Sage's 2nd Anniversary Special: The Top Ten PS1 Games

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  • MFields1978  - Great list
    I'm sure you will get a lot of people ticked cause FF7 isn't on the list but hey, its your list.

    I agree with FF9. I found that one better than FF7 myself. I never cared for Chrono Cross. Honestly, I dont know what I would change on that list. Great list!
  • nightomen
    I still say that FF should have stayed away from anime style design and sticked with the original fantasy styled characters and chrono cross in my opinion is a good game not my fav but a good one
  • Panzermanathod
    I'm the same way. I found FF9 superior to FF7, and Chrono Cross wouldn't have even made it to my personal top 20 list... I honestly couldn't get into it.

    The 42 character thing didn't help matters.

    The odd thing is that, of the games that are part of a series, Sage picked the ones I would have picked (RE2, Tony Hawk 2, Tekken 3). Soul Reaver would have given me troubles, though. But I guess in the end I may put Blood Omen over Soul Reaver... a smidgen.
  • Dr. Fibonacci
    Chrono Cross has an acquired taste. Some people just don't like it. It was one of my personal favorites, but I agree that they should have pulled the amount of characters back a bit, gave the protagonist a larynx, and made the story a bit more comprehensible toward the end. I had to play through the game like four times to make proper sense of it. And this is from a guy that got all the endings in Chrono Trigger.
  • kisr10  - Thank you
    Thank you for giving justice to my first and favorite game console.

    and I say Aye! for Vivi. Even when I was young, I always saw Vivi as a total badass even before the memorable 3 mages battle.
  • Father Time
    I never owned any of those games as a kid except legend of dragoon which we didn't play and tony hawk pro skater 2.

    I was hoping there'd be Twisted Metal 2 on there so I could relate to the list a bit more. That game was awesome.
  • White_Hiroshima  - Twisted Metal 2
    I agree, it is a awesome game.
  • Apathetic One
    [b]10. IMO deserved to be up in the top 3...Amazing character design and beautiful story telling. One of my top 5 all time favs!

    9.TH2..hmm, I don't know which I liked more..1 or 2. 1 has the nostalgia factor but 2 had CREATE A PARK!

    8.Legend of good I kept my copy and still have it to this day. Well deserving of another play through..God that game is fun.

    7.....I've never liked Silent Hill. *shrugs*

    6.Ahh, Tekken 3..two things come to mind when I think of this game: Beers and late night sessions with friends. Classic.

    5.RE2..Fun, great graphics..too short.

    4.Chrono, LoD..I still have my copy..amazing game. I still haven't played all the characters!

    3.SoTN..Kool game, I had it then but it was sadly stolen. I got it on XBLA and should really play through it.

    2.FF9...AGAIN, still have my original copy. This is the best FF hands down, no contest. Zidane > Cloud.

    1.MGS..the best MGS with MGS4 coming in close. This game completely sucked me in to point that I played through the entire thing in a weekend. Then, played it again to show my friends how good it was....

    Happy Anniversary Sage! Awesome list.

    I would have left Silent Hill out and thrown in Vagrant Story.[/b]
  • Kruns5th
    Great list but no Xenogears? That had one of the best soundtracks on the PS1 I would say that it rivaled or surpassed that of Chrono Cross, otherwise this is a very good list.
  • iheartdonut
    wish i'd seen this comment before commenting. yeah dude. agreed on all points.
  • DeathsHead419  - Three words
    Medal Of Honor.

    That game changed everything, helping to establish FPS's on consoles, created the WWII FPS subgenre as we know it, and created an 11 part franchise as well as a spin-off series you may have heard of: Call of Duty.

    Why does nobody remember this game? Great score, memorable levels, and yes, gameplay mechanics that are still recognisable to day.
  • mvz_goth1
    hmmm i guess you never heard of goldeneye 007 then which came out 2 years before ;)
  • DeathsHead419  - I know
    Yes, GoldenEye came out first, but MoH was the best FPS for the Playstation. And since many people never owned both consoles, MoH probably was the first FPS many people played on a console. Besides that, Alien Trilogy beats out even GoldenEye by nearly two years still, if you want to get technical.

    The thing is, most people remember GoldenEye 007 (Rightly, it was great for its time) and Perfect Dark (again, great game). But in the middle, MoH came out. It had dual analog control (I think it was first) and even proto-Achivements.

    I know GoldenEye is the one that most remember, but MoH deserves its place. Yet a lot of people seem to dissmiss or overlook what really was one of the best early console shooters. I just think it's sad that it's been largly forgotten.

