Left 4 Dead 2

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  • dawnbreak
    Its still the best co-op games ive ever played it actually is req to work together not just ramboing by your self.
  • Mav
    Exactly...i don't think i have ever seen a review that has missed the point so much as this one, to gloss over the necessity of coop yet go on and on about the fact its just shooting zombie's is the wrong way to approach this game, because this is a coop game, no two ways about it, if your playing this on your own the game is terrible, get yourself four mates and this game is in my opinion one of the greatest games ever made, no other game offers a coop experience like it, you cannot survive without your friends its not just adding an extra few guns like other games. Me and my mates have played the first game to absolute death right until the 2nd one came out and now we're are playing this to death.

    The footage that Bennett took was from single player mostly, which i hope doesn't suggest this is how he mostly played the game, get three good friends, and not just randoms in matchmaking, and then and only then is when the game shows its true brilliant colours...
  • gojirafan430
    the review didn't miss the point at all....

    sorry Mav but Sage is right
  • LetsHitMike
    bout time someone reviewed this!
  • Lodeman AKA LARUCUS
    I take it you were part of the boycott... well seeing some of your other reviews, i gotta say this is pretty consistent with what you say about alot of recent games... so instead of just giving the pros and cons of a game, even though its mostly cons, you should have a rating system or say if you prefer the game or not...
    He use to rate games ... Different folks like different games, so he dropped the rating system.
  • mannMAN
    I like it but, it's really zombie maniacs. It should of been lower price or added something else revolutionary that L4D was, still a good game
  • Kenori
    I believe I'm going to have to do a review of this myself, because you and I disagree quite a bit.

    You wanted variation in a game about the zombie apocolypse? I ask you what more could you want?

    No really? Give me one idea that doesnt involve shooting zombies in a game about a zombie apocolypse...
  • Wiggleguy
    Kenori, your sooo silly. Everyone wants Easter Bunnies hopping around giving you chocolates I mean geesh that was the major thing they left out! WE WERE PROMISED EASTER BUNNIES WITH FREE CHOCOLATE!!! *cries* :( Um but yeah, you do make a point there can't be much variation in a game about a Zombie Apocalypse. Hm.. maybe they could have added... some cooking levels? COOK THEM ZOMBIES GOOD!!! :woohoo:
  • dyi
    this review to sage is nostalgia critic's melvin sketch
  • pharmmajor
    How about a RTS-style game against intelligent zombies that have taken over world military structures?

    Sage is right; you need variety if the game touches on a plot that's been done many times already.
  • NostalgiaOCD
    How would you use strategy against a group that's defined as being mindless??? They wouldn't be zombies if they were intelligent (just diseased people) and it would end up being like any other RTS.
  • toketsukitsune
    What about Resident evil 1 through 3. Shooting the zombies wasn't the point it was finding your way out of the situation you were stuck in before being killed.
  • benzaie
    not to enter any fight, but Dead RIsing is about Zombies and has a LOT of variety
  • Joben
    You haven't really thought about this at all have you?

    I'm serious, have you ever seen a zombie movie, or read say The Zombie Survival Guide? Are we talking about the same thing?

    Traditionally the genre does not begin or end with action set-pieces that look like they were inspired by Serious Sam.

    Don't get me wrong, i like frantic action games. But running around in circles firing thousands or rounds of ammo is not what Zombies are about for many, perhaps even most, fans of the genre.

    The Zombie Mythos is based on paranoia, survivalism, defense, hiding, escape, scrounging for supplies, managing fear, forming alliances, picking your battles and many more TACTICAL considerations. Having a game were the answer to every problem is just to hold down the trigger and circle strafe and asking what more we could possibly want is just...WEIRD.

    For reference, the S.T.A.L.K.E.R series, while not a zombie game per say, is the closest thing I've found to the sort of game play I would like to see in a game about a zombie apocalypse.
  • Soundman
    Boring? Co-op is way fun and adds a lot of replay value. I'm not a zombie fanatic and I really enjoy playing Left 4 Dead 2 over and over again on co op. Sure, if you play it by yourself you're going to get bored very quickly. If you play it with other people, it gets really fun. Unless your teammates suck.
  • DaBabyGorilla
    I'm probably going to have to pass on this game. Thanks for the review Sage.
  • happystickman
    Meh, if I'm blowing off zombie heads.. I'm good for a couple of hours.
  • Pacerman  - Pfft
    I don't agree with this review, while it is true the main idea of the game is zombie killing, calling it a "one tick pony" couldn't be a worse description of the game.

