Mad Bull 34 Part II

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Comments (52)
  • DoomPL
    I'm... speechless O_O
  • YetAnotherGuyWithGlasses  - Hired killings
    Yes, they are like government bureaucracy - plausible deniability and all that lovely intrigue stuff...
  • Trencher
    LoL Funny review. The bugs and eyes bit had me in stiches!
  • ladydiskette
    As silly as this anime is, and that is saying alot, I have to admit Mad Bull is a pretty awesome guy in the terms of anime bad-ass characters. Albeit overexaggerated, he does make the show enjoyable to watch whether intentionally or unintentionally.
  • Shithead
    I was thinking the same thing. Plus, he looks like Mike Haggar! Can't go wrong there. Maybe I'll try the manga.
  • BooRat
    I still don't know what you're talking about this is the most insane thing ever I gotta see this!

    The Green Predator thing was wierd, but if this was to be made into a live action movie it'd be EPIC!!!
    I do think she shot him just that bullet and exsplosion poof skin of his backfired on him this time!

    So what's the next review I didn't reconize that sound bite!
  • ToruKun1
    OH BOI so there's gonna be a GitS review next~? :O
  • Shippou-Sensei
    "M01 Chant I - Making of Cyborg"
  • Kimarous
    Well, looks like your Wild Mass Guessing from the first part, wherein you guessed that Mad Bull was a Highlander for surviving the explosive coffee can, has officially been Jossed. He shot somebody in a church... holy ground! That's against the rules! Then again, given the show's WTFery, it might be taking place in The Source's continuity, in which case it's fine...
  • JediAutobotX
    How shows like this can be made still amazes me.
    Still, they make for good reviews at least. :)
  • brick mooncode
    Eh, at least they cut back on the rape.
  • TheBrigeedaRocks
    My question is...what are the other 2 properties of the Holy Trinity of Crap?
  • SnapperCarr
    She probably did shoot, but Shithouse is BULLETPROOF.

    Maybe they shouldn't have used derringers.
  • Shinigami
    Next review is going to be awesome if its what I think it is. I fucking love Ghost in the Shell movie.
  • ladydiskette
    Me too, and I just loved the "Stand Alone Complex" series I watched it every chance I could get when they aired it on Adult Swim.

    His review of the movie is going to be fun :)
  • LiveWind  - just asking
    is fist to the north star going to be reviwed just cose i think it made the usa buy ever ova made to try get the same thing?
  • Moeez  - Sound Bite
    Didn't realise how iconic the soundtrack to Ghost in the Shell was, can't wait for the next review of my favourite anime series!
  • Valzahd
    I know, right? Just that one sound and without pause I was thinking "...Ghost in the Shell?" And it's been a few years since I last watched it too.
  • Behellmorph
    How on Earth is stuff like this made?
    What kind of sadistic cult would allow things like this to even reach the drawing board without gunning the culprits down with uzis.
  • Mara999
    Although Mad Bull 34 is absolute shit, even for the standards of bottom-of-the-barrel exploitation-anime, I have to admit that I like some of the character designs. Still, this is not nearly enough to redeem anything about the show.
  • Lermont
    Wow, that was surprisingly nostalgic, haven't seen this anime since I was 5.
  • icedrake402
    The early episodes kind of make sense if you look at them as a parody of 80's and 90's action movies. All the same tropes are there (indestructible, ultra-macho hero, solving crime with ultraviolence despite cowardly superiors going on about "rights" or "laws" and other non-manly things, women only there to be rescued, exploited or fall in bed with the hero), just exaggerated. And not exaggerated by that much, sometimes.

    And then came the final episode and they plainly said "Screw it, it's the last one, let's go nuts. He's fighting the Predator in a mecha and kills the villain with a suicide pact, GO!"
  • Sewblon
    A botched suicide pact and a "forget it Jake, it's Chinatown" moment. Could it have ended any other way? If it didn't end in the most nonsensical, contrived and inappropriate way possible, it would be disappointing.
  • FunkyM
    Great vid, Sage. This show is Crazy.

