Angel Cop, Part 1

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  • Zilchtastic
    Woo, Angel Cop! I have been looking forward to this! I always remember seeing this in VHS form when I was a wee fangirl and thinking "Golly, that is one intimidating lady".
  • BooRat
    Wow, that was wierd as Fuck!
    I was always curious about this anime since every one and thier mother refince it at least once or twice a year when talking about anime.
    Are you talking about the creator of FMA or the writers for the movie and anime series? because in the manga there was a warrior race of people that sort of seem like A Jewish alagory called Ishballians. In that they're hated and persicuted and nearly killed off by the government of that world.

    Wow, this anime is trying it's damnedest to win me over with it's completely unlikable characters and it's police force that openl use old school Inquisition style torture to abtain info. I profer my torture to be more like the real definition of torture the kind that leaves no perminate damage it just causes the most physical and psychological pain with out killing or crippling the victim. Now if I want them to live a lifetime in a torturious state then we start with the dismemberment and electrisity!

    So, maybe you can tell me whose side are we suppose to beon in this story because I'm leaning more to the Queen guy's side.

    I think you should redub this movie with your own voice and the TGWTG crew and release it on here. It is public domain isn't it?!
  • leonard267
    Most likely the writer of either the FMA movie or the FMA anime. The creator of FMA is a female whose name is Arakawa Hiromu.
  • BooRat
    Yeah that's what I thought! Because most of the good mangas I've read are written by women.
    I know that she didn't have actually too much input on the show or the movie because at the end of each of the mangas she has like a Q&A collom that they translated into English and she mentions a lot of that!
  • Doresh
    Aren't they more like Arabs? I also wouldn't call them being persecuted. The only reason characters have negative feelings towards them is because they used to be enemies in this civil war, which only ended in near-genocide because Amestris wanted to test out their new state alchemists.

    And whoever made this abomination certainly had nothing to do with the manga.

    Anyways, maybe Peter Cushing here works for YHW from Shin Megami Tensei. That'd be awesome XD !
  • BooRat
    I always thought of them as a Jewish alagory as there is a lot of "Symbolism" of World War 2 in the books and series. Hell they even put them into "camps" and exsperomented on them to make the Stones! That makes me think more Nazis and Jews than anything else.
    Well, also they attacked them to exspand the country to make that big ass circle to make an new larger Stone. Or, that was the plot last time I read.

    Very true!
  • Doresh
    It's one thing to kill people because of stones (which ALL humans are ultimately just fuel for) and to kill them because you need a scapegoat for all your master race's problems. I certainly don't recall seeing Anti-Ishvar propaganda in FMA ;)
  • BooRat
    There was never much of any kind of propaganda in it because they never show anything really written out in a readible form.
    They were traeted a lot liek 2nd class citizens and from what I recall of the books been awhile since I read them they did that before and after the war. The only ones that treated them kindly was the main (good) characters.
  • godzillarich
    wow wtf japan wtf, are you shore this wasn't made when Hitler was still in power.
  • Demien van Cope
    >>made when Hitler was still in power
    Lol wut?
  • exciter33  - Subs
    Bennett, you need to stop watching dubs. 98% of dubs are an insult to the anime they accompany.
  • godzillarich
    if your going to review a bad 90 anime you have to go with the dub this review wouldn't be as funny without the bad dub
  • DeathsHead419  - What
    How? How are they an insult? It's not like someone took the cartoon and made an illicit copy in their shed. These are licensed properties legitimately produced by a media company.

    I cannot even comprehend such a statement...
  • TickTockCroc  - Your Wrong
    Seems you've been living under a rock for the past decade or else you know that english dubs have come along way sense the 90s.
  • LikaLaruku
    Nice to have someone talk about the anime I grew up on instead of newer stuff I never saw. I come to this site for nostalgia, not to find out current stuff I'm missing out on.

    Call me a crazy bitch, but I bought Mad Bull 34 after watching your review.

    I was gonna say that I could just go & rent this & MD Geist, then I remembered that Major Video, Blockbuster, & Hollywood Video aren't around anymore. Damn you Netflix, damn you to hell.

    80s seinen anime: All the men look fucked up, & all the women look like bishounen. Seriously, color her hair red & she's the spitting image of Kurama from YYH.

    Bennett, Japan STILL has Kabuki Hair Metal. Just because Dir en Grey abandoned the look & sound that got them popular doesn't mean everyone has.

    I don't think she's that bitchy. Then again, it's the gentle maiden-like ones I want to kick in the face.

    You should have clarified that Shou Aikawa was a screenwriter. At first I thought you were telling me he wrote the all he mangas you mentioned.

    Yup, that song is indeed laughably bad.
  • DavidB1111
    Blockbuster hasn't gone out of buisness yet. Trust me, they would have sent me a notice in the mail about my copy of Jabberocky (by some of the people behind Monty Python and the Holy Grail,) and how I should return it.
    Don't know why you think Blockbuster isn't around any more.

