't think I'll remember this series fondly too. It's just so boring. There good moments but they just get overshadowed by the three annoying last arcs. This series overstayed its welcome and it's good that it finally ended. That's that.

    Oh and fuck Fairy Tail and Bleach this week... Hiro is trying to get another pair of tits in the guild and introduce characters we don't give two fucks about; while Bleach is just... Urgh. Who spends 9 pages on a conversation when the characters could have said all that in 2-3 pages! Kubo is fucking lazy! And he's also a pussy for not killing two other major characters! "The two captains managed to survive and they are now in a coma!" MY ASS!! Zaraki, I don't mind so much since he jsut got the shit beaten out of him but Byakuya had two fake out and his sword fuckin' disappeared!! HE SHOULD BE DEAD!! Except for Yamamoto, every other captain is fine! That's also bullcrap!! He didn't even show any of their battles!! And since some are completely under-developped, he could have killed some off too so that he doesn't have to deal with a bajillion characters again!!
    This manga is so infuriating!! GAH!!

    And One Piece on break? Raaaaaaaaaah, I know Oda needs to rest, but seriously not having One Piece to read is really annoying. I want to know what happens next!!
  • Heart-Lightning  - Next chapter on Bleach
    Next time on Kubo time:

    A certain character makes a GLORIOUS return. It's official, Kubo has practically made up for almost everything bad he has done since the Arrancar Arc. I'm dead serious.
  • Skyscraper
    Ah, Reborn. We had some good times, some bad times, but over all... I was introduced to fighting babies, and I do love me some fighting babies.

    Not a lot I can add to Chris's statements. The future arc dragged out for ages and had so much weird, inconsequential shit in it that I was mostly just glad it was over. The big bads dimension-split powers WERE a pretty nifty idea though, have to admit. Still, I liked the Shimon-arc well enough, if only because the Shimon crew was neat. Resolution was straight out of nowhere bullshit, but the path there was nice. And I will say that it was nice to actually see the seven rainbow babies actually FIGHT in the last big arc, even if a lot of characters were shunted to the sidelines and the fact that everyone made up and were chummy for the final battle felt... off. I will admit that the big finale actually being a PEACEFUL one was pretty cool: people discussed stuff, a plan was formed and a peaceful consensus was reached. You don't see that very often in shonen manga, and that I liked.

    That the actual ending had no character development or conclusion for Tsuna though? That just made me BALK. After all the BAMF-moments Tsuna have gone through, after all that he's done, hell, after he comes up with a plan to UNITE EVERY CHARACTER IN THE SERIES AND BRING PEACE TO THE MAFIA... he's really not changed? Not at all? That is just... incomprehensible. It was like the author thought that if she had a definitive ending that gave us some resolution she'd bring shame upon the office of Shonen Jump so she went out of her way to keep things dumb and simple! That there was no romantic resolution was kind of expected though, since I think this series has built up a SIZABLE fujoshi-fanbase, and they wouldn't take kindly to Tsuna hooking up a the last minute with some filthy vagina-owner.

    ... And to tell the truth, Tsuna really has way more chemistry and deeper relationship with his almost all-male underlings than he ever had with the girls. But still- dude unites every mafia and superpowered freak under the sun, and he hasn't gone through any development or changed at all? No. Bad author. Bad, bad author.
  • Skyscraper
    One Piece:
    God damn this was a sad chapter. I was genuinely tearing when Moka wolfed down the candy and Chopper just... broke down. The way he tried to reassure her with stories of her captain, and the way he truly believes in Luffy, how he desperately wanted to keep her safe and just saw everything come crashing down as Moka made her sacrifice... I have never been as glad to see Sanji show up to save the day as I had then, not since Impel down. All your irritating moments during Mermaid Island are forgiven Sanji. You wooed the G5 marines, and for that you deserve accolades- as do they for saving the kids and STILL coming off as creepy weirdoes.

    And for the very first time in this arc, I feel true satisfaction at seeing Luffy come back from a beatdown to get shit DONE.

    A little dissapointed to see Kakashi is the ONLY one fighting Obito, and that Gai and Bee didn't do a lot. Sure the Nuclear Tiger or whatever was cool, but still- unless the Gonzo-dragon can paralyze jinchuuriki bee's inactivity during this chapter felt weak. But still, I suppose one should expect Naruto to be the one to energize them and give them fighting spirit again, main characters gotta main character after all. Hope the following chapters can have him do more.

    On the one hand, having the medics stay out of harms way is sound strategy in that you don't send them out to fight. On the other hand they COULD have gone out to bring in the wounded, not fight the enemies, and been a bit more helpful. On the one OTHER hand the Quincy seemed to pretty much one-shot EVERYONE so I don't know what purpose medics could have served in the first place. Actually, why WERE there wounded in this chapter? Shouldn't they all be dead as shit?

    I like the idea of Yamamoto being bad on purpose and unsuited for being anything but the biggest bully on campus. As do I like Shinji's style of pep-talk, because Ichigo could sorely need it. Personally I think that it would be hilarious if Byakuya came back... and was TOTALLY CRIPPLED. Like he couldn't even fight anymore, his sword was gone and he had to give up leadership of the division to Renji. That's what I hope happens- Ikkaku and Renji have to man up and take over after their captains aren't capable anymore.

    Would have liked to see the Visored actually DO something, like say, use their shikai and masks together to jump up to the Quincy's levels, but I guess Kubo's either saving that for another fight because this was all about showing Soul Society get curbstomped, or Kubo just forgot that they're that strong and so should I.
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