Anime Abandon - Genocyber, Part II

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  • JustSomeDude
    OMG yes! I've been waiting for part 2 for so long!
    I can't wait for part 3, and First...
  • EvilSandwich
    Wait a second...

    Holy shit! Episode 2 of Genocyber was the footage Mtv used to make one of the episodes of Ultracity 6060 on Cartoon Sushi. watch?v=W478ohkqZVQ

    Thank you, Sage. You just made my inner child cackle madly.
  • Graylord
    While some of the scenes are indeed awesome, this violence for the sake of violence is disturbing.
  • TerminalSanity
    Why does wild child end the first two movies by pointlessly blowing up cities?

    This time was even more unmotivated than the first. At least bad sh!t went down in the last city so Godbaby losing their mind and and just unloading on everything around them makes a little sense (not much considering she only did that after avenging herself and the urchin but we'll pretend that outburst was the result of realizing the emptiness of said revenge)

    This time GodChild just lays waste to an unrelated city for 0 reason. There's not even a "Humanity is irredeemable so I'll destroy them and then burn the ashes", a "I just want to watch the world burn" or the ridiculous "It was in my way" motivation as lazy and thin as those motivations are, presented here. Nope kill the technological monstrosity (which is monstrous because shut up it is, science run a muck, the hubris of mankind and stuff) and then just lay waste to a random city.
  • ToruKun1
    Is it just me or did the art style change in this episode? In the first episode the style kind of reminded me of Gasaraki, now it looks more like generic semi-realistic anime. That and the production values seem a bit lower.
  • Mothmouth
    I wonder how the animaters and writers for this series sleep at night.
  • LegodzillaFan
    With semi transparent dead kids haunting their dreams.
  • Mousy Voice
    Admittedly, the bit with the mother might have been sweet if it wasn't for the fact that she's coo coo for cocoa puffs as opposed to genuinely caring for Akira...I mean godbaby.
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  • Sewblon
    I am pretty sure that that is spamming.
  • Semudara
    Hey, at least he remembered to include a link this time. He's improving!
  • lilbird
    Well, it's sure going downhill pretty quickly. I wonder if the lady's insanity reached its brink, and thus we find out she's actually the God Baby.


    Okay then, guess we somehow stumbled upon another anime, if memory serves me well. There was somewhat of a plot being set up in the first half, and now it changed plots somewhere for the second half. Gee, it sure likes jumping around all over the place.
  • SkullCap  - Dead children, just because
    It's seeing things like that in movies that I wish such films had a soul just so it could burn in Hell for an eternity.

    Great review, never stop tearing this piece of shit apart, and always be insightful.

    Dose this Asshole writer do any research about the US navy
    all the dudes in the brown are only E-4 or 5 at that time they would be wearing blue and if they had gold on that is really sad because in about o say 10 yeahs he never got a promotion

    I know its stupid to get pissed about that among the other shit but hell I gotta say something different then the normal bitching
  • ladydiskette
    No cannot resist "Mommie Dearest" No one can!

    Bow before the might of Joan Crawford's gaudy makeup Sage! BOW! XD
  • That Anime Chick
    ...What, just... WHAT?

    I did feel sorry for that one doctor... but then she started calling for sex, and I was like "Well, never mind."

    Geez... makes me wanna slap the people involved with this pile of shit...
  • PlayMp1
    That "calling for sex" thing was Bennett overlaying audio from Golden Boy (which features one of the same VAs) with that scene.
  • Guild Navigator
    I vaguely remember watching the first Genocyber. I think I had this part on VHS (alongside a ton of crappy hentai) but honestly never got around to watch it. Can't say I regret it.
  • OnionMan
    Actually, Vajjra is a word in Buddhism.
  • cannedfury
    Well Buddhism and Hinduism can't be dignified for using a stupid word from Genocyber.
  • Moomoof
    You......can't be serious it gets more depressing than this ........

