Exclusive Interview w/ Xbox One

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Part 2 - Discussion & Story

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  • Morphiend  - He looks pissed.
    Joe, I love your interview but those questions we're pretty tough, By the point he grabbed the microphone, i believe he looked a bit upset , or maybe the questions were quite tough to answer and that made him a bit more stressed
  • jcwainc  - look what u did joe!!
    http:// www.gametrailers.com/ side-mission/54951/rumor- microsoft-to-pull-out-on- xbox-one-drm-policies congrats on making microsoft go back on there drm!! now lets see how that sale pich u gave them go's
  • jcwainc  - look what u did again Joe!!!
    looks like were getting part 2 of your interview with a big summer sale like u asked them to do for us. http://www.gamespot.com/ news/microsoft-teases- ultimate-xbox-360-sale- 6410867 joe i say go to microsoft (i think its in Washington)and have a longer interview with them to get us more stuff. u the man bro
  • Morphiend  - 2:24
    at 2:24 everyone checked their facebooks LOL!
  • Salosandre
    Definitely seems like a corporate suit. He definitely didn't like the unpleasant facts behind Joe's questions.
  • drewder
    I think you were a little obsessive about the drm. He answered the question you don't have to keep asking it over and over.
  • Xikar
    When exactly did he answer it? All I heard was him tip-toeing around the question.
  • Ecartman12  - DRM
    The guy was avoiding the question and getting defensive and did not give a straight answer. That is one of the main concerns and problems that will kill the Xbox One so it needed to get a clear answer which the guy did not give.
  • Elan  - Whatta joik
    Nelson was kind of a prick, and came off as pretty arrogant. You'd think that, reception to the XB1 being what it is, they'd be in damage control mode and trying to explain themselves a little better.

    Good interview, Joe. You didn't act rude, but asked some pretty pointed questions.
  • Erin-Chan
    He turned quick dick-ish when you said anything he didn't like. Sounds like he gets easily butthurt.
  • L2
    Oh man. This is painful to watch, man.
    It was like they were exchanging mental blows with one another in the upper video.
    I was literally cringing after the first couple of minutes.
  • BlazingOwnager
    Way, way too aggressive of an interview. The constant dragging the question back looked petty and cutting people off / and unwillingness to frame questions ins a neutral or positive light after is right when the interview went to hell.

    This reminds of that hilariously cringe-inducing VGA award interview.

    You've got to take it back. Ask the tough questions, take an answer and then /move the hell on/. Don't go back to them. Asking is fine but this quickly goes into harping.

    You had so many other options to talk about, like the always on Kinect, the add-on TV thing, etc.

    Quite frankly you do this in every interview that involves DRM. Asking the question once and getting a stupid answer is how you make sound bites, that's how you get good answers. Sitting there bashing them over and over with the same questions is highly unprofessional and crosses the line from journalist into angry fan boy.

    Maybe if you up the anger to comedic levels and make that part of a "sketch" for ambush-interviews. I don't know how you'd expect the guy to respond.

    If I was in a position at a dev, I wouldn't let you interview me or them purely because if you got an answer you didn't like, you wouldn't move on.

    You want a good example? The infamous nuclear submarine incident. Watch that interviewer. He knows what he's doing - he asks a rough question, a quick clarification follow up, makes the guy look like a douche and moves on from there. That's how you do it. You can't hit the home runs if you totally refuse to play ball.

    If you ever get to interview anyone major again, try to get some seriously loaded questions lined up to drop in the middle of some softballs and once you get your answer DROP IT.

    EDIT: Why did you think you'd ever get to the end doing that? Should have asked them instead. And honestly if you can't control it, I'd just stop bringing up DRMs to developers. You could have asked twice the questions if you didn't ask the same ones.
  • L2
    Yeah, I can understand why the guy would get upset.
    Still, it wasn't helping his image much to answer back like that either.

    "I'm sorry, are you on the development team?"
    "This is the future. Don't you want to walk into the future with me?"

