ME3 Indoctrination Theory & DLC

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  • Xaven
    This theory makes sense. I actually hope that it's correct, cause then the ending isn't a crappy as it appears.
  • Zachary Amaranth
    Yeah, it just means the game doesn't really have an ending, nor does the series, when we were supposed to get a climax.
  • RedFox0008
    Like Final Fantasy XIII-2?
  • Ohsha
    Indoctrination theory is giving the developers way too much credit. It's a fan fiction that's better written than the actual game.

    The only thing that gives it credence is the "fuck you" attitude it would display towards gamers which's what we know to expect from bilEwAre.

    These problems in the cutscene are due to design limitations. Interactions with the boy would be more animations needed. The locked symbol being on the door before the door closes is a bug.

    I hated those slow-walking sections. I hate whenever you're forced to move slowly for the sake of fake drama in a game, from the airport scene in CoD to the com talks in GoW.

    More shadows shows the progress of possession? That'd be stolen from Shadow of the Collossus.

    Here's where the fanboyism comes out most strongly. The argument trusts that bilEwAre must know what it's doing and if something it presents sucks it's meant to seem wrong. Biodrones faith is misplaced.

    An alternate "indoctrination theory" explanation would be you're hearing the radio signals through the reaper (which's monitoring them). Notice the admiral doesn't respond to Shepherd, he says, "nothing's happening". So you could just be hearing him talking to someone else with the mic open.

    Remember the honeycomb network of tunnels that Kai Lang escapes into? That's where in the citadel Shepherd is. Given its' size, it stands to reason there are multiple entrances. It sounds like Anderson traveled the same path as Shep but TIM couldn't come by an alternate route.

    Making a damaged version of Anderson's model would require additional work. You guys are citing nonexistent assets as proof of a design decision.

    "everyone's gone"
    doesn't have to be accurate. Them thinking everyone's dead doesn't mean everyone is dead. Shepherd was on the ground for how long? During that time anyone with sight on the beam could've already left (so their reports can't be updated with, "shep's getting up!").

    As for Harbringer leaving, there have been stupid decisions from game 1. Why would Sovereign transform Saren if that'd risk his shields? Why not destroy the fleet he had advantage over and then hack the relay without interruption? Why not use a single keeper or any other indoctrinated agent to send the signal instead of having big pointless wars between the rachni and the citadel races? Why, in all the millenia he was waiting to signal the fleet, did he never check to make sure everything was in working order?

    If you're sticking with your "oily black effect = reapers" standard than notice the oily black effect behind Anderson when he talks. You can't reconcile a guy saying you should destroy the reapers with the effect you said's a sign of reaper presence.
  • Ohsha
    Both TIM himself in conversation with Shep and the kid say TIM couldn't bring himself to implement his plan. He had the idea but his will had been taken over by the reapers so he couldn't bring himself to execute his plan.

    The wound being in the wrong place could be another mistake by the design team. If it means Shep shot himself then it's a knockoff of both SPOILERS Black Swan and Fight Club. NED SPOILERS

    I wondered about that too but I guess he was biotic and the reapers boost his biotic power.

    Like #3 this is fanboys going, "no you see! It's meant to be bad! Isn't that genius!".

    If both 2 and 3 are indoctrination then there's no difference/option/choice between them. That would fit bilEwAre's design style...

    It would fit EA's business model to cut off the ending of ME3 and charge players for it. There're already biodrones saying, "I'd pay ###! Just give me a better/complete ending!" So I guess such a ploy from EA would be successful. But I'd hope such a 4th ME or ME MMO would crash and burn.
  • Jackass Mask
    Reapers are sending in Trolls. Aim for their lack of shame! Use light rounds, they don't like the light!
  • Rigardo  - So basically...
    All I'm hearing is a person who's being biased against this theory and not wanting to hear another opinion on the ending, Yes I get it the ending is terrible....or is it? I know what you're saying that it's just a coincidence and they could never have come up with this but dude...this is Bioware, They made KOTOR, Jade empire, Dragon age origins and that's just to name a few. Is it really so hard to open your mind and consider the possibility of this theory before just dashing it away? Also you're complaining that shadows show the progression of possession being similar to Shadow of the Colossus...Come on dude that's just being picky.
  • Tom Smith
    Why didn't Shepard use a medigel to heal his wounds. I had 6 on me when I got hit by Harbinger. Why doesn't medigel work on Thane or Udina or others?

