Lost Planet 2

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  • Eyeshot
    Another sequel for an another obscure video game series. *yawn*

    Riddle me this: How important is it to a woman to bare her cleavage in subzero temperatures? (Reference to the first game.)
  • Lenneh  - poop
  • solara66
    :huh: I am [size=x-large][/size] VERY[size=small][/size] confused
  • Furore23
    It looks kind of like GOW - muddy, unnavigable, confusing, irritating, and full of completely wasted environmental design that you will never have time to appreciate.
  • MSH-Hitman
    Such a shame that it's a bad game. I was pretty excited for it. Not that the first one was some mind blowing idea, but the first game was playable and entertaining. How do you screw up fighting giant bugs? Oh right, by using crap AI, terrible campaign design, and ultra tedious boss battles.

    Was a definite fail buy on my part and another lesson in waiting on a game till more is learned about it unless wanting to get it for obvious reasons.
  • Faust
    I'm dissapointed ...I liked the first game a lot.

    But Part 2 seems like Budget bin material.
  • ahak
    first game wasn't great, didn't expect this one to be.
  • Skinny_Ninja420  - What is wrong with Everyone
    I've seen countless reviewers talking about how bad this game is but you know what. Many of my friends who bought or rented it (I bought it myself) love this game.

    Granted it's not the best game around but it isn't what people classify as bad either. Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom is bad. Alone in the Dark (The newer one of course) is bad.

    I've lost all respect for most of my favorite reviewers due to this. They say it's repetitive and tedious, yet isn't every shooter "Go here Kill That"?

    So that argument falls flat on it's face. Now if current shooters were more diverse and had more than just subtle changes then I could accept that this game is bad due to it's repetitiveness.

    And yes, the VS's aren't good for anything unless you know how to use one.

    I think the reason this game suffers is not due to it being a bad game, I have concluded it's getting flamed due to the reviewers either not giving the game the time it deserves, not having any friends to play with, or simply sucking at third person shooters.

    Don't get the wrong impression here, I'm no fanboy. I thought the first game was complete glitch filled crapfest. I just can't stand seeing an enjoyable game be brought down so easily due to lazy reviewers when I see worse games getting praised.

    Ignore Sage and every other reviewer out there. I've played this game online with countless friends and strangers on XBL and not a single one of them has said anything about being a "bad" game.

    Don't take his word for it, rent it or borrow it. Make up your own mind. I'm pretty sure most of you will start to realize that this game is catching flak it doesn't deserve.
  • Banjoeman
    Wow, VS bad? Now I see why people are dying so much. Its a good game, you just need other people to play it with. He didn't touch on multiplayer or co-op. Btw the first game was way more difficult.

    If I had to give it a negative it would be in the online versus lag. The only other thing would be some levels should of been changed so people who do not have friends can play by themselves.
  • starscream624
  • MSH-Hitman
    No, it does deserves most of the flak it gets.

    Not everyone can play the game constantly with a full team of friends, if they even have friends who have the game to begin with. They should've kept that in mind when designing some downright terrible AI on both sides.

    Also having friends can make most any game enjoyable. Just because your having fun with your friends, does not make a game good.

    I played up till...Episode 5 and only one boss was even remotely fun to fight, and that was the same boss in the demo. The train boss battle was a great idea...but once again, if you don't have friends, it's ungodly long and tedious.

    The game had some great ideas, like the locations which are varied and fun, the creatures are freaky and awesome, and I like the designs for the characters. A shame its bogged down by some ridiculous ideas.
  • ph8enix
    [quote]Don't take his word for it, rent it or borrow it. Make up your own mind.[/quote]

    Due to lack of Demos these days I think this is what you ALWAYS should do.(If there is a demo - go play it :D )

    Everyone has own preferences and opinion. So has Sage (/any reviewer).
    So many good / enjoyable games become forgotten gems nust because they're not outstanding or something and get "meh" reviews.
  • Detis  - There are demos.
    Lack of demos? If you look for it there ARE demos for a lot of games hell even for Rocket Knight sequel there's a demo for that. I have a PS3 and I played the Lost Planet 2 campaign demo and there's a Multiplayer Demo.

    You're right though make of your own mind ALWAYS xD

    But yeah I don't think this game is bad it's just different from the other shooters in a very detour way. You aim and shoot stuff anyway either it's a headshot or a glowing light that says "Shoot here you stupid c*nt" (Spoony, microcosm). If it was "fun" in the end then so be it.
  • Wikikomoto
    BALLS TO YOU the soundtrack is AMAZING can no one understand an amazing orchestral soundtrack these days?!
  • Shinigami
    First Lost Planet was fun to play even if it was not expesially good. Instead it was unique on its own way.
  • Tane
    I have to completely agree with Skinny_Ninja420. I am really hooked on this game despite what people are saying about it. The game can be a little 'rough' around the edges, but what makes that into a bad game? Secret of Mana was glitchy as hell, but was still a great fun game! The only massive glitch I've hit in the game had to do with one of the mini-bosses not showing up for me. Because of this I ended up taking up a support role, giving out T-ENG and gathering weapons. Thankfully, the person I was playing with and the bots were able to get them down.