    That would be extremely big news, and even if they did go under, they would have forced me to bring that movie back.
    Also, they still have commercials on TV, and they also are trying their damnedest to compete against Netflix.
    Trust me, if a company goes bankrupt when you have something of theirs out on rental, you can be sure you'd get a notice in the mail. :))
  • BooRat
    Where the hell did you find Mad Bull 34 at!? I checked eBay and only found like the 2nd VHS tape!

    Buy it off eBay! I bought some of the animes he's done on here for a $1 with free shipping!

    Japan is unique in that stuff that has long been out o style for years here is still popular over there. Hell I here there are still die hard Beetles and Elvis fans over there!

    Me too! I thought he ment the creator of FMA!

    (evil Vincent Price laugh)
  • TheCyberpunk  - Angel Cop Rules!
    Loved Angel Cop back in the day, one of the few anime movies/OAVs I've bothered to keep around. Always loved the atmosphere, color tones, and music that it had.

    Oh this makes me long for the days when anime was known for awesome sci fi stories, ultra violence, and OAVs. People complain about the art style/animation in this but honestly it looks a lot better than the slick digitally painted junk nowadays.

    Seems like with the rise of cheap digital animation we now get 1000 new 26 episode TV shows a year about annoying brooding pretty boys, magical girls, anachronistic BS settings that don't affect how the characters come off, and adult characters that act like shy 12 year olds and look about the same.

    Really miss the days when OAVs were king and even if bad, they had some character. Sure More output doesn't mean better output.
  • Bathmatt
    Amen, Brother. I too have a great fondness for the Manga UK dubs and the days when anime had balls. Don't get me wrong, I like some modern anime (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood ranks up there as an all-time favorite), but you know that they'd never make sometihng as awesome as, say, Cyber City Oedo today.
  • Mariner
    +1 for Soundgarden
  • Smear
    Awww yeah I loved Angel Cop. I remember being 13 and seeing the black and white ad for this in Animerica with the other black and white 'grown up' ads. (1999 ish?)

    But I must of watched a different dubbed version of Angel Cop. I remember them explaining certain things but only in certain scenes and 'webetterexplaineverythin gnowandreallyfastsowecang etbacktogore' dialogue. And 90 % of the script was pure campiness. That I remember the main cast's voice acting being a lot more dead pan but the supporting cast very very over the top.

    I love the over the top campiness of the first half of the ovas, but the second half... well I'm sure Bennett is going to have a field day with that.
  • fatalrob0t
    Eeeh... are you talking about the writers for the anime and the movie in regards to Fullmetal Alchemist? Because Hiromu Arakawa is the creator of FMA.
  • Shinigami
    Sure she is kinda bitch but then again she is also kinda badass at same time.
  • GreatSG
    Think the ending theme from the show is bad enough there? Try sitting through Crayon-sha's full version, it even had a music video! If you can call this a music video.... watch?v=bThtDtRUUPw

    As for Angel Cop, if this is what you long for in anime, yikes. Outside of episode one, which had Yasuomi Umetsu doing some key animation work, this series has rather mediocre animation and even the Japanese DVD release looks pretty poorly washed out, it's lowbudget and it shows. If you want to make an argument for older series that look better than stuff today, don't use a low budget dime-a-dozen OAV like Angel Cop, please.

    As for the Fullmetal Alchemist connection, Shou Aikawa was the script writer for most of the original 2005 TV series and Conquerer of Shambala. He also scripted such infamous garbage as Dog Soldier (which I hope to see Bennett review some day), Genocyber, and Violence Jack.
  • Rahbit  - ponder
    i do agree with SG i think Genocyber should be next on the list after angel cop, granted i liked Genocyber but some of the times i tilted my head and some of the parts in that OVA, but the violence did make it even more worthwhile still the WTF moment really got you yelling WTF!

    but then if he tackled another hentai i would like to see him review La-Blue girl or Hooligan. im crossing my fingers for hooligan mainly cause it just(ellipsis)for those who have the gall and iron will maxed out see it for yourself. enough said.
  • Minion of Yahtzee  - The Jews have taken over America
    I can practically hear Eric Cartman now. "See, see? I was right, the jews are gonna take over the world. Wait, when was this made? 1995, dear mother of god I have to stop them".
  • brick mooncode
    The thing about distinctly Western ideas like anti-Semitism is that whenever Japanese people try to use them in their shows, it's abundantly clear to Western audiences that they don't really know what they're talking about. So I don't think this will offend any actual Jews.
  • Kaibaman
    This,is actually pretty interesting. Sure its a bad dub and some of the plot points are well weird,it talks about some pretty controversial subjects like the whole Jew/America owns half of a Japanese company and how that one cop at the beginning let a Terrorist do an attack and all..Pretty Conspiracy Theory realm their but with how A LOT of Modern events have happened it doesn't surprise me as such of a plot point..sure its fiction but in some cases I believe some pieces of fiction tell the truth within fiction..

