Doomed Megalopolis Part I

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  • harmonicajay
    Japan needs to go to therapy. Seriously, why is there so much rape/incest?! IT'S DISGUSTING!
  • ladydiskette
    You have to admit that whole skit between Sage and this David fellow really did save us from the uncomfortableness of that horrid rape/incest scene.

    I don't any other scenes from the movie after that part would be salvagable.
  • ultramanmattia
    Fan fact:Doomed Megalopolis is based on a series of novels called Teito Monogatari and Yasunori Kato is the main inspiration for M.Bison's design.

    ask me for more info.
  • Yeahwhatever
    Because Japan always to seems to delusionly think that horrible and unpleasant atrocities like this, automatically makes for more compelling, deep, interesting, or philosophical symbolism than it really actually does.

    Even if they don't really have anything to tie it to, or their devices for doing so are flimsy, or pathetic in their half-assed approach, it's automatically supposed to make for "impactful and serious content", in their mind.

    Or, to put it another way, Japan thinks that this kind of shit is good storytelling, when it's just offensive shlock.

    They really aren't trying to turn anyone on or engaging in some kind of surface-value fetish, they're just tactless and pretentious enough to believe that this is "stuff that makes you think." Even if it's actually just offensively stupid.
  • Zydrate  - Yeahwhatever
    Why are you generalizing a whole entire group of people? The Japanese aren't some hive mind and they don't have some nation wide sentiment on what's offensive or meaningful.

    Christ, can't you make one comment that doesn't spew negativity and hate all over the place?
  • Uno
    I'm not trying to speak for Japan, but as someone who spent a year in Tokyo and got through 3 Japanese language textbooks, I think I've got to at least say something in response to this overwhelmingly ignorant statement by "Yeahwhatever".


    For those of you who don't know Japanese history, the Meiji Civil Code of 1898 gave the male head of the family absolute authority over family members. Men had the sole right to control family property, determine where each family member could live, approve or disapprove of marriages and divorce, and control inheritance. The male head of each household was authorized to control his household members and assets. If a woman who had children divorced, she normally had to leave them with her former husband and his family. AKA Men were law, and women had no voice.

    During the time period depicted in this anime, rape was commonplace and in most cases, left unpunished. It's sadly still left unpunished a lot of the time, and women still face a lot of inequalities even now. (I could go on and on about this subject because I know a lot of girls there.)

    Scenes like these are probably an attempt at honest reflection and communication about a dark part of Japanese history for women, and DO have significance to the Japanese audience. It's a relevant social problem that is being brought up.

    Anime is geared towards a Japanese audience only. They could care less, especially in the 90s, about whether Western audiences found their anime "tasteful" or not.

    "Yeahwhatever", please consider trying to understand nations other than your own before spewing out tasteless ignorant commentary. You sound like a bigot.


    Bennett, please excuse my really insanely long comment. I hope the explanation helps you and your viewers to put this into better context. :)
  • luvira
    I believe that's true for some of them, but I'm pretty damn sure at least half of it is indulging in their messed up fetishes. Do you know they make straight up porn centered around this crap?
  • BooRat
    Why are we all fat and lazy? once you come up with a good answer Japan will come up with thier's!
  • axlryder
    Say what you will, this show had some of the best box art EVER. The alternate one, of course.
  • Sockpuppet
    Vending machines from which one may purchase refrigerated striped panties. I think maybe the *refrigerated* part is the key to Japan's problem, somehow.
  • Sewblon  - Because
    Japan has had harbored a fetish for abusing and debasing women for centuries. Before they had tentacle hentai, they had portraits of women being violated by octopi.
  • PriorChaos  - The original origin of M.Bison.
    M.Bison (vega in japan) wasn't inspired by Kato from doomed megalopolis. M.Bison was inspired by Washizaki from Riki-oh (AkA Story of Ricky). And I'm not sure but I'm guessing that Kato was inspired by him aswell. Also I would like to mention that both Doomed Megalopolis and Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior came out in 1991. Doomed Megalopolis not coming to the states untill 1999 and Street Fighter 2 coming to the SNES in 1993. Sorry Bennett just had to point that out, great review otherwise.
  • voilodion  - @PriorChaos--You've got it mixed up
    Kato is the original model for both Washizaki AND M. Bison.

    Kato was invented in a novel that started being published in 1985. The success of the novel lead to a big budget motion picture being produced and released in 1988. The motion picture was a box office success and therefore artists started to copy that image.

    One of Kato's first clones was Washizaki from the manga Riki-Oh, which was released at the end of 1988 (the same year the blockbuster motion picture emerged). Look at the actor's portrayal of Kato and then look at Washizaki's illustration--the visages are practically identical.

