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Title card: Steveman

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  • Athos
    Whoa... nice title card.

    I'll be honest, I read both volumes of Ibitsu in one go in the middle of the night, and it really did leave me off with a slight feeling of discomfort. Watching Welshy's Saw retrospective right after did not help.

    It makes sense to me that the side story is actually scarier than the main one. If the story lasts too long you always get desensitized, so short stories are the best. I think that's why the manga tried to mix it up giving her new powers and stuff like the Sadako crawl inside the bathroom and Misery, though it kind of backfired for you, I guess.

    Hm... Stalkers, huh. Yeah, I see where you're coming from. Makes me think of Koharu no Hibi from a few months back. No fantasy involved in that manga, but GOD was it disturbing.

    Anyways, fun stuff. I've already read a volume of the Drifting Classroom. I don't think it'll be scary, but it looks interesting just to see how the old horror series were like.
  • Heart-Lightning
    Try Fate Stay Night and Fate Zero! Well written anime.

    My thoughts on this weeks chapters:

    I don't know who I am more angry at. On the one hand, Kishimoto turned Kakashi into a murderer and basically ruined another nice character from being spared the humiliation of Kishi's bad writing. There is also the fact that Madara could have easily planned this and Obito is not catching on to the fact of how it was convenient that Zetsu knew who and where Kakashi and Rin were. There is also the fact that Madara could have had a big hand in this indirectly and pushed Kakashi and Rin into such a situation.

    On the other hand, Kubo writing that Lyod having a twin brother when his powers were barely explained is just poor writing. Then Yamamoto releasing his Bankai again even though he just turned it off is also just a bad writing. And suprise, Yamamoto gets it stolen. And look who is going to make an appearance in the future: Aizen! Because we just couldn't get enough of his 4th wall breaking logic.

    Also: Juha Bach summons a bow with his sword so it could fire another sword into the ground and then slash it across Yamamoto. Okay, why? Dramatic effect?
  • thorondragon
    bleach= bullshit.

    actually kakashi did say he killed a good friend of his long, long ago. however i always supposed that it was of the metaphorical sense; aka, he failed to keep her safe. however THIs is actually a very impressive plot twist. it not only reveals how kakashi has his mangenkyo, but it shows that obito may have had a real reason for his actions. in a world where a friend kills a friend, what else would he want then?

    it could be that it was madara's manipulations, and hwile it may be obvious to the reader, remember that the character in the story do not have our omniscience. no more than naruto know that sasuke took his brother's eyes for himself, obito, especially after suffering the lose of someone he loved dearly, and after being saved by him, could not easily see through the ploy.
  • choco-factory
    Wow the title card scared the crap outa me.
    Good review though. I like how you don't pick a book from its genre.

    Anyway I'm amazed how much manga you read in so little time. Are you just downloading stuff from the internet or are these legit material?
  • Jspider
    One Piece is probably the highest ranking shonen I'm still actively reading for me at this point. I find it kinda funny cause it wasn't the one I assumed would end up being my favorite.

    However I feel like commenting on Naruto and Bleach since they're the ones that I started out on years ago.

    I'd say for me personally its Naruto that has tended to disappoint me the most over time. Between the power disconnect and chakra seeming to mean nothing to how everyone seems to be love starved hippie people that just need hugs. Actually the hippie thing really bugs me because it seems like whenever we learn someones backstory they all started out as ok people. Which might work except that everyone appears to be so perfect and Naruto like I now don't understand how they ever managed to have wars or ANYTHING bad ever began. Is Madara just the first evil guy and he offbalanced people into hitting their kids?

    That said I'm actually pretty ok with the Tobi explination as its progressing, I feel that its at least interesting and doesn't feel like some sort of odd redo like resurrecting Orochimaru. Maybe the writing is just better when the story doesn't concern either Naruto and Sasuke who seem to have become plot objects rather then characters.