    Plus their are A LOT Of Government Conspiracies in Japan more so if not near as our own Government but still,I gotta give props to this anime for talking about some controversial stuff
  • Supermutant2099
    Great review but yeah bad dub. I have seen a lot bad anime in my almost 20 years. Some really really bad ones thanks to bad anime bad panel. You think the dub here is bad? Track down the dubs for Dracula and Frankstein anime or even Transformers Headmasters, Masterforce, Victory dubs.
  • HipGunslinger  - MD Geist

    "Krauser! NOW... WE FINISH THIS!"
  • FunkyM
    Great vid Sage.

    And I am shocked that Anti-semitism runs unchecked in Japanese society. That shouldn't be. :(
  • DavidB1111
    LOL, wut? No, really, saying that Antisemitism runs unchecked in Japanese society because of this anime is the exact same insulting statement as saying all Germans are Nazis. :(

    Seriously, I'm a bit disturbed by your statement.

    I know during the war, Japan had Unit 731, a group of people that made the Nazis look like saints. Seriously, Google them, they really did make Mengele, the Angel of Death, of Auschwitz look like a nice guy. :(

    But Japan hasn't really had any Antisemitism, at least, away from this bad movie. :)
  • DBslayer7  - Correction
    The original story and concept for Full Metal Alchemist was written by Hiromu Arakawa. Sho Aikawa wrote the first of the t.v. Animes which is probably why it veers from the original plot so much. Sorry for this it just bugged me that anybody might get confused and stay away from the fantastic manga story and its much better, and accurate animated series with the Brotherhood tagline.
  • BooRat
    Totally agree! I'm glad to see a lot of people caught that!
  • GreatSG
    Just to clarify more, people should also note that Aikawa was only co-writer of Angel Cop. If you're going to point blame at anyone for the crazy jingoism of the series, do so at original creator, writer, and director Ichiro Itano.
  • The_Arab
    hmmm.........i remember watching that anime a long time ago and thinking it was weird as hell.

    but, thats not the reason I'm posting. the reason is that i am amazed that the writer of the story is the same guy who made Full Metal Alchemist. really interesting and surprising.

    as for the the Ishibalans and there reference in the show. i always thought they were meant to be either Arabs or Jews. and the way ppl hated and dreaded them is kind of similar to some ppl in real life in this day and age unfortunately. FMA was a really good show and shows a step up for the writer after this stupid anime. i do have to admit that the animation was not that bad at the time. thats the only good thing i can say about it.

    thanks for reviewing this and looking foreword to the second part.

  • Vismutti
    The FMA anime! The manga was written by Hiromu Arakawa who is the reason FMA is so great and who has nothing to do with this shit. I hope.
  • SpaceAstronaut
    Well I guess I learn something new every day!
    Anyway, some of the sound effects and music ques from Angel Cop sound exactly like some from Yu Yu Hakusho. Now, I wonder if these effects were public domain, or stolen, or under some license agreement. I'm honestly curious about this! Could anyone help?
  • Nathan Dewey
    An Adam Carolla reference WITHOUT bringing up junior college? That takes talent. Eagerly waiting for part 2!
  • RiceGuy

    Seriously, that line just had me in tears of sheer, agonizing laughter.

    Also, anyone else thing Jerky Man Cop-Dude looks sort of like a cross between Duke Togo (Golgo 13 for those not sure) and Steven Segal?
  • Keiji
    Tutu cow's writer is a neo nazi japanese person..?

    I am so confuse.
  • smapattack  - FullMetal Alchemist was Hiromu Arakawa
    I don't think Hiromu Arakawa had anything to do with this...
  • Futago
    He meant the screenwriter of the first FMA anime.
  • TragicGuineaPig


  • Marsten
    "Bitch-tits", "cunt"... you have some real issues with women, don't you?
    Can't help but think you wouldn't be using that particular field of words if the character was a man...
  • Shadowdancer21b
    Since men get called "Cunt" too your accusation makes you look foolish. Also, calling her "bitch tits" identifes her by her identifying attributes: bitchiness and breasts.
  • TragicGuineaPig
    Interesting that someone named Marsten should post immediately after my remark about HERBERT MOOOOOOOOOOON!!

    But, yeah, it's not that he's using those terms in reference to her gender, but to her personality. She's a "cunt" in pretty much the same way that the lead guy is a "dick".
  • luvira
    Wouldn't know if Sage has issues with women, but that character so deserved to be called those. She was an unlikeable, murdering psychopath that the show tried to pass of as a hero.
  • C-Puff
    Awww... I LIKE the ending theme XDD

    But now I have to wait till next week for part 2! :( I suppose this will give me time to properly absorb what the hell I just saw though.
  • Behellmorph
    So the wirter who wrote about the nazis also did a series about evil Jews?.......okay.
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