Weekly Manga Recap: High School of the Dead

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Comments (37)
  • Heart-Lightning
    I like to avoid such stupid anime/manga where the entire story revolves around tits like High School of the Dead. Not saying I have not enjoyed my share of fan-service in manga (Fairy Tail), but I have my limits. Anime like High School of the Dead I can't take seriously. It's just dumb fan-service covering up a mediocre plot.

    Ugh, why does every damn thing have to be connected to the Uchiha Clan? Couldn't Nagato have Rinnegan eyes because:


    Why the fuck does every mystery in Naruto's universe can be answered with "The Uchiha Clan did it!" Man Kishimoto, you have to stop putting your Uchiha fetish in EVERYTHING you do.
  • Heart-Lightning
    That was NOT Ichigo who destroyed the glasses guy, it was one member of the Zero Squad. The guy who broke in was wearing a captain rank uniform! Only the Zero Squad would be the ones showing up now!

    Bleach did some good this week though. Ichigo is about to face Juha Bach, Zero Squad is arriving and Byakuya is alive (for now). All I have to ask is this:

    WHERE IS UNOHANA? Hey healer woman, use your healer magic powers to SAVE BYAKUYA'S DYING ASS!!!
  • GSDAkatsuki  - Wow really?
    I find it shocking that anybody that reads shounens can tell me that HotD is bad considering the amount of terrible BS that's in Naruto and Bleach.

    First of all when the manga first started I saw that it was written by Inazuma which is famously known for doing humorous H doujins. Now I like both his work and good zombie movies such as by the Grandfather of zombies, George Romero. The series ended up being both of what I love, a fairly loyal and accurate zombie apocalypse series that pays tribute to other well known zombie flicks. It knows when to be serious and goes all out in focusing on the good aspects of all the things that you want to see in a zombie film. And if you didn't know, Zombie movies are just substitutions of natural disasters and show what happens if humanity is placed in a desperate situation. It's a social study seeing how humans react upon this situation: breaking the social norms, mental breakdowns, trust, the feel to take control and create a new order, etc. Yes I expected fan service but you're reading one of Inazuma's stuff, but again he made sure things were serious when needed to be and played down the echhiness during those moments. It's still obviously a manga so there will be lighthearted moments, but it displays quite realistically the serious aspects. The characters also have good development and again the story is perfect for what it's going for.

    Now if you're judging by the anime only, then I will agree with you there. I despised the anime adaptation for focusing on the ecchiness stuff during serious moments too much(like tits bouncing all over the place physics, or some sh*t like that) and having stupid unrealistic situations of jumping super high and spinning around super action moments like well a typical anime. I can buy a certain degree of unrealistic features similar to your simpler action movies as long as it's not overly done. Inazuma's manga version has his characters drawn as your typical japanese cartoon style, but he implemented a mostly realistic atmosphere to the series.
  • Heart-Lightning
    I've seen the anime and read the manga and I had no interest in it because it's not a "survive the zombie apocalypse", it's just "how many times can we break the laws of boob physics in this comic and intentionally put them is sexy situations to show off their double D sized breasts". This is why people from the outside can't get into manga. They are afraid of coming across manga JUST like HotD and think all manga are like this.

    Fairy Tail does have fanservice, but it's more of a parody kind of fan service. The females are put in silly situations that are made to seem unintentional (but subtle) while putting most of the focus in the plot.
  • 557deadpool
    Then you haven't actually read them, now don't get me wrong, i'm not saying that there's a deeper meaning in this. And I'm not trying to find a deeper meaning (unlike Evangellion fanboys/girls). But All you seem to focus on is the fanservice and nothing else, and to that, don't reply to me until you have actually watched and read HOTD.
  • Oddsky
    Sorry man but there is still no sign of the Zero Division. The third seat of the 12th division helps Ichigo get out and dies(?), the Glasses guy doesn't have time to finish his sentence because Ichigo beats him off-panel, and then Ichigo appears in front of Byakuya.

