Xbox One Angry Rant

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  • Archedgar
    But you didn't even mention the dog!
  • Fantago
    Couldn't agree more with those first 3 words! Love my XBox 360, but this new "system" seems like something for "the family" instead of something for a gamer.
  • Plotspider  - Yeah, it's about time, actually
    Microsoft sucks. It's about time they get noticed for it. I've been wanting them to go down. Maybe Apple should get involved in the console wars a bit more.
  • Xikar
    They already tried in the 90s it was called the Apple Bandai Pippin. And as you can tell by history isn't well known.

    Besides Apple is making money on all the Apps.
  • TheBechtloff
    Can I play Mario Kart on it? No? Well count me out.
  • Basilisk1991
    I would be okay with the pre-owned fee as long as a activating it entitled you to a free digital copy of said game, which while running the risk of being exploited (It's not out and out piracy, but it'd be pretty damn close). Also a lot of used game sales are purely to line the pockets of the vendors in question and the people who made the game don't see a penny of those sales, which IMO is stupid.

    Edit: Oh wait they addressed that idea, yay?
  • AlucardsQuest
    So what you're saying is that you don't mind going to say Gamestop, buying a used copy for $64.99 plus tax (but minus the 10% with your store card I'll grant you). Going home and putting the disc in your Xbox One, only for a prompt from the system to ask you to pay an additional $69.99 plus tax?! That's how it's going to be! Phil Harrison said the used games fee is full price (which could very well be $70 due to increasing development costs). You're okay with this, meaning you're out of your flipping mind!

    Oh their trade in policy? It's through Microsoft. Most likely they'll buy the installation code back from you and you're left with a $35 coaster at best! This is the ingrained business model that the system was designed for! And that's just one aspect of the multitude of things wrong with this system! They have 3 weeks until E3 to basically tell everyone April Fools, and retract everything they touted about this!
  • 04rlane  - sry for the nip pick
    News flash $69.99 is $70 that one cent dosen't matter
  • TragicGuineaPig
    1. The brick-and-mortar game stores are only one scenario of the used gaming market. I will concur that this aspect is somewhat BS. Say, you buy a $60 game from a game store, beat it or get tired of it, and sell it back to them for $20. They will mark it up to $50 and sell it to some poor sap who will buy a used game just to save $10 (and I have seen the difference between used and brand new be even less than this). That, I think we can all agree, is BS.

    But what about online auctions and similar transaction? I've purchased games for as low as half-price compared to the game's value by looking on the internet. And what about game lending or rentals? What about friends purchasing games from each other?

    My opinion: if you purchase a game, then you should have the right to determine what happens with your copy. If you don't want to keep it, you should be free give or to sell it to someone who does. And if you don't want to spend full price, you should have the right to borrow it, rent it, or buy it used.

    2. As for the argument that developers lose money from loans, rentals, and used games: the argument assumes that every single person who is willing to borrow, rent, or buy used a particular game would be willing to buy that same game brand new at full price. This is not a self-evident conclusion. I know there are games in my library that, had I not been able to get them at a discount, I wouldn't have bothered with.

    So, as far as I'm concerned, until an actual calculation can be made of actual lost sales - and not merely speculated lost sales - any arguments based on lost sales are entirely moot. In other words, prove to me that developers are losing an actual amount of money, or don't bother making the argument.
  • Dilaudid281
    It's not like these places get the games for free. They have to pay the publisher/developer for the games (at a discounted price, which is their own fault). I really don't see how people claim used games are hurting this industry...since it has been on a constant rise. Used games is actually a GOOD thing for lesser known developers, since people are more willing to pay $25 for a game that's lesser known, than the full price.

    There are a lot of development groups and publishers going out of business...but that's not because of used games, that's just bad business.

