Final Fantasy XIII

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  • InformationGeek
    I personally never been a big Final Fantasy fan (I'm a Dragon Quest kind of guy), but I've been meaning to check out one of their games. Sadly, this doesn't look like the one I'll be playing.

    While visually looking amazing and sounding pretty good like you said, a story filled with tons of terminology that I have to research would annoy me and might waste my time a little when I want to get into the gameplay.

    I would have to play the game itself to try out the fighting, it looks and sounds hard. It might be easier than from what I can observe though. I still sort of like the turn base combat compared to the combat FF XIII is using.

    Either way, maybe I'll rent it in the future since it might be a fun time. But like I said, I'm not a huge fan of the series, so I might be better off playing a different game until I try this one. Good review though. Very detail and you went over the goods and the bads quite well.
  • Apathetic One
    [b]This game is pretty bad...sure, it looks amazing but the new battle system is crap and not being able to EXPLORE the world makes for a boring, tedious time. It doesn't feel like Final Fantasy to me, at all....I'm 45 hours in and am just now able to customize my party...It's such a let down!

  • Mikon
    45 hours in? What the heck have you been doing? I got that ability at the 23 hour mark. Swapping characters in and out, opened up all the roles for each person, etc.

    Maybe you just SUCK.
  • Apathetic One
    [b]You're full of can't swap battle parties until the very end of chapter 10..and there's no way you got to the end of chapter 10 and unlocked all abilities for all characters in under 35 hours. Try again. [/b]
  • thomas2400
    LMAO i got the ability around about the 20 hour mark

  • Mikon
    I'm in chapter 11, and only at 30 hours of gameplay, and that's because I've been dicking around doing the Cie'th stone missions, and grinding to get my power levels up. I was right, you do suck. Go back to Halo ffs.
  • XxFidgetxX
    I got party customization in less than 30 hours... It's not that uncommon. Maybe you should give up games period if you didn't...cause that's pretty sad.
  • Mav
    You try again, i got the party customisation around 20-25 hours...and i'll think you'll find thats the average time for the majority of players...
  • Jazios
    I have to say that I have been playing final fantasy for a short amount of time as i bought it the day after I got Bad Company. I dont usually post on the website because i really dont give 2 shits about anything any of you have to say about the games being reviewed as we are all individuals and therefore our tastes will vary and undoubtedly cause some form of ridiculous argument.

    However in this case i feel it prudent to defend Square Enix and the FF series by pointing out a few things that i personally experienced with the game.

    I think the first thing to remember when playing FF and as a JRPG in general is that a great amount of time and effort goes into creating an immersive and interesting story thats not only gripping but interesting in which case XIII does a magnificent job. The characters and their individual stories and motivations seem relevant to the world in which the game is set and makes you want to see it through to the end.

    As for comments about lack of exploration, while in comparison to games such as 7 through 9 it may feel a bit restricted at first however considering that the protagonists are enemies of the state a trip to the local shop while fighting through hordes of soldiers and dealing with the stresses of their situation to me seams a bit silly and unrealistic.

    The characters are driven by their goals and feels more realistic. A lot of the reservations are no doubt due to the increasing number of sandbox games being released and expectations of buying a revamped FF7 with great graphics and visuals and while it can be tedious at times doesn't detract from the games immersion as much as the sage feels it does.

    I agree with in part with some of the comments made about the combat system, at first i found it to be a bit distracting and was waiting for my chance to control a party of 4 however as i got deeper into the game it didn't really bother me any more.

    The thing to remember is that games are constantly evolving and here the developers have done something new for the series, the fact that it isnt the same as previous titles is a good thing despite some of the flaws that may be present, I dont want to start playing a game to find that it is exactly the same as it was 10 years ago that would suck and would show a lack of effort on the part of the development team.

    Graphics are fucking sick.