    Also what is that lovely song in the end credits?
    Nvm found it!

    Um i might have theory for the ghost children
    They might be following and helping the god baby
    The word vajira or chi are used to connect life energy together
    So basically this show is using science and big words for what is a religious belief might be what's confusing you...also i am not yelling nor judging you just wanted to guess along and stuff.
  • LikaLaruku
    You want a blowjob robot? Okay, but be careful what you ask for, Sage: watch?v=dD_NdnYrDzY (Worksafe. Delete space between "com/" & "watch").

    Hahahaha, that Golden Boy joke brought tears to my eyes.

    I dunno why, but watching this review kept reminding me of how much Quarantine 2 sucked. The only thing they have in common is a big old pile of logic fail.

    Ooh, I want that jrock song. Sweet, found it on Youtube.
  • Xvall  - Hmm
    I personally absolutely loved this anime, though I felt as if it started tapering off after the first two episodes. The dubbing is particularly abhorrent and I think the original Japanese voices give it a very different feel and sentiment. I don't think it's violence for the sake of violence so much as showcasing the artist's trouble coming to an understanding of humanity's hitherto eternal bond with violence. You do know that almost every species on this planet sustains itself by depriving other plants or animals of their life, right? It shows how trans-humanistic idealism can be the downfall of man. It's not meant to be a happy story. This series is about, well, war. And war is horrible.
  • Xvall
    The kids weren't killed for emotional baggage. They were killed because the world in which this universe takes place is pretty terrible, and civilians are gunned down. The point of that scene was to highlight Genocyber's good nature and show that when she came back to herself after the emotionally triggered devastation of the first part of this series, that she seemed to have simply wanted nothing more than to find and protect and cherish innocent people. She does not want to be a weapon or a god. That is impressed upon her by the forces of man attempting to vye for power once they realize what she is.
  • cattz
    With so much anime where the kids would gain superpowers like god baby, it's refreshing to see it start out like that.

    Also, loved the music in the last scene. Genocyber has a kickass OST if nothing else.
  • Au-heppa
    When I was watching this I seriously thought it was Badger Node and I tried googling it.
  • RJ Dalton
    Heh. The banner ad with Nostalgia Chick and her big grin popped up right as the kids were being minced by minigun fire. I guess NC really does hate kids.
  • Minion of Yahtzee  - Oh goody more of Sho Aikawa's hate boner
    At the rate this is going we should be finishing this unholy turd before Halloween. Speaking of Demons Sage would you at one point review the adaptation of "Digital Devil Saga"? You know the OVA of that book that lead to the Megami Tensai games? Or maybe "Crying Freeman" anyway I'll still look forward to what's next.
  • QuietOne
    Weird factoid - the uk release of genocyber dropped episodes four and five entirely, so all we got was the parts covered in the last two vids.

    Why were they dropped? Because it was released as part of a 'cyberpunk collection' of two other three part series, Cyber city Oedo (which was fifteened heavily to make its cert a 15 instead of a PG) and AD Police (spun off from bubblegum crisis)
  • Silver_August
    I can't help but find it weird and yet amusing that the Genocyber's cry is Stardust Dragon's drom Yugioh
  • DeadCobra
    Golden boy is awesome and so hilarious this is the best episode in it

    This is a stupid anime but fun massacre
  • penpaninu
    15:18 ohohoh I'm going to hell!

    wow this was weird
  • thatchickwithlonghair

    .......crazy lady. XD

    Joking aside, it's hard not to feel sorry for her. When parents lose their children in real life, some of them do go off the deep end. :[

    Depressing stuff, that.
  • johnny-sasaki
    you know,the fact that Myra's VA was the Biker Chick from Golden Boy is weird in itself because,why was a voice-actress who does(or did,since it's been ages since the last time I heard Laura Chapman in something,she has probably retired.) works for ADV dubs in Texas was in a Manga UK dub recorded in,well,UK?and that was a one-time thing only...
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