    Without rentals and used would become so monopolistic that no new dev groups would even get a shot. Why gamble on spending millions for a brand new original title, when it might not sell hundreds of thousands of copies, and you can just make another Call of Duty or Halo that will?
  • TheOpinionatedSchmuck  - Playstation has won the war!
    even though the PS4 will have it's flaws, it shows Playstation has won the war. thank God! don't get me wrong, I love the original Xbox
  • PlayMp1
    I'm going PS4 and Wii U for the ninth generation. I've been an Xbox guy for ten years for playing consoles (though I've been a dedicated PC gamer for a lot of that time). But now? Fuck it. Sony is gonna win this generation. Nintendo will come in as a strong second. Microsoft will fall behind and possibly drop their console division entirely.
  • Xikar
    8th generation.
  • Sewblon
    You are both forgetting the most important determinant of console sales, the price. The console with the lowest price usually sells the most units.

    The PS4 is rumored to sell for $429 and $529.

    Source: 5985356/source-the-ps4- will-be-out-this- november-and-youll-be- able-to-control-it-with- your-phone

    The Xbox One is rumored to cost between $300 and $500.

    Source: articles/43543/xbox-1- price-and-release-date- how-much-can-you-expect- to-pay-for-new-xbox

    Right now you can buy a Wii U black deluxe set on for $359.99

    Source: Nintendo-Wii-Console- Black-Deluxe-U/dp/ B009AGXH64/ref=sr_1_1? s=videogames&ie=UTF8& qid=1369328765&sr=1-1& keywords=Wii+U

    Yes I know that the prices for the Xbox 1 and PS4 are just rumors and are thus unreliable, and that all three console manufacturers will probably cut their prices at some time after all three have launched. But just from the information I have now and the assumption that price is the most important factor in determining how many units of a product will be bought over any given period of time, it seems like Sony will sell the least units of any home gaming console from the 8th generation and either Nintendo or Microsoft will sell the most units of consoles from the 8th generation. Because the purported price range for the PS4 is the highest of all three home consoles of the 8th generation and given the $300 to $500 price range for the Xbox One, it could be either cheaper or more expensive than the Wii U, which costs $359.99.
  • rosenrot234
    Sony looks like a sexy beast in comparison just from hearing the differences between what they want to do
  • SilverFoxR
    I'm not surprised at all. Microsoft has shown no consideration towards their fanbase and only care about making money for years. Joe, you should know this already with all the crappy Kinect games you've been reviewing lately. They've shovelled crap casual games and just throw out a Halo/Gears/Fable every year to shut up their idiot masses.

    Well, I'm glad I saw this train-wreck coming. I hope you (and many other Microsoft players) realize Microsoft have shot themselves in the foot and pick up a PS4. After all, it looks like Sony is the ONLY console company that seems to care about their consumers.

    Microsoft: "GIVE US YOUR MONEY! You already did? GIVE US MORE MONEY!" (Ironicly, nothing new there...)

    Nintendo: "You want to do Let's Play videos on YouTube? Well, don't expect to make any money off it... WE'LL be taking that!"

    Sony: "Here's a console for your games. Bought our games? Cool! Here's a bunch of other options you can play with if you want. Let's Players? Here's a function that lets you upload gameplay DIRECTLY from your PS4! It's free advertisement for us anyways! Enjoy!"

    Expecting getting exclusives from Microsoft? HAHAHAHAHAHA! They don't care about that! They don't have crap. We know they don't. Any good game they have on XB1 will be either multi-console or the same 3 boring exclusives. That's all they've done for the 360, that's all they'll have for the XB1.

    I'm glad your eyes have been opened, Joe.
  • Tirade
    It's funny, when it comes to the music branch of Sony, they're doing the same kind of squashing of their own fanbase.

    But they seem to be taking a different route for the console wars.
  • Xikar
    So one simple action which has yet to actually occur yet and Nintendo is thrown under the bus? I've yet to hear actual confirmation that Google is going with Nintendo proposed plan and offer (which they are fully entitled to by ways of Copyrights but whatever. Nintendo is still focusing on making the games the fans are asking for.