    All in all as the sage says a terrible FF game is still a damn good game and this is no exception to that rule, although saying it is one of the worst is pretty outrageous in my opinion having played every one of them multiple times (and IIX being my least favourite followed closely by X2 and X and XII)

    But again it is all down to personal opinion, if you have played it and genuinely think its a steaming pile of steaming monkey turd thats fine, but i will say don't base your preconceptions on one mans review or opinion...
  • Songbird-O  - Response and reccomendations
    Great review, Sage. You told me everything I need to know. I always like your reviews.

    I'm a Dragon Quest gal myself, and I'm not enthused by this either. It seems like the linear grossness and pulling around by the nose that I hated in the series, along with it's two ton anvil of a verbose plot that doesn't let you in right away. It looks ten times better than twelve, which i did get to play and was quite disappointed by. But I think I'll pass this one up too. Even if the asparagus in question is better cooked, I still hate asparagus.

    InformationGeek, while I know I'm going off-topic, I used to be a Final Fantasy fan, but I got tired of it as I got older. If you are a Dragon Quest fan like me, you probably miss the simple, no-nonsense stories that still can be emotional, as well as the lighthearted nature and explorable worlds. I'd recommend giving Final Fantasy III DS a shot, if you want to try the series out. I'm also fond of FFIV, though I feel like the beginning is better than the end.
  • numberfox
    I would suggest FF IX. Although its plot is relatively similar to VII and VIII, its actually made to reference past games (most notably the black mages). I think you can get a rough idea on past final fantasy games if you play this one, which is good if you're new to final fantasy :)
  • Hiro09  - great review
    i agree so far its decent yet disappointing. however you forgot to mention one final thing. . .POTIONS ARE POINTLESS in this game. . .your hp bar refills after each encounter!
  • Apathetic One
    [b]Potions come in handy during battles, that's all. There's an accessory (I disassembled mine so I forgot what it's called) that improves potions HP recovery and, when paired with a cure spell, can get you out of some tight spots in a hurry.[/b]
  • zeroespada
    Its called Doctor's Code.
  • Crowhaven
    I'm sorry you didn't like it to much.

    Personally I think this is best final fantasy game since at least 7. The lack of whiny emo characters with the exception of hope in the first half of the game is possibly the biggest advantage to the story. I actually can build a connection with these characters (especially Sazh)which is a feeling I haven't felt since 6.
  • JohnDagger
    Whoa? Disappointing? Taking a shit only to realize you've forgotten to pull down your pants is disappointing. FF13 is a great installment to the series. I've just finished replaying 6, 9, and 10, and I gotta say I feel right at home playing this game. The story is no more complex then any other FF, just look at 8's for christ's sake. Anyway, I like your opinions on games Sage, they provide a different perpective that I can usually agree with. This review was no exception, I just feel that if your a fan of the series, this game is no disappointment.
  • Sylveria  - Dumbed down for the Box
    Compared to 12 this game is better, however, it just screams "we made this simple for those twitchy Halo playing Xbox players. It is unquestionably the most linear FF game, if not one of the most linear RPGs ever. The sucked out all the complexity in the combat, the maps, the leveling, everything. Its really dull compared to the pre-12 titles. So in summation, Thank you Square and Xbox for adding another nail to the FF coffin.

    P.S. Hope is the whiniest character in a game, ever.
  • SoujiSeta
    Haha what? no offense but this is one of the stupidest things I have read today, none of what you just said makes any sense. If you want the game to be like the older ones..go play the older ones! a series should not be forced to play exactly the same every time just because people like you hate any form of change and cry that the company and stupid fanboys are at fault.
  • RocMegamanX  - EXACTLY!
    Why would these guys want the series to stagnate at the level of Final Fantasy VI?

    Gee, how about they demand that the series remain 2D while they're at it?
  • wyrdwad
    I was with you until the end... but man, do I ever disagree with your last few statements! There are a *ton* of options out there for RPG fans - I don't think RPGs have ever been more popular and mainstream, to the point where it seems like every other game released on any of the consoles or handhelds is an RPG these days. And Final Fantasy at its worst is actually pretty awful (see: Final Fantasy VIII), easily topped by even the most mediocre of modern offerings from other companies - or even from the Enix side of Square Enix, i.e. Dragon Quest VIII.