    DOOMED MEGALOPOLIS, the anime adaptation of the novel Kato came from was released in 1991.

    When Capcom was looking for inspiration for their final boss in STREET FIGHTER II, they first looked to Washizaki, who was inspired from Kato in the first place. Knowing that Washizaki was inspired from Kato, they then looked back further in time to the 1988 film--known here as TOKYO: THE LAST MEGALOPOLIS. This was where Bison got his magical powers from (Washizaki was just a martial artist). Bison is a fusion of Kato and Washizaki, however it all goes back to Kato. He is the progenitor for these creepy, big-chinned military officers who are associated with the occult.

    Sorry for the ramble...but I can't understand why Americans are so ignorant of this knowledge. A lot of books on Japanese Fantasy Literature at least mention the book that Kato came from as a significant best selling novel. A lot of books on Japanese sci-fi/horror films mention the live action film as well (which was arguably the most expensive Japanese production made in 1988). These two products helped really popularize the story in Japan but since it's a Japanese focused story, it doesn't translate well over to Western culture. The dub and the English translations only make things worse.

    Read the Japanese Wiki page, read Japanese fan pages, read the English Wiki page for TEITO MONOGATARI...the info is all right there. The series this anime is based on inspired a whole generation of Japanese writers and artists, and creations like M. Bison and Washizaki are simply consequences of its success.
  • therealAvatarBlues
    Yes, because that stuff isn't in like ALL mythologies! -__-'
    This is an isolated incidence and does not reflect anime in general. You are just pretending to care about these "issues" so tumblr feminazis will applaud you for "Caring".
  • Zydrate
    I second the feeling. And to think we have to endure more of this.
  • ladydiskette  - Otacon's English voice actor.
    Other than SolidSnake, I feel that I have heard him before in another anime, but I can't quiet put my finger on it at the moment.
  • Stockmuncha  - Otacon's English voice actor
    I think he's called Cam Clarke. He did the voice of Leonardo in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and in the original English dub of Akira he voiced Kaneda.
  • The_Phoenician
    I wonder if this weirdness was always a part of Japanese culture, or if it's an unexpected side effect of the atom bomb.
  • Moomoof
    Well then we only have ourselves to blame for that ....but your theory is flawed

    sinced tentacle rape has been around for 100 years before the atom bomb
  • Yeahwhatever
    No, they just think this is what passes for "deep and intelligent commentary on society."

    It's not so much perversion for the sake of it, but deluded and horribly misgguided, idiotic pretentiousness. And the belief that "man, i'm really making a profound statement here."

    They actually believe that desecrating the boundaries of decent taste automatically makes their bullshit smart, and they think they're saying something, when really there's no coherent statement being made.

    Just watch Evangelon. It milks that stupid brand of pretentious bullshittery like a cow.
  • foodthegreat  - @yeahwhatever
    Watching you trying to produce one coherent thought is like watching watching a 400 pound man trying to run in the Olympics. You are generalizing way too much and just assuming all anime is like that. I can't believe what our society has come to, because anyone who tries to think critically is automatically labeled a "pseudo intellectual" or "pretentious". I don't think "Doomed Megalopolis" was trying to make a statement it is just showing you mindless action and some gratuitous breast shots. Before you label people pretentious look at how you construct your comment, you make every sentence a separate paragraph to make your response seem longer so morons will think your response is "well thought out" and "intricate". I hope this is enough food for a gigantic troll like you to live off of.
  • foodthegreat  - @the phoenician
    Automatically labeling another culture weird, that isn't ignorant at all. Especially considering we live in a culture where the dominant religion symbolically cannibalizes someone and a giant talking mouse is part of the mainstream media.
  • Moomoof
    oh god well it is less of a mess than garzey's wing no?

    yea i am completely jaded i really don't react to the incest rapes anymore when i watch anime ....nor the villians putting things in vaginas like always do
  • Maxilosian
    I feel as though this sort of botom of the barrel stuff is why there are still people who equate anime with soft-core pornography. Does it bother you guys that the fact that the rapist could have been written out and they could have just had M. Bison guy the rapist, but instead they made this freak rape his own sister?
    Also, did you guys know that the phrase 'then you thought like an idiot' was coined in this video: watch?v=7O6rxb9XO1Y
  • Nonesuch
    I'm sure it's slower and much more boring, but so far this anime looks awesome!
  • DuosAngel
    I am so glad I grew up in a time when there's tons of anime to choose from and the internet to look up cultural stuff. Great review Bennett, looking forward to part two.
  • CheeseoftheApocalypse
    Its fine Bennet, I can find plenty of other things to rant on, lol. All joking aside, while there is some terrific stuff out of Japan, there is a ton of shit as well. And its just gotten worse over the years.
  • MadOvid
    I suppose you could say that the spirit is similar to the Furries in The Oresteia, where on one hand they begin life as spirits of vengeance but they become the basis for law, order and justice by the end of the play. If I remember correctly they go to sleep with the promise that they will always be honoured... but it's been a few years since University so don't quote me on that.
  • LikaLaruku
    This is one of the first 100 animes I ever saw. Aside from the name, it was utterly forgettable.

