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Monster Squad Doug on Eyes Wide Shut Orgies...sort of
Top 11 New Halloween Classics Doug Talks Top 11 WORST Avatars
Maximum Overdrive See NC Editorials Early on Maker
Is 'Eyes Wide Shut' Just Artsy? Cons, Gameshows, Site Issues and More
Top 11 Best Avatars (with Dante Basco) Autographed Room DVD Winners!

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Michael Bay's TMNT Korra Vlogs: Korra Alone and the Coronation
Guardians of the Galaxy Making of NC: Maximum Overdrive
How to Train Your Dragon 2 NC Commentary: Top 11 Avatars
Maleficent See NC Top 11 New Halloween Classics a day early!
X-Men Days of Future Past Korra Vlogs: Season 4 Premiere


Brad Jones:

LOTD: The Invaders #31 Brad Tries Colon Blow & Black Cock
LOTD: Eerie #5 Snobcast: Stalker
LOTD: Batman: Castle of the Bat Fury and The Book of Life
LOTD: Dracula Chronicles & Aleister Arcane Fun in Balloon Land
Thing from Another World: Questionable Research Dracula Untold & The Judge

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Pumpktoberfest: 7. Scary Movies Hellraiser 3
Pumpktoberfest: 6. Poison Apples Bacon Bowl Revisited
Pumpktoberfest: 5. ImFEARials S Darko
Pumpktoberfest: 4. Dark Brew Eggie
Pumpktoberfest 3: Furious Science Crocodile Dentist

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Anaconda by Nicki Minaj Alien Isolation Review
Cinemadonna: Bloodhounds of Broadway Destiny Review
All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor The Last of Us PS4 Review
Shake It Off by Taylor Swift Godzilla Review
Cinemadonna: Who's That Girl Amazing Spiderman 2 Angry Review


Film Brain:

Top 10 Best Moments of Anime Abandon The Imitation Game / '71
Venus Wars The Riot Club
Gunsmith Cats Dracula Untold
Sol Bianca The Legacy Killers (2010) w Ursa
Space Adventure Cobra The Boxtrolls



You're All Screwed Halloweenie - Toys & Extras
Texas Chainsaw Car Chase Halloweenie - Cool Candy
Turtles All the Way Down Halloweenie - Halloween Shows
iDiot BZ - Teenage Mutant Ninja Tubtles
Super-Size Embalming With Fries BZ - Galaxy Warriors Beasts


Obscurus Lupa:

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers Yes Madam!
Quest for Glory 4: Shadows of Darkness Parts 9-10 The Legend of Billie Jean
Music Movies Outtakes! Episode 5-8 Supernatural S10 Podcast #1: Black
Quest for Glory 4: Shadows of Darkness Parts 7-8 Baywatching: Shark Derby
Music Movies Outtakes! Episode 1-4 Baywatching: Eclipse

Blockbuster Buster:

Vampire Academy Dracula Untold
The Host Beyond the Black Rainbow
Casting Couch: The Universal Monsters A Quick Guide to Classic Who Season 23
Flash Gordon with Linkara Shit People Who Comment on Hagan Reviews Say
Top 10 Star Trek Nemesis Nitpicks The Zero Theorem

Rap Critic:


Top 6 Most Gut-Wrenching Eminem Songs Leon Thomas: Snowpiercer
Goin' Off (with Mues) #5 Sci-Fi Guy: Southern Screamers: Intro & Chambers of Horror
Top 6 Most Horrifying Songs in Hip-Hop Accursed Farms: Freeman's Mind: Episode 61
Goin' Off (with Mues) #4 Oancitizen: Blue
Goin' Off with RC and Mues #3 Accursed Farms: Revenant

Inked Reality:

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LAG: Mummy on the Orient Express Rerez: The Most Obscure Console Ever
Vangelus: Riobot Detonator Orgun Shaun K: Shantae & The Pirate's Curse
MasakoX: BFT - Friendship Is Danger Mud2MMO: Skinner Box Gaming
LAG: You Know Who - Kill The Moon Guru Larry: Bayonetta 2
Vangelus: Trans4mers Leader Optimus Prime Rerez: Frogger Mini Arcade Review

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Some Jerk: The Country Bears Word Funk: Kiss from a Rose
Count Jackula: Top 13 Gooder Movies Lesbian Talk: Episode 74: Actual Depiction
Sursum Ursa: Galaxy Quest Nerd to the Third: Ep. 132: GOTHAM
iRawss: Cristela Review - Comedism Nerd to the Third: Ep 130: Doctor Who Series 8 Recap
Lucky 6: JENGA: THE GAME: THE MOVIE Weekly Manga Recap: Tomie