    Kind of douchie there, even with the antagonizing from Joe and the pressure from other interviewers as well.
  • weaselton
    He wasn't going back to the same question.
    He was asking a different question on the same subject.

    Joe got cut off plenty of times too.
  • Tactlesscat
    That is BASICALLY asking the same question.
    He still could have brought up other points instead of just constantly addressing that one subject. I would have liked to hear more about the always on connection.
  • Me Wise Magic
    Very interesting interview. Glad you were able to do that for the fans Joe. Nice to hear a little explanation. Still not getting an Xbox One though.
  • TragicGuineaPig
    6:00 - "YOU FORGOT POLAND!"

    As for the whole required internet connection: to me, it's not a matter of the quality of the connection, but whether the connection benefits me as a consumer. It's not logistics, but customer service. If I want to take my game console to a log cabin in the middle of the woods with no internet connection and no cell phone, it shouldn't be Microsoft's business. The whole "use your cell phone for internet" argument completely sidesteps the issue.

    In fact, most of his arguments were attempts to sidestep the issues, rather than directly addressing them. I wasn't really impressed.

    I can tell you were trying to be as diplomatic as possible, Joe, but the guy was "as slippery as a cottonmouth."
  • trepiechick
    It was nice of him to give you the interview, but he's pretty pushy, and doesn't seem open to alternate ideas or compromise. But then maybe he's only allowed to say certain things. And is that a microphone on his face? It looks gross.
  • pwrsurg35
    Very defensive and aggressive.
  • Wiseman288
    Okay, this is a good reason why I can't be an interviewer. If I was there, and Nelson started villianising me? I'd have laid his ass out. Seriously, you've the patience of a saint.
  • Dracologist
    Wow, this guy was being a jackass. You don't blatantly question your interviewers like that. "Are you on the development team?" Completely unprofessional, and the way he answered rang with stress and avoidance.
  • JtheCoop  - Thumbs Down!
    I really hated this interview, and I really hate what a lot of people are saying about the X1. The idea that you don't "own" a game just because you can't take it and resell it whenever, however, and to whomever you want to, that's stupid! If you buy a box of Rice Crispy treats from the store when you open the box it clearly says on the box "not labeled for individual resale." Just because you buy something does not mean that you can then do whatever you want to with it.

    We all really need to grow up with this thing! It is NOT MS' fault that the game industry has evolved to the place where no one buys new games anymore! I can't understand how people don't get that when you buy a game from Gamestop Gamestop make 100% of the profit from that game. How is that good for the people who put their time and effort and money into that game? It makes no sense. What makes money for developers is good for gamers because they make us better games. So what you'll actually have to spend some real money to play the best games. Guess what? You have to pay for what you want.
  • fanime1
    First of all, not being able to sell used games is not the only issue people are having withe the Xbox One. Secondly, buying a box of food is different from buying a game in that no one wants to buy open or used food. It's a health hazard. Thirdly, there are still people buying new games. I don't know where you got the idea that "no one" buys new games anymore. Maybe the numbers have decreased but we're a in a difficult economic situation right now and games are expensive. It's only logical that people will buy less, of everything really. Fourthly, not everyone sells or buys their used games at Gamestop. It's mostly done online, where the owners can actually get money back. Lastly, obviously someone had to buy the game new first in order for it to be used. Otherwise, it wouldn't be a "used" game, it would be a discounted game. The point I'm getting at here, is that while I do see how used games can affect the game industry, there is no way it can be as bad as they are saying. If people don't buy new games, then where are the used games coming from? Now, I do encourage people to buy games, but I feel used games are just being used as a scapegoat instead of blaming the obvious recession and possibly bad business decisions on the corporate end. The truth is not that simple, and I do see people buying things they support when they can.
  • Fable Architect
    Wow, that seems a little unfair. It's one thing to defend the DRM method, but calling people stupid just because they disagree with it is not going to help bring people to your point of view.

