Mega Man 9

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  • ChaosD1
    Am I the only person who beat Concrete Man first?

    ...and am I the only person who thinks Galaxy Man is the easiest boss to beat with the Mega Buster?

    It's sad, because the game is quite obviously designed with the idea of beating Hornet Man first.
  • Dectilon
    Well... It's not like you can't buster-duel all the bosses... Personally I like to start with Galaxyman. He may take longer to kill than Splashwoman, but he's less stressful to fight :)
  • Nukemouse
    First person i beat was Galaxy Man, i haven't played in a while and i suck at Mega man games. The fact I've beaten TWO of the nine bosses amazes me every day.
  • SsnakeBite
    Benzaie, I really need you to FAQ me hard for the first Resident Evil. Most of the time, you quite literally only go with your dick and your knife.

    Unless you play as Jill, then you don't even have your dick.
  • YolkaEd
    That was some quality FAQing there, Benzaie! I especially liked the song - you should make a MP3 out of it, or something.
  • Speedwagon33
    I beat Galaxy man first too.

    Can you FAQ around with SF4 since I saw that you got it in one of your last videos?
  • Punky
    thank you Ben! I love this game but I only beaten 2 bosses (concrete man and galaxy man lol) so this one was extremely helpful.
    LOE YOU!!
  • Aion
    Le sooooooon :(

    Ca crache :(
  • Shinigami
    It was great but one thing bothered me. That singing that made my ears bleed! But it was cool to watch in the end how you dodged all that stuff and got forward without even fireing single shot.
  • Bahamut
    You shared me some tips that I wasn't even aware of, such as using Concrete Shot on the lava and using Hornet Chaser on the dragons (I've been using the Mega Buster the whole damn time >_ Jewel Man -> Plug Man -> Tornado Man -> Magma Man -> Hornet Man -> Splash Woman -> Concrete Man
  • Eyz
    FAQ ME! are back :D
  • Zalaralith
    It would be nice if you could FAQ everyone about Bionic Commando: Rearmed to keep with the theme of classic Capcom games that were released on XBLA and are very hard.
  • Braeden Orr  - Wow...
    Thanks for thanking Ben, though I didn't really do anything thanks to my ineptitude at MM9.

    Another great vid though, as always Eiffle Tower of Awesomeness! :woohoo:
  • chaosbringer  - thanks
    thanks for faqing me banzai it realy helped me out :0
  • AngryJoeShow  - Faq me? No Faq You!
    [b]Faq Me? No. FAQ YOu![/b] Ben hahaha thats the name of my new series....Jk.

    Whoa nice flawless run there at the end!

    Loved the video Benzair! Hahaha, a bit disturbing at times though.. :dry: Im sure the chicks dig it! :Thumbsup:
    Your really making a run at [u]my[/u] title of [b]Sexiest TGWTG Talent[/b].

    Oh and there was alot of interference at least for me during the song, made it nearly unwatchable er listenable....anyone else get some "raspy" feedback parts during the singing?
  • edman4327  - FAQ YOU TOO!
    Lmao I actually song along with the song the 2nd time dont know why. I blame it on the megaman tunes they are always so good!
  • Socialiste  - ?
    C'est pas un peu se tirer dans le pied de supposer qu'avoir l'air gay = être français?
  • benzaie  - about the SOUND ISSUES
    Eyh guys the first master was really quiet at first so I re rendered with higher volume, because I'd rather have you turning down the volume on blip than not being able to hear what I say...

    sorry for some saturations here and there, but for the song , it adds to the bloddy ears factor ;)
  • Cferra  - OBJECTION! Er...FAQ YOU!
    Let's see. Will have to get Wii points to get the game. Yes. Very Yes.

    I'd like to see a Faq on trying to catch bees in Animal Crossing: City Folk. Now that is hard!

    If you can't do a segment on that then maybe try Star Tropics. I heard that game is hard.
  • NotJames  - FAQing Hell!
    I Just Love Being FAQed By Benzaie! :woohoo:
  • Razzy  - SF4
    Well Benzaie, maybe you could FAQ us all in SF4.

    If you could manage to beat me once in a while! ;)
  • Fyodoror
    I love it when you Faq me, Ben. Makes me feel like a real man.
  • Zoltan
    3:30 - You still have some knowledge to the liver?! XD
  • ThatGuyInTheHeadband
    Flawless Splashwoman run. I'm impressed, Benzaie.

    Maybe you could faq me on The World Ends With You. I know I've been playing it for almost a year and have found plenty of the secrets on my own, but I know there is more that I need to know.
  • Arkady Saulski
    Benzaie you are so effing cool!!

    Does anyone even watch these movies to get some questiones answered or just to have a good time? Beats me...

    Oh - and Ben - you can faq me whenever you want - I'm your bitch!XD
  • evilralphwiggum
    That was a great and refreshing FAQ.
  • evilralphwiggum
    Oh I have an interesting thing that just happened to me. I have some Mega Man 9 videos up on my youtube..I have a lot of them..playthroughs and whatnot. 1 of them just got taken down for copyright infringement and it said this.
    "[b][u]Mega Man 9 Super Hero Mode Plug Man Stage Blind Run Part 1[/u](that's the video title), may have video content that is owned or licensed by IGN[/b]"
    o.O IGN?...wait...what? do they own the rights to Mega Man 9 footage?..I didn't use their video..I captured it myself. lol..what's up with that? XD
    :0 just thought I'd post this here because it just happened and I wanted someone's opinion. lol
  • dakostro
    My butt felt a bit sore after watching this video, but then I realized I was sitting in a very uncomfortable chair. :P

    Next time, I'd like you to FAQ me with either Crash Bandicoot or Rayman.
  • Mastergoblin  - Regarding the order of robot masters
    I find it that laser tridents are superior to the homing bees in most ways, you have twice the ammo, and damage which makes it an ideal weapon to use. The fact that it penetrates everything and has a bigger hit area than the mega buster is also a big plus.

    Also if it's your first time playing the game (and you haven't played Mega Man for a while/ever) Hornet Man is probably going to anally rape you, while Splash Woman is a walk in the park.

    tl;dr: I'd start with Splash Woman.

    Oh I would like to be FAQed with Street Fighter 4, for an example the EX cancel is so timing craving I only manage to pull it off 50% of the time, some pointers would be awesome.
  • Deimos1984rd  - Thank you for FAQing me.
    You saved me from hours of frustration.
  • Tonxey  - Holy sh-...
    Man, that was FAQing creepy. No more than we've come to expect from the crazy French lunatic.

  • El Bastardo
    Oh damn this song of yours was soo ridiculously stupid I laughed my ass off at least three times.
    And nice "no hit run".

    A game for another FAQ you ask for?? - Well I say go with a "not so popular and not so mainstream" title.
    I mean if you choose something like Street Fighter IV everyone read and saw about anything already.

    What about one of you classic games you took for your "games you might don't know"-series?!
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