Top Ten Best and Worst Games

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  • Lady Bleach  - ?
    you'll still do anime abandon, right?
  • DurradonXylles  - Uh...
    Sage said that Anime Abandon will continue as normal at the end of the video. For all future commenters who are confused on the subject:


    Anime Abandon is not going anywhere, so please calm down. Sage will continue making videos, this is just the last video in his "Sage Reviews" series, where he reviewed current video games.
  • Kensei
    this was my first video what i watch from you and its will be you last... okey...
  • TragicGuineaPig
    I think his plan is just not doing more game reviews. I don't really know what his plans are for movies and anime, but I have a feeling he plans to keep doing those.
  • Malidictus
    Not quite. I'm pretty sure Bennett will still do Anime Abandon, which I personally feel was always the far superior show.
  • TragicGuineaPig
    The thing is, his game reviews were intended to be serious; Anime Abandon and some of his other works are intended to humorous. The former is great if you want information about the games, but the latter is more entertaining.
  • Nicodemous
    Why are so many of you commenting and concerned when you obviously didn't watch the whole video, or didn't pay attention to it while it was on?
  • TragicGuineaPig
    Arkham Asylum:

    Everything you said about this game is spot-on! I got my XBox 360 precisely because I wanted to play this game. My version of the console came with Batman Lego, and I can still remember playing that game as a substitute until I could finally get my hands on a copy of Asylum.

    I also remember playing the demo of Asylum when I first got the console. It was one of the few demo games that I kept going back to, playing over and over again, just because it was so much fun.

    When I finally got the game, it blew me away. Sure, the combat was a bit of a challenge - for a long time, I even tried to avoid combat, or pick off enemies before going into a fight - but like any good fighting system, it grew on me and became a challenge to master.

    The overarching plot of Asylum wasn't that great: it's just the Joker trying to turn people into monsters. But the way the story unfolded - the details of Dr. Young's experiments coming to light, her manipulation of the criminal justice system, the schemes of Quincy Sharp - all came together to tell a very creepy story of corruption and sadism permeating the very institution that's supposed to be committed to protecting Gotham. Think about it: Dr. Young's plan is to try to cure psychopaths like the Joker BY TURNING THEM INTO MONSTERS! How can that possibly be a good idea?

    That they got Paul Dini, Kevin Conroy, Mark Hamill, and Arleen Sorkin - all talents that worked together on the much-beloved Batman: The Animated Series.

    (By the way, props to Steve "Spike Spiegel" Blum; he did like a dozen voices for this game, including Killer Croc).

    And to think that this project started out to be a movie tie-in for The Dark Knight, but took a different direction when it wasn't going to be finished in time for theatrical release! It just seems that forces of the universe conspired together at all the right moments to create this thing!

    But then came Arkham City; Arkham City took what Asylum did well and improved it, and took what Asylum did wrong and tried to fix it. The story is even more epic in its scope. There's more to do in the actual game. You even get to go head-to-head (so to speak) with the Riddler, instead of just calling the cops on him in the original game. And they even had DLC that continued the story even further, with Harley Quinn's Revenge (instead of just more challenge maps)!

    With all that being said, I was disappointed to hear that the Arkham franchise was being handed off to a different developer and that the next installment would be a prequel. You know, I really think we've been getting too many prequels lately; can't people just continue the story?
  • TragicGuineaPig
    But here's to hoping that someone will come to their senses and give the franchise back to the ones who make the series great to start with - Rocksteady - so that they can continue the Arkham story with a real sequel. It's not as though there weren't plenty of hints in City of more stories to come (Hush, Azrael, Black Mask).

    Well, Sage, I can't say that this move on your part is entirely unexpected. I have noticed that you haven't reviewed many games lately, and that you have been focusing more on anime. Not that I mind this move; it's clear to me that you can put more of yourself into the anime reviews.
  • Rastrelly
    1) Mass Effect 2 didn't have a larger story. On the contrary - the story had much less impact. Plot was much worse then in ME, and ME couldn't boast good writing. The game became overly partymembercentric, which lead to laughably few actual interactions between those party members. There were two or three conflicts - and that's it. ME2 was far weaker then original ME. Oh, and enemy Reaper in ME1 wasn't Harbinger. It was Sovereign.
    2) Venetica wasn't half as bad. There were strange design desicions, bad cutscene directing and voice acting was plain horrible, but at the same time I enjoyed this game much more then ME 2. A paradox? I doubt it. Just a curved reception.
  • Malidictus
    I tend to find Mass Effect 2 to be head and shoulders the best in the series. The gameplay wasn't shit on toast like the original, with horrid party management and inventory nonsense and the story was as good as it turned BECAUSE the game was party-centric. And because Liara wasn't in it, that always helps. Aside from Wrex, I found the crew in ME2 much more interesting than in the original. Even Garrus seemed much more likeable.
  • PlayMp1
    I liked the gameplay in ME1, and for my final ME trilogy runthrough a few months ago (I basically decided to sit down and play every game with all the DLC start to finish, trying to get as close to 100% as I could do), I picked Liara as my romance for all three games (which you can do thanks to Lair of the Shadow Broker).