    Microsoft is dead on though. As an entire company not just game producer their mandate is to get money. Windows Vista running like shit? Instead of releasing new patches and the like to make it run better we'll make a new but basically the same OS with all the bugs out. Oh and you need to buy again HAHA. And then there's the whole forcing motherboard manufacturers to insert a BIOS code to stop a computer from booting unless it has Windows 8 in newer models. It can be switched off but still dick move.

    As for Sony while I'm definitely loving their direction. We still don't know the full details of how livestreaming games on the PS4 and sharing content is going to work. They gave us a few hypothetical situations but no actual real-time demonstration.
  • Blacksky  - .
    "Nintendo is still focusing on making the games the fans are asking for."

    Are they? I dunno, I don't remember the last Nintendo game that wasn't from a franchise they have owned since the NES.
  • AlucardsQuest
    Because you live in darkness.
  • Xikar
    And yet whenever something NEW does come out it doesn't sell as well as Pokemon, Zelda, Mario, Metroid, etc. And people demand the stuff they love. People criticized Nintendo at the WiiU reveal for not showing a single piece of Zelda, Mario, Metroid etc. What do you think that tells Nintendo?

    Look at Donkey Kong Country Returns. A great game and a different and fun platformer.....that sold like shit. So now they're giving it a new chance on the 3DS and history will probably repeat itself.

    And not to mention the fact they only ADVERTISE the big names. They're constantly making and releasing new stuff stuff like Rhythm Heaven, Kid Icarus and all the WiiWare and 3DS Ware estore stuff. But they don't advertise them because it would all be very costly. Especially for games that may just not be received well.

    But now they have Nintendo Direct so maybe we'll see a change in the future of them showing off new games.
  • stika
    I agree with your assessment of Microsoft and sony, a shame your post was ruined by Sony fanboyism

    PS4: "Did you love your PS3? Well you can forget about that because the PS4 isn't backwards compatible. Oh you want games? Sorry all we got is killzone"

    Honestly this generation of console so far is looking absolutely awful. I own both a 360 and a PS3 but I think for this generation I'm just going to upgrade my PC instead
  • Sean Strife
    Sony's PlayStation 4 has tech to block used games. This entire generation is all about fucking the consumer.

    That said, if that's Nintendo's worst crime, then they're ahead of everybody else, but at least Sony isn't outright fucking their customers over like, say, Microsoft and their giant-ass Betamax player... oh, that's not a Betamax Player? That's the console? ...who designed this? They need to be smacked because that friggin' thing looks like a Betamax player. At least in Sony's case, it could be considered them trying to make everybody happy, so whatever.

    Also, I'm glad everybody else has caught up with me on the EA stopping the Online Pass: I knew 100% something was up when they announced that, and the XBox One announcement confirmed my gut feeling. I think we know who's gonna utilize the used game blocking tech in the PS4, that's for sure.

    But anyways, to get on the topic of the XBox One. Whoever decided to do this pushing it as a multimedia entertainment hub apparently lives under a rock because they must not have heard of SmartTV, Roku, AppleTV, and GoogleTV. You can do the exact same crap with those things, and you don't have to put up with that crap.
  • Xikar
    Well to be fair on Sony. They did say the PS4 does have the tech to block used games. Buuuttt they explained that by default it will be able to play used games and its up the the developer and publisher to use the tech available to them.

    So basically EA, Activision, Ubisoft will be taking advantage of this and probably kill themselves.
  • WhovianUnlimited
    It's not entirely Nintendo's fault for what they're doing to Let's Players. If they don't do something, then they loose certain rights in court. If they loose those rights, then they'll probably implement more Microsoft-like policies to protect their intellectual property.