    And alscisukat...shut up.
  • alsciaukat  - Medal of Honor - to DeathsHead419
    One simple reason; FPS on console = Fail. 'cept Halo, of course.
  • Apathetic One
    [b]I was a huge MOH:AA player. That's PC though... :pinch: [/b]
  • Strelnikov
    I bought a PlayStation just to play that game and the first sequel...I got real good at playing only with (unlimited) hand grenades.
  • Squeejee
    Nice list, though I thought Soul Reaver would rank higher than that.

    I'm gonna 5 this just for putting Final Fantasy 9 above FF7 in the hierarchy. So true, but now I have to back and play it again...

    ...wait, that's not a bad thing!
  • DboyYouWant
    very nice list, i want to play all the games that were on this list (especially IX) i just hope that they come out for PSN soon enough.
  • J_Conrady
    You had me at Final Fantasy IX. Great list, and a big congrats to a solid internet career. Many start then fade, you've always been consistent.

    Have to say, this really reflects my own list as well, only I'd exchange Legend of Dragoon with either Suikoden II or Vagrant Story. Pretty hard to choose just one.
  • iheartdonut
    My personal number one would be Xenogears.
  • pwnisher
    sweet some FFIX love,
    still my personal fav JRPG
  • Stryker  - Great List, Man!
    Great List, Bennett! I would have personally put one of the first 3 Spyro games on there, but hey, its your list. Nice job not putting FF7 or FF8 on the list too!
    Wait...what is that I hear just over the horizon? Oh, no! It's the screams of the armies of the fanboys!!! There yelling, "FF7 FTW!" and "FF8 > FF9!" God help us all, Bennett. God help us all!
  • Zemnexx
    Good list, my own personal list would have been relatively close, except with the addition of Suikoden II, which probably would have been near the top. If you haven't played this game btw, you should definitely check it out. If your an RPG fan, it's almost a sin if you have not yet played this game. But unfortunately its kinda rare, so getting an actual copy of the game may be pricey. I was able to sell my copy for about $100, a testament to how good it is.
  • ShadowThePika
    Nope. NOPE!!! NO CRASH BANDICOOT? OR SPYRO! They were THE must have titles on ps1, and not one of them was featured? That isnt comprehendable!
  • Stanford3
    I'm with you on that one. Crash and Spyro were pretty much my Mario and Link. I know it's not as nostalgic as some Nintendo titles, but the Playstation was my first technical console and I still despise myself for being convinced that I needed to sell the system with all the games. My worst memory is when they got rid of the Playstation 1 section at my BlockBuster. I've hated my PS2 for that ever since.

    Okay, mini-rant over...sorry about that...
  • snakestealth24
    Props to you Sage I love MGS it's what got me really into gaming
  • Gundam_Warrior
    Nice list but I still think the Playstation was overrated.
  • DeathByMetal08
    YES! Metal Gear Solid! I go a little bit discouraged at around number 4. I thought 'Aw, Sage isn't going to recognize my most favorite game of all time
  • RyanKaufman
    Pretty good list. Just once you hit Castlevania I started disagreeing. I never liked side scrolling games and Metroid's map style. I also hate all Final Fantasy games. Metal Gear Solid just didn't interest me. And I never played your 4th, but I'm gonna check it out. Looks pretty decent.
  • Ashariel
    Good list Sage. Although I don't agree with all your choices, you certainly had some of the top games in your list.

    I would have added Xenogears obviously, Valkyrie Profile, Vagrant Story and... possibly Tactics instead of IX, even though IX is my favorite of the PS1 FF.
  • Roivas
    I can't really completely agree with you on the best console ever since most would concur that SNES was the more influential in terms of making games that sent ripples still felt today.

    I can't really fault your chosen games for the console though.
  • DeathsHead419  - SNES eh?
    One could also argue that the Atari 2600 was also pretty influential. The NES helpes revive the Video game industry after the crash of 1983, so it could also be counted as quite influential as well.

    I think it's hard to nail down which colnsole had the most influence because they did. Each one has added its pollen to the mix so to speak. Weather it was introducing an idea, or simply refining it, every console has its place in videogame history.
  • Chozo_Hybrid
    I couldn't disagree with anything on the list, awesome video.

