Golden Boy

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  • Kimarous
    I gotta ask... was that a deliberate attempt to impersonate Zapp Branigan there? Because that is totally who I thought about when you spoke.
  • BooRat
    I agree! He Totally sounded like Zapp!
  • ladydiskette
    Nice chest hair Bennet ;)
  • PlayMp1
    He definitely nailed Zapp's utter sleaziness inherent in his voice, along with the vocal mannerisms. Most of the random pauses are right when Zapp would do it, so yeah... if Billy West ever ends up in a tragic accident, we still have Zapp Brannigan!
  • ArtticWitchica
    That anime was... weird...

    I think in hind sight, I should have expected that from you Bennett.
  • moviemaster8510
    If Sage wants to watch a crazy, sex filled anime, he should review Gantz or Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt.
  • eye
    Those are great series. But you have to respect the classics, and it doesn't get much more classic than Golden Boy. Get together some friends and watch this shit, you'll understand as you laugh your asses off.
    I don't know if the manga is translated anywhere but it's brilliant too.
  • BooRat
    Mezzo Forte(The Movie) is another good one or Kite!
  • Moon Spirit  - Nice work!
    Wow Sage, after seeing you review anime, you really got a knack for it. Ever since seeing you help out JO with Eiken, *shudder*, didn't know you were an otaku yourself.

    Look forward to seeing your next anime reviews.
  • SSH  - Reason why Sage is the Sage
    Actually you did not dream that episode of happy days, that's just from the cartoon happy days.
    By the way thank you for showing your restraining orders. Wow to think half of those are from this site alone, wait why does Prof. have a restraining order on you?
  • Cnstar
    For some reason I thought you were channeling Ask That Guy. But Zapp Branigan makes more sense.

    Also: Oh my god, this anime was bizarre when I saw it. Good show Sage!
  • Temi4
    The eng dubbing is too screaming
  • TheDisgruntledUsher
    Well I found some clips of the Japanese version. But it was lacking some dialogue that ADV did a good job with ad-libbing. I prefer the English over the Japanese.
  • Taufiq91
    Ahh, golden Boy. The birth of the mainstream ecchi harem anime.

    It was also the anime that introduced the world to Kikoku Inoue. Such wonderful times.

    To me, i think this anime needs to be remade as a full series like Birdy the Mighty Decode. And with the recent revival of good harem animes like Amagami SS which made harem animes "good" again, I'd like to see Golden Boy again with the moe voices of Kana Hanazawa or Yui Horie. That'd be cool.
  • Charred Knight
    Golden Boy wasn't one of Kikoku Inoue's first roles. Kikou Inoue was made famous for voicing Kasumi Tendo in Ranma 1/2 which came out more than 5 years before this OVA was made. Oh My Godess came out before this and she played Belldandy in that.

    Also I wouldn't hold my breath on anyone remaking this so it continues past where it left off. The reason it ends where it does was because the series became much more perverted with a lot more sex happening. One volume involves drinking pee.
  • Closet80sfan  - RE:
    Golden Boy was not Kikoku Inoue's first well known VA role, that role goes to "Electra" in NADIA: Fushiji No Aoi Mizu. The first ecchi harem anime was "Outlanders" which marked the main seiyuu Mitsuo Iwata's official debut.

    Golden Boy was released in October 1995. It was actually one of the very first anime to get a DVD release in Japan. There were a total of 6 episodes produced. The final two episodes were released in February 1996.

    The OAV itself its actually based on a manga series created by Tetsuya Egawa, he actaully drew both an ecchi seinen version and an soft core hentai comedy version. The ecchi version was steralized in Shueisha from 1991-1998, the adult comedy version ran in Tenma Comics from 1993-1997.

    Tidbits and facts:

    1. Madam President's(vocied by Hiromi Tsuru a famous 80s voice actress) name in the manga is Keiko Tanaka she's actually his main love interest in the ecchi version. In the hentai print, she only appears in volume one, and Kintaro's main squeeze instead is Mika a bi-sexual,drifter childhood crush with an attitude.

    2. TN Software stands for Tanaka/Natsumi,Inc. The desktops in episode 1 were actually designed to look more modern.

    3. In Episode 2, the play of Yuki seducing Kintaro to get even with her father and then setting Kintaro up to be accussed of attempting to rape her, is derived from the biblical story in Genesis about Joesph's slavemaster Potipher's wife trying and failing to seduce him, but after he turns her down with a cocky atttiude, she falesly accuses him of attemped rape.