    But yes, the crew was way more likeable in ME2 (except for the Virmire Survivor, that pissed me off, but perhaps that was the point). Actually, all the old characters from ME1 got even more likable (since I liked all of them [except Kaidan, fuck Kaidan and fuck Carth too]), I think. Wrex and Garrus in particular went from being buzzkilling harsh bastards to basically being Shepard's best buds. I like to think of my Shepard as being best friends with Garrus and romanced with Liara.

    And yeah, the game was better for being party-centric. It allowed ME2 to play out like a good, character-driven season of a good sci fi show. Instead of SAVING THE GALAXY! like you do in ME1 and ME3, you're simply trying to stop the Collectors from fucking up human colonies, as well as warn people of the upcoming invasion. By lowering the stakes like this, they allowed the characters to breathe, leading to the loyalty mission dynamic.

    That's one of the things that sequels often forget, too. Usually, since the first game doesn't know if it'll be a success, the devs kind of have to go with "save the world and tie up at least most of the plot" in case they don't get a sequel. Since the second game has that previous audience as well as the ability to reach a new one by improving on old mechanics, you can actually afford to avert sequel escalation and instead lower the stakes so that there's room for characterization to take place and all sorts of good stuff.

    Instead, a lot of sequels just take the first game and go, "well, that shit worked, just take it up to 11!" Mind you, this can work well. Saints Row did this perfectly in Saints Row 2 and Saints Row IV (the Third was okay, but 2 and IV are both superior in their own way). Just Cause 2 took an average game with a possibly interesting dynamic, and made it into one of the most ridiculously awesome, over the top experiences out there, not to mention that amazing 400km^2 map. But it can also fall flat on its face - just think of Halo 2, Gears of War 2, or any Call of Duty after CoD4.
  • KiramidHead
    I wholeheartedly disagree about Bioshock 2. I thought the story was great and had a deep emotional impact.
  • Film Runner
    While I personally wouldn't say that 2's story was bad per se, I can empathise with Sage's feelings towards it as it was just a cash-in sequel to a really good, original story, made to make money off of the name while Infinite was on the way. In the end though it's really just a forgettable game.
  • themilo
    Kind of a shame to see you stop making reviews, still a nice way to end this series.

    I am going to check your podcast because I am very curious why you stopped, although I can think off several reasons, most of them involving kids or marriage.
  • Norden
    What a perfect ending. You should know Sage that ever sense you got on TGWTG I have watch every review you made, and thanks to you my gaming library has grown and grown because I bought every game you gave a good review (even in the genres i don't normally like), all because of that I knew that you had such good taste and where being honest.

    I will keep watching and have fun with you on AA. You are to awesome to quit on just because you don't do game reviews anymore, because I think that everything you have made have been worth gold and even many time diamonds.

    Thanks to all the joy you have bring me I cannot even be sad, because every time from now on that I feel an itch to replay a game from my playstation library I will watch you review first so I can get that old feeling back, the feel that now I'm going to play a game that Bennett the Sage gave to me.

    From the bottom of my heart Bennett... Thank you so very much and good luck / your fan Rasmus from Sweden. Thank you.
  • Film Runner
    I'm honestly surprised MGS4 isn't on this list, given the praise you gave it when it came out. It is a shame that you're ending your game review show, but I suppose all good things must come to an end and it's nice you ended on a game you enjoyed. Good luck with your other stuff then, it's been fun.
  • Moon Spirit  - Well, ends one chapter of your life, thus beginnin
    Sad to see you leave game reviews Sage, but since you now have your new baby, Anime Abandon, you've already made a bigger name for yourself with this series. I never would have imagined you would get this far, and for that, it was quite a ride for your game reviews.

