Top 10 Games of 2012!

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  • Cryo  - Yay
    Finally a list with GW2 on top! I knew I could count on you Joe!
  • mister sloth
    hah, i was thinking the exact same thing. Haven't seen many top-lists in general, actually... hope that doesn't get out of date!

    Edit: my topgame of 2012: Borderlands 2
  • Guild Navigator
    I would've given anything to ME3. That hatred is just not going away...

    Damn,isn't ANYBODY going to put Darsiders II in their Best of 2012 list? That game is freaking AWESOME and I'd chosen it well above Max Payne 3 or Dishonored.
  • MasterOfBerries
    That must be some heavy hatred to forget the awesomeness up to the ending.
  • Fangheart
    "95% of the game is amazing + the last 20 minutes or so of the game are crappy = the entire game is awful"

    seems legit.

    oh, and by the way Joe, maybe you should just adjust the brightness levels of your TV; the loading screen being white is NOT what was wrong with AC3. having some dull blunt robotic Native American pretending to be part of the Assassin's Order as a protagonist was what was wrong with AC3. Ezio was ten times the Assassin Connor was. hell, Haytham felt more like an Assassin than Connor did, and he's.....well, I'll keep this Spoiler free, but you know what I mean.
  • Cinnamon Scudworth
    Can someone tell me when Joe gets another system besides a 360? Then maybe I can start taking his lists seriously.
  • War1309
    whats wrong with 360 ?
  • Redtutel2
    Nothing I'm aware of, but there are some great games for PS3, Wii and Wii U that aren't on the list because Joe can't play them.
  • Cinnamon Scudworth
    Exactly. The fact that Joe portrays himself as a heroic non-biased big-business-battling game reviewer, yet only owns one console, is ridiculous. How is he really qualified to judge if there are so many games he can't play? Most hardcore gamers own more than one current-gen console -- and just about every professional reviewer does. Why doesn't Joe?
  • AngryJoeShow
    Gee I had no idea that Guild Wars 2, Hawken and others were on the XBOX 360. Guess you learn something new everyday.

    You make a pretty sweeping judgement about me based on which consoles I do and dont own. Maybe you should rethink how that sounds.

    I own an Xbox 360 and a PC (I also own a Wii, and pretty much any older console you thank think of other than a 3DO). These cover most all games out there as many are multiplatform. I cant cover every single console currently out because Im one man on a 70-80 hour work week as it is, I have no bandwidth for it. If you know the secret to cloning then share it with me.

    I hope each professional reviewer (the actual person) you mention reviews all versions of every game on all console formats in each of their reviews. Cuz if not your point is invalid.

    Until then, Enjoy a List that covers the largest majority of all released games every year from a single person operation rather than a multimillion dollar company with 50-100 employees.
  • xXUnderGroundXx  - Nicely done
    I believe the term is "served".
  • thorondragon
    to review those games, he would need to Buy a ps3 and or wii u. but if you sent him a ps3, he would be more than willing to review those games.
  • The Shamster
    Maybe he does have a Wii and a PS3, but he prefers the Xbox360.
  • MasterOfBerries
    Sorry, can't hear you over my Skyrim DLC.
  • SkittleE
    That would explain why I don't seem to be seeing Xenoblade on this list. I know it came out in 2010, but it was only localized last April, so I feel it counts.
  • EpicFish
    There's nothing wrong with the 360. PS3 owners just seem to have a superiority-complex and think their console is the best one out there and that the 360 is shit in comparison. Although they have no room to talk since they've had major problems with account hackings, system/console problems and the like. While the 360 has had no real problems beyond CoD modders (which are everywhere beyond the 360) and "The Red Ring of Death" when the 360 first came out but that was due to the owners causing the consoles to overheat.

    That aside, loved the video Joe! Please tell me there's going to be a Top 10 Funniest Moments on The Angry Joe Show! I just about died of laughter when I watched the Lollipop Chainsaw review and saw his friend's Juliet cosplay and dancing around to "Oh Mickey". XD
  • Carteeg_Struve
    Great list... except I hate FPS games, and I have a Mac and not a PC - so Guild Wars is out.

    So... uh...... yeah.
  • Bradman1978
    So what exactly have you played in the past 5 years then. I gave up on GW2 enjoyed in for 3 months but without large numbers of people at max in the first 3 weeks me not being good at WvW and me never willing to group for 5 mans or do spvp not much for me to do.