    3. In the adult manga version, Mika later stops by, and has lesbian sex with Noriko Katsuda, seduces Yuki into girl-on-girl sex, and then lets Mayor Katsuda plow her.

    4. Yuki is voiced by Yuko Mizutani, another NADIA alumi.

    5. Episode 3, Noriko and her family are supposidely christians. Thier kindness,naive attitude, and Noriko's refusal to give up her virginity suggest that.

    6. Tetsuya seems to have a Yakuza fetish! This episode marks the 4th exposition with a Yakuza theme.

    7. There's more of a backstory with Kogure's girlfriend in the manga versions, in the ecchi version, her name is Sayaka Kurosawa. She's a greedy bank forecloser officer who wants to hand the Noodle shop over to the bank, and she and Kogure are trying to swindle Noriko's family. In The adult version, Noriko is raped, Kogure is arrested and imprisoned, and Sayaka cons her way into the Noodle shop family circle, where she sexually molests Noriko again and again.(the hentai version of the story arc is dark.)

    8. Episode 4 is only featured in Volume 1 of both the ecchi and adult version of the manga. Egawa decided to give Ayumi more filler in the final episode of the OAV.

    9. Episode 5 was never featured in the adult version of the manga, though it was featured in the ecchi print.
  • Taufiq91
    Thx for correcting me. I clearly didn't do much research despite hanging around MAL and ANN.
  • ZuruiKumori  - memories of great anime!!!
    thanks for doing these reviews!
    these animes are the ones i grow up on and I aswell had to search all over every TV station and late into the night till i found them :)

    cant wait till you bring up some more great ones...maybe even, Riding Bean? Goku Midnight Eye 1&2?
  • ofer4  - hmm...
    The manga got really good during the arc in which he met his old college buddy.
    Besides that it was pretty boring.
  • Shinigami
    Way this review was done made it much more funnier than it would had been if Bennett had done this with his normal style.
  • jalford
    Doug Smith would be so proud.
  • leviadragon99
    Well... even if it's reeeeaaaally tongue in cheek, the views towards women that this anime seems to infer, at least from what I could gather from their behavior shown in the video itself, do seem rather questionable.
  • eye
    The kind of perverted material this spoofs(while emulating) tends to treat women this way, or worse. The great part of Golden Boy is that Kintaro's behavior and the consequences of his ridiculous choices are so absurd that you can't possibly take anything in the world seriously or consider it an earnest view of reality. If anything it points out how stupid a lot of these 'ecchi' cliches are.
    It's fun, which is a huge breath of fresh air for a culture that produces a lot of sexist material.
  • Fiang
    As they are in most harem anime I've noticed. Wonder why that is....
  • Confessor
    This was very educational.
  • Archane
    I have to say though... for an english dub of this type of material... It sounds pretty decent. That's the most suprising thing of all.
  • Demien van Cope
    Great review! Bravo!

    As any classic anime it shouldn't be smart. Weird, strange, close to mindf*ck, but so damn entertaining. I love Golden Boy.

    I agree with you statement in previous review. I also can't say that I am fan of anime today. But I love their classic.

    English dubbing is awful. Better watch with subtitles.
  • CageAquarium  - English Dub vs Sub
    Honestly, in older anime I was surprised to hear how great the dubbing was here. In older anime, subtitles are generally the way to go. If newer anime has done everything right it is that the dubbers care enough about the source material to be excellent, in many cases. I would say dubbing in modern anime is pretty on par with subtitles.
  • Slepter
    Hilarious, Sage, very nice. I was laughing the whole way through. :D
  • Dorran844221
    Ahh, Kentaro Oe. I grew up with this series. There's only one flaw in the general arguments, though... he never gets laid during the series. He always rides off into the sunset right before that point. Other than that, he does quite well indeed.

