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  • Furbyz
    That's a lot of dripping censor bars...this should be fun.
  • Taufiq91  - Wow,
    Sage doesn't want to watch Madoka Magica or most anime made after 2006,

    but he would review OVAs that no one watches? I mean, he does stuff like Psychic Wars which are bad, but a hentai like Urutsukidouji?

    I'm starting to doubt Bennett's taste in anime....
  • Forlourned  - I 'mah guessing your not geti' a clue here
    As funny as everyone (mostly) is here, you need to take a few football fields steps back to see the full picture.
    + *Ou~ Roh~ Suu-ki~ Dou~ Jih* [if somebody wants to actually say the title right]
    Urotsukidoji was made by some of the best animators (The Character Designer did Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ and Chars' Counter Attack!)of the '80s to see if they could outdo what Real crap porn anime was at the time. Afterward; they returned to doing better works while others went forward to profit some more with awful sequels~
    I know the sage knocks the animation and the story, but for a Direct to Video or (OVA)Original Video Animation. It was amazingly well done. The UN butchered Anime was far better~~~
  • 557deadpool
  • Prince Variance
    That's not really a big deal... I mean Dan Green voiced hentai characters. Seriously, Youtube Dan Green cluck like a chicken. Then I dare you to look at any character he voices the same way again. He's not the only one. A lot of animators work on hentai and normal anime, people do the jobs they can get.
  • Genshifox
    That's because he has no taste in anime.
  • executor
    Dude, "Urotsukidoji" is THE most influential hentai out there, which made tentacels "hip" and has, besides the galons of blood and tentacle-semen, an epic storyline with interesting twists and great actionscenes.

    Haven't watched the video until now 'cause with Bennet (to call him "the sage" would be pretty, er, wrongt with these anime reviews), you never know if he get's it or not. Apart from the "...mimimi, japanese culture I don't understand mimimi..."

    But "Overfiend"? That's awesome! Even the cut-as-hell-non-hardcore- version works, just so you prudes out there know, that it can be watched like this as well!
  • executor  - I saw that vid now and must say...
    ...nice work, Sir! Not as narrow minded as I feared with a nice introduction and good comments. Well done!

    And please: What was that with Constantine and "Death"?!? Whaaaaaaaa....???!???!?!? ??
    Need. More. Info!

    Although not only the story makes sense, but also it's not just "a porno". The funny thing is that nearly every american ever discards something with explicit sex-scenes as "a porno" (which funnily goes so far as to call something softcore like the new "Sex & Zen 3D"-flic a "porno" *pfff* or even worse, people who call the fuckin' boring "Brown Bunny" a "porno" for this one dicksucking-scenen), but that is just wrong.

    Yes, Urotsukidoji has many hardcore-sexscenes but also an epic storyline, nice actionsequences and is so much more than a film where six people appear to just fuck each other without any conent whatsoever. It's sad to see, that the views of "porno" are so narrow (heh, didn't want to say "tihght") and prude in some countries...
  • Meiriona
    http://io9.com/5750398/ neil-gaimans-1994-safe- sex-psa-starring-death- from-sandman-and-john- constantine/gallery/1

    It's a great comic.
  • PlayMp1
    One sex scene is okay. However, any sex scenes are pretty much completely unnecessary unless either something of plot importance or character development occurs immediately before, during, or immediately after sex. If nothing happens, then it was just fanservice (or in this case, straight up porn - hentai IS porn, it's just that some is more of a plot with porn attached to it).
  • ladydiskette
    Now I am looking forward to Sage review a yaoi anime. XD
  • Draggonslayer26  - Comic
    Give that comic to linkara so he can rant all over it lol and alsoi havnt heard such bad voice acting since sailor moon
  • ladydiskette
    I can't believe no one has ever requested that comic to Linkara as of yet.

    lol, I bet they will now. :D
  • JetstreamGW
    Linkara explicitly stated long ago that he will never do porno.
  • Meiriona
    It's not porn, it's a tasteful PSA where Death puts a condom on a banana. Death Talks About Life.
  • wage124
    good sir, if I could, I would "like" this comment.
    but sadly, this is not youtube
    it's just undoable...
    just like tentacles in real life ^_^
  • Sewblon
    11:42 Reminds me of Connecticut. Lime disease wipes out every community their at least once a month. Ahh childhood memories. 12:15 Another slew of memories of awesome characters forever tarnished. Fudge you DC comics. 13:00 I am convinced that this show was not meant to be taken seriously. No writer could ask his audience to take him seriously after something as stupid as a man cutting off his penis and attaching a dildo to it to become invincible. It is pretty terrifying in a pathetic and depressing way when you think about it. 15:23 I hate myself. 18:59 I know that these questions will most likely not be answered, but what message are they trying to send? What was the audience for this show? What lead to the creative staff thinking that this was worth making and distributing?
  • ladydiskette
    Not only is this anime infamous for its hentai...but also for having one of the most longest "hard to pronounce" Japanese names any otaku can ever utter.