    It basically boils down to Nintendo got caught between a rock and a hard place and they decided to choose the lesser of the two evils.
  • hairyfeet  - Nope sorry, don't work that way
    The only thing you HAVE to defend or lose is trademarks and trademarks come into play if and ONLY if it is a product or service that can be mistaken for yours. Now since nobody in their right mind would mistake a "lets play" for an actual Nintendo product I'm sorry but that excuse just doesn't hold water.

    It would be like the movie companies contacting Blip and getting all the revenue from That Guy With Glasses because "hey its our movie you are reviewing".
  • Fable Architect
    Which has actually happened. Not that I think it was right, or legal, but yeah, they've tried to do that. Just look into the case of Nostalgia Critic's review of The Room.

    I don't really know the details of the nintendo issue, so I don't know if it's the same or not. Either way, yeah... looks like it's not a great time to be a gamer. And I just recently got an xbox after being a long-time playstation fan. Talk about disappointment.
  • Xikar
    The issue that Nintendo is claiming is that the revenue people are obtaining from Let's Plays of their games. The ads people attach in order to make money from their videos.

    From a technical stand point many of these ARE misusing their copies of Nintendo games. They're just playing a game and thinking out loud. There's no "parody" or real example of fair use. Its like hanging out with friends and playing a game and joking around.

    Now I say this as a comparison to something like Red vs Blue, or Freeman's Mind where there is some sort of script and material added on top of the game footage, or the game is used in a way that its a tool.

    And a review like what's done on Thatguywiththeglasses is fair use because its a review. They aren't just flat streaming the content they're breaking it down and adding in their own material which is also scripted.

    Whether or not this Nintendo's argument will fully hold up in court or something I believe remains to be seen.
  • ToonamiTOM
    The Wii U is looking much more appealing right now!
  • LunaBuna
    Apparently it did for entire the gaming community, too. After this disaster, Wii U sales went up 220%. WOW.
  • Killua  - People will buy it
    I just know that people will buy it, Lets players reviewers. But those people are kinda forced too..and stupid people will. People who think throwing money into the throats of Micrsosoft who clearly never reads anything the internet says about them if its critical, is completly A+ ok. When i heard you cant play 360 games i laughed but thougtht: ok so you have to keep the 360, fine! But then you dig a grave for your console with camera allways watching, fees, no renting, no used games and so on and on..that i really have to ask you microsoft? Why dont just went up on stage and be honest? just say:


    at least that would have been honest and short. And not such a collossal waste of time and lifespann
  • ColeYote
    Oh my god. I... just... WHAT?! WHAAAAAAAAAAAT?! I didn't even bother watching the reveal, reading anything about the reveal, as it stands this video is all I know about the new system and EVERY SINGLE THING YOU ARE SAYING IS PISSING ME OFF.

    Why the hell do we need a new console generation anyway?! It's not like production technology is about to surpass the current gen like it has every other fecking time! If Sony doesn't do a good job with the PS4 I am going to be one pissed off consumer.

    You know what really kills me? We should have seen this coming. $5 per month just to use the online features screams "cash grab" at me.
  • The Audience of One
    Lots of people don't think we need a new console generation, from what I've seen, but the big developers definitely seem to think so. Hell, Crytek (makers of the Crysis games) has said in the past that their belief is as follows: as soon as a console generation hits its graphical limit, it's time to put out the next console generation.

    I've seen even the most dedicated of Xbox fans say that the next generation is going to be the first one where they will not buy an Xbox console and make the switch over to PS4; if that's not a sign that Microsoft royally screwed up, I don't know what is.
  • Xikar
    Because the current consoles are six years old? And many developers are reaching the very limits of the hardware we currently have? According to Moore's Law computing power doubles roughly every 18 months. This is a trend that's been happening since the 1950s and is still happening today.

    So even when the 7th gen was new they were already outdated. And even the current next 8th gen will technically outdated but will have far more computing and graphical power then the previous ones. Save the WiiU but that is a matter of Nintendo focusing on gameplay control interaction rather than raw computing power.