    With Bleach I'll admit the plotholes are getting bad. I think at some point I just managed to not pay attention to anything the characters say about the mechanics of their universe and just accept the general theory of their weird powers and whatever they can do with them. Like the general feel of their powers seems constant to me.

    I was actually pretty worried about this arc because things have been progressing too fast and overall Bleach is a very hero heavy story. I'd actually be pretty disappointed if they didn't kill a few characters off at this point just because Bleach seems to have gone through a phase of removing all risk whatsoever.

    Kind of like what you pointed out in your chat with how easily characters seem to recover from major injuries. But the problem with stakes goes beyond that. The end of the Aizen war arc got absolutely boring for me after all the Shinigami began to beat all of his Espada without a single casualty. When it came down to the final moments it still felt like everyone can win just by attrition. I won't even go into how we didn't really see Aizen use anything related to his preestablished abilities when he fought Ichigo.

    The Fullbringer arc just made things worse. Like I was hoping for a small cleaver arc were Ichigo could use his wits and lesser characters help to slowly turn the tables on the Fullbringers or whatever but instead we just had the captains come in and beat the Fullbringers before I even had an understanding of why they would be a threat.

    So while this new chapter has ALOT of pulling crap out of nowhere. I can say that at the VERY least we kno...
  • thorondragon
    naruto at least makes more sense than bleach. actually it is often the ones with the best intentions that commit the worse atrocities. obito may well have pure intentions, and believes that the idea of having a world without sin or violence is worth any sacrafice. the ends justify the means.

    though far from perfect in my opinion, it is more realistic that that kage are not evil in particular. war can easily happen good people ever bit as much as good vs evil. however oyu cannot deny there is cruelty in their intents and villages. even the leaf seems more than a little cruel. and more often than not, the vilalges fought because of the ruelrs of their nations and not by themselves. the kage only rule ninjas and their vilalges, not countries.

    bleach is just shit right now. it has fallen itno the kill em all trope used soo often and so idiotically by american comics. the author seriously, seriously could not have thought of a better way for the old man to die? instead of fighting nobely and driving off the sternritter at the costo f his life, he just gets fake out killed? lke a bitch? and the whole steal another's bankai bullshit? that is such an obviously forced plot device.
    desptie power disconnect, it is at least naruto seemed to evolve into its current state instead of pulling bullshit outta their assess like that. and often the enormous pwoers several of these characters have is through inhuman and often extreme means.

    bleach, they have the shinigami be the strongest, and now have them all ass raped because the fucking athor willed it. at the very least naruto uses plot devices revealed earlier on, such as that imperfect ressurreciton technique. or that people can be revived, so that nagato reviving the village made more sense and did not come out of nowhere. even naruto's current power is hinted at earlier on in the series.
  • Oddsky
    Hum... Steven did a great job for this title card.

    I've got to say... I am a little interested in Ibitsu now. I'll check it out later, for kicks.

    As for the mangas of that week...
    Well, One Piece and Toriko were the most interesting (of course), but I've got to give credit to Kishimoto, he finally grab my attention with this twist. Rin's death circumstances were always obscure and I'm glad he actually used the character in this flashback, in this way. But now he'd better have a good explanation for the whole situation...
    As for Bleach... well... it just seem to waste my time at this point.
    I really love the way he made us remember that one guy Kenpachi killed, revealed that he conveniently had a brother who conveniently had the same kind of abilities, and then Juha Bach finishes him off.
    Does Kubo remember how plot twists work? It's not something you're supposed to pull out of your *ss at the last moment, there's supposed to be build up, otherwise the reader is like: "Hey, you pulled this one out of your *ss!"
    And then Juha Bach takes like 7 pages to attack Yamamoto... after telling the old man Aizen is bond to appear in this arc at some point...
    I swear Bleach really is becoming a waste of time. Maybe I should just drop the series now and come back to it in 2 years or something...

