Dead Rising 2

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  • Bottelsthemole
    i love this game and the first thar such funny games =D
  • Magmabear
    Good review as always, Sage.
    I would like to try this once I have the money, but maybe a rental is all I need.

    I was wondering if you were going to plan on reviewing FF XIV sometime? I really don't wanna go off of a recommendation from an Anime reviewer (no offense MG, but...). If you are planning on reviewing FF, are you gonna do the computer version or the PS3 version when it comes out?
  • Rinnsi  - re:
    He's hopefully going to be the only smart one, and review it when it hits its stride. most MMOs struggle when they first come out,and it's unfair to review it, a week before it comes out (or before it even comes out, for some people)
  • Kenty
    I'm not entirely sure you gave this game the credit it deserves. Unfortunately its impossible to say that and not sound like a fanboy who's feeling are hurt that you disagree with me, but I'll at least make the effort.

    First, and probably the thing that is annoying me most as its almost the sole reason I'm posting. Is talking about clunky targeting. Which is false, save for perhaps using the firearms. Every weapon in the game has its own unique quirks, swing radius, and damage zone. To complain that 'the targeting is clunky' is a cheat. In what I assume was an example, you swing a guitar and see that it has a very wide arc, and immediately use it standing next to and facing the survivor. This is not a flaw, it is the point. If you don't pay attention to your weapons strengths and weaknesses, you end up hitting survivors, letting zombies get behind you, or in general getting to swamped to escape. I'd rather not mock a video for trying to portray the opinions your making, but could you not figure out how to use the Wheelchair? You seemed to be having problems with a control scheme that's highlighted in the manual and then presented on screen at the very beginning.

    You're dead right about the voice acting and story. However I don't think you could get a better presentation of a game that literally allows you to go around in drag running over zombies with a tricycle on minute and fight a zombie rights activist who's entire world view has been shattered, driving him into a murderous rage the next. I'm sure this comes down to a complete personal opinion, I accept your opinion, and the facts that lead you to it but I disagree.

    I also disagree with the presentation making it seem like you absolutely have to do the missions to continue with the game. This is not true, you don't even need to save Katie (though what kind of monster could do that?). The game is a zombie Apocalypse simulator, as such you are presented with moral choices, just as soon as you save survivors, you can turn around and murder them just as easily to save you some time. Once again, you don't have to do anything you aren't going to have fun with in this game. It isn't the generic FPS escort where the continuation of the game depends entirely on you making sure someone gets from point a to point b (mind you a group of survivors with assault rifles is actually a great tactic for this game).

    So, I just wanted to point out that I disagree with some of your points. I think your out and out wrong to claim this game has horrible targeting, I've not once not his something my weapons swing has gone through, though the use of pistols can be annoying. You are spot on with the story line trying to do everything, but success or failure on that point will be based on everyone's personal preference. Don't think because I'm criticizing your review that I am criticizing you. Your arguments are sound and well put, I'm a bit sad you didn't enjoy the...
  • TheManWithTheBeard
    WAIT! - needs a bit more buttah.

    Its funny how i hated the first one and how i got addicted to the second one. I'd rather make weapons than taking pics.

    Good review Sage.
  • steveosk8s  - love the game
    loved the game, but i didnt really feel any desire to replay it after getting the S ending.
  • Sanoblaze
    heres a combo I wanted to see in this pretty good sequel:

    Chain Saw + Bowie Knife = mega-death saw

    also, has anyone noticed that chuck looks pretty similar to a certain Clint Eastwood?
  • Valzahd
    Good review though I don't fully agree with a couple things. I never had any issue with the controls. If anything I thought they were better then DR1, as I could easy weave around zombies with only one or two occasionally grabbing me. Same with aiming. I never thought aiming was an issue.

    As for the time constraints, all the story elements and other survivors are entirely optional. Once the game begins you have 72 hours in-game to do whatever. If you want to save everyone and see the story then yes, there are time limits. But pure zombie killing fun is completely allowed.

    I do agree the theme seems back and forth and more then a couple moments felt overly zany, mainly the psychos, but it's a zombie story so you can't expect deep involving plots.