    Your review WAS extremely helpful, though. I've lost all faith in Square's ability to create decent RPGs these days, and this review just reinforced my total lack of desire to play FF13. I'm now more happy than ever that I passed it up.

    So while the rest of the world plays FF13, I'll be picking up Fragile Dreams tomorrow. Can't wait! (:
  • Tetsuame
    even though you keep saying how you don't like it, the review really makes me want to get the game. From the gameplay footage you showed, it looks pretty fun, and a HUGE improvement over XII. Still, I'll wait for my friends to get it before I blow $60 bucks on it.
  • Ninja Delusion
    By any other name this would be acceptable. Tetsuya Nomura is a hack. He should have stuck to character design only. I've been calling this for a while; Final Fantasy is going downhill. I wouldnt be suprised if SE folds and sells the rights off if they dont get their shit together. They have no business sense. They could make a kings ransom on FFVII remake. They could make money on a new Chrono game and they stupidly sold away Xenogears and what do they deem worthy of funding instead? Kingdom Hearts? Full Metal Alchemist? Last Remnant, Radiata Stories? SE deserves to fail. (Lightning was the only cool thing about FFXIII aside from graphics)
  • RocMegamanX  - Whoa, hold up, man.
    I LIKE Kingdom Hearts.
  • George
    This is a great review, sums up my thoughts exactly. It's far to linear, but it's the most beautiful game I've ever seen. And while I hated hope, Sazh was an excellent character. I just don't recommend buying it right away, wait until the price goes down.

    While it didn't have anymore confusing terminology than FFXII, at least the characters didn't speak pointless, ye olde English the whole game through. It just could have been much better. I'd rather have more adventure in a game, and have mediocre graphics, than have these graphics and this linearity.
  • Booze Zombie  - re: Dumbed down for the Box
    [quote=Sylveria]Compared to 12 this game is better, however, it just screams "we made this simple for those twitchy Halo playing Xbox players. It is unquestionably the most linear FF game, if not one of the most linear RPGs ever. The sucked out all the complexity in the combat, the maps, the leveling, everything. Its really dull compared to the pre-12 titles. So in summation, Thank you Square and Xbox for adding another nail to the FF coffin.

    P.S. Hope is the whiniest character in a game, ever. [/quote]

    You can hardly lay the blame for this game being a disappointment on Xbox players.

    For one thing, one of the most popular Xbox 360 RPGs, Fallout 3, was open world...
    So, it's actually just Square being stubborn and trying to do things their own way.
  • Kain456
    Maybe it's just because I've never truly been a fan of the Final Fantasy series, but it almost seems like 10-13 are almost indistinguishable. The series often, to me, seems like it has sort of a formula that it follows for success. Which isn't to say that the formula is terrible; if it keeps producing decent RPG's, then I suppose fans will keep buying it. I just worry when fans get this into a series; it creates a "can-do-no-wrong" wanting of good scores... but at the same time, creates a fanbase that's almost unpleasable.

    With Final Fantasy, I almost like watching more than playing. The graphics are vivid and exciting, which is, to my mind, the main thing the series has going for it. Its impressive visuals are almost synonomous with the series by this point. The gameplay since 8 has always kind of felt like "been there, done that" to me.

    I realize I'm being awfully harsh on a game that otherwise is decent, but I believe that if fans really do think that this series is truly the best thing to happen to RPG video games since they began (which anyone would have a hard time arguing against FF's contribution to RPG's), I have to keep hoping for new innovations that really change RPG's, as opposed to just one long fanservice.

    But ranting aside, you reviewed the game fairly, which is what I like about you Sage. :) I'll keep watching and see what you review next.
  • Fantomn33t
    After hearing this review, I DON'T want to play final fantasy 13.
  • Xtreme09
    Yeah to me, It does qualify as a decent enough RPG. But as a Final Fantasy game it's just not enough.