    There are so many jokes on people getting the spelling and name of the title wrong on the hentai movie alone its not even funny.
  • Lady-Stardust  - Oh man
    I actually watched part 1 of the show(i had a friend who made me watch it i swear).

    Not fun.
  • CroutonsOfDeath  - Sleep is overrated
    I'm glad this review is here - I've always been curious about this flick, but didn't want to sit through it - partially due to my problem with "dark" hentai/light guro/whatever. Yet strangely, the scene that apparently shall interrupt your restful sleep - made me laugh my arse off. Then again, I just escaped from a mental ward... so there you go. =)

    Great review, I especially love all the names you came up with - I think this is the best in the series so far after Mad Bull, though I doubt anything will top the Mad Bull episodes in both your hilarity and the kinetic stupidity of the product in review.

    So in short, good job!
  • BooRat
    There's not much Guro in it outside the exsploding Nurse! The gore is pretty tame for an anime!
  • Nicotien  - Uh...
    Am I the only one that thought of Christopher Walkens during this review...?
  • Minion of Yahtzee  - Sage and a hentai
    He he he. Looks like fun for the guy that gave JO the ungodly pile of scum called "Master of Martial Hearts" and made my curiosity get the best of me which resulted in me seeing the worst anime I've ever seen so far which oddly enough has the same tittle. So yeah.. have fun.

    Edit: Oh dear god that was hilarious. Thanks Sage, but still I can't forgive you for MOMH.
  • Rutina  - Why stores why.
    Few years back Urotsukidoji could be found next to such titles as Disney movies and other kids films. Part of it could be explained with the fact that Finnish version cover was not missleading at all.
  • derictorres  - YAY
    I downloaded all the 5 movies plus the remake XD.
  • BooRat
    Oh yeah there is a remake! I say the Sage should review that one in the future! If he can't find it send him it on a flashdrive or DVD whatever's cheapist!
  • Moon Spirit
    Dear god, you watched one of the only hentai animes that England's Channel 4's "Top 100 Cartoons of All Time" put in their countdown. Yes, this was in the top 100 cartoons of all time countdown on that list. Why? I don't know.

    But other than that, hooray for the one of the godmothers of tentacle hentai of the old.
  • BooRat
    Probaly because it was or is banned in most old English Nations like England and Australia!
  • BooRat  - Thank you Ice-T
    Oh I've been waiting for this day! I saw this years ago and I still got my DVDs of it! I actually got the 2nd disc with 2 more of the OVA episode if you want them Bennett if you'd want them but be warned they're still in the Origional Japanese dub and it's editted in the form of the genitles are blurred like they'd been in Japanese releases!
    I actually lked the screwed up story! It's actually done a lot beter in the Manga 18 books! It's set over a much longer timeline!
    I like to thank Ice-T the rapper and his wife Coco for introducing me to this wierd as hell hentia! Also, my 1st DVD that covered the OVA episode you reviewed here was uneditted from what I could tell and you didn't miss much, but I can't tell exsacually as you seemed to skip a few part slike the scene where Dumbass was given the Demon wang to replace his own he was in the middle of an all girl orgy and was being forced to watch! Oh Japan!

    Ok, Angel Cop! I've heard so much and yet know so little can't wait to see where this is going!!!
  • P.T Charley
    My brother got me this while he was in Australia several years ago. Being more a fan of crazy movies than animation (which I never really watched) I had no idea what it was or what it even would be, though the packaging sort of gave a few hints

    I literally sat there for the whole thing with my mouth on the floor. I knew Japan had some pretty 'out there' stuff floating around ... but this was way past anything I had known about

    Nonetheless, I could barely follow the plot. So many of the characters looked and sounded the same, had rather hollow personalities, and their tendency to randomly morph into bizarre human/animal hybrids didn't help much. I did still enjoy it somewhat, though its not a category I would have an interest in
  • B-Navigator
    Well one major part of why the story was so chopped up was because your copy isn't just censored down, it's the censored down version of an already chopped down version. Basically Urutsukidoji was created as a 5 episode OVA. Then they chopped together a 'theatrical length' version, throwing out scenes, like the one where the nerd who bobited himself for demonic power was explicitly told that he needed the blood and semen of the Chojin to not only gain power, but also grow a new dick. (His had just violently disintegrated)
  • dragonfly82
    I remember watching this back in 1999;
    this pretty much got me interested in collecting
    hentai art.

    and as old as it is, it still has better
    animation than some of the CG Hentai movies
    that have been out recently....
  • EatKen3  - Way to get your freaky on X)
    LMAO Sage I was looking foreward to this review since you flashed the box at the end of you GitS review... Having seen it befor I knew it was a goldmine of laughs... You did NOT disappoint this review was fucking hilarious!