    So yes Production technology HAS surpassed the previous gen, by a landslide. We just don't see it because developers are heavily limited by the technology nearly 7 years old at this point.
  • shenlow558
    remember to preorder the special Xbox One with ghost finding Kinect. (have to pay $60 for each hour its on, cannot turn it off).
  • webmonkey44  - the appeal?
    I own a ps3 and wii u. this makes the xbox unappealing
  • Tirade
    Seriously, it's not compatible with 360 games? That's just fucking bizarre... They went out of their way to make programming 360 games and PC games compatible with their XNA framework. How the fuck does that make 360 games incompatible with the next gen? If anything, that should have made it completely 100% compatible.

    As an amateur developer, that just fucking baffles me.
  • Xikar
    Possibly another architecture similar to why the PS4 isn't backwards compatible at least Hardware wise. Though this doesn't exclude (for either system) software emulation, which should be possible.
  • Tirade
    But for the Xbox it's just weird, since they went out of their way to make the last one work with DirectX system calls. Doing a whole different architecture for something like that just doesn't make sense. DirectX continues to grow and evolve to allow new things, but it never gets rid of the older versions. It just builds on top of them.

    It would be like saying that the Windows 7 kernel wouldn't support any software made for Vista or lower, it just doesn't make sense. Yeah, there were some compatibility issues. But in general, it was made to be compatible with older programs made for previous kernels. Remaking everything from scratch is a lot of extra work for everyone involved. One of the main benefits of the Xbox 360 for developers was that it was worked a lot like a computer, and had the flexibility therein as well as the ability to develop cross-platform. (Which, incidentally, is also why it pissed me off that they decided to stop releasing Halo for PC, since I am an FPS fan, but I can't stand playing FPSes with a controller. But that's just a personal gripe. :P ) They just decided to take everything in a completely new direction, aiming at a completely different market, and making a machine that does completely different things than the huge market they had waiting for them wanted and expected.

    Which, as any first year business student can tell you, is hugely fucking risky. Could it pay off? Yes. There will still be a large portion of the market that will stay with them just because of familiarity and the name, no matter how much they've changed everything. But whether they do well or not will really depend on whether they can capture the new "family oriented" market they just randomly admitted they were aiming for. The thing that baffles me is that they purposely made this announcement at a big event that only the hardcore fans of their current console were paying attention to. That's just kinda dumb on their part. And doesn't bode well for their understanding of their audience.
  • Xikar
    Well I didn't say it made it real sense. After all we are talking about the manufacturers who called their 3rd console the "The Xbox One". Who ever is making these decisions clearly don't know what they're doing.

    Or maybe all this new focus on becoming a media center removed all sensibility of making a proper working gaming console.
  • hairyfeet  - Different CPUs
    The X360 used an IBM Power PC chip, this new one, as well as the PS4, are gonna be using AMD X86 chips no different than what you'd find in a laptop. In fact that is the thing I find most bizarre about these new systems because out of all the good AMD chips they could have used they chose...the Jaguar.

    For those that don't know the Jaguar is simply the AMD Bobcat with more cores, the Bobcat was designed to compete with the Intel ATOM in the netbook and tablet market, its NOT a powerful chip at all and was never made to do heavy lifting so the developers will likely max out this chip in 2 years or less, just a truly strange choice for a gaming console.
  • Sperber  - No thx
    A german journalist said: "Microsoft takes the road towards a home entertainment system. I don't want that. I just want to play games."

    That pretty much sums it up for me.
  • LadyEpic
    Wow that just nails it.
  • thesamaraillama
    Microsoft would have saved billions of dollars and thousands of man hours if they had just come out and said, "yeah we don't want to make consoles anymore" They've effectively committed industrial suicide. The fact that it's not backwards compatible, is by itself a huge slap in the face to every gamer who's stuck by XBOX and invested so much money in the system. No way in hell am I re-buying the games on an "upgraded" format.