    It's sad to notice that I end up bashing Bleach more than talking about this week's recommendation... Heck even Fairy Tail is doing better than Bleach this week... and that's saying something!
  • thorondragon
    fairy tail ain't that bad really. it at least made me curiuos of what is gonna happen now. and i was wondering the history of dragons and that specific dragon as well. at the very least, this was somethign that has been building up over the course of the series.
  • thorondragon
    pretty much my main manga are, in order, one piece, fairy tail, naruto, soul eater, and claymore. bleach used to be there but,,,,, well, as you can hearand see.
  • cannedfury
    The title card is getting praise, but I've got to say it. The lack of symmetry is bugging the hell out of me, and it is mostly copied from the chainsaw shot. Maybe it's because Steveman gets shilled weekly, but the lazy flaws keep standing out. If the guy is reading, he needs to draw his wife naked and unstylized at least 3 times a week for practice. Sorry to be that guy; on to making fun of the pros.

    The way Loyd Lloyd's powers are phrased, it does sound like he copies the opponent's stats as well. So even skipping Kenpachi beating him so easily, it is pretty stupid he didn't just copy Juhabach. For a while I was thinking "Maybe he was with the real Juhabach and copied Aizen's power. Wait, no, he was one of the forgettable doofuses who died off screen." Kubo outdoes himself again!

    Drifting Classroom is an interesting relic. It's brimming with potential, contains genuine shocks, and is chock full of hilariously dated values. Whether the next development is clever, sappy, or randomly sexist, it gets your attention like a classic should.

    There was an obscure movie adaptation in the '80s that inexplicably brought in a multicultural cast, then peed on them and the source material. It was so bizarrely terrible that despite being a mostly English modernization, it is even more dated and impenetrably Japanese. Like if one of their commercials got extended to 2 hours, wasn't funny, but left you confused on whether to be offended.
  • thorondragon
    not a fan of horror and slasher ficks to begin with, but ibitsu is ruined potential. instead of having a potentionally realistic stalker story, or at least relatively, you made her the evil lolita pervet version of jason vorhess.

    naruto at least keeps some consitency. though the poewrs have gone rather crazy, i cannot deny the manga at least keeps things on the norm. it uses plot devices shown earlier on, even naruto's insane powers were hinted at.

    bleach...... let us hope this is leading to SOMETHING at least.
  • Skyscraper
    One Piece: I like how Monet is obviously not trying to fight Luffy- shows us that not every battle has to be to the very end. I think that Luffy's gonna find something interesting down in the trashheap, like centaurs... or ROBOT-centaurs.

    This one wasn't that interesting because there wasn't really that much going on besides set-up for bigger fights/character moments. Smoker versus Vergo is interesting to me, because we saw Smoker lose to Law and Sanji lose to Vergo. We have a villain that's been hyped and a "hero" who's been sunk, so it's about high-time we see what Smoker is like when he can go all out without disadvantages. As far as the kids go I guess that Nami versus monet is a thing that is likely to happen, but I hope that we see Brook use his magic music to calm the kids down.

    Bleach: While I agree that this new twist feels very abrupt, I can't really agree that there was no foreshadowing of Llyod's abilities. We know that Quincy can manipulate spirit particles to create bows and spells- essentially they leach spiritual power around them and solidifies it as weapons and potions and tools, like Opie's prison and the bankai medallions. But we've also seen these super-Quincy suck up the spirit particles that a hollow and bankai consists of, to temporarily absorb their powers into themselves. I guess that's the justification they're going for with this power? Like, Lloyd "tastes" someones aura and can flawlessly replicate it into his own body... although even I concede that I don't get how he could copy memories. Are memories spirit particles now? News to me.

