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  • Mauve_Avenger  - The Eagles
    Maybe Gandalf had to pay them by the hour.
  • otakuchick45
    Am I the only one who enjoyed my 3D experience? Because I saw it twice, once in IMAX 3D and once in 2D, and both times were good. I liked the 3D for everything but the action scenes, where I took my glasses off because I would've had a seizure otherwise. (But I had to look away in the 2D version too, so..) I even sat 2 rows from the screen and still liked it. I thought the CGI was top-notch, especially Rivendell, which was my favorite part of the movie. I've never read the Hobbit or the Appendices (is that what it's called?) but I'm pretty sure it stayed true to the intent of the books. I thought Gollum was amazing, his character has so much depth now that I know everything about him. And of course his CGI was awesome. I'm sorry, I really liked it.
  • Paranormal Rob
    They've had D Box down here in Florida for a few years now. Never fell for it though. It's just a waste of technology.
  • Stick92
    Hate to say it, but I liked the cartoon so much more.
    Maybe my opinion will change a bit if I see it in 2D, but I doubt it.
  • ImaginaryGirl
    Mostly in agreement about the 3D. It gives me headaches in long movies. Avatar was the worst in that respect. And it's gimmicky and expensive. Most of the time I would love to avoid it. There are one or two movies, however, that did benefit from 3D. How to Train Your Dragon and Hugo spring to mind. Buuut by an large- no way. Certainly not for the Hobbit. I like actually being able to see the movie in color. :P
  • TheSkunk
    Ok, way too many people are bitching about about the film being too long. the film length is fine if your not a ADHD pouring pixie sticks into your soft drink. But the moving chairs are beyond stupid, so now I have sit down and somehow balance popcorn and a drink with a single armrest straining my eyes against the 3D images slowly making me motion sick well the chair leaves my ass bruised and my legs fall asleep so after two plus hours of this I can promptly fall over the person seated in front of me....

    My running theory is that the film producers are trying to everything they can to make be a professional Critic as uncomfortable as humanly possible in the hopes they won't see the film before people run in mass to spend north of 30 dollars for the "experience" of watching the film.
  • thorondragon
    and that is still a more sound theory than a coming doomsday, shapeshifting aliens that are not really aliens as they came from ancient earth, and justin beiber.
  • Captain Siberia
    I found that the IMAX I got was damn shitty. It's a DLP system with a bright spot in the center and progressively increasing darkness toward the edges. Add the 3-D glasses to that, and it's too fucking much. I'm looking at the light at the end of the tunnel, with darkness all around. It's bullshit.

    I thought the 48 fps actually looked really hokey. I think it's because they used a 270° shutter angle rather than a 180° shutter angle, meaning that for each frame, the shutter was open 3/4 of the time rather than half the time, meaning that each individual frame has more motion blur relative to the amount of time it's on screen. They did this so that the movie would look "acceptable" projected at both 48 fps and 24 fps. I think it looks artificially smooth. I believe in higher frame rates. I believe that if we do them right, they'll look great. I don't think they look great this time out.

    As for looking like TV, I think the cinematography was part of that. Several shots looked like they were composed for a small screen rather than a large one.

    As for holding interest, I do think that it lost the main thrust of the story for a while in the middle. Particularly, there's the scene of Gandalf talking to Saruman and Galadriel in Rivendell. I got bored right around there. But it picked back up afterward.
  • thorondragon
    its kidna ironic isn't it? this is actually some of the most advanced recording technology, yet it reminds people of the visuals in soap operas and such.
  • nelsinki  - about the eagles...
    They are very proud animals, they really need to the end of the middle earth to interfere on the earthlings issues --like in LOTR-, even if Radagast asked for that I don't think that they would acepted. But it's a fair complain.
    I will see the movie on the classic 35 mm like the older films, I'm glad to have the chance to see the Middle Earth too, but I think that they could do the whole book on two movies at max, oh well....
  • Mr.Anderssson
    The whole eagles argument is just dumb, both here and in the other trilogy, for different reasons. In LOTR, the eagles wouldn't work because the orcs or Nazghul would've seen them coming and shot them down. Remember how much hiding Frodo had to do to get the ring to Mordor?

