Fable III

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  • PutridBeing
    I know you mentioned the fighting mechanics are easy (honestly, Fable had such a much more rewarding fighting engine...kind of a shame) but would you say that Fable 3 is just as easy as Fable 2 was? That was a HUGE problem I had with Fable 2, I simply couldn't die.
  • Vismutti
    Oh god, I know... I'm not a great gamer but in Fable 2... well, there was just no excitement in that, I hardly died at all, and there's hardly any retribution for dying for those maybe two times you do.

    Still, I do love this game series... It just manages to be charming despite all its problems. I guess I just love the Fable world so much. It feels like the designers are just trying too hard when they really should just fix the problems of the earlier games and then keep doing what they do best: world building and story telling.
  • batfan
    Wow, a series game you actually recommend to the unintiated. That in itself is a major accomplishment.

    I trust your opinion more than just about any other game reviewer on the internet, so if I had an X-box I'd probably get this game, but such as it is I may still check out the PC release.

    PS are you going to review Rock Band 3? I was really looking forward to you reviewing that game.
  • Jellyott
    I really loved Fable 2, but so far, I've found Fable 3 to be much too easy. There's little consequence to dying, fighting is simple (overly simple, as you said), and the whole game just seems...lacking. I'm not a good gamer by any means, so when I can fly through a game with little to no frustration, it doesn't seem as rewarding.

    In fact, the most difficult part of this game is navigation through the convoluted pathways, not to mention fighting the glitchy sparkling path. It led me in and out of an elevator about six times before I decided to fast travel to reset the path.

    There are great things about the game, like you said, but overall, I'm underwhelmed. Like always, Fable had the potential, but it crumbled.
  • weaselton
    My biggest problem with the game is how short the last half was. I got blind sided by the final battle, expecting more time to get the needed gold.

    On the plus side it's still fun as hell.
  • steveosk8s  - am i the only one who likes how easy fable games a
    seriously, i tend to play games on the hardest setting, but the reason i love the fable games, is BECAUSE they're easy. i can just play them without much effort, enjoying myself, enjoying the whimsy, the charm, etc..

    some people tend to take the fable series too seriously, expecting dragon age or something out of it. what it is, is a lighthearted, charming, whimsical take on the fantasy genre.

    i loved fable 1, but people tend to praise it with nostalgia goggles on. almost the entire game is spent in corridors disguised as paths in the forest or in a castle or something, don't get me wrong, it's great game, i just mean it gets held a little TOO high when you really look at it.

    fable 2 i loved too for reasons i already mentioned, so as you can imagine, i'm adoring fable 3.

    now let me say i objectively agree with the review, don't get me wrong, but i really like fable 3. i'm currently on my third playthrough, still have a lot of side stuff to do, and am just loving it. i love the world of albion, how easy it is. etc.. and im glad magic is finally as powerful as it is.
  • wonderBOY316
    I bought this game for $80(australia too expensive) then traded it for $93 so I can't really complain about money being wasted but I wish it was longer. If they made it 5hrs longer I would of done more side quests search for stuff. It just gets so boring once you finish the main story. Really hope they change pretty much everything for fable 4 just leave the humour and voice acting. Also really buggy online co op
  • Shinigami
    Since first Black & White I have avoided Peter Molyneux's games and it seems like Fable 3 is no exeption.
  • LimeGreenSquid
    I loved Fable 2. As soon as i get my 360 fixed, and get some christmas money, i'm getting 3.
    The only gripe i had was that the story mission was too short. Also, there weren't enough extra things to do that were different and unique from each other to keep me coming back to play after the abrupt finish of the main story. And i wasted a lot of time doing side stuff, procrastinating the main story until i've explored every inch of each new map. And it still felt abrupt.
    I just hope Fable 3 doesn't follow the same suit.
    Otherwise i loved every other aspect. It wasn't ass-pickingly complex (like Dragon Age could get sometimes), and the fighting was just fun, even if repetitive after being attacked by the same 3 or 4 enemy types, at the exact same places, every 2 minutes of walking. But what i could explore i really enjoyed and had a good experience with!
    Am hoping the co-op gets patched by the time i try to use it...
  • godofwar  - this is the dumbest review ever
    im sorry but this of course is in my own opinion, but bennet the sage is a dumb ass if he says all of this stuff sucks and is clunky and says the games did not live up to there hipe. All of the games were amazing and this game is one of the best games of the year. the only flaws in the game are a few bugs and it is really hard to do bad ass moves because timing the enemies attack is extremely hard because they show no signs for u to be able to counter at the right time. This game is AMAZING so do not let bennet the sage tell you otherwise . Bennet may say to try the game but i tell you to go buy it cause you will not regret it.
  • steveosk8s
    godofwar, i'm a die hard fan of the series, but you make us fans look bad man. you take things way too far.
  • Teacup
    @godofwar: Bennett's reviews are critiques. They're always going to point out -something- that could have been improved, but overall he does give the game his recommendation. If you don't like listening to people critique things, why do you even watch reviews? Try to be a little more constructive with your comments. Thanks.
  • Reaprar

    That's interesting, because I somewhat enjoyed Fable II, and returned fable 3 instantly. It was horrific.