    My guess is that the Zero squad will arrive later and then the StarRiders, or whatever they're called, will retreat. Also, I'm pretty sure Byakuya is done for, he will, supposedly, die so that we think the SternRiders are super strong!
    Oh wait. Assy, the guy who defeated him kinda got burned to a crisp in one attack from Yamamoto.
    Oh well, Chris and Nick went over this already, I don't care about those characters anyway!
  • Heart-Lightning
    Yes, because when Yamamoto burned Tier Harribel's Fraccions to a crisp, they totally stayed dead and we never saw them agin......oh wait.

    Yamamoto's shikai sucks at killing people. I mean how many people has we seen that he has actually killed with that thing?

    The Fraccion's Chimera and that one Quincy. That's it. And we did not see Assy in the "Army of the Dead" attack Yamamoto showed up.
  • Oddsky
    Yamamoto: "I killed trillions of people before!!"
    Actual death count: 1, 2 if you consider the Chimera an actual living being. But I don't.


    Yamamoto sucks at killing people indeed!

    It's glorious how Kubo fucks himself up XD
  • LikaLaruku
    Reading that first line while looking at your J-Cup bikini clad avatar is hilarious.

    I often ask for zombie stuff to watch & someone recommended this to me. Then another person said to avoid if if I hate stuff like Eiken, Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-Chan 2, & Puni Puni Poemi. & then another person said "How can you hate that stuff when you watch hentai?" & I'm like "I watch that stuff once a month because it baffles me, same as I watch macabre pretentious mindscrew animation," like Liquid Television & that thing Luke Mochire asked us to watch 2 days ago.
  • Heart-Lightning
    My avatar is fan art. Not canon with the original comic. Secondly, I said that I do enjoy fan service (I.E Fairy Tail) but only when it is implemented correctly and not overly shoved in your face like HotD.
  • Matthew G
    Commenting before watching the video.

    I second what Heart-Lightning said. But there's more:
    Also, I hated that Toriko chapter. They killed the uber-genocide-monster with a Pacman-Kamehameha out of appetite, the tens of thousands of people that were eaten alive and frankly should have been digested at that point are all completely fine and then BAM cannibalism. I mean it was obvious that the manga eventually had to go there but man that was a horrendous tone-shift. And it even happened to one of my favorite characters I mean fuck it's as if Sirius Black got resurrected, raped and killed again.
  • 557deadpool
    I disagree with Matthew and Heart, mostly Heart.

    The story isn't mediocre. It's just simple, there's a zombie apocalypse and there are people trying to survive while overcoming their differences, you know, LIKE EVERY OTHER GODDAMN ZOMBIE MOVIE AND GAME EVER MADE!!! Also, I'm sick of people bitching that all this series is about is tits, at least they try to have more of a story than that, and they actually have character development (from what I'm seen in the anime anyway).

    And yeah, i like this, not just because of fanservice, but hell, compared to some other zombie related things that i could mention *cough* Resident Evil *cough* it actually attempts to have a story in the midst of the fanservice, unlike DOA where that's the only redeeming quality.
  • GoldenSolitude04
    The difference is HSOD wants people to take it seriously unlike DOA.

    If you don't like DOA fine it's not your cup of tea but to say that the fanservice is the only thing it has got going for it is being extremely narrow minded. It is easier to get into and is a blast to play.

    HSOD blows because there is no need for so much fanservice during a zombie apocalypse. The characters act too unreasonably to enjoy.
  • Chaos15
    Well they act more reasonable than any character in any of the horror movies Phelous reviews XD
  • 557deadpool
    HOTD doesn't want anyone to take itself seriously, and after the bathroom scene I think that that's pretty apparent. And yes, fanservice IS the only reason why people play DOA i mean I've even heard from fans (most of them friends of mine) that that's one of the main reasons why they play it. And that fact that anyone takes that pos seriously just makes me wonder who these people are... But snyway, you think that it blows because of the fanservice, that's the most petty thing i've ever heard. And I agree with Chaos51, but not only from the horror movies Phelous has reviewed but from COUNTLESS horror movies.
  • GoldenSolitude04
    The people you say you talk to don't sound like true fans to me. Sounds to me that the "fans" you speak of are casuals and perverts. They probably whine and bitch about getting their asses kicked by the more skillful players. I hate to break it to you but, you cannot button mash and expect to win.