    And since you're talking about your lists, I might as well pitch in with my opinion on them.

    10. Never played it. Looked pretty generic.
    9. I never fell for the hype, and I'm kind of sorry for those who did, especially Angry Joe and Spoony.
    8. The first was 6/10 material at best. But when Joe said he finished this game in 4 hours, that's a dead give away that this game was gonna suck.
    7. The first Dead to Rights was, okay. This, I never paid much attention to either way.
    6. Never heard of this, so no comment.
    5. Looked generic by title alone.
    4. Never paid much attention to this either.
    3. Yeah, even I saw AngryJoe's first impressions, and I can tell this game sucked. Hell, even the in game text uses 8-bit font. That's the amount of detail this company gives.
    2. Ouch. I knew this game would be bad, but I never knew it was this bad in your eyes. I played the demo, and I agree, this game is a completely derelict of anything that reminds of Resident Evil. This game went the way of the movie franchise: mindlessness.
    1. This. I have to completely disagree as the worst game. Sure, this game couldn't hold a candle to the first, I understand that because BioShock is one of my favorite games of all time as well. But I don't think it deserves that much grift.

    To be continued in next post...
  • Moon Spirit  - My post part 2
    10. Interesting. But yeah, this game definitely showed us something new and good. And 1UP was right: it was reminiscent of the first Alien movie. And I love this game for that.
    9. Huh, well, the only music & rhythm games I have of this generation I still have are DJ Hero 1 & 2. But Rock Band 2 definitely had the best tracklist ever, and this definitely came out during its peak years before going down. At least Rock Band gave us the Beatles Rock Band. Only Rocksmith remains, claiming you can learn real guitar with game.
    8. Yeah, this game was definitely fresh. Not the best, but it was a whole new experience. I love this game for that new experience.
    7. Man, I have so many games, and I have yet to replay this game. This game gives so many choices, and so much to do. I definitely wanna play again.
    6. Yeah, this was a whole lot of fun. This game definitely had charm, and I have yet to try its DLC content. It is so much awesome, I cannot fathom.
    5. This made its previous iteration look like a peon in comparison. The game expanded to new heights, scope, and feel. This game was no game. This was an interactive movie, and I love it for that.
    4. Though this game was fun, I honestly wouldn't put fighting games this high on my list at all. But this was a pretty fun game nonetheless.
    3. I would have chosen Arkham City honestly. But yeah, this game came out of nowhere, and it was the biggest pleasant surprise when it came out. I was happy to play this game when it did, and I still do.
    2. Yeah, this was the last review you did, and how ironic yet poetic that this game would be your last review. This game definitely is one of the best games I've played on the PS3, ever. And considering how far Naughty Dog has gone, that's quite the achievement.
    1. Honestly, this game was pretty good too. Wouldn't make it this high for me, but this was a welcome change for the series from its early entry. All I remember from ME1 was the color blue. But the game was still wonderful.

    Here's to the future, and Anime Abandon.
  • carfox
    Yay! Dishonored is my favorite game! I'm so glad that you thought it was good enough to include on your top ten list.

    That aside, I can't say that I'll be missing this segment very much. It wasn't bad, just a little dry for my taste. I'm glad you're still sticking with Anime Abandon, though. I always look forward to those.
  • Behellmorph
    I will miss your game reviews Sage, but if you feel it is time to leave the review series. That is fine.

    Wonderful list, I am happy to say I have most of the games you named as your faves, especially Mass Effect 2.
  • FullmetalNinja25
    Thank you for 5 years Reviewing Games Sage, I've actually bought and passed on Games based upon your opinion.
  • Lotus Prince
    I mostly dug your "ten worst" list, but I must disagree with Bioshock 2, especially because it wasn't
    technically flawed, like some of the other games on your list. It not
    only was playable, but it played well. If anything bothered me, it was
    Bioshock 1. Talk about derivative. It is THE SAME. EXACT. GAME as
    System Shock 2. I'm not kidding. I called the plot twist hours before
    it happened, solely because I'd played SS2. Anyone can buy SS2 on GoG
    now (or watch my Let's Play, hurr hurr) to see how painfully similar it
    is, almsot to the point of being identical, to the first Bioshock.

    Bioshock 2 may have been linear, but at least it was its own thing.
    Its battle system was excellent. It encouraged me to use diverse attack
    strategies on enemies for the purpose of camera research. Hell, its
    battle system kicked the ass of Bioshock Infinite's battle system. The
    plot wasn't anything to write home about, but I was just excited that it
    wasn't the same exact game that I'd played a freaking decade earlier on
    Windows 95. What Bioshock 2 lacked in plot inspiration it more than
    made up for with its gameplay.