  • Mbod  - I liked it.
    This movie was amazing, but you do have to watch it in Japanese and with subtitles uncut. A lot of the plot holes are explained such as why Nagumo Tatsuo knew about the sperm making him stronger, the relationship between cat face and that demon that randomly showed up and the ending actually makes sense. I found this movie had an interesting balance between violence, gore and hentai. It at first titillates you, only to smash you in the face with intense gore and destruction. Not to mention some incredible action scenes. Great review though, looking forward to Angel Cop.
  • Meiriona
    Hey, the Sandman safe sex PSA was a riot! John was so embarrassed, and Death was laughing at that.

    It was cute!

    But, my god Sage.... why?
  • Trilaanus
    Ah, Angel Cop, finally a show you've reviewed on here I HAVE seen.
  • Virgil_theBadassPoet  - >:| I am not amused Sage
    Yes. Yes we can say no. I've done it. As shocking as this may be, men have something other than a cluster of primal urges in their skulls. It raises some questions in my mind as to why you think men are incapable of saying no to sex when you are a man.
  • GoldenSolitude04  - Me too man
    Sage,even it was meant to be sarcastic or a joke,it was still in poor taste to say that we men cannot control ourselves around women. It's as disgusting as the attitude people have over women dressing sexy saying that they deserve to be raped.

    Sexism will continue to be a reoccurring problem as long as it is treated in that foul manner.

    I'd rather be a virgin than to lose it over some meaningless romp.

    As for the anime,that's Japan for you. Always trying to out crazy itself.

    I don't need to acknowledge the existence of such deplorable animes such as Urotsukidoji when the Shin Megami Tensei series among other video games handles mature themes better without the gross out fucking. Sorry but violence and sex should not go together in my view especially violent sex.

    I'm shocked it's not Benzaie or Lordkat on his site reviewing this stuff since I can imagine them being into the more extreme realms of hentai.

    There's a suggestion for you Sage,the three of you getting toegther and discussing the most disturbing and fucked up hentai out there besides Bible Black.
  • capthavic
    I'm not sure which is more disturbing, the tentacle porn or that the censors let that slip by :/

    Also I've always had a hard time believe voice acting that bad actually exists. I mean unless they are aliens trying to replicate human speech how could anyone read their lines that badly?
  • Keiji
    I like Bible Black no Pico myself.

  • OtakuKitten
    *describe scene, describe scene, mispronounce something, end with lame pop culture joke*

    Damn you're boring.
  • Supermutant2099
    Sad thing is that Critcal Mass (Hentai divison of Right Stuff/Noazomi) is re releasing this crap. :( I also have to say I love the titles behind you sage. Some really good stuff man. Can't go wrong when first two thing you recognize on a fan shelve is Kodasha and Outlaw Star. :)
  • yourworstnightmare
    This sounds like the typical hentai story to me. They never make sense at all, since they're just there for the characters to have something to do between the fuckings.
  • Shinigami
    I'm not defending this hentai but hentai usually has some kind of story that justifies all that sex. Thats basically main difference between hentai and live action porn becouse later one dosen't have any kind of story and its just for jerking off.
  • TheRolf  - Here! Best song named after a tentacle porn? ever
    http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=hy0yxTa_7Vk
  • FunkyM
    Masculism, you needs it! Men are not Perma-horny beasts, and surprisingly... Aw fuck it, I'm not going into a gender issues rant on a TGWTG Comment thread.

    What I will say is that the cut version does remove a lot of exposition delivered during rapes/horrible violence/shit that gets banned in the UK, or at least that's what I've been told, having not really wanted to bother with the whole Urotsukidoji franchise.

    Either way, I sympathise with the editing of this one. I'm censoring the hell out of something for public consumption myself right now...

    12 episodes later and my cry for Angel Cop is received. Miracles do exist. I knew my bi-weekly whining would get this anime to be reviewed.

    I don't know if you ever got that email I tried to send you on Blistered Thumbs about our Mad Bull review, but our podcast just tackled Angel Cop also.
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