Sage's Top Ten Favorite Games

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Comments (47)
  • TheLemsterPju  - Great list Sage!
    I'm loving your Top 10 reviews.
    Maybe we'll see your Top 10 actors soon? :)
  • Amykins
    DAMMIT SAGE, Y U complain about not getting fangirls when you never respond to any of my fan-girly messages? :p I'd sell my left kidney to get your Gamertag. Tru fax.

    Seriously, though. You seem like the kind of guy I'd love to just sit back, play a game and have a beer with. Yeah, that would pretty much be perfect.
  • Archedgar

    MGS , Oh my god yes!~
    There are like 2 times on your list where I went "YES, AWESOME". But MGS made me jump out of my chair.

  • Escapulario100
    If you love atmosphere, you will play Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne
  • QueenAqua  - Awesome list, especially...
    Mass Effect 2 was my introduction to the ME series due to the way of my PS3, and I will never forget the potency the storyline had even though I hadn't played 1 and was lost on some of the items in the storyline. I am not ashamed to admit that Project Overlord, the DLC, consistently reduces me to a quivering ball of tears every time I complete it. I find it ironic that Paragon has the sadder end than Renegade. It all seemed harmless...
  • ColeYote
    Some interesting games on here. Don't think I've played any of them except ME2. But I'd say I'm also a fan of atmosphere and story. I'd probably have more western RPGs and/or sandboxes on my top ten. Honestly, don't really like eastern RPGs, something about turn-based combat I don't generally like. Plus they tend to be completely linear. I like nonlinearity.

    Not that I'm complaining or anything, but... I think you kinda spoiled your top 10 anime list by having Jin-Roh at #2 on your top 10 movies list.
  • LnkZ10
    INDIGO PROPHECY! WOOHOO! Though seriously, screw the ending of that friggin' game. Everything about it (until the ending) was intriguing enough to make even my mom sit down and watch the whole thing unfold.
  • Toucanbird  - Ah yes, the all awesome top 10 games list
    I'm not sure what it is about your top 10 reviews, but I love just how honest you are about your choices. A lot of times when someone does a list, they pick out games that they consider to be "best" and don't pick "favorites." Or when someone does a favorites list, someone says, "what? That game sucked!" Hell, a lot of the games that are on my favorites list are by technical standards, not that good but they are enjoyable and fun to play...and that's what gaming is all about.

    As for the games on your list, I, unfortunately haven't played many of them. I do own Final Fantasy IV (for PSP) but I haven't gotten around to playing it yet. I am AMAZED I haven't played Secret of Mana considering the Squaresoft (not Square Enix, fuck Square Enix) junkie that I am. The only one on your list that I've actually ever played was Chrono Cross. The game is FUCKING amazing. Not just amazing, FUCKING amazing. You are absolutely correct that of all my years of gaming, I have yet to find a soundtrack that even comes close to topping Chrono Cross. Also, much like you, I found the combat to be a lot more fun than a lot of people did. I loved the combination of spells you could use, I loved the strategy in what sort of attacks you should use and what elements to use at certain times. The final boss was so fucking hard because you had to implement that strategy perfectly and it took a little luck because the boss's actions affected the outcome of the battle. One thing I can say, DAT OPENING. DAT FUCKING OPENING. To this day, I have yet to find an opening sequence better than Chrono Cross's. Time's Scar is such a beautiful song and implemented with the flashy CGI graphics of the game was just gorgeous. Then you had the ending as well. The ending wasn't perfect, but it made me mad that the never made a third game in the series. The ending sequence for the game had me begging for a third installment that eventually never came.