    What about the strategy involved?

    Is Halo a one trick pony since all you kill are aliens?
  • Tritonon
    it is a game you need to play with your friends... that is where the fun lies... goofing around killing zombies with your friends
  • Kenori  - re: Pfft
    Is Halo a one trick pony since all you kill are aliens?[/quote]


    Seriously, with the massive varied zombie types, the different weapons, and the inclusion of the versus modes, how can you say its a one trick pony...I are confused...
  • Mr Dark  - Do you have anyone to play with?
    L4D2, like L4D, is a very fun game to replay, over and over. My friend Steven and I have a ton of fun every time we replay a campaign.

    The replay value is not only all of the achievements you can unlock, but the [i]actual gameplay[/i] itself makes it worthwhile to play several times. It's just that fun.

    Sorry but your review is far from nailing it.
  • Adrenal Lynn
    I found it to be a carbon copy, just not worth the retail price. It's fun, no doubt, but it's honestly really boring and repetitive. If I have friends over, then it's a blast. Otherwise, meh.
  • Tritonon
    That is why I ordered online from Game Stop with 20 bucks knocked off the price
  • Mav
    The key point to what you said there is 'if i have friends over'. Never play this game without friends...seriously...
  • Yunadanta  - Overview
    While Bennett does make a fair few points; the main one, that the game is boring because of the way it plays (killing hordes of the undead with u'r friends or killing the survivors as the SI) is wrong in ways, if u think about it from that perspective what u say can also be said about most games that have an online multiplayer mode.
    I think the point Bennett is tryin to make though is that for the single player game this game is very boring (not helped by the fact that the AI is at best completely batshit-retarded) so if u are not going into it sololy for the multiplayer values, u'r not gonna find this game interesting although with the depth online gaming has come to now it is almost impossible for the player not to play for it's online gameplay
  • grimhound  - I disagree.
    The review couldn't be further off. While yes, the game does focus on the mass dispatch of the infected, the deeper focus is on cohesion and communication to reach a common goal. The atmosphere is nostalgic and innovative between stages, and while they use the same mechanics for many of the levels, the touches of brilliance in design that shine through in some campaigns (read: Hard Rain) readily make up for it.

    The game is one best enjoyed by friends, and one of the biggest issues is that formation of a cohesive group otherwise is difficult. Yet that adds a sense of realism to the game. You have four vastly different personalities coming together in a fight to survive. You have an infinite variation in your team when you play the game in the fashion of a PUG. Granted, there are some jerks, but there are a lot of jerks in real life too.

    As for the review, it came off more as trying to cater to those who are direly against the game already, and then even as something simply biased by a pre-existing viewpoint. I was among those who judged the game brutally. I was its harshest critic. I found the demo boring and lifeless. Yet when I finally went about getting the game... I became lost in it.
  • Leefford
    Sorry Sage but I have to disagree with you this time around.
    This game took a very fun recipe, and expanded on it making it even more enjoyable. I'm sure if there hadn't been the "the game should be DLC" debate leading up to this game's review, then Sage would have been kinder to it.
    It takes the great elements of the previous game, and improved what needed it; that is what a true sequel is.
  • IRodC
    I agree in the fact that the game will get pretty boring if you are looking for more than just killing zombies. I'm pretty most people that bought the game bought just for the sake of killing zombies in new ways. Be it alone or with their friends.
  • colonelfancy41  - Kinda meh.
    It just doesn't do anyhting to elevate the experience of the game to make it feel like a true sequel, it's more like an expansion that should not have been 60$. It's an alright game that, like he says, plays off killing uncounted hordes of zombies. It's like playing Grand Theft Auto just to run around and kill hookers; yeah it's fun for now, but gets old.
  • kurnalgraham  - Its alot more of a co-op game.......
    Congratulations sage you've managed to make about 20 or 30 of your fanboys not buy it by saying theres no variety.Great job!
  • This game was made for the coop experience, and even though it does that decently (I say decently because there are other, much better games that are holding my attention at the moment), it should have been an expansion pack, not a fully-priced game.
  • MSH-Hitman
    It's certainly a better game than the first one and no contest the better title. So if you liked the first one, you'll like the second one.