    I'll most likely ever do another mmo though.
  • xXUnderGroundXx being bad at the game means the game itself is terrible? Seems legit.
  • CyborgPrince
    Pretty interesting list. I think I missed a couple of these reviews because I don't remember them. I may check out a couple of these games. Not really into MMOs which a few of these are, but other ones like Borderlands 2 and Dishonored pique my interest.

    I'm interested in seeing your worst games list as well. I have a few ideas of what will be on there. At least you haven't given any game a 1/10 this year, to my knowledge anyway. I saw a couple 2/10s though. I wonder which game will be #1 on that list.
  • Daemian Lucifer
    Praising the writing of mass effect 3 and not putting spec ops on the list at all?Joe,you disappoint.
  • DragonStryk72
    ""95% of the game is amazing + the last 20 minutes or so of the game are crappy = the entire game is awful"

    seems legit."

    Actually it is. See, if the ending of a movie sucks, that's one thing, as you've lost, at most, about two hours of your time.

    However, when you've invested more than 200 hours into a single line of plot, and worked for a promised ending, your experience of that time is ruined, moreso *because* of how good it was previously. We're months/years of your life invested, all for... that ending.

    It not only went against the established continuity of what had come before, even within the same game, but violated even basic logic. Only as an afterthought were we given any sense of accomplishment for all of our effort, and yes, it makes all that work that came before seem like a waste.

    By no means am I proposing a super-mega-happy ending, that would be just as much a betrayal of the series, but one need not discard choice, logic, and sense to get to a proper ending that is truly cathartic for the players.
  • Fangheart
    just because the ending was bad (key word WAS; the extended ending did improve it. not as much as I personally would have liked, but It's certainly better than nothing.) that doesn't suddenly make the whole game bad. the game play was excellent, OTHER plot points and elements were awesome, and the bad ending does not all of a sudden make those not exist. they're still there, and the majority of the game is still awesome. and with the extended cut DLC, the ending is......tolerable.
  • Daemian Lucifer
    The extended cut improved the ending?Bwahahahahaha!

    Ok,the catalyst is just as broken,the synthesis makes just as little sense,and control becomes even worse.The name of shepard is officially commander,and garrus does complete 180 after his "see you in heaven" and tells joker to leave you.Edi bleeds for some reason,and refuse is just one big "fuck you" to everyone who wanted to tell the star child to piss off.And thats not even going into details.

    ALso,majority of the game is awesome?Yeah right.I wont bother listing everything,Ill just say "We fight,or we die!".That about sums up the majority of writing in me2 and me3.
  • jcwainc  - darksiders 2
    im disappointed that darksiders 2 was not on your list of best games of the year. what more could you ask for rpg, looting, huge levels, crazy cool bosses/ boss fights, feeding weapons to weapons to make better weapons makes me sad to see u missed out on the most underrated game of the year or the
    game of the last 10 years
  • thorondragon
    was a well designed game, but i would not call it the best of the year. it had some mager falling on story i say. i often lsot interest myself as there was really no connection between the stories.
  • Killsteal_Wolf
    Walking Dead has great writing but is not Game of the Year material... puts Mass Effect 3 in 3rd Place for it's story that it botches in it's last act.

    Yeah, sorta why I've stopped listening to him to be honest.
  • NHWindsor  - Dishonored
    I would have put Dishonored far, far, higher. That's just me though. I just got done finishing it for the second time. The game is a masterpiece. Very few games can make me feel the same way as games did growing up and Dishonored is one of them. The game is just magical.

    I can absolutely agree with Guild Wars 2 being at the top. I'm loving it to pieces.
  • icedrake402
    I think everyone can agree, ME3 was the most --frustrating-- game of the year. If you switch around the writing quality for the ending, and the conclusion of the Rannoch / Tuchunka would be a classic, and all the missteps would have been forgiven because it went out well, giving an ending that we'd been looking forward to over four years.

    The best result I can hope for from this is that game creators get it into their heads that hey, endings matter and shouldn't just be farted out as an afterthought. Get them right and a lot of sins elsewhere will be forgiven, get them wrong and you can retroactively make a good game or series of games bad. Just like they learned for Assassins Creed oh wait.
  • LibraryLad
    Spec Ops The Line man and I'm not the military shooters type either. I'm not saying that it's number one but I missed it on the list 'tis all I'm saying.
  • Psxpert2011
    Haters are going to hate when they question your judgement A.Joe! I respect your top ten, they are good "AAA games"! If fact, I have/ will play[ed] them.