    But you are right, it's not a game for everyone and I happen to be in the crowd that can fully enjoy it for what it offers.
  • Firefly567
    I have a few issues with what you said.

    1. You don't have to do story missions and you don't have to give Katey Zombrex. You can do whatever you want and this game is meant for several playthroughs.

    2. The survivors A.I. is vasltly improved from DR1 and I never had a problem with survivors.

    3. I never had a problem with the controls. I admit the targeting is a bit off but I never felt like they were unresponsive.

    Other than that I agree load times are over the top. However the psycho battles for me were never really that hard. You just had to learn their patterns and know when to strike.
  • ToonNinja
    Dude, the psychos have been giving me the hardest time. :angry: I still haven't gotten to the point where I'll start using walkthroughs, but it's unfortunately getting there. T_T
  • Neverpleased
    You should have gone for the PC version sage. None of the problems you mention weren't even noticeable.

    The mouse allows better positioning and all you need now is to learn the swing of the weapon and you won't even hit any survivors.

    You just give them an assault rifle and these survivors turn into murder machines. I always take one survivor with me to completely dominate the Psycho bosses because in their hands the assault rifle has limitless ammo.

    The game is also very manageable with the timer I haven't had one instance where I had like 1 minute left to get from map side A to map side B. Right now I'm at mission five and I honestly have fuck all to do but kill zombies because I am so far ahead of the scheduled events.

    But you already mentioned how polar this game is and I'm just gravitating towards the positive pole.
  • HopeWithinChaos
    I still have no idea how i killed you with my big toe during an Elbow drop sage. ugh..
  • GlaciusX2
    The PC version has a lot better controls ;] mabie you shoud try out that version
  • jalford
    [color=red][b]IT'S ZOMBIE TIME!!![/b][/color]
    [img]http:// content/image/ neverends1.gif[/img]
  • The Shamster
    I really like the "Terror is Reality" online game. I also like the one-liners the comentators make...they even take a stab at 'twilight' by saying "did you know that zombies sparkle in the sunlight"

    If anyone wants a game with me sometime, my Xbox360 GT is FireShaminar
  • Shinigami
    Killing lot of zombies is fun but its clear that this was not possible without some compromises.
  • YukoValis
    This is one of the few games I suggest using a trainer (cheat device) on. allowing you to stop time and have some fun :) It's a good time killer, but a cinamatic wonder? hardly.
  • PuresGift
    im playing the pc version and i can´t agree with you on the most points.
    although its mostly because of my love to dr (im probably totally hyped by the fact that i was only able to play dr1 at a friends house because i had no console and i loved it...)
    but now to the things you said
    #1:[b]the ai[/b] :
    at first i was annoyed by hitting my "helpers" and that they were attacked like every second but i found a pretty good working method to avoid it : take a pretty good weapon with you (axehammer...),give it to them and then just run! you will see that they will avoid nearly every single zombie if you´re just far enough away from ´em.
    #2: [b]story[/b];
    ofcourse its not "A FN GREAT STORY" but its a pretty good story for what it wants to be.the developers and everyone who informed themself about dr knows that its about killing nearly everything in the game,having fun,doin stuff and exploring and rescuing survivors and after all that stuff the story jumps in...
    #3: [b]Odd setting[/b]:
    sorry its a zombie game,the setting is already odd...
    #4: [b]Controls[/b]
    its a bit stiffy...yes but what i really like is that you kill zombies one side,turning the camera to your back and the next attack will smash right through the zombies behind you.the animations look pretty good although im playing on not so high settings due to pc limitations.and yes the zombies will use some moments to attack you and its kinda unfair but tbh if this would be perfect,the game would be waaaay to easy.
    #5: [b]Voice Acting[/b]
    overall i like it...i also liked the chef pretty much,i dont know why you showed him as a bad example
    #6: [b]Time Limit,Freedom and stuff[/b]
    You often got freetime,ofcourse you can rescue survivors but its your can also slaughter zombies,this actually is freedom disguised in a chain because you want to rescue the survivors ;) zombrex... i never went out of stock,even though i had to give one survivor zombrex,too - one zombrex is in the yucatan in the middle ontop of the statue.those ways you are walking seem pretty far and long but just at first,i was also pissed of about the "lolololo you not iz allowed to sprint" thingy...but after lvl28 its really not so much of a problem anymore and you´ll reach anything in time and with pleasure,seems to be sucky at the beginning but that simply is how such a "rpg"-like structure is working.