    Sorry but again Dead Or Alive is not just about T&A. That is pure ignorance and I say that as someone who enjoys quite a few other fighting game series such as King Of Fighters,Mortal Kombat, and so on.

    T&A can only get you so far without anything else to back it up. By your logic,games such as BMX XXX would be selling a ton of copies.

    It is one of the few fighting game series I know of that where each character plays completely differently from one another and has a system where it can be easy to pick up and play.

    I find it quite hypocritical that only DOA gets blasted when Soul Calibur IV and V are even just as blatant.Need I remind you of the ads featuring Ivy's cleavage?

    And here's something you may not be aware of. The creators of Dead Or Alive actually reduced the whole bouncing boobs and toned down the sexual aspects until the perverts complained and demanded that they made the women's breasts bigger.

    Who said anything about taking DOA seriously?

    The fanservice in DOA is just a bonus on top of a great game. In HSOD that is all it has going for it. Otherwise it is a forgettable mediocre zombie anime.

    I'll stick to watching Evil Dead.
  • ohe
    Casuals and perverts? And I should suppose you're HARDCORE enough to say that, while you can't even see the little depth there is to HSotD even when it's laid out for you like that. You're just repharasing your BS opinion over and over again, that the series has nothing except fanservice.

    You ignorant twat.

    This especially is an utterly ridiculous thing to say: "X wants people to take it seriously". This is never an argument. A critic is never bound by any supposed intentions of a work, claiming so is just dismissive. You're abandoning your responsibility to explain why you're right and instead expect people to blindly adore your every word as the ultimate truth.

    I don't especially like HSotD or think it's some high art or anything. It's easy. Just way over YOUR head either way, apparently.
  • GoldenSolitude04
    Yes I was calling such people casuals and perverts due to them saying that DOA is nothing but T&A. I have explained that there is more to the series than that.

    How cute that you are resorting to name calling when you know that I am right. You are winning the argument for me without me having to even try.

    Exactly HSOD has almost none at all. That's not a compliment or a positive thing. It's not my problem if some people have absolutely low to no standards whatsoever.

    I have yet to hear anything that contradicts that HSOTD is nothing but fanservice so no it is not a bullshit opinion unless you can properly point out other things it has going for it without the name calling.

    I totally agree with Heart. At least be clever with it,insert meaningful characters,a above average plot,etc or just fucking make a hentai. HSOTD is no better than the crap such as Ikkitousen.
  • HUNRonin
    I've enjoyed Highschool of the Dead when I read it exactly because you did. It knows what it is, and just want to be entartaining.

    I just hate Caesar Clown more and more, he needs to get his ass kicked, preferably sooner than later. Also, the artificial DF was made by Vegapunk, not Caesar.
  • Athos
    It might have started off that way, but after the bathroom chapter, I THINK we can establish the manga doesn't want you to take it seriously.

    It clearly knows what it is, and once the series itself has acknowledged that, you can then look at it from a higher perspective and, you know, enjoy yourself. Now, I can understand if you find the manga offensive because of the gore or the characters, but hating a shounen manga for having boobs at this time and age is kind of... redundant.

    Oh wow, I've heard so much about Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro from RolloT's rants. And Swede! Man, this is gonna be awesome. I better get started, I mean, I only have one week to read-- 20 VOLUMES?! Oh, come o-- that's not fair! Dammit, I'm gonna do it. 3 volumes a day, I can do this!

    By the way, after all that death and cynicism from Halloween month, you should probably try to pick a lighter series for next week. You know, something to get back your hope in mankind.