    Before ME3 came out I joke to my friends that the whole game would be an indoctrinated dream where instead of Shepard gaining allies he/she was really helping the Reapers the whole game. That the real game might be similar to something that I thought up on the fly as a joke is of little comfort.

    I like to pretend that Marauder Shields is a symbol for the First Contact War where humans and turians fought. Or how Shepard takes down Saren in ME1. Or maybe it was a bullshit last fight like in Fallout 3. A game which had such a bad ending they had to release a real ending as DLC. Fans seemed to appreciate the gesture.

    I like the indoctrination theory. There is plenty of good evidence to support it. ESPECIALLY the twitter posts and the goofy ending title card.
    I really do hope that there is some kind of DLC where Shepard gets hit by Harbinger, has the stupid ending, then wakes up and actually wins the game. Where you finish off the Reapers for good, have a real fight and get a very in depth well thought out explanation for everything.
    I like the idea of 'salvation through destruction' and that organics would self destruct over time. But it has to make sense and be overcome with hope and love and stuff.

    And that we get to fight and kill Harbinger.

    The games go WAY WAY out of their way to show the Reapers as pure monsters so I don't want to make any concessions to them at all.

    And I want the Illusive Man actually gets a real ending rather than was is basically a repeat of talking to Saren. No really it is almost beat for beat the same as Saren. Maybe that was the point. That it was a repeat in Shepard's mind.
    Considering you fight Cerberus more than you fight the Reapers in the game I think he deserves a much much better ending than a 3 minute talk down with TIM.
    Especially after he kidnaps and indoctrinates Jack. Who you are then forced to kill. You never make him and Cerberus pay for that.

    Also: Everyone on the Citadel dies when it explodes. That is something like 10 futuristic New Yorks. And then the debris would be sucked into Earths atmosphere and kill tons of people like a giant meteor.
  • Vedli  - About the medigel
    Sheperds omni-tool has been blow clean off by that point. Also medi-gel doesn't work in cutscenes. Like how Jack is biotic goddess in cutscenes but is just a fairly normal vanguard out of them.
  • leviadragon99
    Huh... well initially I thought people were grasping at straws with this theory as you said, but there are some pretty compelling arguments here... still, it's hard to fathom a reason why they'd intentionally do this if the indoctrination theory is true, maybe time/budget restraints if EA was putting the pressure on but still...
  • ThePauper
    it is actually a great writing strategy, it is a twist ending never really done before, at least not in this way. it would be a HUGE testament to the skill of the writers if this was all intentional, it would mean they foresaw the reaction, and they worked for that specific reaction.
  • VashTehBunny
    Yup, that is why m night shyamalan is a still a popular director and screen writer.
    People really like moronic and out of no where plot twists.

    Writing something over ambiguous /somewhat stupid, and having it annoy someone is actually pretty simple.
  • Charos
    Er...Shyamalan is one of the most hated directors in the business...he's up there with Michael Bay, he had a promising start with Signs and such but everything from "the village" onward has been, well, pretty bad. You ever see "The Happening"? Just HORRIBLE...
  • GrimMontrose
    Sarcasm Bro. Clearly you've been hurt.
  • GrimMontrose
    Bioware promised that this game was the end of Shephards story and that all loose ends would be tied neatly and all questions answered. Whether they cop to the indoctrination theory or not, the shipped ending does not meet the pre release promises or expectations.

    I fear that if the indoctrination theory is correct, this was a marketing strategy to have everyone pay for an "epilogue" or "true ending".

    But even if Bioware/EA decides to release the ending content for free, they have unintentionally alienated everyone without internet, and burned through the good will of all the fans that do. It just doesn't seem to make good business sense.

    Bioware/EA = Evil;
    A planned strategy to charge us for an ending that should have been on the disk

    Bioware/EA = Fumble;
    Ending is cannon and represents reality. Bad writing.