    Essentially I think that this ability, out of the blue as it was, is about on the same level as a lot of other asspulls in Bleach. No more or less offensive than what is pretty much par for course. There's almost no build-up and if it's there it's very minute and can feel like it came out of nowhere, but I've never really believed that a twist has to have foreshadowing. Sometimes you're taken by surprise by something, and as long as the twist slots into whats known or possible as previously seen in universe, I'm cool with it.
  • Skyscraper
    And of course Aizen is going to show up, the fandom is still stupidly attached to him. Also I agree with Rollo, face-turn will happen. I also agree with Nick in that it will be terrible. But at least Ichigo will have gained Quincy Haki-powers and can stop everything. Not like we want to do anything novel like put the Visored centerstage since they have multiple spiritual powers too, no, that would be interesting.

    Final note: I don't know if these chapters are truly a waste of time if they demonstrate Yamamotos abilities. Kubo has seldom shied from using a whole chapter for describing in great detail the powers and motivations for a one-off character that's about to be offed, so I'm not surprised he gives five chapters to Yamamoto as a send-off. It may not accomplish anything but let the readers see what he's capable of and shoot the pacing to hell and back, but it's at least nice for the fans who cared about that character to see what he could do.

    Naruto: Now I want to see Obito give Madara a spongebath of some kind. I'm going to guess that either Rin or Kakashi were hypnotized or put in a genjutsu of some kind, but the real question I have now is if this was simply an unfortunate event in a war, or if this too will have been manipulated forth by Madara.
  • thorondragon
    i have to dsagree. when a quincy draws out the particles, they totalyl break them down into raw spiritual energy. also it is obvious that quincy cannot do this to living, or so called living, entities, or they would have been totally and utterly invincible to begin with. which means that even if they could pull powers and such, it would have to be from non living items. for zanpakuto are alive.

    they did have something similar, though, to those vampire like guys. they could only consume the energy of living entities and free roaming particles of spiritual energy, not physical objects. of course, they are not canon.
  • Dragoon1809  - Oh boy
    If Sousuke Aizen does in fact have a face turn in Bleach, I wil call "Betrayal" and rage quit.
  • TheDogSannin
    She's more broken than Yamamoto, but is she more broken than Uchiha Madara?
  • ender1200
    you guys really need to do Higurashi no naku koro ni.
  • DragonQueen
    That would be my suggestion too but these many book to when they cry maybe also hell girl maybe even I can't sleep alone
  • VoiceAgainstPropaganda
    Could you guys cover (if you haven't already or do a new analysis on) D.Gray Man, Cradle of Monsters, Cage of Eden, 7 Seeds, World Embryo (must check out) and Shingetsutan Tsukihime.
  • Arika
    I stared to listen to your podcast of weekly manga just recently, so I heard only 5-6 shows so far and also I listen only Naruto/Bleach part, but I love your dialogs and you bring out some good points.

    As for Naruto. For some time it lost it's original strength, but this whole war plot is for the most part good. There is some stupid things like all bijuu (tailed beasts) were once friends and listen to grandpa Rikudou telling a stories or whole resurrect all those great ninja we never have heard of. It could be so much better if all those kages and clans were mentioned before. But no. Kishimoto just wanted to show us all those cool warriors from others village, he didn't manage to show in normal plot. Also making Dan (Tsunades lover) some kind of great ninja/member of clan/creator of his own technique/whatever was really stupid and plot convenient. From what I get in her flashback, he was just ordinary ninja. Nothing more.

    As for whole Obito twist/revelation. I don't want to speak for everyone, but I think most people didn't really took whole Tobi=Obito theory seriously. As for me, I know people were making that joke, but I never thought it could be even possible option. For me, Obiot was not part of the main story. Yes, he lived in this world and all, but whole Kakashi Gaiden for me was more of showing how Kakashi was in his youth and how and what changed him into what we know now. Kind of side story, not related to main plot. Just getting us some idea about Kakashi and his character.

    (BTW. I must admit that whole "people who doesn't follow the rules are trash but people who abandon their friends are lower than trash." was brilliant. We first heard it from Kakashi when he was training team 7 and then we heard where this originally came from)

    And even if Naruto fallen into standard shounen formula, I use strong attack! It didn't work? No problem, I'll just use stronger one! I have to admit whole Tobi=Obiot was really shocking to me. Yes, when Naruto broke Tobi's mask and he was about to show his face (and whole "Obito Uchiha" chapter) I just knew it going to be Obito. But before that, I'd never guessed it. It might be obvious but as I said before, no one took it seriously (at least, I didn't).