    about the mp i cant say anything because i havent played it yet.
    as i said before : i´m a fanboy so my opinion is maybe pretty onesided although im trying to be objective.
    im ofcourse knowing that dr2 has some or many flaws but i think its overall a great game for what its want to be.
    many ppl seem to have no ability to analyse a game properly,because you cant review/look at a dr2 like you would analyse a fallout3 or something were the story is a big point.and ...
  • Theorendil
    I wanna buy a game soon and i'm torn between three possible choices... One of them being Dead Rising 2, and the others Castlevania: Lords of Shadow and Enslaved... Seeing as i don't own a 360, i haven't played the original Dead Rising, but i always liked the concept and i keep hearing nothing but good things about it. The flaws that the sage mentions are common complaints, but apparently people get used to them very fast because of how fun the game is!

    TBH, Dead Rising 2 is at the top of my list right now since i'm just looking for a simple and fun game to take a break from all the military shooters and God Of War Clones (which to a certain extent both of the other games on my list are) and i'll probably pick one of the other games up at Christmas since i am not really looking forward to any other titles this year... BTW, why is October so busy this year? I don't remember so many big releases during late September - early October... Isn't it usually the month that Activision drop their annual GH entry and EA their new EA Sports games? And on a final note, erm no offence Sage, but i don't think that reviews for DR2 have been polarising! All reviews i've seen award it an 8/10 or something close to that... I think that the general concensus is that it's a good but slightly flawed game...
  • PuresGift
    playing it on the pc will make you a happy hack&slayer :P
  • FoxGuy
    Dead Rising 2 is AMAZING! :zombie:
  • Shadow-DJ
    I wonder if Sage will do a review on Okami.
  • Skep
    Clearly this game is just not for you.
  • projoe719srise
    I knew what was coming when I saw the video having four stars and I'm on Kenty's side with this, actualy this reminds me of what I was thinking about the first game before actualy playing it, I thought trying to get through the story would be a chore and if I failed to do something I would never be able to fix it or try again but really I found that Dead Riesing isn't as complicated as it looks and alot more forgiving than it's design would suggest. and in the first the survivors would make me very angry but before going for a group of survivors I would always save just in case... and "just in case" would happen alot I usually just save women and the injured since when holding them zombies are less likely to grab you. but in the second I have yet to get pissed by any survivors but I'll still play it safe just in case. and I don't know I myself find it quite easy to enjoy the mindless slaughtering and take the story seriously and going back to the safehouse doesn't bother me since I did it by pure instinct in the first one and Case Zero anyways
  • MPSai
    I really don't understand why they kept in the time mechanic and the slow plodding movement speed from the first game. It's not like these were "classic" elements from the first game, they were something that noticeably DETRACTED from the first game. They seem to almost unnecessarily bend the game around including it.

    I understand the psychopath fights, it harks back to zombie movies where the epidemic turns living people into the REAL monsters yadda yadda, but they are fucking UNBALANCED. I expect a dude to not keep running at me with a piece of glass to take out 3 hits of my life when I shoot him in the chest with a shotgun. Yeah...

    There's also no excuse for a modern game to not let you save where you want. If Oblivion can save at any time and keep track of where every NPC and random loose item is at any given moment, other games can let you save when you please.

    At least the survivors you can rescue can have weapons.

    I only rented it, I was kind of disappointed but... I find myself wanting to play it again. I'll probably pick it up when it's a bit cheaper.
  • BoomingEchoes
    It was another great review, Sage, but, like others here, I also have a few things that sort of get a pass, personally, that didn't with the review:

    [b]Voice Acting: [/b]
    This game is made by Capcom, one of the worst culprits in the world when it comes to voice acting. But while it shouldn't be used as an excuse in any way, the bad voice acting in DR and DR 2, however, adds a level of campiness of the story.