    I think it's 3 hours because it was an OAV series dubbed into one long movie.

    I say it's better to just show the nudity; censorship is just an annoying moral pretension. Then again, using someone;s face as a censor bar is always hilarious.

    No one glorifies fictional rape & incest quite like the Japanese.

    My hearing must be off...Sounds like he said "It's my only chance to be on camera. & after all the drugs I've done for you..."

    Lol, "We're only half way though this shit cake."

    Might I request you do an 80s anime called "Psycho Diver?"
  • Zydrate
    C'mon, don't generalize the Japanese. I'm sure they're some Japanese people who are utterly repulsed by rape and incest.
  • saint23thomas
    Of course, there are Japanese people who are repulsed by rape and incest. They prefer robots.
  • BooRat
    I 2nd the nudity thing!
  • BooRat
    wicked review! This one I've never heard of or seen before but even with all the ape shit crazy crap and uncoherrent plot I'd still give it a view! I do like my anime ultra-violince!
    But, yeah Japan has been the hom of te world most WTF stuff since... I'm pretty sure forever! Just look at their orgional belief of how thier island was made! I'll give you a clue! It invalves lots and lots of semon and feces!
  • thatbastardfromfinland
    Stock screams FTW!!!

    Love the MGS references btw. I was actually wondering if you would do anything with the fact that "Otacon" was voised by the same guy as Liquid. Being a huge Cam Clarke fan (and a big time Kojima whore) myself, I recognized him immediately.

    As for the rest, good stuff as usual Sage. Love your diabolical grin.
  • JAMIE1978
    it coom out in the uk in 1993 and was dud bay manga entartainment not adv
  • JAMIE1978
    it was a 4 part ove whe it coom out in the uk
  • Ryo Asuka
    It's been a long time since I saw Doomed Megalopolis but I really don't remember it glorifying rape or incest in any way.
  • ckyvick
    Are you going to do elfen lied sage? Since you have already abridged it :D
  • Jellybrother
    Jesus, Doomed Megalopolis doesn't glorify rape. It is a vital plot point, coming from the Japanese believe that such atrocities invite evil spirits. That's why Kato chose Yukari as his medium in the first place. And her daughter is an even stronger medium for him, as she is the result of an incestuous rape. Born under a "bad star" you might say.

    Besides, Tatsumi, the rapist, is always portrayed as being the lowest scum (the prostitute scene serves a purpose: It shows how twisted and sick his sexuality is) and Yukari goes insane after all she's been put through. That totally contradicts the glorification of rape you people see here.

    And anyway - so rape is offensive and of "poor taste" and thus shouldn't be included in a narrative!? Maybe some of you people should just stick to The Waltons (you know who you are)...

    One last thing to conclude my rant:
    Sage, obviously you can use Wikipedia. So why did you fail to mention that Doomed Megalopolis is based on a 2000+ pages novel series? A bestseller as well.
    And, seriously, you can't expect the Japanese to explain their own mythology to their own people. That's just ignorant.

    Seriously, the only thing stupid here is this review.
  • Uno
    All of the points I haven't mentioned in my own explanation were pretty well mentioned here. Thanks Jelly.

    Though I don't think the review is dumb. I'm sure Sage didn't mean to step on any toes. However, I'm also wondering why he didn't explain this anime was based on a novel series (and a remake of a liveaction version where the villain is a little more sympathetic in comparison according to Wiki).
  • Akiyama4711
    stop calling it a show. it's a goddamn movie! curse you regional slang
  • Jellybrother
    Oh yeah, about the Masakado thing...
    If you say Masakado being a guardian deity is stupid, you're not insulting Doomed Megalopolis, you're insulting the Japanese. Because it wasn't made up for this story, he's real. You read up on the facts behind the story, didn't ya? Because he's got his own Wikipedia page, you know.

