TGWTG Slashy Extravaganza

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  • benzaie
    I laughed my ass off during that vid, the voice were incredible...weird nobody mention how he did Spoony's voice... I actually thought this was accurate, same for Joe...

    the arts are available on my DA: [url]http:// gallery/#Fan-Arts[/url]

    2 are Poopay's artwork : (click)
    [url=http:// 7benzaie-2-20091126- 092050.jpg][img]http:// tn/tn_7benzaie-2- 20091126-092050.jpg[/img] [/url][url=http:// 7benzaie-20091126- 092211.jpg][img]http:// tn/tn_7benzaie-20091126- 092211.jpg[/img][/url]
  • CandidCreep
    I second that, the Spoony impression was pretty good.
  • ladydiskette  - lol
    This is the first time I have ever seen The Sage's videos (partically on fanfiction) the moment I saw the word "slash" it conjured up images of some Hellsing slash that I did back in the day.

    I wouldn't be surprised if he caught them floating around the net 0_0
  • ladydiskette
    Awwwww yays Ma-Ti got his own "happy ending"
  • JeanJacket
    LOL. Wow. That story was epic.

    Your Suede voice sounds more French than your Benzaie voice, BTW.

    And thanks to your version of Linkara's voice, I kept expecting to hear "Punk is nothing but death... and crime... and the RAGE OF A BEAST!"

    I wish you luck with My Immortal. You'll need it...
  • Marvel Man 34
    Have you ever read a good fan fiction on here?
  • A Dead Diehard
    You [i]could[/i] count "Bennett vs KFC" as good. Maybe.
  • Seng
    Well that one Jurassic Park one was written pretty well it just had a really weird, disgusting, and unbelievable plot.

    Also what is up with all the, well I guess you could call it yaoi, in TGWTG fics?

    Seriously this is the second TGWTG fic where the Nerd and NC have had... relations.

    Then the Linkara and Dr. Insano happened.

    And then Suede and Benzai... Seriously.

    Though I suppose it is a girl who most likely has a huge obsession with yaoi.
  • ladydiskette
    lol....I guess ever since thier publicity fight girls have seen NC and the AVGN in a "different" light so to speak.

    Its really isn't any different than the Chris/Wesker or Alucard/Anderson slash fics I have read.
  • ladydiskette
    I think Dr. Insano/Linkara pairings are now my new favorite and has lured me into wanting to find more... *cue evil laugh*

    How much do you guys want to bet that the one Sage read was the edited toned-down version of the slash fic? ;)
  • ladydiskette
    Dr. Insano stole Linkara's virginal innocence! D:

    Oh well, I loved the fanfic regardless and its inspired me to imagine what I believe happened between those two. Lets just say it involves morphine and test tubes.
  • zel
    Don't worry Bennett - I'm sure some fanfic about you will be popping up soon enough. ;D

    Your Benzaie & Linkara voices were epic, btw.
  • HopeWithinChaos
    Way to kill me off in the very beginning. "Heavy Losses", is that a fat Joke!?
  • aunt_zelda
    I thought you would prefer being dead in the fic to being slashed with another man. My mistake! Won't happen again!
    (No, that wasn't a fat joke. You're not even fat, why would I make a fat joke?)
  • phoenixjustice
    lol. You've officially made it Zel-chan! XD And look what you made me do! You made me get an account! :P Nooooo I don't need another fandommm --gets dragged in, kicking and screaming-- XD
  • stirfriedsushi  - i could only make it through 10 min
    it was too much for me, i am weak
  • No Limit
    You know? I actually didn't think the fanfic was that bad until I realized....*vomits into paper bag* Yeah. Should've known.
  • artimus
    You know, your Benzai voice sounds kind of like Borat impersonating Marlin Brando.

    Weird, yet excellent read.
  • Gilded Boogie Delights
    Ah, yes, the TGWTG apocalypse/megaslash!fic. I remember finding it through a link via Tv Tropes and then skimming through it and the comments out of (morbid) curiosity. Damn, this is a pretty hilarious read. The drawings rock too.

    Don't worry. Plenty of people know you're diet sexy regardless of how you're depicted in this fic. ;D
  • ThatGuyInTheHeadband
    That was... something. I wonder what the other TGWTGites will say about it?

    Sweet! My Immortal's next! I can't wait for what little sanity I have left to be shattered! :woohoo:
  • Fangoram
    Nice to see Ma-Ti/Bhargav finally getting some love. Its just a shame Linkara had to be raped first.
  • PaulRapRaptor99  - I shold have given this a one star.
    I can't believe that I watched this carp...

    Well anyway since My Immortal is going to be the next one. An author on wrote a story about reviews and their flames or just flames. I think the author's pen name is former price of DDR.

    I also write Fan fiction and I thought that the Sage would have found one by now, but oh well.

    I hate the story. Hope I don't die from losing all of my brain cells in the next episode.
  • Kayu Ishida
    Well... I am quite uncomfortable now. *shudder*

    Great job reading though, Sage. You're voices made me lol.
  • Deimos1984rd
    That fanfic was pretty funny, disturbing too but funny.