    In this case, it would've been like, "WTF do you dwarves think we are, taxis? We're not going to waste our time getting you to some mountain."
  • thorondragon
    we are of the same mind. it is weakened if viewed as a work on its own.
  • thorondragon
    the reason why they could not fly the eagles? eagles are far too proud to be ridden like steeds. not to mention the eagles would probably attract smaug's attention. that is the reason bilbo is needed. hobbits are quit stealthy creatures so long the remain to the shadows and corners. the dragons of tolkien have inredible senses, and the small but useful magic of a stealthy hobbit, likely combined with the ring there, is what is needed to elude the monster's powerful senses.
    in the book, the dragon could not properly pinpoint bilbo, thogh he could taste the dwarfs on a group of ponies the dwarves had ridden to the mountain. he could smell dwarves on bilbo. but he could not find bilbo, despite his awareness of hsi presence. and the ring was not the sole factor. he had both smell and hearing to hel him as well, yet smaugh still could not find him.
  • Sylphide
    I agreed with everything you said, except about Thorin. And all of the dumb gimmicks are just for money. It's getting pretty ridiculous. Great review!
  • Hardin
    "It looks like a soap opera"? There's people out there who still don't have 120hz TVs?!
  • IronySandwich
    I love the 48fps. It does look a bit odd at first, but that's just because we're not used to it. We're so used to the tearing and the fuzzyness to motion of 24fps that we have actually mistaken it for what things are "supposed" to look like, when it's nothing of the sort.

    As to the rest, yeah, lousy gimmicks. Toss 'em.
  • Xandermorph
    Spoony actually talks at length about how illogical the "Eagles plothole" in LOTR is in an episode of Counter Monkey. The notion of taking the Eagles straight to Mordor like the place is a fucking bus stop is one of the most shitkickingly stupid ideas I've ever heard. I can't believe how frequently it's thrown around, too. Like some dirt's been found on the highest-regarded fantasy epics ever written. That sort of thing makes buffoons feel smarter when they quote it - especially to fantasy geeks :P

    Whoever came up with that argument in the first place couldn't possibly have had much knowledge of Tolkien in the first place, but one needn't be a Tolkien-geek to see how severely lacking in common sense that idea is.
  • impfireball
    Paying attention to what?

    Wait... what?

    That'd be the response you'd get.

    Spoony explained it, but he explained it at length. I'd doubt you'd have the patience or mental capacity to do so without devolving into cursing rants, like you've already demonstrated.
  • TragicGuineaPig
    Why didn't they get Leonard Nemoy to sing the opening theme song?

    Also, why didn't the Eagles fly them all the way to Erebor? Simple: it's not their job. Gwaihir owed Gandalf a favor, and so he saved their bacon. But he didn't owe the Dwarves anything, and Gandalf wasn't going to Erebor. Also, between Anduin and Mirkwood, there is a race of shepherds who kill the Eagles on sight, fearing that the Eagles will eat their flocks.
  • ManWithGoodTaste
    What's the point of seeing a movie at double the frame rate your eyes can actually see?

    There isn't.

    But people WILL pay for that, because people are dumb.
  • impfireball
    The framerate of your eyes is actually 60fps, but it's difficult for your brain to process it all. Hence we don't memorize everything we see in the real world.
  • citr92  - eyes ABSORB light
    so it's different than what something is recorded at, but the process at about 20 fps to 60 fps depending on the darkness and colors shown and also depending on being at rest or in a panic

    so yea, eyes technically absorb light, but do have fps equivalents

    so yea, watching a movie at 48 fps may be unnecessary since you're at rest, at least i hope you are lol
  • Vash3001
    But 48fps THAT MEANS ITS BAD...

  • Jack_Vision
    Sorry joe but im going to have to call bullshit.
    Clearly you have never read the book or you would understand that Thorin is charismatic but only to a point when you see who he really is. He breaks down as a leader, champion and king.

