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  • Gweskoyen
    Honestly, the movie doesn't seem to be that bad. And do Sonic fans beside the Engineer actually dislike it? TVTropes says it is regarded fondly by fans.
  • LikaLaruku
    When I saw the title card, I thought it was Brad instead of Doug. Kinda like how Peanutbuttergamer's title card looks more like MasakoX than PBG.

    I remember watching a pirate stream of it on a 2x2 inch MP4 or MPEG video back in the primitive days of the internet. It took 2 hours to buffer, but I thought it was worth it.

    What I want to know is why Sonic the Anime is on Anime Abandon when it should have been Sonic X. At least Amy Rose, Chris, & Rogue aren't in this.

    The bad:
    *Theme song, while cool, is complete gibberish.
    *Slice of Life genre doesn't work well for an action fantasy franchise.
    *The dubb has terrible voices, acting, & was heavily censored.
    *Sonic risking his life to save a lifeless hunk of scrap metal is beyond stupid.
    *Very bland sparse cheap looking design; No contrast, no shadows, sparse shading & highlighting.
    *Sticking minimally designed solidly colored characters on heavily detailed gradient colored backgrounds.
    *We wanted the same english voices for Sonic & Tails that the two American cartoons had.
    *Getting used to the lazy, crude, no-fucks-given Sonic.
    *Sara, if you don't like bitchy chicks.
    *Before Sonic Adventure, fans of SatAM & the Archie series weren't keen on Sonic living around Overlanders.
    *The translation script was available online & the dubb translations weren't exactly faithful.

    The good:
    *Knuckles first animated appearance, plus cool hat.
    *Eggman perving over an underaged catgirl was more funny than creepy. Also, he kinda sounds like The Shredder.
    *The desiccated city.
    *The music.
    *Sonic flips the bird. (Censored out of the English release).
    *Metal Sonic looked kinda cool.
    *Tails is a mechanic.
    *The lazy, crude, no-fucks-given Sonic was somehow less embarrassing than his American chilidog eating counterpart.
    *Sara, if you love bitchy chicks.

    Ahhh....Evangelion...The first anime I ever HATED. Kowaru was the only likable character & he was only in one episode. Why End of Eva? How can it possibly be worse than the original series?
  • Kurodius  - YOU DON'T KNOW
    "Why End of Eva? How can it possibly be worse than the original series?"

    Oh god, you did not just ask that.

  • Katze Werfer
    I kind of like the movie (it really had it's flaws)... I hope you are talking about the SatAM one for the voices... last time i checked it was on youtube... I really only liked Sonic SatAM, the original one is only good for seeing Scratch and grounder getting scraped...
    I'd like to see Jesu Otaku, Bennet the Sage, and the Nostalgia critic tackle Sonic X for the reasons you posted. Possibly the Eengineer, too (even though I haven't seen any of his work..Should I?)
  • Vausch
    To be honest, I actually quite like this one. Then again, I saw the Japanese version. I tried watching the dub. I tried watching the dub. THAT is where I agree with Sage and the Engineer on every level.

    And to answer your question Sage, no Sonic's not this much of a douche-nozzle. In the original version, he was bluntly saying that he thought Robotnik was lying. As for why not helping the Owl, well yes that was some douchiness. It's more of a "I don't much care about that guy but I won't let Tails get hurt".
  • keniakittykat
    Fans were suckered in by the animation style and the promise of Metal Sonic because both were part of the awesome Sonic cd game.

    Everyone was disappointed that instead of using the original source material (with the regular Sonic world, characters/personalities and a pretty cool time-travel story, and instead gave us a bullshit story without any logic or understanding of the characters to back it up.

    Years passed and has been rediscovered by many. People now love it for being the only retro Sonic animation that isn't either based on the comics or looks like complete ass. Just an extended version of the Sonic cd opening/closing animation, and that's the only good thing people see in it.

    It does't matter if everything is complete shit and doesn't remotely resemble the games, just look at the pretty images of a time gone by...
  • Katze Werfer
    what was with the sonic CD time travel thing? it just seemed like a marketing ploy when i played it...
  • Falcovsleon20
    It's more than likely the dubbing that people hate. Because it is pretty lousy. The movie itself, kinda mixed in reception.
  • The Guy that Died in MM Zero 1
    honestly after that "there is only one sonic" line I was expecting a Highlander joke more than a Terminator one
  • Jeff Jacobson
    Huh. Apparently this was going to be a TV series, but was cancelled after two episodes (which were combined in the US release into one movie).
  • Eyeshot
    Wow. I'd rather watch Sonic romance an almost-photo-realistic young girl than watch that movie all the way through. (If you feel that way, too, here's the link for it: v=DZQbWkaxBNk Enjoy!)

    End of Evangelion, huh? Good! That flick was boring and incomprehensible. I understand it's supposed to replace the last two episodes of the classic TV series because those episodes were extremely disappointing, but the movie was disappointing in its own right. It does have one saving grace, though: The commentary done by three people in the localization team is pretty damn good. It's funny, insightful, and may give you a better appreciation for what the movie was trying to do. I hope Bennett will mention it.
  • lilbird
    Knuckles probably has hover shoes. Yes, I'm trying to bring some sense into this movie because science.

