Charity Drive 2013

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The charity that we are doing the drive for is One Step Camp

The charity drive will go from 1:00PM CDT until 3:00AM CDT (24th-25th).

Donate via Paypal here (goes directly to One Step Camp):

Or donate via Credit Card directly to One Step Camp here

Donation Prizes:
-Donate $10 - You will be listed on a Thank You Page for our 2013 Summer Charity Drive
-Donate $25 - Link to a Thank You Video + Thank You Page
-Donate $35 - Link to a Thank You Video + Thank You Page + $5 Awesome Store Giftcard
-Donate $50 - Link to a Thank You Video + Thank You Page + $10 Awesome Store Giftcard
-Donate $75 - Random NES Game signed by a person at the drive of your choosing + Thank You Page/Video
-Donate $80 - Kickassia DVD signed by Doug/Brad/Lindsay + Thank You Page/Video
-Donate $90 - Suburban Knights DVD signed by Doug/Brad/Lindsay/Todd + Thank You Page/Video
-Donate $125 - Nostalgia Critic Reloaded/TGWTG CD/TGWTG Volume 4 Signed by Doug + Thank You Page/Video
-Donate $200 - Live Call in guaranteed call + Thank You Page/Video
-Donate #300 - Private Call to one or more people at the drive + Thank You Page/Video

We will also be holding a raffle for these prizes listed below. Each raffle ticket costs $5.00 and is a separate donation.


5 Charity Drive Signed Photos
3 Kickassia Doug/Rob/Bhargav Signed Photos
3 Kickassia M. Bison Signed Photos (signed by Doug)
1 Lord of the Rings Cardgame signed by everyone at the drive.
5 Signed NC reviewed DVDs
1 King and I Prop
1 One Step Blanket Signed by Everyone at the drive.

There will also be random limited perks announced during the drive.

Raffle Winners:

3 Kickassia Signed Group Photos
John Martin of Auburn, CA
David A. Scott Jr of Coring, NY
Daniella Dahoui of London, UK

1 Bum Change Prop Cup
Alan Swinburn of Greater Manchester, UK

1 Demo Reel Prop Shirt (Malkovich = Balls)
Isaac Berry of Winfield, IA

1 Kickassia Gavel Prop
Spencer Sale of Elgin, IL

3 To Boldly Flee Limited Edition DVDs
Amanda Hamilton of Mount Vernon, NY
Chris Rao of Toronto, ON, Canada
Evan Dang of Brea, CA

5 One Step Signed Shirts
Kendra Jones of Iron Station, NY
Stephen Dymek of Portage, WI
Henriikka Heikkinen of Jyväskylä, Keski-Suomi, Finland
David Weise of Fairport, NY
Daniel Anderson of Grass Lakes, MI

1 Copy of Book - Awoken
Patrick Mastrobuono of New Haven, CT

1 My Little Pony Package
Melissa Hayes of Lake Grove, NY

5 5 Andrew Dickman Drawings
Elizabeth Wellls of Fort Murrary, AB, Canada
Danilo Giordano of San Juan, Puerto Rico
Beth Cameron of North Lakes, Australia
William Mateer of Fremont, WI
Shawnel Malone of Melbourne, FL

3 Suburban Knights Signed Group Photos
Alex Rock of Omaha, NE
Michelle Travis of Lynnwood, WA
Raymond Penza of Cranston, RI


Prizes will be be sent out within 14-28 days

View the stream directly at

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