Ep 35: Geek Stereotypes

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Musical Break: "Compass" from Red Dead Redemption

Tyra Banks will make you angry: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tdIZuu6IaQo

Rubber Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=joI-uU86NXw

New Thundercats!: http://www.mania.com/first-new-thundercats-image-surfaces_article_127947.html

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Comments (21)
  • DuosAngel
    That Tyra clip really pissed me off. The guy looked so uncomfortable, I imagine the only reason he agreed to do the show was to make his girlfriend happy. Everything Morgan Webb said pissed me off too. I'd love to know where those generalizations came from.

    It sucks that most of the stereotypes you guys talked about exist. For me personally it's the crazed yaoi fangirls that bug me the most. I hate that these girls give the rest of us and yaoi itself such a bad name. Thank you Cat for pointing out that no, not all yaoi fans are like that.
  • Blues
    new thundercats looks lame
    I mean, I really dislike it already. It looks like one of those shows that probably didn't need to have the thundercats name.
  • DTNext
    another great episode... Rubber looks hilarious
  • Zion Prowler Kraze
    The Tyra Banks video is old. Your just discovering it now?
  • Darknessblade93064  - good episode
    I liked this episode a bit more then the others. I made me think a bit about the fandoms that I'm apart of.
  • Virgil_theBadassPoet
    Me too. But I have a question. If you became interested in Japan because of anime but then went on to actually read books about the culture, history, and politics and STILL want to go there but not because of anime, are you still a weeaboo?

    If so, then I am one, but I want to go because the hyper-individualist mindset of America is starting to get on my nerves. Collectivist countries like Japan probably have their share of problems too, I don't doubt it for a second, but I am interested to see just how different that mindset is. Besides, their cities are statistically the safest in the world and that doesn't seem like too bad of a deal to me.
  • Sprectra
    Funny story about shenanigans occurring at cons: I was at SakuraCon in Seattle early last year cosplaying as a Hunter from Left 4 Dead and I had a girl just randomly run up and glomp me. I haven't been going to cons for very long, however, so I had no idea what had just happened and I think she was disappointed that I didn't have much of a reaction and then just wandered off. XD It was really weird too considering the character I was dressed as.

    But yeah, really good episode and you all made a lot of good points. Also, Gonzo, I can't believe that woman actually asked you that in line. XD That's so ridiculous.
  • jalford
    The worst fans are the ones who keep yelling "BUTTSCRATCHER" at cons.
    Either that or "COATERPLATYPUS".
  • J1P2K  - Call her out!
    I'd like to make the suggesten that you leave a link to tyra's e-mail address, and that everyone sends a letter calling out miss tyra for stereotyping gamers.

    You three can go on there, and put her in her place.

    Challege her to game video games (you can pick the games), go to E3, and whatever you can think.
  • Cferra
    Great podcast, guys!! =D Congrats to Roo! Good show all around!
  • Nightmare060
    Great episode. Being a WoW player, I have heard many a time the WoW stereotype being used as an insult (As in "Stop playing WoW and go outside).

    What people fail to realize, is that WoW is a VIDEO GAME! In any form of entrainment, there are reasons to keep playing. It is NOT akin to gambling where people get addicted to the prospect of money. People who get addicted to video games are those with addictive personalities and need help. It is NOT the fault of the game!

    Even tips in the game it's self says "Take all things in moderation (even world of warcradft!)" as well as "Bring your friends to Azeroth, but don't forget to take your friends outside of Azeroth too!".

    And yet still the stereotype carries on that if you play WoW, your an addict who would abandon a screaming baby for more boss loot -.-;;.
  • Eric the Orange
    Ima put this out right now. I play on LordKats TF2 server and a Girl by the Handel Of Devil Kirby is the best player on there.
  • Xejicka
    I hated how Tyra Banks did that. I'll take video games, good or bad, over that girly crap like Sex and the City and cosmetics any day of the week.

    I too was a victim over being harassed over my love of anime and games. My father's crazy ex-girlfriend acted like I was a ticking time bomb because I liked games and anime. She criticized me for being perverted when she openly laughed hysterically at a book titled 'Where's dildo?'

    Even my ex-room mate made fun of me for liking games and anime. She told me I was immature while she was watching Hannah Montana! She was a bad person, but she represented the worst case of critical people.

    I did a paper over video game addiction last year. The main problem is escapism. Even then, that's not even that much of a problem at all. You guys said it yourself that the shut-ins are a minority.
  • Kari
    I am going to Devil's Advocate a couple things. One, Old Thundercats wasn't that good, either. Don't get me wrong, I loved it. But have you watched it lately without the nostalgia goggles on?

    As a comic/ tabletop gaming nerd who can hardly throw stones, I will admit that if I were on a first date, and under hobbies, someone listed only video games, it would be a warning sign. But, I would feel the same if all they did was watch TV or read. I've known a lot of people who took their pastimes to an unfortunate extent, and I am kind of on guard against that.
  • Painkiller
    MY god!! THANK YOU!!!! my ex wife told me that I needed to grow up, stop playing games, and stop collecting DVD's and what not. WHAT?! I help run servers for other gamers, and they enjoy it. It is a hobby, and it is my life.

    I will spend a few hours on games a week, and I also watch hockey.. I'm now in the sports freak stereo type. However.. I am a little overboard with my favorite team.

    Sigh now I have freedom to be me :)
  • Ter Loki
    Now let's be fair about the whole beer-drinking frat-boy stereotype. To say that many of them think Halo is the "best game ever" is a bit incorrect. In my experience it's usually the more current Call of Duty titles. :P
  • Kashidom  - "you know..."
    Guys... "you know..." is not a substitute for anything

    I've just listened to the first hour of the episode, which is my first, by the way, and I can't even count how many times "you know..." has been said. It's awful, obnoxious and redundant...

    If there is one thing, on-topic, that I can't stand, it is rephrasing the same thing more than five times. Four is a pain, five is too much. And if you have to dig through the phrase to get to the meaning of the conversation, it just gets really annoying, which is what leads me to comment here
  • GoldenSolitude04
    The yaoi fangirl stereotype won't ever go away if quite a number of them believe hetero relationships are old fashioned,outdated, and boring. I shit you not. That is really how some of these deranged people think.

    And the total lack of respect they show for the fandom they love really lends me no sympathy.

    Fret not as there no way in hell I can ever imagine a guy wanting to go out with them.

    http:// community.livejournal.com /antiyaoi/

    The Tyra Banks video is really old. Ah Morgan Webb. When she and Abbie were bored with pissing off Nintendo and Metroid fans,Morgan moved on to insulting the guys who grew up with this hobby. She is no geek goddess.

    I have lost all respect I had left of that woman.

    If I ever do get me a girlfriend,she better be tolerant of my gaming or no dice.

    One stereotype I think you guys left out is how people view those who love t write fanfiction.
  • DarkPhoenixMishima
    Drilling them with drills? So she's saying he should watch Gurren Lagann?
  • LordOrin  - As Shatner
    "Oh, no no no... I'm a rocket... whore! Powning... n00bs in... Call of... Duty 4."
  • gunblade007
    I follow the comic book geek stereotype i'm fat, have zits, wear glasses, in my 20's and still live with my family. But i always feel at home at our local comic book store everyone is so nice i been to a few anime and comic conventions and i always have fun. my little sister is 12 now and she become a little geek herself and she said she's proud of it.
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