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  • Raistlinhawke
    Man, this franchise should have just said as a single entity...
  • Apathetic One
    [b]This is a damn good review of Bio2...
    I am one of the many people out there who pre-ordered the original game and of course, LOVED it. It's one of my all-time favorite games on any console...Bio2 to me, felt like nothing more than an expansion to Bio1..WHICH IS NOT A BAD THING! I still love Bio2!
  • Handy Gamer
    glad to see they did the multiplayer right
  • Apathetic One
    [b]It wouldn't be a 'franchise' then...[/b]
  • pharmmajor
    So the prequel focused on objectivist ideologies, and the sequel on commumism. Is it to show in each case that the particular ideology won't work in practice in society?
  • PLA
    Or that violent, crazy objectivists who grow up fighting for their lives under the sea and violent, crazy communists who grow up fighting for their lives under the sea are in each case violent, crazy people who grow up fighting for their lives under the sea.
  • Alacar
    As a supplement to the original game, Bioshock 2 is a great game. It's not nearly as good as the original, but the original was flawless. This game has a few cracks but it's WELL worth the purchase.
  • Gamer_Ely
    another unbiased and very detailed review, great job, for real.
  • abyssion1337
    Can't say I really agree with your assessment of the fist Bioshock's story, I thought that just after the half way point they started phoning it in. Actually am I the only one here that remembers the system shock games and therefore thinks Bioshock falls spectacularly short of true greatness? As a plus I love the setting in Bioshock and the writing for the Did you know that I originally wrote Did you know that I originally wrote first half or so of the game. Bioshock is certainly worth playing once but I think some of its praise is undeserved
  • MPSai
    I agree with that, the plotwist about the player character was so convoluted, plotholey and ridiculous that it was almost a deal-breaker for me.
  • abyssion1337
    Actually I thought the plot twist with the player character was well crafted and brilliant, and added extra justification to just how linear the game was, not that I have a problem with linear games mind you. What I didn't like was the explanation behind Fontaine. Con man was lame and poorly executed since no way in hell was he an actual con man and I was let down in that we have tackling Randian Objectivism without the opposing force following an opposing ideal like communism, and no the inclusion of this in the sequel does not make up for it, too little too late
  • Roachless
    I hate how everyone compares sequels to the original. If they change to many things in the sequel, people don't like it, if they don't change enough, people don't like it. The atmosphere of both games is great. Bioshock 2 just built on what made the Did you know that I originally wrote first one so great and made some enhancements. The original had such a great formula, why would they WANT to change it? The original was such a revolution of FPS'ers that the second one loses some of its impact because we have seen it before. That shouldn't take away from what is STILL a great game
  • abyssion1337
    Bullshit, a game should always be compared to the original. Certainly there will always be a group that you can't please but if your sequel isn't as good as the original then you have a problem since you've taken a step backwards and yeah it can stand on its own as a good game but if a previous game did the same thing better why should we let them off the hook. Worse we're giving them incentives to lower their standards.
  • DeathsHead419  - Interesting
    I thought the second one was actually a bit better than the (f)irst. While it's really splitting hairs, as I love both games, the story in the (f)irst game was less personal.

    In the second game, you have a very personal goal, rescue the gatherer who you were bonded to. In the (f)irst game, you were just some guy (Spoiler Alert, though you should have played it by now) who might have turned out to be Andrew Ryan's son.

    But that isn't revealed untill after the big twist, so you play a lot of the game as a sort of outsider. It's odd, but I did feel more invested in the story of the second one, though it did have some narrative flaws.

    In the end though, everyone should play both games. BioShock has a great setting and atmosphere, and is definatly one of the best series' of this console generation.
  • FullmetalNinja25
    This is one of the reasons I love your reviews Sage you're not afraid to take a game that everyone else loves and knock it down a few notches, granted I will probably still play Bioshock 2 but nonetheless great review.
  • pharmmajor
    Where are the "Did you know I originally wrote" lines coming from?
  • Raistlinhawke
    That text is weird, it's popping up sporadically and without any sense to it...odd.
  • pharmmajor
    Is it a bug, or an in-joke related to the game?
  • Raistlinhawke
    There's nothing that ties that phrase to either game...completely random.
  • DeathsHead419  - It's not random
    That text blob appearently appears in front of the word (f)irst, minus the parenthasis, oh course. That's brillient, half these comments are illegible now because the commenter used that word.