    Bioware/EA = Rushed;
    Ending not finished by release date, so they release anyway with plans to make good on an ending in the future. Miscalculated fan reaction.
  • Rigardo
    That is true but I was mostly shift all the blame to EA because they want to kill the used game market by making games online activation only even for a single player game such as Kingdoms of Amular, That is more then enough proof that EA would be involved when it comes to wanting an easy cash grab.
  • Trencher
    This is genious marketing!
    Making such a bad ending and making people pay for the good ending! Best idea since new coke!
  • eenyo  - Paying for ending DLC
    If we would have to pay for a ending to this game i'd stay far away from it. Now if Bioware made DLC that really builds on to the story, and feels like an expansion with a better ending, well that might be worth it. It would still feel wrong to do that to all the fans. Just going to wait and see till then.
  • Argos
    I'm not sure why people want this "theory" to be true. If it is, then it only highlights another low for bussiness ethics. Making people buy a full game only to announce "whoops, if you want the real ending, you'll just have to pay a little bit more."

    What kind of precedent would that set? Are gaming companies going to release games through seperate releases? What kind of BS is that?

    Whatever, at this point I don't care anymore. The initial rage and disillusionment has kinda worn off. All I know is I'm not spending a penny more on this product.
  • Shinigami
    Whole theory sounds like Bioware's desperate attempt to justify bad ending.
  • Garthim
    I do believe the indoctrination theory. There is too much evidence that support it and those can't all be just luck that it fits.

    However if they release a real ending as dlc they are going to far imo. If they release it for free it will be acceptable, but otherwise it's bullshit. I will not pay for the ending. I'll look up online what it does eventually, but I will not pay for it.

    The ending of a trilogy, hell the ending of any game, should be available for everyone.
  • 3DMaster
    The Indoctrination Theory does seem to fit extremely well.

    There's just one problem; there's no ending at all! Not a false one, but literally not an ending.

    Shepard either wakes up indoctrinated (or not at all) or wakes up free from indoctrination; but the reapers aren't destroyed, the battle is still going on.

    There's no "epilogue" coming, the actual ending still has to come! The final battle still has to be decided.
  • Jezzy54
    I like the indoctrination theory because it rules out all the nonsensical bullshit, but I don't like the implication that BioWare deliberately set up a crap ending so they could charge more for a real one.
    I don't buy this theory at all. The child and Shepard are the only solid proof, the rest is just speculation.

    So me this seems like a desperate attempt by fans to make sense of the ending. And Bioware's hints don't at any point leave me thinking there's more to the story to come, only that they're banking on us buying more DLC weapon and character packs.

    Bioware's a big company, they don't need their fans desperately trying to defend their mistakes.
  • Hene
    I don't care what it is. The ending is still horrible, unsatisfying and out of place. In fact, if it's indoctrination then that means there's no ending to this trilogy at all, which is even worse.
  • sams88
    This theory makes to much sense to be clever writing, I think it is more about BW being jerk with players.
  • Guild Navigator
    I stopped playing the game after close to 40 hours clocked in and decided to put it away until this whole debacle is resolved.

    Seriously,I love you to death but get your shit together,Bioware. If DA3 is going to be another mess like this then don't bother...
  • Malidictus
    *headshake* I don't know what's worse - BioWare delivering a shit, inept ending, or BioWare deliberately trolling their fan base with a shit ending so they can sell us a better one for more money. The ending is garbage, and I honestly don't know if it being garbage by ineptitude or intentionally is worse, but I do know that both options are very, very bad.

    To be honest, I can buy the indoctrination theory. It makes a lot of out-of-character moments seem less stupid, especially the kid. At the same time, however, "it was all a dream" endings are pretty much the WORST kind there is. It's also irritating to me on a personal level, because I played my Shepard to be the moral core of his group, the one incorruptible, indomitable presence that held everyone together. To have him turned into a pathetic husk is just... Uninspiring. I don't know, maybe if he fights back against the indoctrination and beats the Reapers at their own game, maybe even use the indoctrination process somehow...

