Angry Review - Deadpool

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  • ninjaswithsunglasses
    Yes! Too many meta-jokes about the quality of the thing you're making can and will convince the player that they're true! You're not automatically genius if you point out your flaws.
  • *sigh*
    I watched Video Games Awesome play this and it seemed like a lot of fun, comments about its own quality notwithstanding.
  • Bear Paw Media  - I watched them play it too
    But despite the fun they were able to have with it on a show, I don't think it stands up very well as a game.

    I have to admit though, there were a great deal of jokes that had me laughing my ass off. A solid 6.5/10 in my book.
  • Chaos15
    I like the Unicorn Scootaloo text box.
  • UchihaRew  - thelastofus
    cmon joe i need to know how it ranks against skyrim, red,dead and other other classics like far cry 3
  • Morphiend  - No, you
    No, you Joe!
  • NJHatter  - Hack and Slash = REPEDITIVE!!!
    Have you even played tons of games?

    The batman arkam asylum game had THE SAME ENEMIES over and over.

    The Dynasty Warriors games have the same soldiers BY THE HUNDREDS!!!! Different colors, still same.
    Devil may cry? Same few swarm enemies again....
    Onimusha? Same...
    Most Shooters? SAME!!!!
    Mix up with some bosses and commanders between them.


    ONE MORE THING!!! Why the F*CK does all these reviewers want f*cking masocisticly hard games?! THE F*CK IS WRONG WITH TONS OF PWNAGE?! That's part of the whole hack and slash thing!


    Now have a nice day.
  • Skyscraper
    Not sure if ironic, buuut Devil May Cry usually has enemies with varied enough behavorial patterns that you need to adapt to them and work around the, as well as explore the different weapons and really think about what is the best way to approach each combat situation. The Batman Arkham games, while featuring fewer different enemy types, offer a wide variety of battle tools that open up a lot of different ways to dispose of enemies.

    Whereas this game, as well as Dynasty Warriors, mainly seem to be won by just mashing the attack buttons. That's some peoples bag, and that's okay for them. But I, and Joe too from the looks of things, appreciate games that make us think and put a little extra effort than just feature "tons of pwnage" without much effort. Actually make us explore the battle system and reward us for it. That is what this game does not do, and as such it's not really our bag of chips.

    And thank you, I intend to have a nice day :)
  • GoldenSolitude04
    First off calm down.
    Second typing in caps locks doesn't help your argument.

    Well clearly hack and slash games are not your cup of tea. I don't like how you imply that all hack and slash games are the same.

    For example you list Dynasty Warriors and Devil May Cry as one in the same which is far from the truth. Devil May Cry is about performing stylish combos while being completely over the top and challenging to the player.

    Dynasty Warriors is more like a typical beat them up to the tunes of Streets Of Rage and Final Fight.

    If you despise very hard games so much, then look elsewhere for your entertainment.

    I for one do not want developers to downgrade the difficulty in their games to appeal to casuals who are afraid of getting their butts kicked.

    If I am not being challenged to a certain degree then I lose interest and move on to something else.

    Now in regards to Deadpool,I haven't been checking out any gameplay footage or reading too much on it so I cannot give my opinion on the game.

    As a non comic book reader who has no interest in them,I enjoy Deadpool's antics from Marvel Ultimate Alliance,my first exposure to him. Plus having him and Dante in the same game (Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3) made me more curious about him.

    With Dante gone for good it would seem,Deadpool is his new replacement for me.

    It sucks that Activision is the publisher so if I ever do decide to check this game out in the future,it sure as hell is going to be a rental first.
  • PlasticFrogCG
    I've always enjoyed Dynasty Warriors just for the flashy character design and feeling like a bad ass when I knock a dozen soldiers off there feet like in a wushu film.
    Not to mention the Romance of the Three Kingdoms period is actually pretty interesting if you bother to look it up.

    But it just isn't the same without Steve Blum playing Sun Jian. At least Beau Billingslea still does a lot of the other voices.
  • GJDS-7  - Easter Egg?
    It looks like I'm not the only one who noticed the unicorn in the light red text boxes. :3
    I'm not saying this possibly relates to MLP but... ok maybe a little.;)
    Seems strange for Angry Joe to put on his show but it's well suited I guess.
  • gojirafan430
    Its Than-os

    Not Thane-os
  • LikaLaruku
    The voice acting & jokes in this game really do nothing for me. The voice is annoying & ill-fitting & the dialogue jokes fall flat.

    My Deadpool-reading gal friends find the skirt-chasing to be an undesirable aspect of his personality, but women clearly weren't the target audience for the game. Most girls I know who read Deadpool comics think Cable was one of his love interests & got a kick out of the crossdressing & gay jokes.

    Hahaha, the taco....

    Still pissed about Sinister being into a chick & never used after that in the comics..

    Lol, did I mishear at the end? "Oh fuck, I tripped on a dildo."
  • ManWithGoodTaste
    Complaining about grafiks is really getting old. Stahp.
  • nickyprules
    I think Joe only read Waypool. Death is with Thanos not Deadpool. Unless you read Daniel Way shit. Read the current series or the Joe Kelly stuff.
    I just watched the VGA episode for the humor. The mechanics didn't seem complicated.

    Edit: Oh didn't know that was a reference to in game material I posted before finishing. And he referenced Thanos
  • TerminalSanity
    I thought Thanos was on the outs with Death again. Anyway Way didn't make up the Deadpool Death relationship as any dedicated Deadpool fan knows hell his relationship with Death was figured heavily with his transformation into Deadpool it would rather odd for the game not at least reference it.
  • KungFuMan
    Honestly this wasn't Deadpool for me. Comic Jumper got the aspects of a fourth-wall breaking character with a side voice right and made for a solid experience, and had a smaller pool of enemies (and no swords). Marvel Ultimate Alliance got him right too; he was downright a pleasure to play as and his gameplay offered some unique approaches to level obstacles.