    Now they just destroyed their business with GameFLY, Redbox and GameStop with the used game fee, not to mention the fact that Sony isn't punishing anyone for sharing games. And honestly Sony is about to publish some badass exclusives for the PS. "The last of us" by itself has got me really itching to buy a PS3 and not wait for the PS4 to make the switch.

    Joe's right in that the only way they can get gamers to consider buying this thing, is to have some PHENOMENAL exclusives, which so far the only one they've ever released IMHO is HALO, and even that is now being out shined by games like BF3 and COD. People play HALO out of loyalty to the story, not because the game itself is any sort of spectacular, combined with dismal multiplayer mechanics that make James Bond Goldeneye seem light years ahead of it's time.

    In short, Microsoft has screwed the pooch. If they want to send a message they really do care about their customers, they need bite the multimillion dollar bullet and to take this back to the drawing board.
  • ZombieSlayer85  - Why? Just.....why?
    I remember asking a clerk at GameStop if I should buy a 360 or a PS3, and she said a 360 without a doubt. I doubt very much that'll be the case this time. I actually thought you were kidding about some of these points, but I could see the unbridled animosity in your eyes that told me you were serious. I mean, how are rentals going to work? I honestly see no hope for the Xbox, short of them scrapping the whole thing and starting over again.

    And I'm surprised no other commentators have agreed with you on this yet, but Xbox One is the stupidest fucking name I've ever heard, bar none. If I ask my brother (which I did) what he knows about the Xbox One and he immediately thinks I'm talking about the first system, you're doing it wrong.
  • Xikar
    The way I see it. If nothing changes by the time the console is released (and they can change its probably all software and firmware rather than hardware) it just won't be stocked in stores.

    Gamestop makes their money off Used games sales. Both Nintendo and Sony are clearly ok with this so they have a contract to sell their games and machines in stores.

    Gamefly is the same makes its money off renting Used games.

    But if MS is really intent on doing this I really don't expect Gamestop and other Game specialized stores to sell them. Because they can't make money off the future used games. So MS better be ready to make Microsoft Stores everywhere.
  • Sara
    Wal-Mart and Best Buy will still sell the consoles.

    But yeah, I don't see a lot of the gaming retailers buying this. I have a used game store where I can go and say: "Hey, I didn't like this game, can I get a new one?" Within a year and they'll let me pick one and give me half the credit of my old game towards the new one.

    I am a huge fan of used games. They are the majority of my library, I also rent heavily when I'm not sure on a game and/or I can't afford a new title at the time. I can't do neither with an expensive fee slapped on.

    I like Halo, but I am skipping over this generation.
  • WhovianUnlimited
    Agreed. It's like they just asked a drunk math teacher to come up with the name and he/she went 'well 360 is one circle, so let's call it the Xbox 1!'

    If they wanted to continue with the numbers thing, then the least they could have called it was something decent like 'Xbox Infinite' or 'Xbox Infinity'. It took me five seconds to come up with a name better than what Microsoft went with.
  • Blackdrazon
    PS4's got all the advantages for hardcore gamers, but how much of a market are we, really? Microsoft seems to be focusing on the Halo-sports crowd to the point of exclusivity... and maybe that's not an illusion. Maybe it's like the Wii and the Casual market. If Microsoft is as right about the Halo-sports crowd as Nintendo was about the casual market last generation, this could make them a fortune... leaving hardcore gamers as the smallest, least significant market. I desperately hope they're wrong because if they're right, hardcore gaming as we know it is dead in exchange for Nintendo casual and Microsoft new-casual.

    By aiming for a casual audience that doesn't realize the downside of their Steam-like DRM, the downside of their lack of indie support and simply don't care for backwards compatibility, they ensure that the console can get away with not spending money on those things, something Sony can't get away with. And so nothing we say there is going to matter. Microsoft's so determined to aim for this market and grab the used sales that they're screwing over anyone with poor internet connection, not to mention anyone with disabilities that prevent them from using Kinect or their "voice remote," which is a nice term from Joe. No, their focus is perfectly clear, and we're out of the picture.