    But think about it - once you pull a "dream" ending, you've pulled a prank on your players one too many times. Suppose Shepard wakes up from his "dream" and stops the Reapers proper and everything's sunshine and rainbows. Who's to say he won't wake up from THAT as it turns out it was a dream the Reapers played in his head to stop him from activating the Crucible? Once you start playing the dream card, then anything goes and nothing is ever satisfying, because it could all have been just a dream.

    Hell, how about this theory: The Protean Beacon on Eden Prime didn't show Shepard the history of the Reapers. Instead, it killed him, and all three games are taking place in his mind in the short time before he dies. Only if you do well in all three and don't die, he wakes up in the rubble of Eden Prime after the Protean Beacon exploded. And Seren's ship isn't a sentient creature bent on destroying all life, but it's just a big fancy ship, and there are no Reapers, he's just gone rogue for his own purposes. How about that?

    I don't know if BioWare caught a saving throw and are using it for all they're worth now that fans clearly didn't take well to their original shit ending, or whether EA had them pull a fast one on their fans so as to extract more money, but this is NOT how Mass Effect 3 should have been handled.

    Here's the thing: The geanie is out of the bottle now. They made an ending which disillusioned people, and they finally managed to see Mass Effect as the flawed game it is, free from the "loyalty" of the great story. We saw that the game and the story of 3 were lacking even aside from the ending, with a reduced crew size, less companionship and friendship and all the strongest moments borrowed from the previous games. Whatever the new ending might or might not be, BioWare are never going to make back all the good will they lost. Not after people have looked on the...
  • MrSaxon
    Imagine buying a trilogy of movies and then, when you get to the final ten minutes, you're presented with a link to Amazon and told to buy those ten minutes on a special blu-ray.

    If this theory proves to correct, that's exactly what has happened here and that's outrageous.
  • GrimMontrose  - My preferred ending framework
    I prefer the indoctrination theory over the bad writing. But the fight isn't over if the Reapers are are still reaping.

    So here is how I would like it to unfold.

    Shep is indoctrinated as the ending appears to show. Best chance to overcome indoctrination is the destruction choice.

    Switch control to Shep's Love interest. (If there is no love interest, or the love interest is not a squad member, use James Vega instead).

    Shep's love interest and squad fight to recover Shep after Hammer is obliterated.

    Indoctrinated Shep fights his own squad in an epic fight. Betrayed and Hurt, the squad attempts to break through to Shep and bring him back to his senses.

    A few scores could be used to determine if you recover Shep. If the love interest was romanced for two games, if you chose destroy, your readiness rating, and I think if Miranda survived.

    If you fail to recover Shep you can still tearfully convince him to take his own life.

    If you succeed in recovering Shep, Miranda (or Ori if Miranda died) shows up with some maguffin countermeasure that her father came up with when he was studying indoctrination.

    With or without Shep you move on to end the Reaper Cycle.


    A few shots of the Victory fleet returning and of various council races rebuilding.

    Tuchanka Genophage Cured

    A Krogan female (Eve if shes alive) raises a Krogan baby up in front of a statue of Mordin Solus in reverence to the man that gave his life so that billions could be born. A Krogan male (Wrex if he lived) Addresses an unseen crowd behind the camera. Pan back quickly and see a multitude all raising children up as well.

    Tuchanka Genophage not cured

    Decimated Ruins. Focus in on some wragged mercenary camps. The Krogan are dieing. But with their last breaths they plan on avenging themselves against a galaxy that used them and betrayed them. A male Krogan urges the last of the Krogan to arms.

    Rannoch Geth eliminated

    Quarian mop up crews hunt down Geth remnants. Scene of a Quarian squad wiping out a few platforms and then shutting down a server.

    Rannoch Quarians eliminated

    Geth have retreated behind the Perseus Veil once again isolating themselves. Distrusted by the rest of the Galaxy, they continue to prepare for the inevitable conflict to come.

    Rannoch Peace achieved.

    Quarians disembarking from ships greeted by the Geth. A Geth extends its hand to aid a Quarian female as she sets her feet down on her homeworld for the first time. A quarian Admiral, and a Geth emmissary Jointly apply for a seat on the Council.

    Shephard Lives.