    And after that twist I actually get interested in Naruto like I didn't in some long time. I'm curious to know what happened and why Obito became Tobi and want to make Madara's plan come true. As for last chapter, I thought that Kakashi killing Rin was a interesting twist, but after starting writing this, I remembered about that "trash" quote and now this don't really make sense. As I write it, new chapter came out and I don't want to spoil anything, but it looks like Kakashi indeed made a conscious decision and wasn't manipulated so I have doubts about this new twist.
  • Arika
    As for Bleach... Yea, Bleach... Actually, Y Rule of Time. I completely understand you. Bleach was one of my favorite mangas. I loved the concept of shinigami and theirs Zanpakutou. Fight were really good and exciting (Kubo is really good at drawing them). But then in middle of Arrancar arc everything messed up. Fight with 3 strongest espada wasn't that bad (I really liked Kyouraku vs Starrk) but then again. I agree they get killed too easly. There was no shinigami causalities and NO BANKAIS. Really. They were facing enemies they couldn't afford to lose to or everything would be doom, and almost no one use bankai? Also, why they didn't use all forces? It was fight for live. Other shinigami wouldn't stand a chance and would just die? So what? They still would be a distraction and, frankly, it's their job. Aizen and his army were treating balance of whole world. It's not time to think who will stand a chance and who not. The only bankai we did see was a bullshit (If I forgot about someone's other bankai than Soifon then my bad). It was always said that zanpakutou's power come from shingamis soul and are based on his/her character etc. So Soifon couldn't have bankai so much contradicting her personality.

    Aspects of dead was a real good idea, and thematically indeed loneliness would be strongest, but yea, Baraggan was broken.

    Why Yamamoto didn't use his OP bankai, instead of trying to burn everyone and then using some sacrificing, high level kidou, which did no damage (only manage to change Aizen face from asshole to surprised)? Oh right, Kubo didn't come out with his Banaki yet. Great...

    I won't comment on rest of arc, since it was so stupid and boring.

    I actually don't think Fullbring arc was so bad. It started not bad and honestly, I didn't figured out twist with Ginjou. The only thing that pissed me off was that Kubo tried to explain whole fullbring and then NONE of executions fullbrings expect for Ginjou's (which from what I get wasn't a fullbring but just his zanpakutou) and Tsukishima's (which had 2 forms, again, it wasn't supposed to work like that) matched with it. Fullbring was supposed to allow use to only change shape of thing they got accustomed to. There was no single world about any damn powers coming from it. Also explaining Chad's power by "he loved his skin" was dumb beyond comprehension.

    I don't mind that captains showed up and cleared the mess, since Kubo is so good at drawing fights and they actually were really good (well expect for Tsukishima vs Byuakuya fight, which made no sens whatsoever. I could point at least 5 big flaws with it). Kenpachi won his fight within 2 pages and Toushirou took his opponent of guard, because stupid kid started whining and shouting, when Hitsugaya provoked him. Only fight that was boring and really not engaging was Ichigo vs Ginjou and I agree that ending to this arc was bad.
  • Arika
    Ok, so new arc. How I hate new arc. Kubo said, he want to explain all unexplained plots, but so far, he explained none and only added new things to explain. Harrible and her fraccion are alive (which, especially with her fraccion, were heavy implied that they are dead) Looks like Kubo doesn't treat dead seriously in his manga at all. Also, since when Harribel is king of Hueco Mundo? Before Aizen showed up, Barragan was self-called king of it. I understand that when Aizen was in charge, Starrk, Barragan and Harribel could be second in charge, but after Aizen gone? Shouldn't Heuco Mudno go back to have it was? Mainly, interregnum?