    So, very glad you're telling people to go buy the game and waste their money.
  • Eruvadhril
    I'll certainly pick up this game when it's released on PC. In the meantime I might dig out my old copy of the original Fable I have in the back of a cupboard somewhere. I only ever played it for a couple of hours and then I got distracted by Portal.
  • projoe719srise
    Fable 2 was the first one I played but if I knew I could get the first from Xbox arcade I would of done so sooner oh well, my problem is just how short it would be if you took out all the side quests exploring and the need to build up your stats witch I think is a bit of a let down since the games have really good stories
  • TrollBerzerker
    It's a shame Bennett couldn't find out more about the co-op. Can anyone who has played it extensively answer a question for me?

    My friend and I are interested in getting it when it comes out for PC, we want to play through the entire main quest together. I know only one of us will be the main character, but that doesn't bother us. Can someone tell me if it's possible to play through the entire main quest with a buddy? Or is the co-op companion only suited for sidequests and things like forming business partnerships and player marriages?
  • steveosk8s  - the co op is great.
    i didn't get in depth with it until my second time, but i played with an XBL friend of mine and we had a blast.
  • argella1300
    Nice review man. Are you planning on reviewing Assassin's Creed Brotherhood?
  • KJT
    I love the Fable series, especially number two, so I bought three the day it came out. I just started playing it this evening, and so far it's blown me away.

    Unfortunately, the resolution is so blurry on my TV that I can't make out a lot of things; text is hard to read, and when the game tells me to press a button half the time it just looks like a fuzzy blob.

    Gonna have to sort that out before I play any more. I hope I can just get one of those high definition cables I've heard about rather than having to spring for a new TV...

    Good review; you confirmed what I was hoping, which is that it would be similar to Fable 2, which is fine by me!
  • Vismutti
    Thanks for the review! Since I am a fan of the series, I'm probably going to get this, even though it also means I have to get a new Xbox 360... (I used to play on my brother's but that one just fell apart.) And I'm broke... god, I really need to get a job...

    ANYWAY. Great review! I mean seriously, I tend to be wary of any Fable reviews in general because all too often it tends to be either "Fable is the best game series evah!!!!11" or "Fable sucks and all the fans are brainless fanboys!!11" It's just good to have a sensible review.

    I'm curious though, they made the main character speak? How's his&her voice acting then? :O You didn't even mention who played him&her. I have to admit I'm so worried about this one, I always liked the protagonist as a silent character...
  • FredexAscendant  - lacking, but fun
    i agree to the aspect that the game itself is lacking. Yet i never tire of the game's story line, the strange bizarre and parodical world that is Albion, or the interesting characters that you meet. It may be lacking, but it is still worth playing, even if only to rent it out.

    Ps. that mechanic with the king/queen, interesting, but short. so short in fact that most of the population was dead before i could gather the funds. point short on that one.
  • uallandme  - all problems
    you know its strange i love fable 3 for the reasons you said but because its to easy its like a kids game which confuses me even more its time to ramp up the difficulty Microsoft and make a difficulty settings or at least made me die (or even better have consequences like because people think your dead the town has a little crises because there is no king)
  • DJGamer
    There were a couple of other problems with the game which I don't think were pointed out in this review. One major point is discussed in a review on IGN which is mainly about how the choices at the end are all purely economical in nature.

    http://xbox360.ign.com/ articles/113/ 1130705p1.html

    This means that if you invest in houses and businesses as early on in the game as you can it's possible to raise enough money to both save your kingdom and keep all of your promises. I'll admit however that on the first playthrough I had a TON of casualties-although this was partly because I didn't expect that segment of the game to actually skip around through the year. The biggest problem with this is that if you're making last minute investments at this point, it WILL NOT accumulate over the time between "royal decisions". It also can't be earned while in the Sanctuary or while you're not playing the game as in Fable II, this wouldn't be a problem but you can just "cheat" your way through it by standing around in a town and leaving the game running while you're doing something else.

    Another problem is that when it comes to keeping or breaking promises there is no middle ground. Case-in-point, and mind you this is a slight spoiler (although you may have read about this particular decision anyway in news articles): You make a promise to abolish child labor-when you're actually called upon to do this you're also asked to convert the factory into a school, which will of course cost you a lot of money-in addition to the money you'll loose from not having a work force, and the money you'll loose from not having a factory there at all. All this from a promise to abolish child labor-that is ALL you've promised and they're asking you for more than what was agreed upon.