    Back at the helm of the Normandy, Camera sweeps around Shephard and the surviving squad as they prepare to journey onward. Sheps love interest joins ...
  • ThePauper
    to anyone who said anything like the Normandy scene is about a "rider riding a wave because it looks cool" you are fuckin dumb. i saw it more as a man trying to save the person he loves.

    i think the major problem with the endings, if in fact they are the real ones, is that they put in WAY to many variables throughout all three games to be able to account of them all in the final ending to the series, that isn't bad writings, that is just being human. lol

    also, Shepard's wound, after shooting Anderson, is on his LEFT not right side.

    Shepard is partially synthetic, including his heart, parts of his spine, and most likely many other organs, so doing the destroy ending very well might kill him.

    i never got the scene where the crew exists the Normandy, idk how to get that scene, but i'm working on my second time through, so i might get it this time.

    i always thought that the soldiers were too preoccupied with trying to kill anything running at them to help the boy, plus if you notice the shuttle waits for the boy to get on. also, the 'growl' after Anderson interrupts Shepard and the boy talking could very well be from one of the two or three reapers in the immediate area. i think the more damning evidence of indoctrination in that scene would be what the boy actually says. also, i totally never knew that you could see the kid run into the building. lol however i think that if he made it into the vent, far enough, he would most likely survive, considering the majority of stuff in the building remains intact, or at least just moved.

    i've always felt the dream scenes were more like Shepard's subconscious trying to cope with the fact that he may have been directly responsible for the death a child, for the very first time ever. i thought the final scene was his subconscious telling him he might not be able to save everyone, including himself.

    the blue and green blasts i think would do harm to the Normandy considering EDI IS the Normandy. since EDI is a synthetic lifeform, and the green fuses all lifeforms(from what i understand, haven't seen it yet lol) it would cause issues for anyone inside the Normandy as well as the Normandy itself. considering the blue blast controls all synthetic life, it is understandable that the Normandy would have trouble accepting of functioning while that happened, since when EDI just transferred part of herself into another synthetic body it almost shut the whole damn ship down, so loosing all control would probably cause some massive issues.

    the radio chatter at the beam sequence i think could be chocked up to not noticing while there is still smoke and shit. Harbinger would leave if he felt that all threats were taken care of, if Shepard's life was low, he shouldn't need to worry about him. the slow-mo and unlimited ammo i always thought had to do with the Adrenaline Rush(or whatever it is called) ability, sinc...
  • 3DMaster
    Yes, Shepard's wound is on his left side, so is Anderson's.
  • ThePauper
    Anderson's wound is on his RIGHT side, our left, Shepard's is on his LEFT our right. why is this so difficult for some people? lol
  • Sparkledragon  - ME3 is not the first actually
    I just realized that Mass Effect 3 is not the first game to give us an ending like that, or require DLC/Addons for the actual ending.

    Anyone remember Half Life 2? If I recall correctly, it ended in an explosion, leaving you to wonder if Freeman died. Then Episode 1 came, continuing the story at that very point. Then Episode 2 came and left us with yet another cliffhanger ending.

    The same goes for Star Craft 2. It ends with Kerrigan "saved", but all other questions around the Xel'Naga remain open. The only difference here is that Blizzard openly admitted they'd give us the other campaigns as add-ons.

    I'm quite sure there's more examples like that.
  • ThePauper
    umm...Star Craft 2 was stated to be part 1 of wasn't meant to be a single game played by itself, it isn't quite the same...
  • Zone
    Ermm what?
    That kid runs into the building BEFORE he enters the ship.
    The kid can be found in the building in an airduct, he escaped the explosion.
    The soldiers were rather busy to save the child.
    The child for as far as I see it just the god child at the end.

    Are fans really clinging to a "it was all a dream" story?
    I mean really?
  • DaXLR
    I think its safe to assume it was just a typo/mistake in the making of the video, not the actual theory.

    You have to admit tough, everything else makes a whole lot of sense... Especially if you regard it as an alternative to 'it was all real....and amazingly bad'
  • Johnny the Jew  - Undecided
    Hm, I do see the point of people arguing in favor of this theory. However, I do beleive that "shitty writing" is a more logical explanation for many of the things we were shown. Examples include the never overheating gun or the functioning radio which are classic plot convenience elements and dont have to mean anything.