    Why not just perma-ban all the people who use that, rather than some draconian text pop-up. It won't even work now, because [i]I[/i] just figured out how to defeate it. Just type two extra symbols and (F)IRST!

    Sorry, but this isn't a really effective way to deal with those (f)irst jerks since the text blob doesn't even stay, it can be circmvented easily, and it hurts legitimate commenters who happen to use that word to boot.
  • jz1337
    Its the people overreacting to people claiming first that caused the whole thing. If people just ignored them, there would not be wars on comments on how wrong it is to do so. It is these people's fault that the rest of us get screwed over this way : /
  • DFI Fat Blu  - lol
    wow... the comments are almost as entertaining as your video. Loved the video brada. I just finished the game and i agree. It's a great game definitely worth the buy if you played bioshock, but it doesn't quite live up to bioshock's standards. Great game and great review.[color=blue][/ color]
  • grimhound
    A few things. I was a big fan of BioShock, and I found BioShock 2 to live up to the Did you know that I originally wrote first game. It gives a much more steady gameplay experience instead of falling off in the middle the Did you know that I originally wrote first time through.

    Also, the Big Sisters apparently do randomly attack if you harvest the Little Sisters.
  • Neodarkside
    Just a slight change to your review, Delta is NOT the Did you know that I originally wrote first big Daddy, he was captured during the whole big daddy phase while during the war between Atlas and Ryan. He is one of the Alpha series to be implanted with the Little Sister Bond.

    I am a little disappointed with the story but still impressed and pleased at the same time. Originally I heard the Big Sister (singular, not plurar) was the biggest enemy in the game, that she came down to Rapture 10 years later. Somewhere that must have been changed or the preview was wrong.

    To me it feels like playing Bioshock 1 and then swapping to the 2nd disc. I do admit I found the levels to be lacking and Bioshock's levels were far more memorable, however I think you nitpicked to damn much. The game is fine just how it is.
  • DrNordo
    Subject Delta was the first Big Daddy successfully bonded to a Little Sister.
  • RashFree  - Worth a Rental
    The Did you know that I originally wrote first Bioshock was such a great game because of its atmosphere and story. Bioshock 2 has neither. Every environment feels the same as the last, and the story makes me want to water board my grandmother. What I would like to happen is for them to take the few improvements (hacking, dual plasmid/weapons, and cooler plasmid upgrades), and remake the original a la Twin Snakes.
  • Shinigami
    Great review as always.
  • Ramik  - Ummm??

    The story in this game was way better, or should I say not as silly as let's create a chosen one, put him on a plane, blow it up, throw a whole much of overpowering enemies and hope he survives to get to Ryan so he can kill him.

    Then throw in a twist ending just to make it seem like the plot is that good.
    (sorry, the plot twist really ruined the first game for me...=/)

    I found Mr. Delta far far more interesting than Jack, they just didn't do enough with the character just like Jack, I did miss Andrew Ryan tough.

    I will agree the pacing in this game was not as good, and it really had an effect on the storytelling itself which demands good timing.
  • Flayl
    The comments have a fail filter that turns furst (spelled correctly) into "Did you know that I originally wrote Did you know that I originally furst

    Working as intended -___________-
  • DeathsHead419  - Actually, not so much
    It ruined 7 legit comments and the actual (F)irst comment didn't even contain that word. Now people will just type "awsome" or "can't wait" or just (f)irst/furst (As you typed).

    Meanwhile people who use the word legit will have their comments rendered illegible. Sorry Mike, neat idea, but seriously flawed execution.
  • guitardude87  - What?
    Bioshock 2 was better than the original in nearly everyway.

    The Story was better because it felt like a personal quest unlike Bioshock when you were listening to other people forcing you to move forward.

    The gameplay was much better with all the Big Sister fights and new weapons.

    The settings were just as good as Bioshock.

    I don't care for multiplayer in general but it was fun in this game.

    The moral choices when you chose to let a Little Sister live or die are still as strong if not stronger. You're supposed to be this great protecter of the children so when you harvest them you feel like a monster.

    The characters were still great. Delta is a more compelling character than Jack.