    The "middle ground" is so blatantly obvious-you can just say "I will abolish child labor, but we need still need this factory-we shall refocus our employment efforts to the adult citizens of Albion, perhaps working to provide the homeless with work," and that would make perfect sense-you might lose a little money from not having a quite as cheap labor force but not as much as it would take to convert the factory into a school.

    Another thing that disappointed me is that after the war, you don't really have any other particular duties or issues to work out as the ruler of Albion. I'd always imagined that you'd occasionally be called to the audience chamber to deal with a number of randomly-generated issues, but so far this appears to not be the case.

    Yet another thing that bothered me is how they dealt with the "hero import" from Fable II. It automatically goes off your newest hero save (fortunately I got the GoD version while it was free, so I didn't need to swap discs to do that) and it doesn't really appear to have any impact beyond hearing them talk about the "...
  • kirkieball  - the multiplayer is good
    I put fable 1 as one of my all time favorite games and while this game doesn't live up to its first installment but far surpasses the second my miles.

    If you liked fable 1 get this, if you liked fable 2 get this. if your new to fable maybe give it a miss, there is alot of bugs/ glitches.

    Multiplayer from my experience has been AWESOME with real friends but a downer with people you dont know, if you are going to get this game i say you dedicate a hefty rent to it with some hardcore playing to get the most out of it.

    Also the humor is awesome in this game.
  • CosmicKirby
    Great review.

    I've followed Fable since Fable 2 came out (then backtracked to Fable 1) and I'm kind of in a direct agreement here.

    Fable 2 may have had some clunky menus and been too easy (I only died once in my first playthrough) but it was still fun and had it's charm. Every game in the series has it's pull through the story and writing alone.

    I just find it a bit sad that Fable 3 has easily the best layout for a grand story line, I just felt that in the end it doesn't really deliver what it should have lived up to.

    The combat is fine, albeit far too easy, the story is great, and the writing is quite possibly the best in the genre, it's just the gameplay flaws, such as magic STILL being the best and the fact that playing the real estate market makes the entire ending COMPLETELY BORING AND POINTLESS.

    Still, worth playing. I'm just sad I didn't play through it more then twice unlike Fable 1 or 2
  • TheCooper
    Personally I always thought the Fable series was overrated and overhyped but I find this to actually almost live up to the hype.ALMOST.
  • TheMeh  - About the pc release
    Fable 3 is set to release for PC on December 31st 2010 according to Newegg. Seems like a decent game but I wish there was more innovation in comparison to Fable 1 and 2.
  • Divide By Zero
    Always love your reviews, Sage. Informative, even-handed, and focused on what a gamer will actually get out of a game, rather than what it's trying to sell itself as.

    I admit I've only played about half an hour of Fable 1 at a friends place, but I might actually pick up this title for myself. There's three things I look for when I'm buying a game; story, challenge, and graphical/audio presentation. If the game manages to excel in two out of three of these it'll probably get my dollar.
  • animeniac2
    "using magic exclusively"?

    the game lets you play your own way. I almost never used magic, preferring to use firearms. I've talked to people who used melee exclusively.....it's quite balanced in that respect.

    one of the things I really didn't like was how easy it was to avoid damage. Low on health? keep rolling, run for a bit.....yeah, definite kid gloves.

    obviously, though, you didn't try melee or ranged very much.
  • CrummyP  - Ugh....
    This game (in my opinion, of course) was the weakest of the series. It road too much on it's gimmicks (for example: the changing weapons.) And while the game is fun for awhile, it started to become almost insulting in the later game. For starters: the character building is a friggin' joke. By the time I was at end-game I had the exact same character stats as a friend of mine. And with only four distinct weapons to choose from (pistols, swords, Rifles and hammers) the weapons choice is miniscule.
  • dudeintheskully
    I beat the game in the first 14 housr since i bought it and got the worst ending possible lol and now i'm working my ass off to amount 8 million moneys to see how that ending's going to look like. but all in all i did enjoy the game about as much as the second though it doesn't feal like there's much diffrence in the things you do till the end. but as far as customizing fable 2 was soooo much better.
  • JayDeth
    Sir, I don't think we played the same game...
  • LikaLaruku
    I still resent the lack of PC release for Fable 2.

    I don't mind running errands for the townsfolk; that's pretty much ALL we do in Lord of the Rings Online.

    But is it funny? That was my primary interest in the first game.

    Oh man, I hope that stovetop hat is a buyable item. Imagine fighting with that thing on. XD

    Really don't care about multiplayer. My concern is if my 7600GT can run it.

    Well, I think you're being awfully harsh & picking on insignificant things, but then again I pretty much don't play anything that doesn't involve me wacking things with a sword & upgrading armor, so if it's dull, it will just be "another of the same old" to me.
  • TylerRight
    Glad you gave this a good review defiantly gonna get it now!!
  • Lonny
    Angry Joe hated this game.
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