    WTF is Nell doing here? After she did her job in Arracnar arc and kubo forgot about her, she shows up now. The way Kubo showed it, Ichigo and rest just left her without word, so she should be pissed at them and going for help to them, should be last thing for her to do.

    Anyway. Quincy. Fuck yea. Ain't that guys supposed to exciting? Really, how the hell whole army of Quincy lived for over 200 years, hidding from Shinigami? Also how Yamamoto could failed to kill Juha bach over 1000 ago, when Quincy are supposed to be normal mortals (human)? Ah, he is shinigami. That explains a lot. Btw. what the hells is with shingami always behind in Bleach? Aizen arc. Aizen (shingami) control everything. Arrancar arc. Aizen (shingami) control arrancars. Fullbring arc. Ginjou (shingami) control fullbringers. Last arc. Juha bach (shingami) control Quincy. It gets kinda repetitive.

    So Quincy were offended by that whole killing off incident so they want revenge. Acutally, so far, it's more like Juha Bach is trying to get revenge on Yamamoto by using Quincy. Also why Quincy dress and act like III Reich? They even use german. BTW. At the beginning, Qunicy technique were named in japanese. Later, in Arrancar arc, where Arrancar were using Spain, Ishida was using German. I actually liked that idea. Every side had 1 language the use. Shinigami Japanese, Arracnar Spain and Quincy Geramn. But in this arc it is really getting painful. All Quincy use random german words (which neither Ishida or Arrancar used, with Arrancar I mean random Spanish words, but I might forgot about it). Also in fight Ichigo vs Gay Rainbow Quincy (I don't remember how he is named and honestly. I don't care) The way he was talking about his technique, something like that: "I'll make you learn the true name of this ability! It is Technique name!" sounded to me like: "Before, I wasn't thinking like to name it, but now I know, so here it is! Technique name!" Like Kubo just wanted to share how he named all those techniques Ishida used before, so we could use proper names now.
  • Arika
    Ok, but let's move to fighting in Soul Society. Ah. Sasake Kiba. It would be nice learning all that things about his bankai before he died. Now, it was like filler. Kubo wanted us to feel this character was great, without really build it up. And honestly, he did almost nothing through whole series. Also, since he was so old and I guess powerful, if he didn't need his bankai to fight, why Ichigo could knock him out bare-hand in Soul Society arc? I guess, he wasn't bad-ass then, because Kubo didn't though about his background yet. Ok, so Quincy inaved Soul Society and... why they are look so strange? Ok, I understand characters need to stand out, but common. They are supposed to be normal human. Only 1-2 of star riders (I remember this title only because of your podcast) look like people. Others looked more like monsters/freaks. Ok so fights! Which are boring. Expect for Byakuya fight and Yammamoto, others are just kinda happens. We see 1 or 2 pages of random fights and it. Well power which was used to defeat Byakuya was clever (but still, I kinda think, his dead was lame and not really impactful). It also come randomly and I was like "uh, ok, whatever" (I just in general don't care much about Bleach at this point, let alone about what happens to characters). BTW since defeating Aaroniero, Rukia didn't do anything. Even now, she is just shown running or worrying but not even fighting.