    If this all was a elaborate sceme to trick the player and make him think he was wittnessing a real ending, hence making him the "indoctrinated" one it would be brilliant.
  • GrimMontrose
    Troll Level: Andy Kaufman Brilliant.
  • ThePauper
    "Troll Level: Andy Kaufman Brilliant."

    this needs to become a thing!!! lol
  • Zachary Amaranth
    OMG, more single player DLC! That MUST mean what I want it to mean!

    So much of this is wish fulfillment.
  • CheeseoftheApocalypse
    Actually, think about it. Bioware has gone well out of their way to say that they wanted an ending that will never be forgotten. Wouldn't one reason that perhaps they left something locked away to later be released that answers questions left by what the originally showed us be an ending we'd never forget? And I'm not suggesting even DLC or a paid for ending. Perhaps a code they release later, or a time sensitive unlock in the game. This isn't outside the realm of possibility.
  • Marconius
    I do think this whole theory makes a lot of sense, and even if not, as you said, Bioware may end up doing it anyway, because it's a great idea!

    My biggest worry is... well, I picked the green ending and my EMS was under 5000 anyway. So does that mean I'm screwed? Or maybe it'll just play out different.

    As for the business side of this... I'd say it's a major risk for Bioware to do this (if it turns out to be true), but it may very well pay off here. I doubt most companies could pull something like this off though (even though if it works here, I'm sure others will try), so I doubt we need to worry about this becoming a trend.
  • Kaygeebee
    It's still sad that players are theorizing that shit out of ME3's ending because they're so disappointed by it.
    Hoping that the crappy ending was just a dream so they don't have to face the fact that Bioware screwed up is just sad and makes me angry in so many ways.

    One, dedicated fans are obviously better at logically explaining storythreads than Bioware. In 20 minutes, Joe went through all of the arguments and supported them with evidence. Evidence which I assume only very few picked up during the game. And why should they? Nobody expected to have to piece the ending together themselves. Making own assumptions is one thing, having to play detective is another.

    Two, having the ending be a dream is one of the cheapest twists in history. That's something a 7-year old writes in school "... and then I woke up. The End." when he or shie is out of ideas.

    Three, if all this is true, then Bioware deliberately fucked with the players and intentionally left the ending open to sell more content.

    Four, what if your Shepard didn't live to take that one gasp of air? Then epilouge DLCs would be meaningless for you, since the protagonist is dead. If you only went for the mandatory missions and didn't spend any time gathering war assets, then the "destroy" ending is the only option and Shepard is stone dead. And having him come back from the dead a second time would be cheap.

    If this whole theory is true, then a DLC would logically pick up shortly after Shepard regains consciousness after being hit by Harbinger's beam. Then what? Walk into the portal for real and do the whole thing over again?
  • TroeLar  - Money back?
    I like the indoctrination theory.

    When I played through the game, and the dream sequences started happening, I told my friends who were also playing that it was really fucking weird.
    "Why would Shepard start having nightmares about the people he couldn't save now? Why not after Torfan. After ME1? After ME2?"
    I started pondering that he was being indoctrinated (although I never thought it would have this wide reaching effects - meaning never thought it would cost us the ending of the game).

    There are two ways I see it could be meant to play out. I'll take them in the order I find least likely:

    1) You aren't indoctrinated when shot by Harbinger, and you actually do meet up with TIM and Anderson. Here TIM uses his study of indoctrination to gain control of Anderson and, to some extent, Shepard. This causes Sherperd to lose his final resistance to the Reaper indoctrination which has been going on since ME2 DLC. The only part that is a "dream" is the raising of the platform and that bullshit 3-choice ending.

    2) Since the only time the indoctrination has been manifest throughout the game has been when sleeping, it makes sense for the indoctrination to happen when Shepard is shot by Harbinger and is rendered unconcious. The indoctrination is growing stronger, and if Shepard loses in the dream, he loses in reality. The rest from here on out is a "dream".