    I never saw this movie (which I suppose was for the best), but I've seen the girl character around before, so now that answers my question as to where she came from.

    I think I'm starting to see why my friend only ever brought this movie up once. I'm not a Sonic fan myself, I know as much as probably the next person who only ever saw glimpses of the game and saw most of Sonic X. So I didn't see anything... bad outside of the voices from this. It was just dull, I suppose. Guess the only "exciting" thing was Metal Sonic, and even he didn't look like he had a personality, which I'm pretty sure he actually has one somewhere in the games for him to remain a fan favorite (or at least remembered fondly by fans).

    Oooh, that should be one exciting episode.
  • Bradman1978
    Well at least in the Archie Comics. They say Knuckles glides through the combination of his Dreadlocks and the power Chaos.
  • Wario_man  - If Knuckles Has Hover-Shoes..
    Then why did Tails need to carry him in those couple of scenes?
  • whowhatwhenwatch
    if only sage u would join nerd to the third power on there podcast for a bit to talk about this. kat would prolly rip u a new 1 haha
  • name93
    Neon motherf*cking Genesis Evangalion!
    I can't wait for it! My god, that's gonna be an epic review. You can make it Sage!
  • ladydiskette
    I love NGE!

    I don't care what his verdict on the show is for the next review, I am going to be there watching it with bells on! :D

    I call dibs that with all the psychological/theological heavy references and symbolism, he will have Oancitizen as his guest to join him.
  • whowhatwhenwatch
    also was waiting for "suck my dick like zone"
  • Dr Forrester
    Man... That voice acting... Also, did anyone else notice that at one point Knuckles was hitching a ride on Tails' foot instead of using his mysterious flying? Really looking forward to End of Evangelion, Sage. I personally enjoyed it but it's easy to see how others wouldn't
  • FullmetalNinja25
    I rented this when I was a kid and even then I found it boring and nonsensical.

    You're doing End Of Evangelion next?....God speed Sage.
  • morningmoo  - simple to explain
    Its easy to explain why this is so bad. Anime sucks. There is no tip toeing around it. It's awful. The Japanese are simply incapable of telling a coherent story
  • DWP102589
    And what do you base this idiotically sweeping and unbelievablely ignorant statement on? By the way, you should check out the following animes/mangas for some truly great storytelling:

    Madoka Magica
    Rurouni Kenshin: Trust and Betrayal
    Summer Wars
    The Girl Who Leapt Through Time
    Spirited Away
    Princess Mononoke
    Fullmetal Alchemist
    One Piece
    Cowboy Bebop
    Nausicca of the Valley of the Wind

    And I'd also liked to point out Sturgeon's Law, that 90% of everything, be it video games, movies, anime, books, comics, etc are crud, while the remaining 10% is worth dying for.
  • RJ Dalton
    Not really. It's more like 10% is crap, 10% is excellent, 80% is insulting, turgid mediocrity.
  • R.K.Robol
    First, why do people reply to obvious trolling?

    Second, it's called Sturgeon's Law - 90% of everything is crap.
  • Bloodrealm  - Conglaturan, fuckbag!
    Good job pissing off every other person watching this video.
    I would call you a troll, but I've read enough comments to know that there really are people as xenophobic, overreactive, and over-generalizing as you.
  • Extreme-Madness  - re:morningmoo: Obvious troll is obvious
    My versions:

    Its easy to explain why this is so bad. Hollywood movies sucks. There is no type of toeing around it. It's awful. The Americans are simply incapable of telling a coherent story


    Its easy to explain why this is so bad. French movies sucks. There is no type of toeing around it. It's awful. The French are simply incapable of telling a coherent story


    Its easy to explain why this is so bad. British movies sucks. There is no type of toeing around it. It's awful. The English people are simply incapable of telling a coherent story


    And so on ...

    Your trolling is pathetic.
  • Lazy Dalek
    I'm sorry, but I can't seem to remember what your cut off is for anime releases. I'm only mentioning it because I'd like to see you review Samurai 7. I'm very interested in your opinion of it.
  • Lossthief
    IIRC, his cutoff date is 2003.
  • LikaLaruku
    That's for the best. Most animes made after the 90s seem to be 80% cliches & moe.
  • Fiang
    I probably won't watch the NGE movie reviews, though I will say they're very appropriate for what's supposed to be the end of all things as we know it next month.
  • SkullCap  - Oh Sonic
    With voice acting so horrendous and characters so obnoxious this truly is a perfect representation of the 90s "rebel" character we young'uns LOVED so much. Excellent review Sage.

    Now in regards to Evangelion: Sage, we have never met and I don't have the time to go to conventions so I may not ever meet you. Still, however, I want you to imagine that we are good friends, the kind that if one of us were either wronged the other would seek vengeance. Therefore, hurt this movie. Hurt that series. Hurt those p.o.s. characters. HURT THEM ALL.
  • Fan_the_Flames  - My God...
    Watching Sonic X makes me feel so sorry for you for having to watch this...this was horrid.