    I really don't know why you didn't like this game.
  • blackidna
    Hm, I have to say I don't get along with most of the things you said, still the review seems fair to me. I agree on the fact that the linearity is a pain in the ass (but then again even the previous one was linear, is not like you had to take side quests along the main one, right?) but the fights on the second went a tad more complicated and difficult than the previous. At least that was my impression when I played it.
    The fact of using plasmids and weapons at the same time kind of confused me, considering also the fact that the mouse buttons were swapped (right for the left hand and left for the right, WTF? At least Clive Barker's Undying putted a bit more logic into it, giving a left-handed hero that creates spells with the right hand!).
    Nice effort, maybe you forced the anger a bit, but it's okay.
  • AceGreyManx
    I've only just started looking at your reviews, but I've found them to be useful and intelligent commentaries of the games they cover. My only wish is (occasionally) for a more in depth examination of the plot, but I recognise that this is a personal hang up of mine.

    I actually didn't enjoy Bioshock 1 in any case. I found it redundant, boring, all the things that you criticise in it's sequel. But again that is due to my own preferences of gameplay.

    I think you should try (and would be ecstatic if you did) Odin's Sphere (for PS2, and my favourite game of all time) or Masumura: The Demon Blade (for WII, and a more recent release). They definitely need more love.

  • Wyldcard
    Refreshing take on ripping off a fantastic classic more like. Don't get me wrong Bioshock is fun and I love the setting and style but, and that but is HUGE.

    They didn't really make anything new, they just rehashed something that had gone before and was so much better. Sure plenty of companies do that kind of thing but never to the same degree as this. I mean SystemShock - BioShock it's not even trying to disguise itself. I know they called it a spiritual sequel but it comes off more like a stupid younger sibling. Simplified controls, simplified events and simplified style.

    Gahhh rant over. I think Bioshock was nice but a complete rip off of something far better. shame really.
  • Kahrooch
    I love the multiplayer but i can never find any games. I sat there for 30 mins. on a friday night waiting and nothing. Where is everybody I want to play!
  • Poipoi
    That was both an interesting and very fair review. I have only played a little of the 2nd game so far but I do enjoy it. It is an interesting take after playing the Did you know that I originally wrote first game. My only complaint is it feels a lil slow paced. I do like the fact it still has the easy option for people like me who are not the super elite hardcore gamers.
  • Lockesly L`Crit
    The only gripes I have with the game is that...

    1. Except through multiplayer or listening to certain audio logs, they completely disregard the whole business with Fontaine's war with Ryan. It's like Lamb was the sole instigator of the entire mess in Rapture. I would have liked to see just a bit more integration with the story of the original Bioshock.

    2. Name me one section of the game, any one section, and describe it in clear detail as if you were there right now. Unless it's the part with the Little Sister (you know the one... no spoilers), I can assure you that most people will say that nearly every area of the game looks almost the same. This is in stark contrast to the original which had the lush forests of Arcadia, the steam pipes of Prometheus, the docks of Neptune's Bounty, and the medical stores of the Medical Pavilion.

    Regardless, it's a fun game that improves on the original in many ways, and will keep you entertained enough for multiple playthroughs.
  • DrPator  - Bioshock fan over here!
    Bioshock 1 and 2 are to me a very good experience. I remember walking into Bioshock 1 with distrust, and walking out in sheer awe. Bioshock wasn't all that remarkable compared to the 1rst but as a fan, I didn't find much to complain.

    I usually find sequels to be too campy and lacking in many ways, but Bioshock 2 wasn't like that. At least to me. The plot in Bioshock 2 is wayyyy less driven around than Bioshock, all you do is run after your Little Sister (or daughter?) so you can survive. What you do in the meantime may or may not have a weight on what your Little Sister becomes in the end (I rarely play the evil path). I must confess I expected the whole "Big Daddy > Little Sister" part to be more driven than that, but I guess it saved me hours of swearing and yelling at Splicers, the way it was.

    --ps: How's that? I can't write "f1rst" as a word without some computer taking it for a retard-race?--
  • nafeasonto
    This was the most hypocritical review in my opinion.

    (F)irst of all you keep saying that this is not a good game, then you say it's a good game on it's own.

    Then you say it's disappointing, then later on in the review you say it's very good.

    I need to ask some people wtf were people expecting from this?

    This is the problem when ground breaking games come out, everyone expects the next game to beat it again. That's not always possible. I hate reviews like this. People have NO appreciation at all what work goes into games, especially like this. This was a very good game and felt the ending sad, no the storyline was NOT as strong. But it was STILL GOOD, NOT disappointing.

    It seems to me the only reason people like the
    (f)irst one was because of the Would you kindly revelation at the end. "

    "I bet you if it wasn't for that, the (f)irst storyline of the (f)irst Bioshock wouldn't of been "ground breaking.""