    I was especially surprised to see Soul Reaver on there, the Legacy of Kain series is by far one of my favorite stories in video games and Kain is by far one of the coolest villains ever.
  • Nick3889
    all i liked was #1 sorry dude, and no Crash Bandicoot OR Spyro the Dragon ???? Damn man
  • XxFidgetxX
    I'm sorry, you people can call me a fanboy all you want...but Final Fantasy 7 deserves to be on any list of top ten PS1 games regardless if you like it or not...which chances are most that don't like it are just kids with identity issues who feel unique for "going the road less traveled."
  • xen999
    Seriously... FF9? Final Fantasy 9...?! FINAL FANTASY [i]NINE[/i][b][/b][u][/u] ?!?!?!?! I almost fell out of my chair when I saw that!

    Even if I absolutely hated the emo angsty Cloud of FF7, it's still the better game between all the PSX FFs. There wouldn't've been a FF9 if FF7 had not become the revolutionary and spectaculor ground-breaking game that it was at the time, a game that inspired just about every following jrpgs made on the console. Not to mention I find the art style of FF9 a major turn off and is one of the main reasons I've never given FF9 much interest. :S

    Oh well, would've been a perfect list otherwise!
  • Raditzdm
    wow I'm amazed that ff9 even made it on the list. FF7 was the only reason I bought a PS. I'll admit that the ff series is important to the future of the playstation, but your choice of ff9 to even make it to the top 10 is retarded. if anything the top 3 should have been ff7, csotn, and msg. otherwise you would have been spot on other than soulreaver. That series was crap. The original legacy of Kain should have been there, not the "to be continued" crap of soul reaver. I paid 50 bucks to play that cocktease of a game expecting Simon Templeman to grace my ears with his godlike voiceacting just to get about 2 lines and going through 20 hours of puzzle solving simply because Eidos Interactive doesn't know how to make a goddamn action game.
  • Radelta
    I thought soul reaver was much, much, much better than blood omen. To each their own I suppose.
    Although I do prefer action games over whatever you would call uber boring blood omen
  • Apathetic One
    [b]The art style of FF9 was incredible. FF7 was ugly. Blood Omen was CRAP compared to Soul kids know NOTHING. Jeezus.[/b]
  • danethefurry
    I preferred Tekken 1 myself, only because of Armor King. It took them so many years to bring him back! *hugs Tekken 6* I also prefer Chrono Trigger over Crono Cross because it just has more depth into the game then Trigger did. On a side note, when I bought Tomb Raider I,II,III,IIII,and the others, I did not that Tomb Raider was for the Sega to begin with. I then bought that one and didn't notice much of a difference. Good review! Legend of Dragoon rocks. hehe.
  • Zaheela
    Like many of the former comments, I'd have to agree with the inclusion/replacement of certain choices. I'm going to echo Valkyrie profile, and crash bandicoot. Personally I didn't like the hyperactive character, but Crash was technically the 'sonic' of the ps (at least in japan) for a short while. There are a few personal choices i'd add, but that's only because of personal tastes. Mmm.

    Otherwise I really can't argue with most of the choices here; While I ADORE FFT over most of the other FF series (3/6 being my favorite, I mean really.... Codpiece boy can't hold a flame to Kefka *god his laugh was so annoying on SNES...*) I can see your point about FF9, and the legend of Kain series surprised me, considering a lot of people I know tend to forget about it at first.
  • Iamlucek
    I don't think there is one on that list I can disagree with.
  • Amzingred
    Sorry man, but the NES is the most important video game console of all time, bar none.

    Metal Gear Solid i would put on my number 2 list.

    I find it funny, however, on your reasons why u chose MGS as number 1 and not have FF7 anywhere on the list due how it revolutionized a genre as well and how many can still see to this day many titles that try to follow/imitate FF7.

  • TheDVDGrouch  - Chrono Cross rules
    I still have my copy of Chrono Cross.
  • omastar444
    Wait?! Do my ears deceive me? Did you just pay tribute to the best ps1 FF game?! I LOVE YOU... in manly way of course. I always thought 9 was far Superior to 7 and 8. Thou I must tell you, only good thing about Kuja was his themes. Best FF villain is and will always be... the mighty lord Kefka!
  • sereia
    Wow number 2 was kind of a controversial one. I like 9 a lot but I don't think it was better than 7. But I suppose this list was wavered a lot by favoritism.

    On another note, I wasn't at all surprised about MGS being number 1, but I was not thinking about it at all when I was guessing number 1, weird.
  • Raditzdm
    There are two choices with ff9, either you like the extra character in combat (which is what I prefer to believe) or Sage is a furry, Not by his choice I might add, (simply by his BRAVE and COURAGEOUS exposure to fanfiction.) Someone has to do it, and I'm glad He will take it for the team. There is a reason I'm capitalizing "he".
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