    And sounds like a 2 parter for End of Evangelion? Thank goodness, because I really don't think one part would be enough. As much as I like the show, I have been hoping to see you do this one. I know you'll be able to put some light on it. But I will say that "Kom Susser Todd" is just way too catchy to make fun of :D

    Good luck Sage...good luck.
  • ProjectZuel
    I remember actually kind of liking this movie when I was 10 or something even though I hated the owl. president and his daughter. Watching it recently and the flaws are so obvious it's embarrasing.

    And yes Sage there are Sonic fans, ones older than you who will defend this.
  • MichaelGrey  - Sonic fans are unpleasable.
    Seriously. The whining my fandom does. They pick everything..EVERYTHING apart. They don't like this, it isn't like the classic games they grew up with. They don't like THAT, the thing is too childish. They don't like THIS, the gameplay isn't serious enough. I am so goddamn tired of them complaining about every fucking game, anime and item with the Sonic label on it, no matter WHAT, they find SOME flaw in it, they can't be satisfied!

    I, on the other hand, had only one issue with this. Your suck my dick joke. You kept it going for faaaaar too long. FAR too long. It really wasn't that funny. You should have just said it once, and said it really vehemently, THEN had Doug say that was a terrible crossover idea.
  • That Anime Chick
    Yikes, that voice acting is TERRIBLE! (And people thought the Sonic X dub was bad - not me, personally, but that's just my opinion)

    Can't wait to see you tear NGE a new one!
  • Annie-Mae
    Obligatory sonic fan who likes this movie leaving comment to say that she likes the movie... I have nothing to defend myself other then I think it's cute. That is all.
  • Mothmouth
    Wow... this movie is like the EXACT same case as the Digimon movie. And I saw both when I was a kid, although I think I was kind of indifferent about it instead of actually liking or hating it.

    Metal Sonic was pretty cool, but the story was really confusing.
  • Malidictus
    Personally, I found the movie to be decent. Sonic and Knickles have always been annoying, but then I already played Sonic Adventure. The rest of the cast I have no problem with, and after the SHIT that was "Eggman" in Sonic X, the Robotnic actor in this movie was a welcome change.

    The plot is kind of nonsensical, sure, but again - Sonic X is ten times worse and the action there is garbage, to boot. I guess I didn't find this OVA to be that bad since I saw it after seeing the Sonic X series. That's so bad it makes everything else seem fine by association.
  • ZeroBeatXIII
    I cant believe that out of all of Sonic X the problem you have is with Mike Pollock as Eggman, who is currently the offical voice. Personally I thought he was the most redeeming thing about that terrible show, and no where near as bad as Jason Griffith voicing Sonic in it
  • Mothmouth
    I do remember some funny parts in the movie, but I guess that's all this movie is worth.
  • Third3ye
    Holy friggin crap that was bad. As a sonic fan I repress your review of the movie as well as the movies existence entirely. That being said...

    A Neon Genesis Evangelion review will help me to face this trauma by supplementing it with another trauma from something I used to like in my younger years... namely; prepubescent mech porn.
  • Nagneto
    lol I remember coming across this on youtube in which I've found there to be two types of Sonic fans. Folks that owned a Genesis back in the day and are now adults and remember the character with nostalgia. Then there's the creepy furries who are especially fond of anything with Sonic's face on it, including the recent horrible video games, and this movie.

    I haven't really cared about the franchise for over a decade (the fans can have it), but that was a laughable bad movie, and a wonderfully funny review of it.
  • yuugata1992
    Ah, the Sonic Movie. Now, as bad as it is, I still do enjoy watching it every now and again. It's kind of like the Mario movie, where it's entertaining in how bad it is.

    And I can't say how perfect End of Evangelion is for next month, especially with all the doomsday stuff going on. Good luck, you'll need it.
  • jjramsey
    So Sage drank Wild Turkey for this review. What will he drink for the NGE reviews, screwdrivers?
  • Lotus Prince
    I've actually seen this movie, and it wasn't too bad. I can easily see why I might dislike it now, but when I was a kid, it was a decent watch.

    Also, that butt cannon hit Sonic and Tails and rendered them immobile.

    If those had been bullets instead, then the battle would have been over.
  • locuas
    Knuckle's hat could come from the archie comics. Which are actually pretty good around the mecha SONIC arc.
  • LikaLaruku
    Dude, this movie came out in 1996. Archie just made an homage to the movie when the Dub came out.
  • Ladette
    Straight everclear.

    I watched this movie a lot when I was a kid, of course I only had 2 VHS tapes so it was either this or the Lion King for the 500,000th time. It was as annoying as I expected it to be. The sheer lack of sense and logic in this thing is astounding.

    And speaking of lack of sense and logic...Evangelion. Wonderful.
  • MarcTaker  - Lesser of Two Evils
    as bad as this looks, I still think the Adventures or Sonic was worse. a lot worse.
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