    I think it comes down to whether or not Microsoft is right about the size of this market, and whether or not their screwing brick and mortar retailers out of used sales will have a major impact at retail.

    I'm going back to GOG, and I don't think I'm being facetious when I say that if things don't pick up at E3 I might not come back. There might not be a market left for me to come back to!
  • Me Wise Magic
    Joe was right they dun fucked it up. Microsoft got greedy with this one. I'll keep my 360 for awhile until the teams stop making software and updates for it in the next few years. Sony is making the right moves this time around.
  • hairyfeet  - Just get a PC
    If you look at the specs frankly both the Xbox One and PS4 are really just PCs anyway, they both have AMD chips, PC hard drives, and as Joe pointed out at least with the Xbox you no longer have any advantages to sticking with consoles.
  • theChancellor  - 3D POKEMON PEOPLE!!!!
    Aw don't feel too bad "Mild" Joe, at least you and the rest of the Microsoft bandwagon still have the handhelds to look forwar-OH WAIT! Enjoy hooking up your Ethernet manually everyday to play Madden suckas!!!
    I'am sorry but seeing every XBOX fanboy called complete betrayal over a over-sized VCR with 90% of the applications being used in today's streaming and cable networks and devices; and in far less convoluted inputs. Just gives me better clairvoyance of where the industry going.
    Newer IPs! No more celebrity endorsed COD commercials! SONY going back to platformers! 3D pokemon! 3D POKEMON!!! It'll be just how most of us got into gaming in the first place, only more glorious!!! Who's with me on this?
  • WhovianUnlimited
    Pokémon anything is A-OK with me! GLORIOUS 3D POKEMON!!!
  • Santa Prime
    Why do they keep pussy footing around? If they are this determined to stop used games sales just modfy the Blue ray laser to melt the mother humping disc after the first install.
  • Dreadjaws
    Joe, this is probably the first time I see you actually really angry. Usually you smile once or twice (for real reasons, not sarcastically as you do it here). You must be REALLY mad.

    I mean, I understand 100%, just I'm not an Xbox user, so I don't feel so affected by it.

    This console war is shaping up to be a lot like the one two generations ago, when Sony was the clear winner, Microsoft seemed to be making bad decisions (not as bad as this one, though) and Nintendo was clearly out of touch.

    The situation is definitely repeating itself here. It's a shame, because the more competition there is, the better for consumers, but if Sony wins this time not because their console is the best but because its competitors shoot themselves in the foot then all console gamers might be in trouble.
  • 04rlane  - Agreed
    I'll admit I'm not a hardcore gamer like the rest of you and don't know much on the history of the console war(PS3 fan myself though), but this is just depressing. I am interested to see what happens with the PS4 but unless it pulls off something incredible and wipes the floor with micro and nintendo I won't by it until all PS games are coming out on PS4 for that reason only.

    On a side note, Joe man I feel really sry for you, I understand that you are (or were) a large Xbox fan and to me this feels like a stab in the back from microsoft (in regards to PC's I should say Micro has me hooked though) to you and all Xbox players. I feel for you man.
  • bigtakilla  - Thank you Joe
    This is the true Angry Joe. Great video, one of my all time favorite Angry Joe Shows. This was not something you knew was gonna be shit (like any kinnect game or Battleship the game), in fact we all expected this "reveal" to be great and it fucking disappointed. 5 stars.
  • Sean Strife
    The sad thing is, even if you had low expectations for the XBox One reveal like me and my buddy did, you still walked away disappointed.
  • Gift of the Magi  - The silver lining
    Well, this may mean that PC and portable gaming will see a boost, maybe even a return to form...cause let's face it, the PS4 will not maintain the market.
  • Xikar
    And why's that? The PS4 is going to be only simple option for people who want to play top of the line "graphical" games. While I love the concept of the WiiU I will admit its mostly (or rather should be) devoted to strange and unique gameplay.