    To quote it:
    "Over the centuries, Masakado became a demigod to the locals who were impressed by his stand against the central government, while at the same time feeling the need to appease his malevolent spirit. The fortunes of Edo and Tokyo seemed to wax and wane correspondingly with the respect paid to the shrine built to him at the kubizuka — neglect would be followed by natural disasters and other misfortunes. Hence, to this day, the shrine is well maintained, occupying some of the most expensive land in the world in Tokyo’s financial district facing the Imperial Palace."
  • Pantalonesdemuerto
    I don't think that he had a problem with the guy being a guardian spirit. I think his problem was that he was a hero and a guardian, and yet damned.
  • Genshifox
    Well here's your problem the shitty English dub is by Carl Macek a true "anime Maverick" of translation fuck-ups.
  • Meiriona
    Ah, Macek, synonymous with bad dubbing
  • Sire Requiem  - Scene whiplash
    When the scene shifted from demonic summoning to bright and sunny happy-town, I thought we had accidentally taken a left at Albuquerque and ended up in Kiki's Delivery Service. The "Spirit of Freedom" blimp was there and everything!
  • ernesto79
    Wow, a whole lot of paternizing going on in the comments, if I'd be japanese i might actually be offended by some of the racist comments here... actually, I probably am ^^

    Luckily we americans and europeans dont have rape, torture, incest etc in our movies, and in fact by watching Lupas and Snobs movie reviews I am completly sure that this is true :)

    I still remember this anime when it came out from Manga UK in the early 90s, I remeber to actually kind of liking it, but watching this review I actually became aware that I couldnt remember a single thing from this short series.

    So, well, its crap :D

    Thanks Bennet, loving your anime reviews, a whole lot of nostalgia there for me :)
  • inu1989
    *points to the post below yours*
  • The Other Guy  - Yeah!
    Those silly perverted Japanese, obsessed with their rape and violence!

    You'd never see that sort of thing in the West...

    Well... except for...

    Hills Have Eyes
    House of 1000 Corpses
    Saw 1 - 40
    I Spit on Your Grave

    Oh wait, there's more...

    Last House on the Left
    The Devil's Rejects
    Fight For Your Life
    Porno Holocaust
    Rape of the Vampire
    Nude for Satan

    Huh... should've thought more about that speech, really.
  • ChaosBladewing  - Thank You
    Really, thank you for setting the record straight. I just couldnt believe some of the hurtful things said here.
  • inu1989
    Indeed. Horrible crap like this is made worldwide.

    I am not sure if you mentioned it, but I remember watching this one horror movie with this uncomfortable 10 minute rape scene. All my friends and I were really disturbed.
  • executor
    "Huh... should've thought more about that speech, really."

    Thank you, thank you very much. Truer words may never have been spoken! And also the movies you count are only a fracture of the stuff with this, er, stuff.

    And one more thing: In products from the east, the rape is mostly dispicted as a violent, rough and very long ("insert" pun here, heh) act. In the us in movies like the "hills have eyes"-remake or things like that, it is mostly short (thanks to the mpaa, but the unrated version there showed, that the people behind the movie didn't want to insert more stuff. And yes, that would have been the place for a second pun. *lol*), offscreen and never gets brought up again.

    So I really think that the US-Version of this act is the more neglecting and rude thing in the way of playing down all the issues that come with it!
  • Wraithstrike
    This anime is proof that a great animation budget doesn't necessarily mean a great anime.

    And it's always good to see someone bust down the door with the Skull Magnum.
  • Malcath
    Hey I actually own this on VHS it was spread across 4 tapes though I never got round to watching it but boy am I glad I didn't now.
  • Bathmatt
    I'm probably going to cop some flak for this, but I LIKE Doomed Megalopolis. I saw it when I was in high school during the mid-nineties and thought it was pretty cool. Kinda hard to follow, but still pretty cool. Fast forward to about five or six years ago when I bought the very edition Bennett is holding. I was able to understand it with no problems and still enjoyed it in spite of, or prehaps because of it's more unsavory subject matter. Horror is meant to be horrific, after all. I still regard it as a highlight of those early Manga UK releases. But then I enjoy Angel Cop, so what do I know.
  • Devo
    This was one of the first animes I got into. I used to own all the Manga UK videos and, to be honest, I wish I still had them. ADV's re-dub is absolutely atrocious, they've changed so much of the dialogue and the American vocal cast are absolutely terrible. I liked this show when everyone had British accents and contained Japanese chanting, but ADV went and ruined that! BASTARDS!
  • Shinigami
    So far this movie didn't seem so bad as Bennett made it seem. More like your average 90's anime.
  • Cheshire Kitten  - Nice review.
    Y'know, if you took out the rape bit and maybe tweaked the dialogue, this would make for a great comedy!
  • thatvulpesonthekeyboard  - I'm not sure I want to see the second part :(
    This movie is just disturbing, I've seen some disturbing stuff in movies and tv shows, but the multable rape scenes, the unlikable protagonists, the disturbing supernatural imagry, and the qustionable choices is a little too much for me. And yet I still want to see what happens to the possessed little and that only because she is the only person I really care about,(other than the rape victum but she's beyond help now,) I know we should care more about the city iself but she is like the only likable portagonist left.
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