    Many reviewers seem to also pick on the bot AI. The bots are stupid. Sure. But would you rather have smart bots that can do everything well in a 4 player co-op? If so, then why the hell would you need or want other people if the bots could be just as effective or better? They are stupid so you can take charge. The bots are meant to stay out of your way and assist you, not take the game away from you.

    Also, why the hell is he complaining that the bots die? They don't subtract from your battle gauge. They can soak up damage and die as much as they want.
  • benzaie
    best review I've read about this game so far
  • starscream624
    how is this the best review sage is ripping on it for being uninspired but do you see anyothergames out there where tyour on an alien planet fighting giant alien bugs with robots.....NO!!! its differentiating from the usual FPS which i love but you can find anywhere to me this is one of the best co-op and third person shooter games ive ever played
  • Angry Bo  - Agreed
    First game was atrocious, I really tried to get into it but it felt like the plot sucked. Not to mention the 2dimensional characters and the way the dress. If its so cold that they need some kind of energy to stay warm/alive. They might want to dress warmer, and cover as much skin as possible. Thats just nitpicking though...

    Dont see this one reeling me in, looks like a bad sequel in a 2dimensional boring game series.
  • Doresh
  • Slayerofstuff
    I bought it and have loved every single minute of playing it!

    Sure its not the greatest of games and if your the "games need good stories to be good" kind you may not enjoy it.

    One thing people seem to miss on the reviews is that the game is just a bit of fun, this made more prominent by how much like an arcade game it is.

    And the very best thing about the game being! you can make Marcus Pheonix look absolutely ridiculous! Now thats a plus in my books ;)

    For boss fights...yeah they can take a while, but are still awesome nontheless.
  • Bauzi
    Aww... I hoped for a come back of the old characters and from your review it doesn't sound like it went into a direction that I wanted it to. Well at least the jungle design looks and feel exciting as I thought. What might be the environment in part 3, if there is one? Hmmm...

    The online multiplayer demo was really some uncomfortable game. It sucked.

    Well I guess I will buy the game when it gets cheaper.
  • Skinny_Ninja420  - re:
    [quote=MSH-Hitman]No, it does deserves most of the flak it gets...Not everyone can play the game constantly with a full team of friends...[/quote]

    See you would be right if the game didn't have matchmaking (Like ODST's Firefight mode), but lucky for my side of the argument it does and I've already found 12 other people to play the game with.

    No friends? Join a quick match or host your own game. Within a few seconds you'll have three other people to play with.
  • rcivit
    I played the demo a few months ago. I just didn't like it too much.
  • Ohgrnick  - Oh well.
    It's sad to here that Lost Planet 2 is getting this kind of treatment. At least Capcom tried to do something new.(Sort of) It looks like Monster Hunter but with guns :).
  • Skinny_Ninja420  - re: Oh well.
    [quote=Ohgrnick]At least Capcom tried to do something new.[/quote]

    Yeah, something that's actually worth the money spent rather than a re-release... WTF Capcom? Super Street Fighter IV? Are those guys freaking kidding? Not to mention the new Street fighter is almost a carbon copy of Street Fighter II.

    Sometimes I really hate Capcom, but in the case of LP2 I love them to death.

    It just bugs me when reviewers try to put some science behind their reviews. It's like they forgot about the most important part of a game these days... having fun and pure escapism.

    Not only did Capcom allow me to come home from work and be a bad ass snow pirate fighting in epic battles, but they let me do it with three other friends as a team and I don't know if I can have anymore fun doing anything but playing a good Co-Op shooter with my best friends.
  • Dwane
    [quote=Skinny_Ninja420]It just bugs me when reviewers try to put some science behind their reviews. It's like they forgot about the most important part of a game these days... having fun and pure escapism.[/quote]

    I kind of agree. Heck, I've loved games that were rated so-so, and I've disliked games that are considered awesome. But, I understand where Sage is coming from. Reviewers can't just say "loved it" or "hated it." That's too subjective. Pointing out a game's strengths, weaknesses and notable features lets people know if something they find really important (e.g. graphics or story) is strong or lacking or if all the game's weaknesses are things that don't bother them. A lot of games have their escapist value dragged down by some frustrating feature (bad AI, camera, controls, acting, etc.) that keeps reminding you that you're playing a game. If that feature doesn't bother you, then the game might be worth a spin.

    When it comes down to it, the best way to find out if a game is right for you is to ask friends with similar taste or rent/borrow the game.
  • whatever42
    Personally, I'm kinda on the fence on getting this game, which means I'm not buying it, not because I think it may be bad, but because there are three games coming out soon that I am far over the fence in buying.

    I can't wait to get Alan Wake, Red Dead Redemption, and Super Mario Galaxy 2. Despite that however, I played the demo for Lost Planet 2 and, although it had and apparently still has its problems, I would probably give this game a rent at least. It seems a rather fun thing to play when in the mood for it.
  • VioletZer0
    You lost me the moment that you insulted the game for not following trends.
  • YoJimBobaJoe
    Anyone else think Japan is losing its touch at making AAA games,back on ps1 and 2 80-90% of my games library was japanese games yet this gen I have hardly any japanese games and of the ones I do have the majority of them are quickly forgetable and dissappointing
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