Dear Dr.Gonzo,

Hi it's me again. I want to say i really enjoy this Episode of Nerd to the Third Power. I'm a Comic Book Artist that has a Web Comic Company called Third Eye Comics with my Friend,John which you can check us out at www.facebook.com/ 3rdeyecomics . But I guess since i base both Allen (Dark Hood) and Joe (Dream Reader) on me they count as Nerds. Both like Anime/Manga, and Video Games but Allen (Dark Hood) likes Comics while Joe (Dream Reader) likes Tokusatsu Super-Heroes. Also both Rachel (Akane) and Grace (Dream Seeker) like Anime/Manga but Rachel (Akane) wanna to be a Writer while Grace (Dream Seeker) wanna to be a Storyboard Artists but Rachel (Akane) also has Drawing as a Hobby too. Thank u for your time.