    D..Do I need to know what My Immortal is? :(
  • Xenthia
    In case you don't know what My Immortal is, check out http:// /. It's probably the funniest thing I've ever read.
  • Aura Master Fox
    My Immortal is a painful kind of funny.
  • Tezzle
    I was hoping the guy at the end would the Bum instead of Suede. "OHHHH MY GOD, THIS IS THE GREATEST RESISTANCE I'VE EVER FOUGHT IN MY LIFE!"
  • bleedingrosedg  - re:
    [quote=Tezzle]I was hoping the guy at the end would the Bum instead of Suede. "OHHHH MY GOD, THIS IS THE GREATEST RESISTANCE I'VE EVER FOUGHT IN MY LIFE!"[/quote]XD That would have kicked so much ass.
  • MaidOfAwesome

    That was actually pretty awesome in its own twisted and disturbing ways. Hooray for the return of Suede! (Have we started the countdown clock for his return yet?)
  • eilzomalzo
    Is anyone else looking forward to Suede's reaction to this?

    Looking forward to Sage's My Immortal, but don't think it will ever best the LRMReading one. too many hilarious adlibs.

    Off for a hearty glass of Dracola

  • Obscurus Lupa
    My Immortal is the greatest thing in the world. I DEFY you not to laugh. Whether you do or you don't, you win.
  • glu

    I never could stomach to see an entire episode of this (it's not you, i mean i can't stomach fanfics), but this one, i had to and...

    damn!'re a BIG DAMN HERO. Seriously. To go thru all these, you're THE man!

    So much foe-yay!... my brain took quite a beating. Im weak.

    Anyways, for somereason, of all the characters involved, for some reason i only imagined Marzgurl acting out her scenes...wierd.
  • AVGNostalgiaLady
    This really was funny... but actually not that bad of a concept. I'm really glad the sex scenes weren't as graphic as the one in the Doug and James fic. :s

    I wanted Marzgurl to be with Linkara in the end... :( She rounded up the troops and was all "let's go save my man!!!" and then she hugged Linkara when they found him... but then she decided to lezz out instead. Multiple personalities much? :0

    Seriously, though, a Linkara/Marz pairing would have at least been slightly believable. Ever since they did the "Cool World" review together, I thought they'd be a cute couple.
  • tiggerpete
    it wasn't too bad until Dr. Insano was raping Linkara, that made me gag a little, then the whole NC AVGN "fight" was pretty bad too, what kind of sick perverted person makes this shit up? most of the characterizations were a bit off too, overall, WHAT WERE THEY THINKING? that is all.
  • tony1z
    avatar :0
  • Strider_Reborn
    Linkara's voice kept making me wonder if he was going to scream out "It's Clobbering Time!" lol

    Also although this story wasn't intended to take a jab at the Suicide Girls I'm all for Jabbing them since I as once a proud member and they banned and removed me without a reason or explaination. Their site is full of and runned by jerks and assholes who take away your freedom of speech. And finally I never heard the term "Diet Sexy" before, It sounds like a pop commercial idea. haha

  • pharmmajor
    Dammit! Aunt Zelda stole the title for my novel! And Jaysus chroist, that picture of you is gonna give me nightmares!

    Okay Bennett, this was one of your best. Loved the voices, especially how you made Benzaie sound like Bill Cosby, the girls like Monty Python Pepperpots, Joe like a cross between Stallone and an 80s Ninja Turtle, Insano as Douchey McNitpick, and Linkara as the goddamn Batman - Mr. Lovhaug [i]does[/i] have balls of granite!). I am sorry that you got killed off in the beginning, but heck, the other contributors are probably gonna kill you anyway for reading this. ;3. I also enjoyed the reference to the Aussie controversy, and the return of Suede! And the ending make-out sessions... :side:

    [i][b]INSANO LIVES![/b][/i]
  • Deemah
    Strider I was more going for Rorschach but why not. But on to my main point, I could not stop laughing! There is nothing hetero about this and I love your voice impressions. You jut made my night and Sean made my day. I mean Y was not even mentioned so yeah could have been
  • TheAtomic
    Suede...Badass Kiwi Mormon Warrior. Awesome.

    Fan Fiction has taught me two things. Everybody's secretly gay, and they're always horny as hell and will have sex at the drop of a hat.

    Also, the ending of the vid was awesome. It's good to see you emotional and scary.
  • Coldguy
    Whooooooooooooooooooooooo o I am not in it
  • Deemah
    Oh fuck yeah what about Coldgyuy
  • Pcnerdjack16
    Excellent job sage, this may not be the worst fic you've done, but it's by far the weirdest.

    Your going to do My Immortal?

  • JacobKaiju
    That was a interesting fanfic. A bit messed up in places
  • kayla
    haha I've actually read this one! Oh this wasn't so bad...then again I have odd standards of bad.
  • JohnnySasaki  - Sponny can't pull off a beard, this really is a f
    Funny. But ggggaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-a- a-a-a-ayyyyyyy.
  • PublicEnemy
    Ya know, this fic has a stupidly epic premise that if polished and done well can be awesomely crazy

    Lookin forward to My Immortal. Tho that mario one (if real) also sounds cool :P
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