    PCs are the "perfect" option, but they're also a very high investment and a lot of people don't want to dedicate the time in figuring out how to assemble one. Consoles have always been that quicker option, you pay a large upfront fee and it will function the same for the entire generation. PCs do require some sort of maintenance to stay on top.

    I've actually been thinking about upgrading some components in my PC, but I just don't have the money.
  • hairyfeet  - You don't have to spend a lot
    You don't have to upgrade all at once you know, just buy a part here and a part there. The PC I'm typing this on started out an AMD dual kit with 2GB of RAM and a 250GB HDD, its now an AMD Hexacore with 8GB of RAM and 3TB of HDD and no single part cost me more than $100, just by shopping smart and watching for the sales on Tiger,Newegg, and Geeks.

    So just take your time, plenty of sales, one piece at a time and in no time your PC will be a monster.
  • Xikar
    I'm fully aware of building piece by piece.

    The only thing I'm really thinking about upgrading is motherboard and CPU, from an AMD chipset to an Intel.

    And then I'll probably upgrade to one the next Nvidia video cards once the 700 series is fully out.....But first I should probably upgrade my RAM I still only have 4 GBs since I built this one roughly 3 1/2 years ago.
  • Sliced Ice
    I'm not even an XBox fan, but I sure feel sorry for anyone who is. You must all be doing a collective WTF?! right about now.

    It also looks kind of like a VCR. That's a great step. Go forward by looking backward.
  • animefan2010
    I just want to know about the Wii U after all it seems to be doing well just like the past Nintendo systems revealing the console then starting on a roaring rampage of games

    But as for Microsoft it clearly has failed
  • TerminalSanity
    ***Critical Failure*** Well Sony has a golden opportunity here, and yet somehow I think they'll still find a way to blow it.
  • ParaChomp
    Lack of sleep? I think it helped you in portraying more rage (which was oh so necessary). You pretty much summed it up, couldn't agree more.
  • Pseudowolf  - Congrats Microsoft
    I bought the original Xbox when it came out and enjoyed it. I bought the 360 when it came out and loved it. I never even had a RROD error! I have never owned a PlayStation. I do not like Sony and Nintendo seems to have decided to release titles for families with kids.

    And yet, after all that, I will not be renewing my Live account. I will not buy your new console. If I *do* buy a new console, it will be a PS4. Your console does NOTHING I can't already do with my tv, blu-ray player, desktop, laptop, and/or goddamn phone EXCEPT play your video games, but you CLEARLY aren't interested in your console doing that so why should I bother with it?

    Screw it, I'm going back to PC gaming. Steam may not be perfect, but at LEAST they've managed to remember the thing they exist for in the first place which is to PLAY VIDEO GAMES!
  • WesleyFoxx
    Steam throws out sales like they were going out of style, has provided cloud backups and saves for your games for years, and gives you as much 'social' stuff as you'd ever want without stuffing it down your throat.

    I've been a PC gamer since the beginning of the last console generation and been fucking LOVING it, so I've been sitting here giggling maniacally, repeating the Zero Punctuation "Glorious PC gaming master race/Filthy console gaming peasants"
  • YukoValis
    I couldn't agree more. I stopped at PS2, gamecube, and a bit of the wii. I am so happy I moved to PC and on steam. Sure there is BS everywhere, but there it's pick and choose, not put all your money on some console that will demand more and more.
  • moonbeast32
    meanwhile at Nintendo and Sony:

    International Company Celebration commencing
  • 04rlane  - I take offense to that
    "Filthy console gaming peasants" really, ok I'll admit upgrade your PC right and you become a gaming GOD! but I love my PS3 and as Sony looks to be on top of this one as I said eariler they've certainly gotten my interest. So yeah PC's ****ing RULE! but consoles still have a future at least with sony.
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