    Also, your argument doesn't really hold water. Buying used items is a prevalent market in a wide range of industries. Take cars, for instance. Does the used car market not do exactly what you claim Gamestop does? Are you claiming that people should be forced to buy only new cars so that the manufacturer will get all the money out of that car? Not only does that not make sense, it's an insult to people who can't afford to buy everything new and are trying to be smart with their money.

    As for your 'not labeled for resale' example, how does that even relate? So I can't open a box of rice crispy treats and then put it up for sale in my own retail shop. I can still give all of them to my friends to eat if I wanted to. The DRM restrictions prevent something even that simple, or at least they could. If I have a book I enjoy, I have the option to lend it to a friend to let them read it. Why should it be any different for video games? If I borrow a game from a friend and really like it, chances are I will end up buying my own copy anyway.

    The real issue with the gaming industry right now is that game prices have skyrocketed. In only a few years, we went from an average of $35-$40 a game on release to $60+. More than this, it takes excruciatingly long for these games to see a price drop, and some of the bestsellers don't even go down by more than $5-$10. The used game market might not even exist if game publishers were a little more lenient with the price of a new game, especially one that has been out for a while. I like new games. I would be more than happy to buy all new games if I felt the game were worth the price. Yet with DRM, I have no option to test a game beforehand. I pay the full price, and then I'm stuck with it for good. The fact that I can't even borrow or rent a game, or even RETURN it if I don't like it is an insult to the consumer, plain and simple.
  • Xikar
    The Used game policy isn't the only reason why people are against the Xbox1.
    People don't like the idea that they have to constantly make sure their internet is in good shape otherwise they maybe locked out of their system for who knows long. That's one thing Microsoft has yet to comment on. They explained that the system won't run games if it fails to meet the 24-Hour server check, but not how long the system won't be able to play games or how to re-connect the system while its in this state.

    And not to mention their insulting attitude towards people who want the Xbox1 but may not have the best or most reliable internet service. "Yeah, we have a system for you, its called the 360". Really? Even if its not what they mean, they shouldn't just openly shun those potential customers.

    The Used Games policy is simply one of the last straws on top of the horse's back. Its partially shrouded in mystery, and what we do know doesn't sound consumer friendly.
  • Tactlesscat
    It's less like saying you can't resell a box of rice crispies and more like saying "hey my friend wants some rice crispies but the cereal company said I can't share them with him." Seriously you are super fucking over simplifying it just because YOU like the Xbox One despite all it's flaws that are OUTSIDE of just the used/borrowed games issue.
  • Fable Architect
    It is a shame you didn't get more time to talk to the guy. There's a lot more I would've liked to hear. I understand the guy gave you a really good impression, and yes, I give him respect for being willing to take these questions and answer them to the best of his knowledge. I also give props that it does sound like Microsoft did actually hear some of the complaints about the system, like the spying Kinect issue. Of course, I also detected some of your standard PR sidestepping and some defensiveness as well. As far as your interviewing itself, I'm no expert in it, but I think you did fine for the most-part. The only thing I might recommend is maybe some tweaks in the way you frame your questions. I'm a professional writer, so I pay a lot of attention to linguistics. I noticed one point where he got very defensive was when you mentioned 'problems with DRM'. Problem is a word with negative connotations that I think tends to get people on the defensive. Maybe consider softer or more neutral words such as 'concern' or 'skepticism'? As I said, I'm not an interviewing expert, but maybe it will help?

    Thanks for getting this interview for us, Joe. It's nice to have a little more of the veil of mystery taken away from the Xbox One.
  • LikaLaruku
    Xbone = I'll buy one if they accumulate 10 WRPGs I can't ply on PC.

    PS4 = I'll buy one if they accumulate 10 JRPGs I can't play on PC.

    Wii U = I'll buy one if they get 1 Zelda & 1 Pokemon game I can't play on a 3DS.

