Worst Parts of Street Fighter: the Legend of Chun-li

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  • ThatFellowInTheCoat
    Even though I haven't seen that flick, I found this be a hilarious video. Great cameo from R.T. there as well.
  • sturryz
    Boobies! Damaged for life now...

    What, the movie? yeah... it sucks.
    Benzaie watches hentai? huh?
  • Anthony R
    I agree with Mr. Coat......I havent seen the flick but I am sure it would have sucked all the same...Hollywood cant make a good game movie

  • Rei
    they...managed to...make it worst than the first rape?? they...................




    i killed myself
  • vpl3000  - ...
    you kill yourself and manage to tell us?Ninja...
  • SickBritKid

    They removed the charming ham that was the actors from the first movie and replaced it with a film that took itself WAY too damn seriously...
  • Runba
    This...Movie...Sucked... Just watch the first street fighter movie.. at least the the actors looked like the characters they were portraying
  • ChaosCharza
    Watched the first one over last weekend. It's forgivable if you look at it as camp. This.... Uggh!!!
  • evad
    he has the best catchfrase ever! wait.. what was it :S xD
  • Tjhom
    Great Review man!
    Caucasian Hory Kick!!!
    Movie so fail, just made me want to watch the animated film again.
  • jnywest
    That was great Benzai...good stuff.

    However, if someone could not tell that this movie was going to be crap and went and saw it anyways...I have no pity for you..lol
  • tony1z
    neji from naruto would be proud of chun-li at the end of you video Ben
  • ThatScottishGuy
    My God those Effects Are TERRIBLE :X

    P.S: I Also Agree with Benzaies Theory That Tits make Good Movies even better (Notice How I said GOOD Movies there, Don't get any Ideas Mr Boll...)

    P.S.S: Am I the only one who noticed at 6.09 the Spinning Bird Kick didn't actually hit anyone, Rather they looked at her and fell to the ground like a bunch of twonks

  • RebelTaxi
    Those effects wouldn't be impressive 20 years ago.

    I'm suprised no mention of the "Milk" scene.
  • sephiroth_ultima  - Pretty good list but...
    I can't believe the scene showing how Bison got his evil power didn't make it to this top 5.
    When I saw it, I had to borrow my girlfriend's hands so I could tetra-facepalm.
  • JackBrimstone
    or the fact that Bison was played by the same guy who played the retarded pitcher in "Angels in the Outfield". how did that slip by? who knows.

    But Great work Ben.
  • Cferra
    Wow. Kristen Kruek left Smallville for that? Talk about bad career moves. Good vid, Ben and always nice to see Rollo T on cam.
  • mumbls
    I know, i saw this thinking that Lana Lang was under training by Liu Kang. (I haven't played MK in a long time, so I don't know how to spell his name.)
  • Lotus Prince
    My friends keep telling me about one of the dumbest lines ever, where Bison says "Even milk has an expiration date."

    EVEN milk? ESPECIALLY fucking milk. What were the script writers THINKING?
  • pharmmajor
    Oh Ben... how could you do a Street Fighter review and not work in the "Of course!" line? Eh, still good.
  • Amber_Kross
    Yeah, I usually like lesbian dancing, but this movie even managed to screw that up. And I remember that delicious shower scene from the street fighter animated movie, you are a man of great taste, Benzaie.
  • jackofblades

    LMAO! :D
    Nice video Benzaie,
    haven't seen this horrid movie yet,
    but it looks worse than the first one.

    Actually, the first one is now a classic
    with Raul Julia and it's epic lines.... OF COURSE!!

    Now I'm going back to organize my
    80 Gb hentai folder B)
  • Nadilo
    I didnt finish seen that movie. Good top five.
  • hoebo
    Tits are GTFO live action movies.
  • ThatSlayerOf100
    I cant believe that Uwe Boll wasn't involved with this piece of crap
  • the mex  - and this is not over
    yea!! Chun-li tits ,tanks Benzaie

    I hope that in future you do a top 5 of the new live accion movie The King of Fighters

    I just see a behind the scenes ,and look like shit

    the same quality as the Chun-li movie :X
  • smithy4282
    Man and I thought Dragonball Evolution was bad. This makes it look like Citizen Kane.
  • Red Shift  - re:
    [quote=Anthony R]I agree with Mr. Coat......I havent seen the flick but I am sure it would have sucked all the same...Hollywood cant make a good game movie


    Well, Gore Verbinski is going to attempt to make a Bioshock movie, and he still hasn't found a director... Still, I am guessing it'll be fucked up somehow.
  • gadaboutgirl
    Oh, Ben. I always love your top 5, and this one was so worth the wait!

    I hated this piece of shit movie...
  • Sheeyah  - Oops.
    I didn't watch this movie, but thanks for showing me why I avoided it. You know, if you watched Smallville at all last season you could tell they were trying to make Kruek fit into her role in this movie. The show and film both failed at that. I don't understand why this movie was made, except to try an capitalize on Kruek's looks and popularity from Smallville. Except, Chun Li's much more popular with adults that grew up with the Street Fighter series rather than teenagers. Oh well.

    Good list Benzaie.
    OHHH! OHHHH! It's the bitchy helicopter!!! ...huh? Spinning Bird Kick? ...wow that sucked.

    Great top five Benzaie. :D
  • NegaJoe  - QUICK!!!!!! CHANGE THE CHANNEL!!!!!!!
    If Benzaie ever gets into a fight, I would love to see him use that finger hakouken again. [b]IT LOOKS SO REAL!!!!!!!![/b] :woohoo:

    But how did he know about the hentai? :0
  • Chris P Bacon
    How to be a director:

    "Nah just keep waving your arms around in a circle with a serious look on your face, we'll add in some awesome special effects and this fireball will turn out looking incredible trust me."
  • KnowItAll  - Great vid always
    great vid benzaie I'm glad somebody

    actually remembered that jackie chan did a chun li.

    and was actually better than this movie LOL
  • vid3oman64
    lmao! Nice Jackie Chan clip.

    Oh shi-- Lui Kang. Man his career is just destroyed.

    I definitely want to watch the animated Street Fighter movie now. Wait, I saw the part I wanna see. Nevermind.

    Special effects were clearly the main draw of this movie. And they suck. So there ya go.

    Lesbian dancing. She is hot. ....what's the problem again? Oh right, the movie sucks.

    OH GOD NOT THAT SONG AGAIN! I can't hear it without thinking of that... one... web site... dear god... I never even actually WENT to that site. I just heard a description of what was there. It was enough.

    Anyway, pretty funny vid Benny. Keep em comin!
  • EarthboundXE
    I think I know the website you're talking about, it's pretty gross, plus the only way to close it is to shut down your browser in the task manager.

    Awesome video Ben.
  • Cartoongoon
    positive feedback towards top 5!
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