Down with the Sickness

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  • Chosen Zelos
    Wow. You just went William Shatner on that shit! nice.
  • SpazzMaster  - holy shit
    I don't beleve I have ever laughed so hard in my life.

    And, if you do decide to continue this series, I hve a request.

    "Hot Dog" by Limp Bizkit
  • xXSlayer77Xx
    This "poem" is very calming.

    lol, "why can't you just f*** off and die?" :evil:
  • Daikun
    This is great! :D You need to do more.
  • dakostro
    Oh goodness, is Paw beating up Ma? :P Just kidding.

    Next time, maybe you could recite a Bloodhound Gang song? Or Blink182?
  • Bryguy87  - screw blink 182
    we need a evergrey song for this, the poetry performance is beautiful. I also would like to see some trivium or nonpoint B)
  • Sl0th
    Funny. Well done.

    Can't wait to see more of this.
  • Pie3492  - I can't stop lauging!
    That's genius!
    It was awkward and funny at the same time!
    I think I busted a gut.
  • A Knothole Resident
    I think any Beck song would be amusing cause his lyrics are cosmic.
  • Omochao
    But this shows for bad lyrics... alot of becks lyrics have meaning and are very good if you look deep enough.
  • DanManX
    Well, this bears a striking resemblance to Sage's new show, but I think you still took it and made it your own.

    I thought the lounge singer version of this song was funny enough, but that was hilarious. Especially when you got to the part when it's talking about the kid getting abused. It just sounded so wrong with that voice, that it somehow came right past "disturbing" and went to awesome. I hope you do continue this, cause there's a great many songs out there that could use this treatment. I'd say most rap would qualify. Hearing that stuff like this would really put it in perspective.

    Also, if I may make a suggestion: It's the End of the World As We Know It. I quite like the song, but I've tried speaking the lyrics (which, yes, I DO know) aloud without melody, and it's pretty ridiculous.
  • BlueGoldBizarros  - Oh Yeah
    I was wondering how this feeling of painful awkwardness was so familiar. It's does remind me of Sage's fanfic theater.

    Still, great job PAW, continue on your quest of amazingness (I doubt thats a real word, but who care?!)
  • Fish-Monkey
    That was pretty cool.
    You should do Slipknot's Purity.

    That song is FUCKED UP!!!

    Or do Daddy by Korn!

    That song is MORE FUCKED UP!!!!

  • Bathrobe-Joe  - Thumbs Up
    Great work
    My suggestions for next time would be either Twist by Korn, Prosthetics by Slipknot(I think it's actually a bit more fucked up than Purity) or Sugar by System Of A Down.
  • Bryguy87  - for insane ones that would be awesome
  • m60berserker  - Haha, genious
    I loved this. I laughed almost all the way through.
    The way you read it up is just hilarious.

    If you're doing this again i have a suggestion, 'Chemicals' by Scars On Broadway... That would be entertaining :D
  • MegaPigeon
    Oh, God damn it I wanted to do this :(

    I was gonna do Hot Dog by Limp Bizkit as well (wink wink). Now THAT'S a work of poetry.
  • rose15  - Hi.
    OMG! That was friggen' awesome!! ^_^ I LOVE this song! And u turning it into poetry... :woohoo:
  • keylaleigh
    I love you, Paw. What a beautiful rendition of the "Choking Monkey Song", as I called it.
    As to making this a new series, I say yes!
  • JackDante  - Oooookay...
    ...was that supposed to be funny ?
  • TheBat
    Yes, it was. I laughed.

    And, whether you like the song or not, this shows how meaningless, unintelligent and nonsensical overrated pop music (Disturbed isn't dark and brooding, it's pop... get over it)really can be.

    This was an excellent flagship video, Paw. Definitely showed this song is about as deep as a birdbath.

    Speaking of pop, most anything can be transferred to this format.

    Perhaps doing Break Stuff by limp bizkit would be funny, but I'm sure that the author wants to get away from doing the same genre too many times

    Although nu-metal would be the easiest victim due to it's knuckle-dragging nature, pretty much any genre and song is fair game.
  • FatAnon
    Hate to be the party pooper here but I didn't find it funny. It was way too monotone.

    If you had tried a more dramatic reading and a lamer song with lamer lyrics this would have been good, but making fun of a song about child abuse with a boring/mellow voice doesn't do it for me. Sorry.
  • Genitalboy
    I like it, but it is too long.
  • AngryJoeShow  - Critiques
    Hey Paw,
    This was awesome man!

    But seeing as how its a possible new series I wanted to give you some feedback on possible ways you could improve it, if you so choose. It's really enjoyable and entertaining that's for sure and I'd like so see more.

    But I felt it ran too long and lost its punch somewhere toward the end (this happens to me sometimes too).

    [b]Intersplice Music Video Footage[/b]
    Maybe you could intersplice the actual music video in for some sections of the song while fading back to your own to show and highlight the stark entertaining differences....This might help pacing and would up the production quality as the music videos by these bands are usually pretty HQ.

    [b]Intersplice footage of you reading[/b]
    Perhaps we could see you in gentleman's clothing similar to what we wore in my Empire: Total War Video. You could wear glasses and read from the "poem", this would be fun to watch and help break it up if it ran to long.

    [b]Intersplice Literal Interpretation Parodies[/b]
    Perhaps you can show literal interpretations of the lyrics, for example "sickness" you could cut away to you coughing lightly in your gentleman's costume (no sound, continuing your voice-over).
  • gammainn  - Awesome.
    Hahaha awesome shit. Should use a Cannibal Corpse song next. Killing as I Cum maybe? hahaha.
  • dhark  - re: Awesome.
    [quote=gammainn]Hahaha awesome shit. Should use a Cannibal Corpse song next. Killing as I Cum maybe? hahaha.[/quote]

    Would be fun.
  • Toost Inc.
    Hm even though I'm pretty into Disturbed this could probably work better with other songs, a shorter one to begin with =P Also maybe make a little more visual?
  • alucard87
    That shit was deep... It almost brought a tear to my eye... almost.
  • Solemn
    As a fan of Disturbed (as well as this song) I couldn't continue listening to you after the first three lines XD My brain just went "DOES NOT COMPUTE -kaboom-".

    Although I think that the version done by that pianist was definately horrible. Much more intolerable to listen to than this |D;;
  • Punky  - this is fraking fantastic!!
    there's no words to describe this, soo hilarious!! keep them coming!!!
  • Stammer
    I agree with AngryJoe. It was great, and those are a few ways you could make any future ones even better.
  • ChaosD1
    I'm loving the Jack Handey voice/angle you're doing here. You have the voice for it.

    The soothing piano music really amuses me. If you have anyone talented enough, it could be really amusing if you have someone able to arrange the music in the actual song you're reading to sound soothing.

    Mind if I embed this anywhere? I have a few pages I think this would prove quite amusing on.
  • Battlething  - For If you`re gonna make more of this
    Some other songs with good poetic lyrics.

    Otep - Eat the children
    Otep - Hooks and splinters
    Trivium - A gun shot to the head of trebatation
    Slayer - Raining Blood
    Slipknot - When all hope is gone
    Withing Temptation - See who I am
  • The Dycith
    I think this is creepier than the actual song...
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