    I might buy them all, I might buy none. All they have to do is reach my goals.
  • Tactlesscat
    Better pull out your chance for a WiiU because the inevitable Pokemon Colliseum of this generation, and a new Zelda is inevitably going to come out. Besides, saying "that I can't play on a 3DS" is dumb when you realize they put VERSIONS of games on both WiiU and 3DS and will both have clear differences between said versions.
  • LikaLaruku
    Nope, it stays the same. They literally need to be exclusive to the Wii U, otherwise I have no reason to get one.

    Also congrats Joe, there's a meme of this interview going around.
  • weaselton
    Tethering a phone to the xbox just to play huh?

    Maybe if I was willing to run up a few hundred dollar a month bill.
  • JCubbs
    yeah, as a wireless phone pro, no American service could support a bunch of Xbox on their towers, and the individual phones tethering speed limitations would make for a terrible experience. Not to mention that teathering devices as an additional fee and on half of the carriers, not unlimited.

    So microsoft wants these consumers to buy an Xbox1, pay monthly online fees, pay a cell phone bill, and pay tethering charges in order to play any new Xbox titles? and this is not a problem to them, but the solution.
  • Cinnamon Scudworth
    5:35 -- it's telling here. Nelson is asked specifically about whether Xbox One will be bricked without online support in eight years and he gives the impression that's not something on his mind. Yet it's been on everybody's mind I've seen.

    He's not a gamer, he doesn't understand the way gamers think or feel, and yet he has a job affecting millions of gamers for some reason. Guys like him, who would rather fight their customers instead of please them, are what's destroying Microsoft. It's as plain as the zit-mike on his face.
  • RushBoingo
    Well, though I am still no where near considering getting an xbox one, I am very impressed to hear that if a developer does not want to lock a disc to a console (etc) then they are willing to work it out.
  • Warp
    If Microsoft drops support for Xbox1 in ten or so years, they will most probably just publish a system upgrade that removes the online checking (unless they are really dickish and want to "force" people to move to their next console by completely shutting down the Xbox1; however I think that would probably break some laws in many countries so I don't think it's going to happen.)

    One thing that bothers me a bit with all this is that most of the *positive* sides that the Xbox1 will be having (such as sharing one DLC among 10 people and so on), which is being kind of praised by AJ here (and other people elsewhere) would be perfectly possible with the Xbox 360 with a system upgrade. Yet people are talking about this as if it was a good innovation with the Xbox1, kind of ignoring that it's not something bound to the hardware, and that it would be perfectly possible with the 360 as well, if they wanted.

    Personally, I definitely don't like the idea of being blocked out from playing any game on the console if I don't have an internet connection. It's a question of principle. Also not being able to buy used games is an even bigger problem.

    Unless those and other problems change, I don't think I will be buying this console. The PS4 is looking like a much more viable alternative.
  • dw1281
    this guy is a fucking idiot!!!!
  • kieranj1982  - Restrictions
    The amount of restrictions on the Xbox One is getting ridiculous. Can share games BUT. Can play online BUT. If you're poor, travelling, no internet buy a xbox 360. Fine print be damned. The list goes on. It feels like they think Xbox owners are lonely people eating pb in their basement by themselves. Thank god I believe in Sony.
  • Kitten Champion
    It was fine, you really didn't need to justify yourself afterwards though as it made it seem like you were personally disappointed and that rubs off on the audience afterwards.

    It's not as though professional gaming/tech journalists haven't been given the same sort of run-around. The frustration over the lack of clarity even leaving E3 is almost as heavy as what's been "confirmed" thus far.

    I think it's reasonable to be disappointed with Microsoft, whether you care about the specific controversies or not, based on their lack of specifics. They're asking the average person to put down money for something, the answers to their pertinent questions should be listed in full. If they want to spin a particular element, fine, that's public relations, but not having an answer one way or another is just unacceptable at this point.

    I think that, more than your interviewing savvy, is what's coming off here. More confidence or better phrased questions would've ended in the same, if the contradictory and confusing details coming from the rest of the gaming media is any indication.
  • TwistedEllipses  - Tough situation
    Angry Joe was lucky to get as much as he did out of Major Nelson. Any interviews are skewed by what the interviewee wants to talk about and Microsoft are particularly defensive at the moment...
  • GermanGerm
    Respect to you.