    One series that I'd like to know if you plan to review at some point is Bastard!!. You want to talk about a near lethal dose of late 80's/early 90's, then that's my poison of choice. Take 80's heavy metal, Dungeons and Dragons, and a sprinkling of Japanese culture, pop it all in an industrial grade blender, and hit frappe, and you've got Bastard!!. Hell, the main character's name is Dark Schneider. If you don't know who Dee Schneider is... go look it up. Either way, in my book, he's one of the quintessential antiheroes of Anime.
  • yourworstnightmare
    DS is da MAN! However I don't really like the Anime, he's even manlier in the Manga. I just have problems getting my hand on all the chapters.
  • SsnakeBite  - My thoughts on this anime are as follows:
  • FunkyM
    Wow, And here I thought that Golden boy was some ordinary slice-of-life deal. Japan must've been awesome in the 90s...
  • BooRat
    They were epic in the 90s! Stories wereawesome but still simple enough you could sit down and watch it one time and come away from it and not have to go "WTF!?" and have to watch it 2-3 more times with a friend to understand what it was you just saw!
  • Basilisk1991  - I personally prefer Desert Punk
    It has a similar sense of humor, but the protagonist is more likable and the setting is better, I watched this a while ago and TBH I found Kintaro (Kentaro?) to be annoying (He's borderline mentally handicapped). I understand that you're working off the 80's (when you do Gundam I'll be here to squee with glee), and that you may or may not do more modern stuff but if you're interested in a similar albeit totally different show than I would suggest you give it a look.
  • pocky-san
    when people complain too much bout ecchi and Mary Sues in anime, I simply remember Golden Boy and have myself a little chuckle.

    I think I liked GB for the same reasons I liked Panty and Stocking, or some of the more comedic ecchi anime; they don't take themselves seriously.

    Sure, I love how anime can be serious, dramatic, and realistic, but I also love how it can be frickin ridiculous, which is something that hasn't changed for me in years. If anything, anime creators seem to be even more self-aware. Gurren Lagann, Panty and Stocking, and in the case of serious deconstruction Puella Magi Madoka Magica being the most recent. We westerners had it kinda lucky (mostly); as the only stuff that tended to be licensed over were the shows that had strong followings, or the things that were profitable. . . (again, mostly).

    I don't think anime's changed all that much since I was having to watch it on old VHSs, if anything we've only just started on looking at it as a whole. And when ya do that, with any form of media, the crap usually outweighs the awesome. But, just like when a really great movie or cartoon comes out, amongst the wave of sludge that are remakes and reality shows, something good comes out. I don't think any genre, or whatever can really break away from that rather cold fact. But I like to remember that when that one gem appears in a pile of crap, it makes you appreciate just how much more the gem is worth than the crap surrounding it.
  • Kari
    While I can't stand most "adult anime", I really enjoyed this one. It doesn't take itself at all seriously, and sometimes, cartoons just need to be funny, you know?

    However, here's an exercise for the over-educated: Watch it in terms of the main character fulfilling the role of a trickster god. I think too much probably but it really fits.
  • KiteGr
    Golden Boy is one of my favourite Anime.
    I usually hate to much ecchi in anime, but this is one done Right! Also it's one anime I can safely give it to a non-AnimeFan and he will like it equally as much!

    I also like it's animation and how everything is done "old school" by hand! I simply can't stand to much computer in anime!
  • Angelic Plague
    Never watched it before, but this anime looks, um... er... uh... well... um...

  • eye
    Hate to see so many great moments spoiled for new viewers, but if it gets them to watch this gem it's worth it. My whole anime club watches this once every year or so, it's always a great time.
  • projoe719srise
    EXCUSSE ME BENNET, CAN I HAVE YOUR AUTOGRAAAAAAAPH!!!? I see you found your comfort zone with reviewing anime. I will miss fan-fic theater but I'm also glad for anime abandon.
  • HorrorMovie Critic  - Rod sterling
    Sage, I get your rugged, but was the Rod Sterling voice really neccesary, now you look too rugged and awsome.
  • cutepiku

    I love you, Kentaro. I really do.

    I remember when I was little (why did I watch this when I was 10?), I had just finished Golden Boy, and had moved onto Blue Seed.

    No idea if it happens in the Japanese, but in the English, somewhere in the 20's episode wise.. there is a news report, and Kentaro pops on to do the report. Like, literally, it is Kentaro from Golden Boy. I was so excited.
  • cutepiku
    And I just realized I sounded mildly retarded there. I meant it's like, scanning over the city's destruction, and it's a voice-over of the voice, so you don't physically see him. But you know it's Kentaro. One day I'll rip that scene off my DVD's and throw it on Youtube. One day.
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