    But in the end I do agree that it lacks alot of variety to keep it all that interesting after maybe a few weeks to a month of play compared to other titles. Sure people say "What do you expect? You kill zombies" and that is fine, but why couldn't there be more? More objectives, things to do, more gametypes? Why is it all a minimal variation of the main playthrough?

    Overall it has some fun moments, but just like L4D1, I won't be playing the game tons or it'll just die off like the first.
  • Nadilo
    great review I dont know if Im going to buy this game. Is more of the same stuff but with different Odor
  • Tritonon
    what does that even mean... I feel the review is tainted... he played through the game by himself... I find that boring... it is made for the co-op made... now I was not going to pay 60 for this game... but I found I deal to get it new for 40... imagine if you played halo just for the single player value (or almost ever FPS)... the game would suck... but getting to shot someone who is on the other side of the country is a lot of fun... it is even more fun to kill a pain-in-the-ass player who is on your team... but that is a rareity
  • masterem243
    Sorry Sage, but I'm gonna have to disagree with you. I really love this game because of the 3 dimensional characters, the Southern Visual Asthetics, and the intensely fun multiplayer.
  • kurnalgraham  - re:
    [quote=theTrekkieWithTheU noriginalUse]This game was made for the coop experience, and even though it does that decently (I say decently because there are other, much better games that are holding my attention at the moment), it should have been an expansion pack, not a fully-priced game.[/quote] Please no one would be bitching about making it an expansion if it had come in an another year.
  • buried_treasure_yay
    Weak review man. Lacking in variety you say? Look at the sheer amount of gameplay modes, and the fact that you can play as the special infected in each of the two PvP modes. Actually, your whole gripe with the game isn't a gripe more than it is you just ignoring everything good this game has to offer, such as strategies on how to kill certain enemies, and what you do in the many crises that arise when you are either separated from the team, caught by a hunter/smoker, vomitted on and can't see, and what to do when teammates are in a pickle.

    Actually, we can try your review style with this review on other good games:

    Mario: All you do is run and jump on bad guys, what a boring game.

    Every FPS game: You just have this gun and shoot stuff, boooooorrriiing.

    Adventure games: Clicking games where you have to click on parts of the screen in the right order in certain places, so it just boils down to one large row of clicks at an abnormal frequency, doesn't get more boring.

    Lastly you say that this game's appeal lies solely in the zombie apocalypse theme, which is just plain wrong. I personally have not read any zombie books nor have I watched any zombie movies as I don't watch horror movies or indeed new movies altogether, yet I still like this game.

    This is a good action game. It has tons of variety in gameplay with its various modes, locales, and [b]situations[/b]. Emphasis on that last part because you will find yourself in so many different situations depending on how the game plays out, and you have to make certain decisions fast when these arise.

    I'm not all for giving every game a high score, and I'll be the first to criticize a first person shooter for being drab and cliched, like the countless heavily armored marine games that have you shooting aliens with buff guns. But this is not an FPS game like any other save the first L4D, which was a predecessor to this tweaked and very polished version of it.

    Hell, this game isn't perfect, but you didn't even mention the few negatives, like the lack of the atmosphere the previous game had. Just a bad review man, at least analyze the game a little and actually see the variety that is in fact present within. Your review is just inaccurate, poorly thought out, and frankly misleading.
  • Demon Lord1954
    the thing is, I knew this was going to be a piss poor review before even watching. Congratulations Bennett you made it so I know how all your reviews going to end, with over 80 people (and growing with every half assed review you do) who could do a better job reviewing then you disagree with you and only, like 20 of your dumb fanboys that agree on every little thing you say because they can think on their own. Also Bennett do something else because your reviews a boring also you're like a one trick pony too but you are trying ticks that a pony shouldn't do
  • NordicOten
    So, a couple of questions.