    As I said, #2 makes the most sense to me. There are too many weird things happening from the time you stumble to the ray untill the platform lifts you up.
    Of course in either case, the only way to resist indoctrination and actually retain (for now!!!) control of yourself, is to chose destroy and deny the indoctrination.
    As far as I know, indoctrination doesn't need to be directed by a Reaper, so it is likely a somewhat automated process. This also means that the Reapers aren't likely to fully know how far along a persons indoctrination is, nor where an indoctrination victim is.
    The dream sequence isn't directed by a Reaper, but it's just the way indoctrination works in itself.

    One final point:
    If a DLC comes along with the "actual ending" or some such thing, then that's fine.
    If that DLC cost money, then I would encourage any and all gamers to demand a full refund for their Mass Effect 3 game. You've been sold a product without an ending - nevermind an ending like it was promised.
    Not only should the DLC never be bought by anyone, it should cost EA/Bioware money to attempt this. Demanding a full refund or the DLC for free is a statement that should get the message across.
  • TroeLar  - Cont.
    Even if they aren't legally obliged to return your money, they will still see (if enough people do it) that this practice is not acceptable. They will also - hopefully - lose money, because no one will buy future games. ("They" here meaning the potentially evil EA/Bioware which wants to charge you extra money for the ending - so not EA/Bioware as it is at the moment [well EA prolly])
  • Inceptionist_7  - Here's what bothers me
    While I do agree that the ending of ME3 might turn to be no more than a clever dream sequence, and that the decision to put the real ending is nothing but an ingenious marketing strategy from Bioware itself. I can’t help but feel that even if we get a more satisfactory ending it will not repair the damage done to the fans, since fans will not remember the game for been the end of the trilogy but for the anger of an ending we mostly assume was the conclusion of the series. Most of us will probably buy the DLC and finish the series, but the scar that Bioware inflicted to most of us will not fade as easily. This I have to consider as a poor decision choice from the developers to the large fan base of the series including Bioware itself.
  • DanHibiki
    There is another pattern in Mass effect 3's writing and it's one of laziness that leads to a homogenized ending.

    Why is it that when the goal of all the previous games was 'unifying the galaxy' when the goal of the third is 'get the McGuffin'?

    There's no mention of the crucible anywhere in the other games, when it's suppose to be the main weapon of the previous wars for aeons.

    Why is it that after three attempts to destroy the cure for the genophage you still find another one? I made that decision, why are there no consequences to that action?

    You get almost none of the original crew on your team because it would have been hard to write some of them out in the odd case that someone killed them. Instead you get Vega who has no introduction at all and EDI the Fembot that learns to love. I guess it was too hard to get Joker in to a power suit.

    All that and an ending that doesn't require you to make any decisions through the game at all.

    All this just seems to be a pattern of lazy writing, short deadlines and a cheap publisher that doesn't feel like ending this franchise.
  • 12sided
    "Why is it that after three attempts to destroy the cure for the genophage you still find another one? I made that decision, why are there no consequences to that action? "

    There are consequences for that one: Eve dies, which seeing as how she is a moderating and level headed leader leaves the Krogan more likely to go back to their old ways. Characters tell you this even when Eve lives.
    ...It would have had EVEN MORE impact if the ending were actually a proper ending told you the far reaching consequences of your choices rather than a DLC hook.
    The rest of the game does have large changes depending on your choices, if you kill Wrex in ME1 and destroy the cure in ME2 you can actually convince Mordin to abandon the cure and he lives.
    If you saved the Rachni Queen in ME1 she supports you if you save her again in ME3, but if you killed her in ME1 the New Queen goes mad if you save her and takes out a lot of people you had working on the crucible.
    It's the attention to detail in these parts of the game that makes me give the ending the stink eye. I don't believe for a second the fans freaking out over the current ending wasn't foreseen.
  • That Guy With Cthulu  - Sorry but
    Sorry to burst your bubble but Bioware already admitted they rushed the ending.

    The indoctrination theory is nice but actually too clever for the writers, given that the writing team was changed every game I doubt they could even keep up with their own internal rules of the story.

    The DLC "The Truth" was announced in a leak but it seems that it will only be an epilogue AFTER the 3 endings you get to chose in the game. So yeah... who knows how that will end up.
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