    Some games, either PC or console don't match up to the standards. Basically your reviews have guided me to the bast games I've ever experienced in my lifetime! The games with the less glitches in fact make the best games over all!

    When a game appeals to most, delivers the most and can "UP-the-Standard" of game-play, that's a award winning game!
  • Banryu  - Should be titled 'Top 10 Xbox 360 Games of 2012'
    ...huh... Well, I agree with ME3 and Dishonored. And Hawken actually looks pretty sick.

    But do you have something against Japanese developers, Joe?
    There's this new thing out there that looks pretty cool, it's called WiiU, maybe you've heard of it....? I dunno... but yeah, there are games on those other consoles too...

    And yeah, Guild Wars isn't Xbox, I know.
    (Technicalities aside, I think the general message of my complaint is clear enough.)
  • Turbo_Ski
    I wonder how different this list would have been if Joe had a PS3 and had played Journey or borrowed a PS3 for 2 hours to play Journey.

    Guild Wars 2 might be the best MMO of the year, but I will never play it because of the publisher NCsoft. With NCsoft stock plummeting after the unethical and unnecessary shutdown of City of Heroes and Paragon Studios, the future of Guild Wars 2 and Arenanet looks grim.
  • xXUnderGroundXx
    I know my opinion was not solicited, but I feel compelled to throw it in anyway, since this is the internet and I have nothing better to do. Honestly, I believe what Joe is doing is the best way to approach this; he reviews largely multi-platform games, games which virtually anybody can play. These are what this list is comprised of, and that, to my mind, is how it should be. Much as I love Uncharted, and I do, I believe no exclusive should ever win GOTY, and the same belief holds true for this list. Releasing games for most anybody tends to make them better games, if only because they can reach a wider audience.

    Wow, that went on longer than I intended.
  • Korruk
    I'm really happy about ME3 being in the Top 3.
    So many people dismissed it simply because of the ending, which was/is terrible. But the rest was so well made. It even made my eyes water a bit, during the scene with Mordin. That's the sign of a truly great RPG.
    Even all the hate the ending got is a sign of how invested people were in the story and characters.

    I disagree with GW2 though. I liked it ok, but I don't care much for PvP, and most of the PvE is lackluster in my opinion.

    But where the hell is Darksiders 2? I'm still astonished that the game performed quite badly on sales and with THQ having massive finanical problems I'm afraid there won't be a third part :(
  • thorondragon
    will you still be able to do a proper review of dishonored? i can jsut imagine the jokes you could make.
  • Ancel De Lambert
    It's great that you like Far Cry 3, Joe, it's probably good. It's probably really, really good. But it's Ubisoft. There's no way in hell I'll even touch the thing.
  • FunkyM
    Thanks Joe.

    I got so hyped for Hawken when I saw it on this vid... And then I saw it was just another Deathmatch game. Forefeit! I'd dearly love for Hawken to become another Mechwarrior-like Franchise (though I liked MechCommander too), plus, I like my rubbishness to be catered to, man.

    Other'n that, need to finish ME3, Far Cry 3 looks triggery, might check out GW2.
  • mikeysama
    As soon as he said "Skyrim with guns," I knew what his top pick would be.

    And I was wrong. Skyrim came out in '11. Derp.
  • thorondragon
    will ya still be able to get to do a dishonored review? i am really curiuos on your take with it..... not to mention the jokes you could do with all those abilities in the game. while totally lacking the likes of the fire balls and lightning of skyrim, the abilities in game are incredibly unique because of that. albeit that wind attack reminds me a bit too much of unrelenting force sometimes.

    i really want to see a review for dishonored, so much potential comedy, so much god damn awesome. i do wish the story was a little more to it though, just a smidgen.
  • Hyperglide
    Glad he put ME3 as high as he did it was my game of the year. I'm still playing it hardcore to this day cause of the wicked multi-player. Surprised Joe didn't mention the multi-player at all in his review and just rambled bout the ending. The ending had been beaten to death, time to move on folks.

    The MP has had 3 huge free DLC releases and you can play as Volus.. I mean c'mon that's awesome!
  • Cat-Alin
    Again, so many games that involve tons of shooting! Don't you think any non-shooting games are good anymore? Or are there just not any non-shooting games brought out anymore?

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