    If you just slapped any title on besides the Final Fantasy name, that would be believable. But Final Fantasy games have higher standards than this. Like not being so linear. Chapters are fine just so long as the world is more open.

    You dont get your own way until the very late chapters. You know a final fantasy game is bad if they do that.

    But those aside, the battles were fun, the skill tree was fine and only 1/6 of the party I hated from being annoying.
    And though Hope does feel like the son of Cloud, he's still a good character.

    I guess these are the signs of a dying franchise. After 13 games and 2 more to come, who knows when it will finally end? SE better improve after this.
  • Mekari
    Um, Final Fantasy never had an open world except in 12. Open world is like Fallout 3 or Mass Effect, "open world" in FF is smoke and mirrors, there is still only ONE way to go and nothing you do changes the story, this is true with every FF, and its funny cause to me the only thing that makes an FF game are certain names, animals and an epic plot and saying that this game is not worthy? already threw out the "open world" reasoning so what is it? it's certainly 10 times more polished than the last 4 FF games, that is for damn sure
  • 9_6
    By "open world", I guess, maps where you can actually walk back and forth, maps with junctions that take you to different places, maps you can [i]explore[/i] are meant.
    This is totally not in ff13. All maps are like tubes.
    The same goes for the level up system, basically a tunnel with no option to branch out.
  • Mikon
    Um, I think you're confusing the "open world" concept. An open world would be like Final Fantasy IV, or VI, or VII, or VIII where you can roam around a large map, go to different towns, etc. Open world is not "changing the story."
  • Neoalextg
    I'm a huge FF fan at least before X. Around the time FF when to playstation 2 I lost intrest wild arms, summoner,the tales games,and many other never left me lacking for good RPGS there was never a reason to play FF. I enjoyed 9, and 8 was while painful was fun to me. Ouch stop the stones they hurt you almost hit my head with that one no stop............... YOU hit me in the ear you BASTARD!!!!!!!!!!

    *pops up*........*looks around*.......OK 7 became my favorite since the "american" FF3 my former favorite. I love FF the problem is there hasn't been a single battle system or story that has sounded appealing to me since it went to PS2. I really want to play FF again, And I really hoped FF13 would of been that game, but the more I hear the less I like. Here's hopeing FF14 will be better.
  • Bennett the Sage
    FF XIV is gonna be another MMORPG in the same vein as XI, so...don't count on it.
  • Mekari
    Don't listen to freaking reviews! Try it for yourself before judging a game people!

    Here's my opinion, like many others who have reviewed this game Sage seems biased towards the hype he had for it. FF7 was my first RPG so I loved it of course, really looking back on it 7 did have alot of flaws most horribly with throw-away characters, but every game since has had predictable stories, bad character designs and I found it impossible to get close to any of the characters, hell only played 12 for 4 hours before putting it down and never picking it back up but with 13 I can't put it down, maybe cause I came into the game not expecting much and was pleasently surprised to find a character driven story which I have not seen since FF6, that and the battle system has still kept me excited about playing 30 hours in. I'm ok with open world games and linear games(Dunno why it seems to be a problem since past FF's "open worlds" was all smoke and mirrors) sometimes its very noticable that it's linear but most of the time you would not care. Also have to disagree, I think non fans of the series will enjoy it more.

    Personally i'd rate 13 above 12,10,9,and 8
  • The Pope
    This is the first Final Fantasy I ever played (aside from I, which bored me to tears), and I am absolutely enamored with it.

    So fuck off.
  • FireFALL
    I agree with pretty much everything said here and it's a fairly accurate review of FFXIII. Though I will say there is a purpose behind the linearity of the game and the lack of shops. The main reason for it being so linear is because unlike previous FFs where you are the heroes of the story, here pretty much everyone sees you as a villain and you're running away from armed forces for most of the game until right in the middle and because you're running away you don't get that extra time to do side quests or revisit previous areas, as it just wouldn't make any sense to. It also means that you can't leisurely stay in towns like in previous FFs, take Palomporum as the prime example of a usual greeting in a town as a i'cie. So shopping in towns is also pretty much ruled out, though I for one enjoy having shops in the save points as I just find it makes it so much more convenient this way but I wouldn't be surprised if I'm the only one who thinks this way.