    I know how hard it is, not only to keep attention on the interview itself, but also on the meta-layer like dont't be too negative, so the interview gets ended quickly. Or always giving the interview partner somethng positive...

    just saying: finding the right words!

    U can see, that you wanted to say the things more directly and Major Nelson had also to remember that he is an microsoft employer. So if there is critic you have to blurry or turn it into something positive....even if you dont like it yourself as a person.

    Thanks Joe!
  • kapmando  - Impressions
    A couple of impressions:

    First: He looks like an evil 80s businessman version of John Ritter. That's not really fair, but hey.

    Second: Family Gaming Rental. You know who thinks that's not a feature? Batman.

    Third: "Do you think that's nothing"
    "Do you want to come to the future with me, Joe?"
    "Are you a lawyer?"
    "Are you on the development team?"
    Wall to wall spin.

    Fourth: He didn't answer anything. He equivocated and deflected and stuck to speaking points. The only thing pinned down on is that they'll 'work with developers' to make their wishes come true, which would be encouraging if not for the fact that the Xbox Live Arcade updates for the Orange Box were idealized by Valve to be free initially, but Microsoft put a minimum Microsoft point total on it. [sad slide whistle]

    Good try, Joe. You got locked into the pressure cooker on this one. Even when people say nothing, they're saying something. You got a bit more for us by that interview.
  • smapattack
    I can't believe people are complaining about Joe asking the "hard questions". I'm so tired of namby pamby, limp-wristed interviewers who suck off these corporate idiots who don't understand the customer. Ask the hard questions, so that these morons actually have to think about how terrible their system is. Thanks for pressing them, Joe.
  • Deathmark13
    to those of you complaining he asked about the DRM too much, or was too aggressive with his questions, keep in mind these are viewer questions that he is just asking for his audience, thus the paper.
  • BlazingOwnager
    It's the interviewer's job to sort those questions into a proper format. Period.

    Asking a loaded question with a loaded follow up ONCE you have earned some trust (it started out well enough) and get a dialogue going is how you get useful information.

    This interview pretty much went normal until the DRM thing, but the minute they wanted to move on (and they looked douchey enough at that point) he starts whining about how it involved questions, asks one question and steers the answer right back to DRM.

    What the hell do you expect? And making some guy who has nothing to do with Steam Sales answer this, then not letting him finish his (admittedly premade) soundbite, at the least?

    This interview pretty much turned into, at the point DRM got mentioned, "OK let me ask another question WHY ARE YOU SO STUPID DRM IS SO STUPID, STOP BEING STUPID? I WANTED YOU NOT TO BE STUPID BUT YOU'RE STUPID." Yes, he said it politely, but that's literally all that was coming out of his mouth.

    There is a problem when people cut interviews off every single time. You come off as preset to do a hit-job on them. I don't blame them one bit for not playing along with that. You have to be professional if you're going to try to get interviews.

    Again, ask the hard questions. Even keep good follow-ups in your pocket. But once you get an answer, move on! Even better if you limit yourself to 2-3 of these questions out of 10+, so people are WAY more likely to talk to you if the majority of questions are positive.

    There were TONS of positive questions in the "Nuclear Sub" interview I mentioned. Tons. Nobody remembers them. They remember the sleazy answers. He never would have gotten to those if he sat there and kept going on about a single issue.

    At this point I'm mostly writing because this is just getting kind of sad; I remember a similar thing happening to Capcom, jumping up and down over on-disc DLC (instead of one pointed question) to people who aren't really even in charge of it.

    Either fix that, or go all the other way and make this an actual trolly gimmick comedy bit where you're doing it on purpose. Right now it feels like you want to give a good interview but can't stop fanboy rage so you get nothing.
  • visias  - Kudos Sir
    Good job Joe, champion of the people!
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