    Which leads me into the next thing

    DR and DR2 is a game that puts 2 men, respectively, into an impossible situation that's supposed to be viewed as a fun time by the player. The thing to remember is that the games don't take themselves seriously and the player isn't supposed to either -amounting in some ways to an almost a Shaun of the Dead style of camp.

    And the funny thing about this is that Capcom's other series about zombie infestations (Resident Evil) is way has been more ridiculous in all respects over the years then the Dead Rising series has been with its 2 games that actually manage to be fairly believable accounts of what people would really do in a situation like this.

    [b]The free for all gameplay and time restraint argument:[/b]
    The review makes mention that the game restricts you by not letting you just sit there and kill as many zombies as you want without rhyme or reason. And while yes, an infinite slaying mode would be great, the question would be what purpose would it serve to the overall experience? You can already run around and kill as many zombies as you want, with whatever fun weapons you come up with, and can feel satisfied, THEN -if the time restraint that I'll be getting too later- gets in the way, you can do what the game intends for you to do and restart the game, keeping all your levels and cards from your previous forays into post-human mutilation.

    So really the mode is built into the game itself, its just something that you need to coax from it by restarting every once in a while.

    And what about those time restraints? Well, in a game that sets up that your daughter is going to die/become a zombie if you don't inject her everyday its hard to say the story shouldn't have some sort of time restriction. And while I agree some of them are a little much, I also argue that they're necessary for the game. The game itself is based on the survival of you, your daughter, and the people you save, and Time, in any survival situation, is always a factor that needs to be figured into the equation. Surviving infinitely, on what should be limited resources, would break the nuance of the experience in much the same way infinite ammo ends up doing in a Resident Evil game -it just hinders the game from being the exhilarating experience we know we should be having.

    Time also acts as a guide because of this, giving the story, and the game, some sort of structure. Personally I like this because it a...
  • BabyImplosion
    ok, I will get this, when the price lowers to 40-50 bucks.

    thats how people should rate games. if its worth the full price or not. and in this case, definitely, to me, seems like a 40-50 purchase.

    thanks for this review. Sage, to me, seems to be the most reliable video game reviewer on the site. never too one-sided, presents both sides of the coin. well-structured review. great job.
  • jjlb84
    Wow you were way harsh on this game. You by now means have to go from story mission to story mission and can explore all you want. Going to give katey zombrex is also easy and spread out enough that it never becomes annoying. Plus this game has great replay there is plenty of achievements to unlock and things to do, plus the AI is WAY better than the original if you give some one a weapon they almost never die.
  • Lordsunflash
    dude you are using the survivors wrong. They are not there to help you kill zombies, they are there for you to ESCORT to safety so they aren't exactly the best fighters.
  • Startrance  - Tested
    Tested Dead rising at a friend on hes Xbox360, then bought it on my own for the PC, and must say the controlls for the PC were extremley much better.

    Great review btw :P but test Dead rising 2 on the pc for controll satisfaction
  • mattroks1011
    i've got two things to say about this review.
    firstly the controls are not trerrible or clunky. 1 or 2 things did feel out of place (like having the 2 buttons to shoot) but over all the controls work fine. not ounce did i find my self swinging into thin air. 2nd you don't have to do the storyline, or escort survivors or anything really. the game is entirly open ended which means it's up to you wether you do anything or not. also escorting people is much easier now than in the first game. other than what i just said i agree with you =D
    also did i metion combo weapons are awesome? cause i'm pretty sure you didn't :grr:
  • bishop chulu
    I am not happy about this review. good game the controls are not clunky at all and an odd setting?
    just look at the cover and that sums up the game.
    an hack and slash gore game with a plot of a cheap horror DVD on the self at walmart. you don't expect it to an good plot detail or voice acting. you expect a lot of fun in an large sandbox to have fun in.
    P.S:stop wining about psychopath there boss fights there meant to be a challenge
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