    Anyway for all those who have yet to play it, I really do implore you to. In terms of story, while it can be somewhat confusing the fact that it keeps a record of everything helps to make everything clear and makes for a good refresher if you put the game down and decide to come back to it a month later. It also has in my own opinion some of the strongest characters in the entire FF series, it really says a lot to me a game when all the characters backstorys are so strong it has me wondering 'just who is the main character here?' I'm completely seriously if I had known nothing about the game before going into it, I really would struggle to know just who the main character is. Every character is carrying some sort of weight on their backs and every character is there for a reason. Which to me is a big thing considering that I stopped playing FFXII because of how lifeless the characters were...well aside from Baltheir but one character alone can't save a game.
  • aleigor
    Surprisingly I wasn't disappointed by that game.

    I didn't gave it much expectation, since from FFX(included) the later Final Fantasy sucks. I found Final Fantasy 13 refreshing and very interesting. While the game is super linear, at least it as a very good story-line and some very nice character, even Vanille gets to be better and less annoying and I personally thought Hope wasn't as bas as people said.

    The action sequence are really good, although the first 10 hours the game is very easy, its later that you'll see all the potential of the combat system and it's then you see how dynamics it is.

    The sum up, Final Fantasy XIII isn't the best Final Fantasy game, but its from far, better than the one on the PS2. For any RPG fans and Final Fantasy its at least a game to try,and not for 2 hours give it about 10-15h to really get into the game with the combat systems and etc.
  • Zig the Hunter
    well I don't know if i will get it now, i've got other FF games to play and then this game will be cheaper.
  • 7thPwnist
    Are you high?
    I've been a huge fan of Final Fantasy sense I started playing video games, but you claim THIS is the disappointing one? THIS!? FF13 is up there with 8 and 9 as far as being one of the best. You can relate to all the characters, it's clear this reviewer didn't get far in the game from what he says about the characters being annoying, that was the point! They were annoying at first and then they changed! Hope being a whinny brat? He changed. Vanille being super cheery? All a charade. Snow being a 'hero?' Changed. The battle system... a grind? Please, tell me ANY rpg with a better battle system other than Tales of (which I don't count as an RPG series). It was anything but a grind, constantly having to change paradigms to reflect different abilities or phases, etc. Not to mention did I catch him refering to L'Cie as "I'Cie"? The terminology was exceptionally easy to pick up on and they were super generous in explaining it constantly, too constantly, I'd even say. If you can't understand this game try understanding Metal Gear Solid -.-
    This reviewer doesn't even seem to be sure of what his opinion is, he constantly says its bad, then says, "It's not mediocre at all, it's quite good." Then "It's disappointing." Not to mention his inflection on certain sentences really didn't help, regardless, his opinion is wrong, because his facts are.
  • 9_6
    Say what you want but the terminology like fal'cie, l'cie, psikom etc gets thrown in your face in the beginning and never gets fully explained.
    It is also full of plotholes.
    Like, where the hell do those godlike fal'cie come from anyway?
    Who exactly built cocoon?
    Why does the party want to 'save' cocoon even though, to me, it looks like a hellhole, holocaust (purging, relocating to pulse) included.
    Why is there no living human in pulse, why does it look so post-apocalyptic and how can 2 of the characters in the party even come from there?

    At no point does the game bother to really explain its universe at all.
    Well I do realize I could probably read up on all of that in the datalog but, as sage said, why should I have to?
    It's bad storytelling.
  • Mikon
    Having not read the datalog, here's the answers to some of your questions, delivered in-game (warning, spoilers).

    The fal'cie were created by the God of the world, same as humans, and at the same time.

    The fal'cie built Cocoon to build up the human population.