    Ooh! And I'm guessing your next review is Either Guyver or Akira.
  • Aural Aurum
    Out of everything I've seen and heard in this review, the one thing I'm most disturbed by is the fact that Sage bleeped out the word "cunt." Sage, you've said so many awful, AWFUL things--why would you censor yourself over one word?
  • DangerasTM
    i know right its just a word jesus and if you bleeped it out cause your scared of offending someone then dont say it in the first place or get off the internet cause your going to offend someone sometime
  • Koneko_Rai
    Wasn't Manga Entertainment the ones who did the Armitage OVA?
    I'd love to see a review of that
  • xen999
    Oh my, is Ghost in the Shell next? Awesome. Btw, I have 2 requests: Macross Plus and Battle Arena Toshiden.
  • The_Awesometeer
    Where did she get the wedding dress?
  • JehuTron
    Glad I'm not the only one who thought of Tom Servo when the name "Kevin Murphy" popped up ! XD

    yeah , this anime looks entertaining , in a "So bad , it's good" kind of way.

    the ending was a bummer , though.
  • ZeonicFreak  - I smell Angel Cop soon
    Your tackling Manga titles, so its to be expected that Angel Cop is on its way, I can feel it in my bones.

    And to quote Podcast pioneer of his time Daryl Surat, he puts Mad Bull under the "Holy Manga Trinity of Suck" titles, next to Violence Jack and Angel Cop.

    And remember, Love can stop the killings.
  • Skyscraper
    ... That's IT?

    I mean... okay, I get it in one way. They already did pube-grenades, so maybe they thought they couldn't get any better than that. They couldn't get any more testosterone overloaded stupid 80's action movie than that single, shining, glorious moment. So they make a 180 and go for a maudlin downer ending, if only to include absolutely every single possible cliche in American movie history.

    But darnit... THEY HAD PREDATOR VERSUS BRICKHOUSE IN LOADER MECH. They could have just made the final battle that- the killer really IS just an alien running around killing fighters, and the alien could have been brought there by EEEEEVIL scientists experimenting on, like, another crashed predator ship... in a secret lab under Madison Square Garden because why the fuck not, and that sent a signal to the other Predators luring it down to Earth to hunt, and then they can build up to this insane climactic battle where Brickhouse fights the Predator in the Loader Mech and the the Predator dies but sets his ship to self-explode and annihilate New York, so Brickhouse grabs it in his Loader Mech and (because they have jet packs in this fantasy) flies the ship to the moon, where it can blow up without hurting anyone (except for blowing up the moon and affecting the tides and yadda yadda). And so he saves the city and everyone thinks he's dead...


    THAT... would have been a worthy and batshit insane ending. Or they could have killed him if they absolutely HAD to have a "poignant" ending, and he dies a hero to us all or some shit. Anything but... THAT.
  • Random_Ninja_5
    Great vids. Batshit insanity to the max! Nothing could top tying grenades to his pubes except maybe pulling a rocket launcher from his anus.

    Ghost in the Shell Next! Woot! My favorite Anime feature!
  • LikaLaruku
    I never liked that movie. Not quite as boring as Armitage or Patlabor though.
  • LikaLaruku
    Sofar the brunette has been the only girl I would call cute.

    Putting a live animal in an oven is a $1000 fine & a little jail time. Hardly enough punishment, but a step up from the 1950s.

    Lol judges.

    On the next episode of Single, 40, & Desperate....

    I prefer clown suicide bombers on unicycles.

    12:10: & that night ended with a bisexual fourway.

    Hmm? Spoony reviewed FFX2 months ago.

    Predator's mechanical echoing voice sounds sooooo familiar.....

    Equal opportunity nudity.

    Is it weird that I'm a woman & I want to watch this movie now?

    How did Manga Corps stay in business as long as it did?
  • KouTheMad


    seriously though, chalk that up as yet ANOTHER horrible ending to something somewhat watchable.

    if a show is silly, it should have a silly ending, not..........that. I have examples of other bad endings, but lets keep it at that.

    also Sage, if your reading this, that ending reminded me alot of Linda3's cutscenes (which i only found by accidentally finding it on youtube.) (Linda Cubed? Linda3? someone correct me, its a Japanese only PS1 game)

    dunno why, but it reminds me so much of it.
  • LordNifty
    Do I want to know how you thought up the idea of using Anne Frank's corpse as a marionette?, I don't.

    That was pretty funny. She has a strange version of gratitude, doesn't she? Why hasn't Debbie stepped in yet?

    I'm not sure I would have ever imagined that if not for you. I'm also not sure I should have seen that before going to bed.

    This show has a strange take on marriage. That's all I can say.
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