Can't Escape the Heroine

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  • EvilSandwich
    And another Beary origin is given to us.

    The little guy's like the Hero With a Thousand Faces.
  • benzaie  - VIDEO DOESN T WORK ???
    [color=red]SEEMS TO BE FINE NOW PEOPLE !
    STILL, the video is available:
    [size=x-large][color=red] [url= 3953814]here[/url][/ color][/size]
  • shadow727
    nope i still can't access it
  • falcon666  - wher can u download
    hey benzaie is there anyplace u can download this from
  • saint23thomas
    Yes, Benzaie, were can we acquire this, the most awesomazing game ever?
  • zazakoolaid
    Reverse rape, second to only autocannibalistic fetishism.
  • Jackass Mask
    As always Benzaie, you make me ashamed to enjoy your videos.
  • whatever42
    Yeah, what Jackass Mask said pretty much sums up how I feel as well.

    Seriously man, where do you come up with such things? ... :eyebrow:

    You know, on second thought, I'd rather not know. By the way, is anyone keeping a Beary origin story count? I think we may be at five now, although I'm really not sure.
  • GummyTuna
    Stars of David? WTF?
  • Pay-Ten
    haha, is it sad that I love how you tell me about these "dirty games"? I really like this series anyway.

    Yea, it's kinda unfair how this game is ok, because the guy is getting raped. While it's inferior to women victims in rape cases, it's still there. And this is still a game on rape. But it's all fake people anyway, so it doesn't matter either way, huh? =)

    Keep up the good work Benz; This series is quickly becoming one of my favorite.
  • Data Human
    You`ve done it Bate, you charismatic stallion you, you`ve created a video so profoundly sexy the internet will not alow it.

    (The player`s not showing up)
  • undesired.valentine  - Woman raping men = feminism?
    I just like that there's a game out there that flips the tables and has a man being raped for a change lol. Go ladies! haha
  • Landusk  - is the vid uplored or not working for me
    I been waiting for this but it seem to be not working T_T i wonder is it me or just some bug that going on if you please se eyou can get to work that be geart =D

    any way can't wait ot see it =)
  • Triangles
    Where are you finding these games!?
    as always great review and very funny. i have to say i do want to try this game out of all the game fap one this looks kinda fun.

    P.S. fuck the hypocritical feminist bull shit.
  • Hamel  - re:
    [quote=GummyTuna]Stars of David? WTF?[/quote]
    Magic circles
  • Deimos1984rd
    [color=green]If I was in that universe I would gladly lose to those women. :sigh:[/color]
  • Tyr
    Ok so why are all these girls dressed liked characters from the Dragon Quest series?

    And why does Enix let them get away with it? Do they own the company that makes this game, or is there some kind of parody law in effect?
  • benzaie
    In Japan you CAN publish Doujin-Manga parodying characters from famous IPs... I'd assume it's a bit of the same here...

    because take 3D custom Girl => some of the costumes SHIPPED WITH THE GAMES, were straight from Valkyrie Profile AND Xenosaga...
  • PLA
    Apparently, the priestess is even called Ennis Erauqs.
  • ChocoMochi
    Oh man that was great! His sister was totally the hottest though.. I don't think I'd have the patience to get to the end otherwise I think I would try and find this =D
    Dude! Bate! I was like, totally horny up until a few minutes before I decided to cool down and visit this website. I saw your video, and now I'm completely horny again!

  • Uberpig
    Wow, Beary's back story changes more than Insano's.
  • Chris P Bacon
    This is a game about escaping from sex, I see no reason why the church and parents everywhere wouldn't endorse it!
  • Eniac
    (37 votes, average 5 out of 5)
    GameFAP ladies and younger ladies! THAT AWESOME =D
  • Gigerfan  - No Video?
    I'm sorry but I cant seem to find this vid.
  • Ejis

    OMG Beary is... NOOOOOOOO!!

    Anyway I really enjoy your Gamefap videos and this one was no exception.

    So rape could be the solution for hopeless nerds to finally have a true love story? I knew that! Thanks Master Bate!
  • Shinigami
    This was Benzaie at his best XD
  • Kuba
    Ending was great =D
  • BabyImplosion
    loved the ending.

    and as always, great show. your jokes are hilarious, and hosting abilities very suave and spot-on.

    as for the game, sounds sweet and romantic.

    you have magical sperm, all the women want you, but you fight through them to only allow your sister to enjoy the magic.

    .... wish games like this were on the major consoles.

    I did not like the Alita OAVs. :zombie:
  • spliffzero  - ?!?!?!
    w.. ww.. whh.. wwhaaaa???

    Read the first book, its way better. ;)
    (and correct)
  • Endless_Nameless
    The whole video are great, the rape jokes are all around, but the end... oh boy!

    It twisted itself and made a parody in a totally new way! You never cease to amaze me!

    It reminds when I saw a strip comic where a guy finds a big mac in the street, eat it, then his chest burst with an alien, that gets bigger and it him! Afterwards, the alien starts to feel something, his chest bursts and the guy exit the alien body, and then it eat. The story ends with the phrase "what does not kill makes you fat", and an image of the guy with an inflated belly!
  • dennett316
    Oh poor Huggy, but at least you got a Beary out of it.

    As for these types of people actually Fap to these, or are they played purely for laughs? I sincerely hope it's the latter.
  • foxbomber5
    Funny, I think "Final Fantasy win theme" when that happens, too. Small world.

    Good twist at the end.
  • Doomtrain24
    Hehe I finally did it. =D I registered just to say Your Show is Awesome, I'm a pervert at heart and your show is just what I need to make me my day better :drunk:
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