    That said, I loved all of your entries for your "best" list, and I can see that this entire video was a great blast to the past, for both good and bad. Congratulations on your long-lived series, and good luck with your others!
  • Forestwater
    Personally, I’m a little disappointed that Heavy Rain didn’t make the cut, but you can’t please everybody. Anyway, I’m gonna miss this show; I love the amount of insight and detail you go into so that even casual gamers (and people like me who really suck and can’t play them no matter how much we might want to) understand what you’re talking about. You’ve always been very user-friendly (it shows in AA too) and that’s one of the things I love most about you as a reviewer. This doesn’t make me quite as sad as your dropping Fanfic Theater, but it’s still a shame. Great way to go out, though. :)
  • stealthmidget  - I hear Chrono Cross in the background ^_^
    I wish you well as you take this new direction, Sage. And I'm glad you're continuing your anime reviews.

    I'm an odd one, though, because I never really followed your anime or game reviews. My favorite things you've ever done are the covers and bad from good band music reviews ^_^
  • mister sloth
    Heh, more than a year after its release i am still playing Borderlands 2. greatest game ever!
    (and they're still popping out new DLC)

    Glad to see it pop up in the top 10 :)
  • WesleyFoxx  - Borderlands 2
    Honestly, I don't get it. Yes, the story was great. Amazing. The visuals were so much nicer. But for me, the core of the game was finding awesome randomly generated guns, and I just did not care for most of the new weapons. The idea of having the manufacturers each have a distinct flavor to their weapons was not a bad idea, but the company's gimmicks just were not fun to use, in my opinion. Maliwan's elemental weapons became slow and ammo-hoggish, Hyperion's weapons became almost completely unusable with their weird stabilization over sustained fire mechanic giving them almost completely worthless initial accuracy, and Atlas weapons vanished off the face of Pandora.

    I never found anything that was cool but functional like the stuff I had in Borderlands 1 like the Bulldog shotgun I carried with me for a solid 20 levels with its massive 39 round magazine.
  • KouTheMad
    Bioshock 2 was pretty good in my opinion

    also, Chrono Cross music, nice touch.
  • WarpedElements
    Jesus Sage, I thought you were a bit more familiar with the dark underbelly of humanity to know that the Call of Juarez bit wasn't 'race bating' so much as it is based on shit that actually happen and still does happen pretty regularly.

    Next you'll tell me that you didn't know that a good number of the European/African sex industry workers tend to be sex slaves as well because of a weird set of circumstances with Japanese laws.
  • Nicodemous
    You know how reviewers can be, if one person labels something racist, they all have to in order to prove they themselves are not.

    It's silly, but there it is. Can't be too hard on him for it when it is par for the course amongst his peers...
  • Guy Shafor  - Sage Reviews?
    More like: Sage Pee-yew! ...s.

    Anyway, yeah, never really watched this series. Goodbye single aspect of Bennet's presence on this site!
  • ladydiskette
    He is still doing Anime Abandon and other reviews you know.
  • Guy Shafor  - Yeah,
    I meant the use of single there to imply that it was one of several. Should've gone with "one".
  • Nicodemous
    Naw, you're not an asshat or anything...
  • Guy Shafor  - C'mon man...
    it was too good to pass up and you damn well know it.

    If not now, then when?

    This was my last chance, you understand.
  • ColeYote
    Okay, new rule for video game and movie producers: DON'T USE THE WORD RETRIBUTION!
  • PlayMp1
    Dawn of War II: Retribution wasn't too bad. The single player campaign could have been better (as in make each faction's campaign unique mission-wise), but as an expansion, it was pretty good. Plus, it had that AWESOME Anvil of Khorne Last Stand map, in which you get to fight everything from a horde of Assault Terminators to a god damn Great Unclean One with support (and even Gabriel Angelos).

    Mind you, Dark Crusade still stands as the best iteration of the entire DoW franchise, but it's a really hard game to top. I mean, six factions and that badass Risk-style map? And those stronghold missions? Eliphas the motherfucking Inheritor?
  • jesper  - ME2
    It's interesting that this is on the top of your list. I was extremely disappointed by this title. I thought the story was completely non existant and sub-par.