    This had its moments...but it felt *wrong*. Things like the Taco-Cable, slapping Wolverine and Roguepool were great and fun little moments. But things like Death could have been cut completely from the game and nothing would have been lost at all. The story is such a clusterfuck of bad writing and bad ideas at times it's miserable to work with. And the payoff at the end isn't a payoff.

    You want a good look at Deadpool, stuff like Suicide Kings are a good read, where the character gets developed and doesn't constantly mug the camera. Heck there's a guy doing a motion comic from it on youtube and he's already on the third episode, and it's handled very well.

    This was just a bad game that missed the point.
  • korruption
    Hey this game looks fun and hilarious, I think I'll consider b-... oh it's published by Activision... Next!
  • Malidictus
    Honestly, Joe... The skits are getting a bit too much. I get dressing up and doing a thing at the start and at the end. It's clever and it's funny. But when you interrupt yourself literally every sentence for a full minute at one point... That gets old fast.

    I mean, you're an awesome enough dude as it is, and I'd rather listen to you talk about a game, than to see an upside-down face mask deadpool prance around being zany.

    Good review otherwise, but I feel that if you cut the live-action Deadpool out of it in all but the opening segment and maybe the end, it would be vastly improved.
  • Cafeterialoca
    Comic fan opinion coming through.

    In all honesty? Deadpool stopped being a good character once Cable and Deadpool ended.

    In that series, he was treated as a character. Things could bother him and he was developing. He even started to make friends and decided to stop killing. And then Daniel Way came along, and ever since, Deadpool has been about spouting memes in non-sensical ways. Even the clip you used with "I heard you like boots, so I put this boot into that boot so you can-" you get the idea. Even the "That's an America Fuck Yeah Moment" joke falls flat in the game.

    I think the biggest enemy Deadpool ever faced was his own popularity, because instead of keeping him a character, they make him a "LOL MEMES!!!!" joke. WIthout a straight man, Deadpool is just a stand up comedian flailing on stage, desperately trying to keep people entertained.

    I'm just saying, I think Deadpool was a better character before writer Daniel Way got his hands on him (Who also wrote this game).

    Also, it's really not that blasphemous to not like Wolverine now. The guy is on 2 Avengers teams, 3 X-Men books and has 2 ongoings to himself. He's painfully overrated, and the dislike towards him only grows as he keeps getting overexposed.

    I think the one comment that I thought was funny though was that my friend said "After playing Deadpool, I want a game where I can play as Domino, Rogue and Psylocke instead." I really think Marvel should push other characters instead of the same seven. (Wolverine, Spider-Man, Thor, Hulk, Cap, Iron Man and Deadpool).
    Hell, there is a growing push to put a female superhero into the movies. Maybe Marvel should take that hint.
  • ColeYote
    I'm not sure Deadpool *quite* belongs in the same category as those other six. Admittedly I'm not 100% sure about in comics, since I self identify as a superhero nerd but not a comic nerd. Just, y'know, he's the only one in that group that hasn't been in a film to my knowledge*, let alone as the main character.

    *Yes, I do know he was technically in X-Men Origins, but A) that movie sucked, and B) that was just some mute guy using his name.
  • ColeYote
    So to summarize, it's a hilarious but otherwise mediocre game.

    That's what I was worried it'd be. Ah well, guess I can watch a let's play. I loves me some Deadpool, and I'm lauging my ass off from the clips you used, so should get some decent laughs out of an LP.
  • Cafeterialoca
    "I'm not sure Deadpool *quite* belongs in the same category as those other six. Admittedly I'm not 100% sure about in comics, since I self identify as a superhero nerd but not a comic nerd. Just, y'know, he's the only one in that group that hasn't been in a film to my knowledge*, let alone as the main character.

    *Yes, I do know he was technically in X-Men Origins, but A) that movie sucked, and B) that was just some mute guy using his name."

    That ball is in Fox's court, and we know they will screw that up.

    Though, you might be right. Hawkeye is getting a bigger push than Deadpool right now. With his solo and being on 3 Avengers teams.
  • MrSanityClaus


    Why do you have that prop...?

  • CyborgPrince
    The rubber dildo? I guess you haven't seen his Saints Row 3 review.
  • CyborgPrince
    Deadpool seems like a pretty badass character, but yeah, I can understand that he's not for everybody. It's still unfortunate that his game gets an overall reaction of 'eh, it's alright'. Hell, even the game itself says 'eh, it's not a good game, but it's alright'. No, 4th wall breaking is not an excuse.

    You're not the only one to give it an average rating, Joe. I've seen a lot of 5/10s and 6/10s, so the majority reaction is that it's rather mediocre. That's too bad. A character like Deadpool would have much more potential for a game, you would think. Oh well. It's too bad the game companies didn't seem to give too much of a shit. Although I commend the company for marking the price down, it's just more proof that they're aware that the game is really not that fantastic. At least it's not a movie licensed superhero/anti-hero game, because we know how 'great' THOSE ones are, right? ;)
  • Zachary Amaranth
    This review and the game both try too hard to be funny.

    If only Joe'd put as much effort into spelling.
  • JoeCB91
    Sounds a lot like what I thought when I played Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard

    Great voice acting, funny game. But the gameplay was meh.
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