    For those of you that are unfamiliar with Chrono Cross, if nothing else, check out this game's soundtrack. You won't find more beautiful songs than that were in this game. To this day, Time's Scar, Radical Dreamers, Far Away Life, and the Final Battle Theme are some of the most iconic songs I have ever heard in a game. There are many more songs as well that are also as good.
  • ManWithGoodTaste
    Chrono Cross has the best soundtrack? But, Bennett, that is not how you spell "Spyro the Dragon"! :D

    Also, if you really value atmosphere in games, I would recommend Alice: Madness Returns. And if you like Symphony of the Night so much, you should check out Dust: an Elysian Tail.
  • Oblivion Mara  - Secret of Mana...
    Thank you. Thank you so much, Sage. The rest of your list is pretty neat too, but the Mana series is so dear to me and so deeply rooted in my psyche I cannot help but fangirling at every mention of the title.
    (and a single sentence on Rabites and Orbs sent thrills of joy down my spine- I need therapy.)

    I'm currently replaying SoM, and it was a delight to hear you speak of it. The memories I have from the series as a whole are very similar to yours- it was, alongside with the Donkey Kong games on Super Nintendo, my awakening to videogaming (on console, at least). I've never been more than a casual gamer as far as Final Fantasy is concerned. Mana, on the other hand... 'Tis something different. Even if the series has known sort of a downfall these years, I'll always be in love with it. The music, the atmsphere, the stories, these beloved characters, these hours spent in cave-crossing for the sake of level up, the endless strings of creatures seemingly dedicated to have you dead, the many sidequests... "Wendel", "Undine" or "Lorimar" are still magic words to my ears, and I do not regret a single thing.
    I'll cut off before making a further embarassement of myself... But thanks, Sage. I might be the biggest Mana fan walking the planet - and by making your inner child happy, you made me so as well!
  • Kwagamon
    I don't know what games I'd put in a list of my favorites, since it would definitely change a few minutes after I answered, but I DO know what my #1 would be, and that's Bastion. I think I realized how much I loved that game at the level where you're walking through what used to be a public park, full of people turned to statues made of ash from the Calamity. I did a dodge roll to avoid some attack, and broke one or two, and out popped some crystals, and Rucks mentioned who those statues used to be. Didn't try to make me feel guilty, even implied it was an accident. I felt terrible. Those were people, who had lives, loved ones, and were spending their final moments happy and unaware. I didn't want to break them for more items. I tagged a few more by accident on the way, and every time Rucks would mention who they were. Then, right at the end of the level, the plot-critical item I was sent to get is sitting in the center of a ring of these things. I had no choice but to break at least some to get it. I actually sat there for a few seconds, in real life, and steeled myself for it.

    And the ending was absolutely fantastic, but I won't spoil for those that may not have played it.
  • KiramidHead
    Silent Hill 2 had better music. :P
  • Ogre Samanosuke
    I love Chrono Cross's music, but the best ever is a hard sell. Especially compared to Final Fantasy Tactics, Bastion, or Shadow of the Colossus.

    Also sad that the only one of my own top ten that appeared on yours was ME2. Needs more Grim Fandango, Planescape: Torment, Earthbound and FFT.
  • makogrey
    The games your thinking that did what Mass Effect did with the save files was the .hack games. Loved the top 10 game list and the only game I didn't like out of that list was Secret of Mana. I didn't get to play MGS till the gamecube remake of the original
  • leviadragon99
    Big old props for having ME2 on your list, it is my favorite of that series and one of my personal favorites both from Bioware and in general. I do agree that the RPG mechanics of the first game had some strengths that the second and third games didn't, but on balance I think it worked out. I don't really agree with your "don't talk about ME3" policy though, sure it's a deeply flawed game but I think there's still some good shining moments to be had in it.

    Also, while I personally preffer 6, I do have quite a soft spot for FF4 so I approve of its inclusion also. It has some of my favorite game music and a pretty strong story that still largely holds up.

    Never actually got a chance to play Chrono Cross, but I've wanted to, mostly because I like its predecessor so much.
  • Lotus Prince
    I can't help but see Bioshock as an easier, less scary version of System Shock 2. I was actually able to call the plot points, and even the twist, solely because I'd played SS2 nearly a decade earlier.