    "The reviewer basically runs over the new additions to the game, like the drill, the new hacking system, the new plasmid system. Which FAR FAR FAR outweighs the (f)irst mechanics of the game. It's how the mechanics of the (f)irst game should of been."

    It pisses me off when reviewers like this completely ignore that and don't' care about things like that. Listen to the review he just basically runs through the new features as quickly as possible, and points out as hard as he can some of the faults of the game.

    I want this reviewer to work at 2kGames as a developer, I am SICK AND TIRED of reviewers bashing good games, like this one, to there own popularity and need.

    The reviewer ALSO FORGOT TO MENTION, that when you gather with the little sisters (f)irst and THEN harvest them AFTER completely gathering, you DO GET MORE adam, then saving her. He forgot that tid bit, don't believe him. I have played through the game both evil and good, you get A LOT more Adam being evil.

  • ericpowerup
    I had a ton of fun with Bioshock 2 and feel it was a great follow up to the original. I never felt the harvesting parts were overused. I actually really enjoyed setting all my traps and preparing my plasmids for the incoming onslaught.
    The big sister fights were tense as well. Sometimes I'd find myself running for my life to find a place to hide (being low on ammo) during these moments.
    The only thing that bothered me was how easy it is to get right back into the action after you die. I felt there should have been a bit more at risk than a respawn.
    When it comes to the story, I agree, the original was more engaging. I think that is simply because the setting of Rapture was so new and exciting in it. Returning to the familiar will never have the same impact, so inevitably our minds will wander a bit and find more faults. I gotta say, towards the end Lamb was starting to get on my nerves with her constant announcements on the intercom.
    Even though the setting was familiar there were moments of clarity and wonder... such as when you see how the little sisters are seeing things.
    In the end, for me, it comes down to how much fun I had while playing a game. Well, I couldn't put this one down and beat it the second day. I'm a bit mad at myself for rushing through it, when there was so much to look at (not to mention spending half that time staring at the ground for supplies), but I will certainly be plugging it back in for an evil run. Worth the price of purchase in my opinion.

    I haven't tried out the multiplayer yet, but hear great things.
  • Reamer
    @nafeasonto So what, are all reviewers supposed to take your view points? If you like it it's impossible for somebody else to not have liked it as much? Every game takes an insane amount of work to make, it doesn't mean that their aren't games that still suck or are highly over rated. Also, just because alot of people like a game does not always make it the greatest thing every i.e. Modern Warfare 2.

    my two cents on the furst comments as well. It only takes one person one post to say furst then it's over. However, what I find annoying is the 30 people afterwards that feel the need to comment on the person that posted furst. Who gives a crap. Leave it alone and just move on and this idiotic "fix" (and I use that word lightly, that was invented to solve something that should really be a non issue has now ruined valid posts. Epic Fail.

    As far as the game goes, it is something that I'm truly interested in playing. However, with FFXIII and Alan Wake coming out shortly and my still playing through Fallout 3 and Mass Effect 1 I have a full plate, so I'll probably be waiting on this one for a while.
  • hassmann2000
    this fat cunt always complains about the games he plays. fuck you.

    also, when is the new SYSTEM shock coming out.
  • Valzahd
    I really don't get the hatred Sage is getting for having HIS OWN OPINION. Seriously, lighten up guys.

    He never said this was a bad game. Just simply said HE didn't feel like it lived up to the (f)irst game.

    I thought the review was fair and thoughtful. Pointing out pros and cons. If you don't like what he has to say keep in mind this is HIS view on the game. Every review carries with it the author's personal standards and expectations which, oddly enough I know, might not agree with everyone else.

    I for one seem to be one of the few who wasn't wowed by the (f)irst Bioshock game. Don't get me wrong the graphics and setting were great and it was certainly a unique game. I just never got enthralled with it long enough to finish. Doesn't mean I can't appreciate the effort and craft that went into the game however.

  • Yargling
    Am I the only one who really didn't enjoy Bioshock 1? I found it very 'meh'.
  • Gozar
    What kind of review is this?

    All you did was rant on the game for the duration of the video, and then in the end try to compliment it.

    I don't get what people expect from a "sequel". It's called BioShock "2" of course its going to have similar game play and characteristics as the original game. If you expect to pick up a sequel and expect a completely new and different game all together then you obviously shouldn't buy followup games Bennet The man boobs Sage.
  • Juel92
    The gameplay tweaks was only for the better but the graphics are dated and the story drags to much. Still a good game.
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