    The party wants to save Cocoon because it's their home, and there's millions of people there.

    Pulse looks post-apocalyptic because of the war 500 years ago between Pulse and Cocoon, where Fang turned in to Ragnarok in an attempt to destroy the Cocoon fal'cie, destroy Cocoon, sacrifice the millions of people, and bring back the God who created the fal'cie and humans.
  • gfresh06
    If you can only control one character, it's by definition an inferior battle system for an RPG. So, not having played the game, that's definitely a point in Sage's favor.

    He also says there wasn't really any annoying characters, so I'm uncertain as to your outburst in the middle there.

    Also, comparing it to a game that many people seem to consider among the worst Final Fantasies (VIII, which, after VII and X, I haven't been able to make myself devote the time to finish), does not make yourself seem more credible.
  • kingrat2314
    Vanille's voice is fine, at least for the staple bubble-gum pop type teenage girl we sometimes see in JRPGs.
  • RedRed
    It's not her voice, it's her dialogue.
  • Gozar
    While I haven't taken the time out to watch this video or read a single comment here I'm just going to take a guess what it's about.

    Sage reviews what is actually an awsome game...and whines and nags about it like a 50 year old woman for the durration of the video.

    Is that about right?

    Honestly who cares what this biggest loser reject thinks 99.9% of his video game reviews are of him whining about a 5 star game. This guy nit picks at everything. He should be nit picking at a "treadmill" and his "weight scale".

    Seriously can't you appreciate anything at all? If I based the games I purchased on the reviews you made I guess I'd be sitting in an empty room playing windows 3.1 solitare.

    honestly this guy doesn't know what the hell he's talking about. Here's the key rule of how to judge a review... don't take the word of someone that complains about EVERYTHING!

    and if that sounded harsh I'm glad it did because that's the truth.
  • AdmiralAwesome
    Looks like someone took something rather personally.
  • anaeuphis
    Nitpicking is pretty much the job description of a critic. And Sage is fairly civil in that respect.

    Judging from your overblown reaction just because someone dared to not regress into pointless BEST GAME EVAR!!1! fanboyism and instead pointing out some perceived flaws - how valid these flaws are for everyone subjectivly is another topic ... I'm just glad Yahtzee will probably avoid reviewing a JRPG. You might commit suicide or wake up in an alley with some dead hookers.

    Oh. And that fat thing you did there? Nice. Instead of countering his arguments you whine on for 7 paragraphs and take cheap shots at someones physique. Real class act.
  • Gozar
    I'm not over reacting to anything I'm just tired of this guys half assed reviews.

    And I'm not final fantasy fan I actually always hated the games and stayed far away from them. I can't stand turn based RPG's.

    but you know what... I actually sat down to play the game one day and realized that aside from the things I didn't like about final fantasy it made up for with other aspects of it. Now I understand what the games are about.

    For the most part as soon as someone slaps up a video on here you folks start slamming on the 5stars without even really watching the videos and praising the reviewer regardless of how inaccurate or horrible the vid may have actually been then start criticizing people who see through the smoke and mirrors and start bashing them and their comments because they disagree with the reviewers content.

    This guy picks a game up doesn't really play it and starts blabbing about how awful it is...and not just this game there's been plenty of other ones. I'm not here to bash this guy for trying to be a game reviewer. I'm here to point out that if you want to be a game reviewer atleast spend more time trying to understand and play the actual game first before you leap out and start nagging about it.
  • gfresh06  - In Essence
    You're saying you're a troll, and admitting that fact, while refusing to watch the video.

    Good job. I'll keep an eye out for you in the future.
  • Gozar
    Actually my first comment was an estimate... my second was my review of the review.

    Seriously if you want to see someone review games that actually has a heart for games check out Angry joe's reviews.
  • Mav
    Oh the hilarity, you are wrong, he actually likes the game.