    That said, its presentation sure is beautiful.
  • madhermit
    Great list, Sage. I missed out on a lot of them because I had no console when I was a kid. (Luckily, there are DS and PSP remakes now.)

    When you mentioned PC game that allowed save imports from previous game...Baldur's Gate?
  • Ladette
    Nice list, although I did do a double take on Indigo Prophecy. I figured the whole WTF?! situation with the second half would keep anybody from truly falling in love with it.
  • Viewer
    Forget Bioshock and play its mommy and daddy Deus Ex 1 and System Shock 2.
  • JahLis
    Sage, man, there's something about these lists of yours that I especially like. I've never seen anybody to talk so passionate and yet so reserved 'bout the things they like. It's noticeable that you put a part of yourself here, your heart. might sound wierd, but that's how I feel. There haven't been any other lists/reviews that would make me so emotional invested in the things that being said. you're fuckin' great at this, man!
  • MeanMongoose
    I was happy you included the Suffering.A truly underrated gem along with it's sequel. I have really fond memories of both titles, but I liked Ties That Bind a bit more. Now that's an atmospheric, haunting game.
  • Kurvos
    ... no Shadow of the Colossus, no Super Mario game, no Legend of Zelda game, no Batman: Arkham City, no Kingdom Hearts game, no Elder Scrolls game, no sandbox game, no Portal... wow, dude. I know this is your personal list, but... really, not a single one of any games from the ones I mentioned? That is astoundingly shocking. For claiming yourself to be a "true gamer" who has "always had games in your life"... you are kinda selective with some of your game picks.

    Sorry if I seem rude or harsh or unfair to you... but thinking about it, so can you be. Especially when you where bashing Batman Returns and Tim Burton in general. :P Not saying I believe in "eye for an eye", but still.
  • MaskedGuy
    That'd be cliche list :P Besides, there is no "Gamer must have played a mario game and liked it along with all other "famous" games!" rule.

    (I don't even like mario games besides paper mario much. Gameplay thing, I don't really enjoy platformers much compared to other games. Also, Elder Scrolls is overrated and just because Shadow of the Colossus is one of the most artistic games doesn't mean that someone must have it on the list. I mean thats like saying that Mona Lisa has to be one of your top 10 favourite artistic works that are famous. Also, while talking about matter of "What, your list doesn't have game I love?!", I might as well start talking about how hes/you not true gamer for not having Okami(which is game I consider to be true masterpiece) on the list)

    Sorry for long post, but your post had few petpeeves of mine.
  • Lotus Prince

    What's that? You're not the same person as Bennett the Sage, and your tastes aren't exactly like his? OH. MY. GOD.

    "For claiming yourself to be a "true gamer" who has "always had games in your life"... you are kinda selective with some of your game picks."

    Yeah, you're right. He's not a true gamer. He's just pretending to be a gamer.

    ...seriously, what the hell.
  • JiCi  - Multiplayer RPGs?
    Tales? Star Ocean? Just saying...

    MSG is indeed well done. Too bad its true sequels weren't that much better. MSG2 had Raiden instead of Snake as the main character and MSG4 had Snake... aged beyond the point of badassery. Look, I know that Snake is slowly dying in MSG4, but for goodness sake DON'T MAKE HIM LOOK OLD! Just leave his look as it was in MSG2 and just say once in a while that he's dying from something. No need to make him older and not cool anymore.
  • Revegelance
    While I may not agree with any of the entries on your list (except Mass Effect 2, I love it!), it's your list, and nobody can take that away from you. I respect that you made a unique list instead of just rehashing the same old games that everyone likes.
  • Daemian Lucifer
    I dont know how youve managed to make this list.Really,I dont.For me,Id be able to put starcraft 1 at the top,and then Id be stumped.I would never be able to decide which of these to put in front of the rest(which is why I sorted them alphabetically):
    Baldurs gate 2, Deus ex 1, Half life 1, Heroes of might & magic 3, Planescape:torment, Portal 1, The secret of monkey island, Thief 2, Unreal tournament 1.