    Also, whole stealing Bankai thing is RETARDED. Zanpakutou, so shikai AND bankai, is part of shinigami soul. That's why, even though kinda interesting (for the most part), filler with releasing Zanpakuto didn't make sense, since you can't release part of your soul. So stealing not even whole Zanpakuto (which would make more sense in it's stupidity) but only bankai is just dumb. Even if (which also is stupid) shikai and bankai have different personifications, they are still 2 part of 1 thing, Zanpakuto. You can't just split it, so Shingaimi has only Shikai and you stolen and use Bankai. This whole stealing Bankais plot is just so stupid. Especially when everyone wants to see as much bankais and possible and then Kubo make shinigami unable to use bankais. Brilliant. Well, later it was show, that not only steal but Quincy can also use stolen bankais. Ok, so we could still seen those banakis, just not used by their righteous owners. Nope. The bankais that got stolen are the one we saw, and the one we didn't weren't use. Ok, they used Sasakibe's, but we learned nothing about how it works, and frankly, I'm not quite sure how it exactly looks like. So good job Kubo.
  • Arika
    And we finally arrived at Yamamoto vs fake Juha Bach. Honestly, we never really seen much of his shikai, so it's hard to comparer his shikai and bankai, but still I think his bankai idea was quite neat. Thought I'd leaved it at east and west, since skeletons were just stupid and that slash looked like normal slash with his bankai. At least, that should be normal wounds after he cuts anyone with his bankai. He shouldn't need any special technique to do that. Whole fight was kinda, I don't know. I like when villains are full of them-self and then they got shocked by something, but in this case. Well yea, Jucha Bach (real one) showed me enough that he is a asshole, but really, he (fake) didn't do anything impressive in fight, so even if he got surprised by something, it didn't have much of a effect, expect for showing how awesome Yamamoto is. Also he was shocked way too many times. It hinted me that something is wrong with Jucha Bach, especially with whole "look whose those corpse are", since it didn't fit his establish character at all. But of course I'd never expect he is a fake one. Well his last words, before chapter which explained he was indeed fake, make me crystal clear, that he is fake and he is working for or in name of real one. Skeleton technique didn't make sense to me, because fake Jucha Bach used "strongest defense technique of Quincy" and Yamamoto instead of just destroying it, summoned some skeleton and then whole "strongest barrier" was never mentioned again. Just WTF.

    As for latest chapter (the one from podcast, not today's one). Honestly, when I opened it first time, closed page immediately, because I was sure I opened wrong manga or it's some one-shot shit by Kubo that I didn't want do read. Way to go! But after moment of reflection, I realized that it was indeed the new chapter. So we got 2 page of explanation out of nowhere, that honestly, I didn't get for the most part. But it did explained that we just killed fake one. Then real one shows up, says he talked to Aizen and then kills (he will die, it's certain) Yamamoto. Boring chapter.

    Actually, I didn't catch, that the first/second/whatever twin was the one that Zaraki killed (since I don't bother to remember their names for some time). Now it does make more sens, thought it still was kinda stupid and lame. BTW. That Zaraki fight was new low for me. Kubo already started skipping some fights/parts of fights, but making character TELLS US HOW FIGHT LOOKED LIKE, was something new. Now I see why. If he would only kill them off panel, then we didn't learn about first/second/whatever twin and then this "twist" would be worse.
  • Arika
    Wow, It come at as "little" longer than I expected ^ ^". But I get it off my chest and thank anyone who manage so far. Honestly, I just hope that Y The Rule of Time at least read it.

    (Sorry for any mistakes and spell errors. I did tried to avoid them but some can slip and after writing too much, checking everything over and over starting to become really annoying ^ ^")

    I forgot. BTW Soifon bankai. So far, all zanpakutou were based on old weapons like swords, hammers, spears, bows etc. not modern one's like freaking rocket launcher. This bankai was so out of place.

    EDIT/ Ok, Starrk has pistols, but it at least fit to his theme (lone wolf) and he shoot cero, not real rackets like Soifon.
  • Arika
    Ah right. Aren't new arc supposed to happen in some ice world? Did Kubo decided it was too much of pain and decided to reuse Hueco Mundo instead?
  • Hamstero
    how about reading Zashiki Onna next? it's a pretty short manga about a guy getting stalked by a creepy girl, though much better than ibitsu.
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Todd: Dick Tracy

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MikeJ: Bare Lifts Infomercial

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FB: Serena/Love, Rosie

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Brad: Tries McRibMac

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Linkara Riff: Why Braceros

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Vangelus: Kyoryu Red

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Nerd3: Big Hero 6

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Team NChick: Pumptober 21

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WTFIWWY: Love in Penguins

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