    What difficulty were you playing this on, and how often did you play co-op as opposed to single-player?
  • mysticlink89  - Sage, no, just no.
    I clicked on this video expecting to see how happy you were with this game. Throughout the whole thing I feel like you are just the same as the other fans that were annoyed at the making of a second L4D. I agree so much with buried_treasure_yay. You say how all it is is shooting zombies and how repetitive it gets. A "one trick pony" to use your words exactly.

    Well this is my first time playing a L4D game, and my usual team were huge fans of the first one. They constantly tell me how much of an improvement this game is from the second. They took everything that was flawed and made it better. Sort of like an Assassin's Creed 1 to Assassin's Creed 2 scenario. Apparently the fact that you couldn't use melee weapons was a huge issue, and honestly I can't picture playing a L4D without them. The same thing goes for a game with out the Jockey, Spitter, and Charger.

    My friends and I can't stop playing it, and we are damn determined to finish all campaigns on expert. So please sir stop being bitter, find some good chums and decapitate like you never decapitated before!
  • Elrik Undersn
    Do people just pick and choose portions of this review when they decide to come up with 'counterpoints' to Sage's video? He states that co-op is where a lot of the fun for the game is, he didn't miss it, so stop making it sound like he didn't.

    I bought the first Left for Dead, I agree with a lot of Sage's points for the simple sake that while killing zombies is fun, if someone wants more the experience, multiplayer or not, is going to wear thin after awhile. He didn't say the game was bad, only that some people may not enjoy this title completely. While I don't necessarily agree with Sage on all points of his videos, he tends to make a fair argument with both pros and cons for a game.

    If anything I find his reviews to be as balanced as he can get them, willing to state the cons even for games he likes. Get off the high horse, Left for Dead may be a fun series, and 2 might have improved some things, but that doesn't mean that it's perfect or that everyone will enjoy it.
  • buried_treasure_yay
    Sorry Elrik Undersn, but no. This is not a fair review of the game and just because he states that the co-op is where all the fun lies, does not mean he did not call the game a one trick pony, imply that there's no variety when the game has so many [u]unique[/u] gameplay modes, and pretty much neglect to mention all the other positives.

    No, I'll tell you what he probably did. He jumped in the game's campaign mode, played through the whole thing on Easy, possibly with bots only, then wrote this review. Does he even know what Realism has to offer, or that it forces players to communicate? Or the difference between versus and scavenge? He mentions nothing good, while constantly reminds the viewer of how the game is repetitive. Even when he mentions the voice acting he goes on about repetitiveness. Was there anything said in the review, anything good mentioned, that was not laced with negatives?

    It's not fair to a game as polished and unique as this one, and a game with so much variety. Even if he personally did not like ANYTHING the game had to offer, he can't just say there's no variety. I open this game up and just sit there scrolling through the modes wondering what I want to play today, and he's saying no variety. This is the go to game for co-op first person shooting, NO GAME nailed it better, ever. And you have this guy saying there's no variety and that it's a one trick pony, when it's polished in every aspect. He even rips the game's graphics, which are excellent and do the job very well. But no, maybe sage needs a game to run horribly on his PC before he acknowledges its graphics. He doesn't even show the part of Hard Rain where it rains so hard even voice chat is drowned out, a unique feature that demonstrates this game's polish, and graphical representation. What other game did you play that had a better depiction of horrible weather?

    There's no excuse, the review was just plain bad and I'm not just ripping on it like a youtube hater, I've explained why.
  • Tritonon
    that is not the problem... it is that he did say enough about it...
  • mr.volvo
    hey man - took the words right out of my mouth
  • Mav
    It's not balanced, he mentions the importance of coop once, the review should have been almost entirely about coop
  • Davideogamer
    Yeah, this is one of the few of your reviews I really disagree with. Saying that the concept of teaming up against an undead horde is inherently boring just seems like a matter of taste, rather than fact. Your logic in this video just seemed pretty flawed.
  • HatredsOnlyRedSon
    Wow Sage.

    You're usually good.

    But this was an epic fail of a review. You failed to consider just about every aspect of the game.
    More over, whoever's playing the game in the video utters fails at aiming, and that may have tainted your view(if it's you.).
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