    My recommendation is of course, Yotsubato, which I'd assume would be the next natural step after reading 4chan's other illegitimate child, "It's not my Fault I'm Not Popular". Or, you know, you could always grant my life-long dream and review The Lucifer and Biscuit Hammer, which... may or may not have the same effect. Just throwing it out there.
  • GoldenSolitude04
    Sure, the parts with people dying, crying , being about to get rape and almost going crazy sure are hilarious! Because this show is not meant to be taken seriously, right?

    This show is not a comedy that you shouldn't take seriously, it tries to have a deep and serious story and fails miserably!

    I just hate when people try to look for excuses for a anime sucking!
  • Chaos15  - I watch it for the PLOT
    I swear to God and everything that is holy that I liked High School of the Dead for it's plot and the characters.

    And Psycho. Dear God I love that purple headed maniac.
  • Mz Doom
    There was quite a bad sound balance in this episode, worse than usual. I could hardly hear one of you guys.

    HSOD worked so much better as an anime, the jiggle physics on the boobs mixed with bullet time was pure lols.

    Bleach as usual just makes me sigh, this week's chapter had no point to it other than to have Ichigo suddenly appear. I predict flashbacks to his escape and that Ichigo did it all himself, without any of his friends.

    One Piece has a nice build up again for this Caesar Clown. The build up of him being so much of an asshole is glorious, you can't wait to see him taken down.
  • muichimotsu  - Too bad
    Kubo's actually avoiding flashbacks, I imagine, getting to the action as much as he can when he's prolonged it with suspense and tension. I like the recent chapter and the revelation
  • Gundam4ever
    High School of the Dead Really is one of the greater manga out there. I love it.
    Also a adult. I don't let breasts distract me from the story unlike a lot people.
  • cattz
    It's not the zombie fault that's the problem, it's because it's just another ecchi series.

    The guy that did the artwork for highschool of the dead is a freaking hentai artist for crying out loud.

    Compare it to Freezing or the like, mediocre series that everybody is "wise to" or "prejudiced against" with the hentai artists behind each.

    But it was still a fun series, even if the anime was so bad it just left you laughing at the jiggle physics and ridiculousness.
  • Gundam4ever
    "The guy that did the artwork for highschool of the dead is a freaking hentai artist for crying out loud."

    This reminds me of something interesting.

    The manga author and artist of Azumanga Daioh published Hentai. The title is Inma no Ranbu he used the pen-name Jonokuchi Jouji. Several characters in the hentai manga look just like characters in Azumanga Daioh.

    Also Fate/stay night was a erotic video game.
    I can go on.
  • Demien van Cope
    Lots of manga artist do (or did) hentai.
    For example: who does best Hellsing hetai doujinshi? Author himself - Hirano Kouta :)
  • cannedfury
    Black Lagoon, Hellsing, even the daintiest shoujo artists including CLAMP. If you can draw people and you didn't use it to create porn at some point, you're actually dumber for it. But I understand pretentious people need their own way to get off.

    Speaking of which, the fat guy in HotD is likely named after Hellsing's creator and his love of gun porn.
  • Demien van Cope
    Very VERY familiar style...
    Ok, question: creators of this manga series... are they worked in hentai circle Digital Accel Works?
    That would explain a LOT :D
  • nelsinki  - Chris School of the Dead
    Yeah, but I differ on that opinion, like an adult I enjoy the fanservice part and the boobs and all the ero scenes -because like another b-class movies, in zombie stories ero has a few parts- , you have to buy the whole package if you try to read HSOTD, and yes, that was one of my first Z mangas to read, but in this moment, I have to say that my worst Issue with the series is the story, in the beginning they try to make some kind of reality-based in a Z-film, but now, they survived, I mean, they really survived pretty easy for being high schoolers, and if you strip all the fanservice thing I don't find too much to make a interesting story.