    Which is more than it deserves in my opinion lol
  • RedRed
    Honestly while I like the game the lack of world exploration is such a disappointment, ever since X Square Enix has been trying to force linearity little by little throughout each sequel. Also the lack of a visual change for the jobs is a big letdown, since one of the more memorable aspects of the other games namely I,III,V and XI were the visual change with each job.
    Lastly the game just no longer feels like a Final Fantasy, it just doesn't; Whatever spark that made the other games feel like part of a whole its just gone. When Chocobos and Moogles (the small visual cameo that is) don't feel like they belong to the games world you got a problem. Sadly the last two games that felt like a true Final Fantasy in the past decade have been IX (which no one played because it was a lighthearted game)and XI (which no one played because it was an MMO).

    Simply put, it's not a bad game by any stretch of the imagination, its just takes away in full what made the series great in the first place...kinda like Resident Evil 5 "3rd person Action shooter in my Survival horror? No thank you!".
  • danethefurry
    Great Review. Much more informative then spoony's horrible game reviews. I have been a Final Fantasy fan since I started with Final Fantasy I way back when. I have played every Final Fantasy but this one. That is mostly because besides playing this game, I don't see any reason to upgrade my game systems. I would have to say that my favorite Final Fantasy was actually Final Fantasy V. As long as this Final Fantasy has a good story, I should enjoy it for the most part.
  • petrino  - i dun get it...
    where is cloud? and seppirott? and the big ass swords? isnt this final fantasy?
  • AndThatsWhyMommyCriesAtNight  - Hmmm...........
    This is the first time I find myself disagreeing with Sage. This is the first time since FF7 that I've played a FF game all the way through. The battle system is superb, usually when I play RPGs I do just enough fighting to level my characters up but this time I actually went out of my way to take on every enemy I saw because I enjoyed the fights that much.

    I don't see why everyone hates Hope so much. He's whiny at the beginning but come on...he's a kid who had something genuinely terrible happen to him. He's allowed to feel like crap. I enjoyed watching him go from depressed to seeking revenge, and then acceptance. Though the Vanille/Sazh relationship steals the entire show with some of the best interactions I've seen in a game.

    It seems that the Final Fantasy series in general has taken a lot of hits lately. I suppose trash talking the popular franchises has become the "cool thing" to do. To all those not sure about this game at least give it a rental.
  • anaeuphis
    Hope is loathed because he fits perfectly into squenix's track record of androgynous brooding emo characters. Most people learned to loathe these and blame them for the perceived downfall of the franchise.

    That he might have a more reasonable excuse then most doesn't matter much if you go into the game with such a preconception.
  • Nova Neko
    at least its still better then 8 and FFXIV is coming out later this year also thou technically that is a MMOrpg
  • willzuma
    I've watched my roommate play it and i'm unimpressed. I like the character of Sazh and his pet chocobo, though the Japanese prejudice toward (or at the very least complete lack of knowledge of) blacks is very, very glaring in his character, as he is a composite of every Token black character from Danny Glover in Lethal Weapon, to Samuel L. Jackson. The voice of sarge from Halo doesn't help it either. Given that, this bland two demensional stereotype is more thought out, more developed than any part of this game, from the world, to the other characters.

    I'll watch him play it, but i'll spend my game time with other titles.
  • FullmetalNinja25
    I may rent it for my PS3 but I don't see myself buying it and I'm a huge Final Fantasy fan.
  • Yarumasi
    Saying all the positives and saying this is disappointing proves how confusing this review was, I mean no offense but you were all over, you made it sound fantastic (I've played through , I would know) but you basically tossed that in the shitter with "disappointing".
  • RaiTsui  - Well...
    Well, in his defense, he was saying that Final Fantasy hardcore fans were hoping it'd be better. He's saying it's an ok game, but it was disappointing to those who thought it'd be the Second Coming of Final Fantasy VII. XD

    As for myself, the only huge issues I have with the game are that the discs I've used (I had to return one because it wouldn't start) are glitchy, and freeze in between pre-rendered cutscenes a lot... also, I like exploring towns, so knowing that I won't get to go to one is a bit of a let down...
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