    All of those deserve to be right after starcraft,so I guess my top ten list would only have two numbers.I guess I could put planescape:torment slightly in front of all of those,and unreal tournament slightly behind the rest,but that would be as far as Id be able to go.

    Also,like someone mentioned above,baldurs gate allowed you to carry over your character.Not quite like in mass effect series though.And I wont go into a diatribe against me2 this time because...well,Itd be too long.Ill simply link this: watch?v=rR558wTjOUU
  • Ravenkeeper
    excellent top10 Sage.
    Metal gear solid also holds a special place in my heart.
    But I gotta say Xeno gears has my vote for best combat system and nothing tops Genso suikoden with music and nostalgia factor. still got the PS1 disc , though my PS1 died years ago.
  • MistahFixIt  - Four is Best Final Fantasy!
    I had to stop the video and throw this out there: FF IV is my all-time favourite Final Fantasy game. I didn't really care for anything past Six, to be honest, and even FF VI doesn't grab me the same way that FF IV did.

    I came into FF IV the same way you did; it belonged to a family-member (in this case, my father) who bought it because... well, actually, I don't remember why he'd bought it at the time. All I know is he sat me down to play it one day, and was blown away by how quickly I (a bloody five-year-old at the time!) had figured out what to do and how to do it.

    Final Fantasy IV -IS- my childhood.
  • SwiftSwerve65  - Well made and well explained.
    An excellent top ten as per the previous. You explained your cases for your personal choices well, and had some nice amount of clips for the games, though I think a few clips of music would have been nice for a few moments when you mentioned music, such as with the Thanatos battle in secret of mana (That music creeps me out for the record, but I LOVE it!), but otherwise, well done.

    I'd go blah blah blah with a few points I disagree with, but that's a bit pithy to do for a personal choice list.

    I look forward to the rest of your top ten lists!
  • loa
    You should try dark souls.
    You said you like games with atmosphere and dark souls not being on your list could only mean you haven't played it.
  • TheXell  - FUCK YEAH

    You, Sir, are a Gentleman and a scholar.
  • L2  - My story of the #1
    When I was in middle school, I came across a game which usually didn't partake in my taste, as I was always look for jrpgs at the time. I just remember it being cheap and having 3 words on this double CD case cover: METAL GEAR SOLID.

    I had no idea what I was in store for. Nor was I ready for how it took me aback by how different it was.
    It was one of the few games I played where I was a 3rd person shooter, but I had to figure out way to sneak around. Yes, sneak around! I was the kind of kid who was use to muscle my way through anything, but this game DEMANDED I sneak. It taught me a new way to play video games.

    The codec screen were something kind of awesome to me in a sense that I was seeing people lips move, and VOICES WERE COMING OUT! I was always use to having my characters be silent in video games, but when cinematics and side dialogue was actually voiced, that just blew my mind. The closest I think I ever saw something like that was between Link's grunting and Laura Croft saying a few lines. But this... this was like an action movie as a game!

    And that's what it exactly was and what Kojima intended it to be: a game dedicated to action movies. Even when I played this a year ago, I couldn't help but both cringe and love the corny one-liners and weird relationships and reactions which all the characters shared with one another. It was beautiful. The story was beautiful. Both for how it painted the game and it's nostalgic factors. I do remember during the 90s of the potential of genes and threat of nuclear warfare was all the rage, and MGS brought it all back to me with it's story.

    Characters, story, gameplay, it was all refreshing to me back then and holds a dear plays in my heart now. Even with it's sequels. You, Sage, have chosen well for your #1.

    Though I did take a lookies at your top ten anime, I'll save the comments about it for later since I've been waiting for this one for quite a while. For those who haven't seen it, a good hint lies behind what anime is already behind him during these reviews.
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