    They have survivors, check, they have zombies, check, they have a lot of guns -In Japaneses cities... Yeah... I don't believe that because Japan have heavy policy about guns, but it's a Z-story so- Check, and the main character has his own harem surviving at the end of the world with a lot of friends -wait, what?- and they survive easily, so easily that the story can focus on the fanservice part - I always said "Why don`t send Batman with a anti-zombie gun in the story!, They will survive anyways!". I like the boobs, but not really the massive boobs that they made on the last chapters.

    First tomes, I recomend, they are good enough to give a chance. Last tomes, uhhhg, Boring for me, they will survive, I don't have to care how they do, They will survive, so there's no suspense for me of any kind, for me, it's at the same level of the Chris/Piers campaign on RE 6 but with more boobs, brute action but no funny action .

    I recomend 'I am a Hero' again, that is an awesome manga about 'infected people', some gruesome scenes but has a good story.

    If you can make a review of the manga 'Again', I totally loved it, that its awesome!
    greetings ^ ^
  • Farel
    Another nice video.... but... oh God, my head hurts and yet, I must tune up my volume high to hear Y at all, but then ROLLOT GOES ALL LOUD AND TO THE EAR!!!!!!!!!!!

    Argh, I love the show, but could you work on making it more balanced? It almost makes me want to cry!
  • Zoness
    I had kind of the opposite reaction to High School of the Dead, or at least the anime. I was the second most "not amused" I've ever been. I was outright bored. To me there's a fine line between fan service and smut, and the anime crossed it. Things like randomly flashing up Rei's skirt during an exposition scene felt incredibly unnecessary and sometimes the panty shots felt like filler.
    It's not fan service if it's constant, it's just poor man's porn. I mean if you're constantly staring at Rei's panties why give her a skirt at all? Have her run around in her underwear, I mean why not? It’s not like the series has any integrity anyway and at least that way there REALLY is no pretense.
    The worst part is I did kind of think Saeko was pretty cool from the episodes I watched, and yeah I thought the two male characters were both pretty interesting (one of them ain't afraid to use his pimp hand on a hysterical air head, the other turns a nail gun into an assault rifle!) and hey . . . I like breasts as much as the next guy. There were little things in the show that dared me to like it so I had kind of considered the manga as an alternative to the anime (See, with Manga YOU choose how long you stare at Rei's crotch) and it sounds a lot less aggravating than the anime . . . but I dunno, I haven't really heard anything that makes the manga sound worth the purchase. Maybe if I see it in a library . . .
  • MegAnimefreakx3
    I would not liking this anime minus all of the darn Fan services in it xP
  • Oddsky
    Ah yes High School of the Dead...
    I wholly agree with you guys point of view, this series knows perfectly what it is about and delivers! You got zombies, guns, panic and tits. The characters do get focus and development so that they're a bit more fleshed out and likable. There is over the top action, cool moments and yeah, it's a bit more optimistic but I always thought it was in order for the death of those characters to more shocking in the future. However since there are rumors of cancelation, maybe this won't happen anyway...
    It is still a nice read.

    One Piece: I do wonder about Momonosuke's vision when he sees what looks like Doflamingo. Chris' theory sounds interesting but... we'll see what happens. It was still a pretty good chapter.
    Naruto: Lots of information in this chapter. I'm really liking how Kishimoto has written Obito's flashback, looking forward to the next and maybe last part.
    Bleach: ... there was a Bleach chapter? I don't really remember. All I saw was orange hair and black cape. I guess should have just called his series "Ichigo", that would have been a more accurate depiction of this manga.
    Toriko: A very very good chapter in my opinion, that ending was terrifying and indeed very appropriate for Halloween.
  • muichimotsu  - Main character
    He gets focus because he's the main. Ichigo's probably been done as a manga name anyway, so even if he had wanted to, he couldn't have done it.
  • Animikean
    Darn it! When you were asking for Halloween sugestions why did I not think of Chaosic Rune by Yamamoto Kenji. It's Pokemon, if it was a horror movie >:)
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