    ME1 had some technical problems, but it had a villain that was truly interesting and scary, and the concept of being part of an agency with the authority to do almost anything was great. The complete sleeping pill of a story that ME2 had with a generic bad guy coming to destroy the universe really put me off. To be fair though, i think that even ME1s story really suffered towards the end as well when it turned out that everything was just your generic doom's day plot.

    ME2 did have some fantastic characters and side missions. But when the only good thing there is to say about a game is that the side missions are good then I think that says a bit. I think these games are perfect examples of why story can really out-trump game play in a computer game.

    Best of luck with your future endeavors Sage. I'm unfortunately not an Anime person, and I'll miss your reviews but I wish you the best of luck and I'll be stopping by from time to time. Take care, and good night.
  • TragicGuineaPig
    I just had a thought:

    If anyone can actually do a good Superman game, it might just be Rocksteady.
  • BOFA Fett  - Done?
    I really do wish this was his last review, of anything, ever. Hes probably a very nice guy and great friend,but when it comes down to it, he is an AWFUL critic. All reviews and stories are boring as hell, Ive given them many tries. Im glad hes done doing game reviews. Hes not a gamer, not even halfway good at games, and just complains and cries like a little baby all the time. Good riddance!
  • helix
    Really? He's not a gamer?
    What IS a gamer then? Someone who plays games and only agrees with your opinions?
    He's played enough games to create a top 10 best and worst list. Regardless of your opinion on him as a reviewer that doesn't make him any less of a gamer.
  • BOFA Fett
    So hes played 20 games. Like I said, its his opinion and opinion is neither right or wrong. Im saying that by watching his the drab crap he has put out on this website that Im glad to see him stick to cartoons.
  • Nicodemous
    Then why are you here? Seems like it'd be a waste of your time, unless trolling is how you get your kicks...
  • BOFA Fett  - Bioshock 2
    You gave Bioshock 2 worst! You sir are a fucking moron. I know its opinion but you are just plain awful. Glad to see you leave. Please stay away from gaming, forever.
  • Archane
    That's just un-called for. Just because he doesn't like the game and he explained his reasons.

    That being said I do think his reasons are shallow. You hate that game the most because you felt you didn't hit it as hard as you could.

    That doesn't it make it a bad game. I mean it if was Ten or something that's fine. I understand it. I think you have a point that it doesn't match Bioshock 1. It's still a compentent game, above average, it's not inherently broken, it isn't insulting like a lot of the other games you mentioned.

    I mean the fact that you put Bioshock 2 as number one and the Call Juarz Cartel doesn't beat it out. I think you need to rethink that sir.
  • milleniummaster18
    I think you need to actually start respecting other people's opinions, mate.
  • Fan_the_Flames
    I'm not sure that, objectively, he considers it the worst game. He even says in the video that technically, Call of Juarez probably was the worst game on the list.

    However, in his subjective view, RE6 and Bioshock 2 beat them out for more personal reasons. In Resident Evil 6, it was the idea that 6 was to him, the betrayal of everything that he had grown up with in the Resident Evil Series. It was a slap in the face to the series long fans to see everything that had been crafted in the video games destroyed and spat on thanks to 6.

    And Bioshock 2 was subjectively the worst game in his mind, but that was for more than just the bad in the game. He says that it was the moment he gave up his integrity as a reviewer and went on with the norm, despite his own personal opinion on it. That's why it feels like the worst game in his head, because he threw away his honor as a reviewer, of giving his own personal view, and instead went along with what he thought everyone else wanted to see.
  • Mischalaniouse
    You used some of my favorite video game tracks ever in this video. Love the choices!
  • Nicodemous
    Indeed, can't go wrong with Chrono Trigger...
  • ShadowHand
    holy shit I can't believe he hated bio shock 2 the most I played both the first and second and I actually liked the second if only because I found the big daddy character so much more interesting than Bio from the original if only because he seemed to have more emotion to him ironic considering he should have been a soulless robot. I will admit that it didn't raise the bar at all in terms of mechanics or in terms of powers seriously would it have killed them to change up or improve the plasmids a bit. I still like the game and have played it several times.

    However we are all entitled to our own opinions just wanted to throw in my 2 cents
  • Jack_Vision
    Good speed Sage reviews
  • ArcanicRegan
    Though I never watched a great amount Of Sage Reviews, I am going to miss it. It was a fun run-through sage, I'm gonna miss it... I am still gonna watch Anime Abandon...
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