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What You Never Knew About Hot Fuzz Autographed Room DVD Winners!
Bloodrayne A Farewell to Justin Carmical (JewWario)
Is Tree of Life Full of Shit? Signed Disaster Artist Winner
After Earth Thank You - Our 2013 Indiegogo Contributors


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Ask That Guy: (Volume 2 DVD Exclusive) How to Train Your Dragon 2
Episode 69 Maleficent
Episode 68 X-Men Days of Future Past
Episode 67 Godzilla
Ask That Guy Live Amazing Spider-Man 2

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Simon Belmont Adventure Time Vlogs: The Prince Who Wanted
Earthworm Jim Adventure Time Vlogs: Furniture and Meat
Angry Birds Adventure Time Vlogs: Food Chain
Princess Daisy Adventure Time Vlogs: Breezy
Bonk Making of NC: Bloodrayne


Team NChick:

US-1 #4 BYOA: S2E8: The Outline
Sinnamon #1 BYOA: S2E7: Shades of Rage
300th Episode Livestream Recordings Game of Thrones S4E10
Batman: Shadow of the Bat #56 True Lies
Genesis of AT4W LIVE! Game of Thrones S4E9


Angry Joe:

When in Rome Godzilla Review
Boy vs Girl Food Challenges Amazing Spiderman 2 Angry Review
Daddy Day Camp AJ Plays M&M: Duel of Champions
A Week on Miracle Diet Pills Day 7 Elder Scrolls Online Review
A Week on Miracle Diet Pills Day 6 MGS: Ground Zeroes Review


Brad Jones:

Fatal Fury: Double Impact Anime Midwest: The Snob Panel
Night Warriors Hercules and Lucy
Street Fighter II The Animated Movie The Reviewers: Infringement
Angel Blade The Babe Ruth Story
Detonator Orgun Planes: Fire and Rescue



Serial Pooper Task Force - 7/21/14 Beauty and the Beast Part 1
The Motherlovin Pterodactyl Bootleg Zones VG: Virtual Station
Oh Say Can You See BZ: Nickelodeon TMNT Bootlegs
If You Give a Lion a Cookie MMZ: Retron 5
Red Bull Gives You Madness Top 10 Wrestling Commercials

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Behaving Badly Quest for Glory 4: Shadows of Darkness Parts 5-6
The Love Guru Quest for Glory 4: Shadows of Darkness Parts 3-4
Seve Dick Tracy
Walking on Sunshine Les Miseranimals
Mrs. Brown's Boys D'Movie Quest for Glory 4: Shadows of Darkness Parts 1-2

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Obscurus Lupa:

Cinemadonna: Desperately Seeking Susan Baywatching: We Need a Vacation
Informer by Snow Lethal
Rude by MAGIC! Baywatching: Home Cort
Fancy by Iggy Azalea Baywatching: Armored Car
Just a Friend by Biz Markie Baywatching: Reunion

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Stan Lee's Top 10 Awesome Achievements Madden 25 is AWESOME!
I, Frankenstein Tiny Brains is AWESOME!
Dracula 2000 Super Mario 3D World is AWESOME!
Casting Couch: The ExpendaBelles Xbox One is AWESOME!
Top 10 Fantastic Voyage Episodes Need For Speed Rivals is AWESOME!


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CR: Familiar Faces - Olaf ChaosD1: MMO Grinder: Global Agenda
Rap Critic: Ridin by Chamillionaire Dena: Abadox Commentary
Diamanda: Rock and Rule Lotus Prince: Galerians Parts 3-4
Leon Thomas: Four Lions Smarty: DAH - ChaosD1
Rap Critic: We Dem Boyz by Wiz Khalifa Shaun K: P4GA/Anachronauts

Inked Reality:


LAG: Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Prelude Lesbian Talk: Episode 65
Vangelus: Cyberbots Blodia (Sentinel Riobot) Word Funk: The Serious Dudes with Big Mustaches
Vangelus: Dinobots (Grimlock/Slug/Strafe) Weekly Manga Recap: The Evil Cat!
Vangelus: Batman Arkham City Ver. (DC Comics Multiverse) Nerd to the Third: Ep. 121: Voice Acting
MarzGurl: Adaptation Terrors of The Guyver Part 1 Lesbian Talk: Episode 64: The Doctor Goes to Dashcon