    As for the other dwarfs none but Dolin really get anything else to the story so in that aspect he is right.

    Iv never giving a review on the right 1 star but shit man.... stop trying to bullshit people.
  • AngryJoeShow
    Your calling bullshit on my knowledge of the book?
    You know this is a Hobbit MOVIE review in 3D at 48fps right?

    In this movie its of my opinion the dwarves dont get enough development nor is Thorin very charismatic. Book knowledge has nothing to do with that Jack.

    "Hes only charasmatic when you see who he really is" - Did that happen in the movie? No. Not Really. He has one brave moment where I thought he was a bad ass, but that doesnt make him a charismatic leader to me.

    And you gave my review 1 star for that? LOL! Awesome. Well done.
  • impfireball
    If they flew to the mountain with the eagles, the dragon would have seen them. EXPLAINED.
  • SilverScribe53  - The journey is the destination, as they say
    Also let's remember; if the Eagles flew them all the way to Lonely Mountain, neither the Dwarves or Bilbo could learn or grow from their quest. This is why taking short cuts is almost never a good idea.

    As for the Eagles not talking, it's been long since I've last read the book. So, I'm not fully sure about if they did so.

    The three Spiders, on the other hand; THEY most definitely spoke
  • AngryJoeShow
    Ya true, the dragon even noticed a very very tiny small bird. So that has some good weight to it.
  • Leon Real
    Landfills being stuffed with 3D glasses? I didn't take you for an enviromentalist, Joe.

    I was just listening to a report on the BBC News podcast about another gimmick film-makers are using, lenght. Nearly everyone wants to make theirs two hours long or more, and most of the time they've only got filler. Did James Cameron really need three hours to tell a love story in a doomed ocean liner?

    About the movie, which I just came home from watching. I enjoyed it. The three hours of 3D were murder (in fact my eyes are still hurting), but I enjoyed it a lot. I also liked how they had a couple of the songs that were in the book.
    My favorite part? The tour of Bilbo's Hobbit-hole. We really got to see a lot more of it this time. Man I wanna live in a house like that.
  • Guild Navigator
    As a fantasy geek I was more than satisfied because -like Spoony said in his (looong) review- I love this shit. As a cinema lover,on the other hand,there are some snags. The pacing definitively is odd in some parts,and even I got a bit queasy at times (and I sat thru a French animated movie in 3D without going insane). To speak of anything else about the story would be redundant. I liked the movie,my son loved the movie (even if he got sleepy at times) and we had a great time watching it.

    One thing,though,anyone else thought that Azog would make an awesome WH40K Ork more than a traditional fantasy orc? I'd love to see that guy bolter in hand screaming WHAAAAAAAAAA! to a 1000 raving greenskins...
  • SetzyTB  - Another thing about the eagles
    Let's not forget the Eagles weren't normal animals, they were also Maiar like Gandalf and quite intelligent. If given enough time they would have probably been seduced by the ring and tried to take it for their own.

    As for Bilbo and the Dwarves, they'd have to cross over Mirkwood and other villages of men, and they were in bad standing because they would frequently make off with livestock, so they would be shot at if they got anywhere near. Just because they're giant eagles doesn't make them impervious to arrows.

    I was kind of annoyed they didn't speak in this movie because I was hoping it would help shut people the hell up from asking the stupid questions about why they didn't carry both the dwarves or the fellowship straight to their destinations.

    Last tiny note: That was a hedgehog, not a porcupine. :)
  • KenxKao  - MORE Eagle explanations
    Ok, I know that there are probably allot of people who have actually stated WHY the Eagles don't fly them to the mountain and I totally agree with them, but I'm going to play Devils Advocate for just a second here. The movie doesn't really make it clear as to why. They way it's portrayed, it makes it look like Gandalf just summons them when he wants too. But the rest of the movie is so great that if you have read the book and love it, you barley notice it.

    Love the movie, and I ALWAYS try to skip the 3D. And, who knows, there might be a scene in the second movie where they meet with the leader of the Eagles and ten HE will explain it. . . why do we have to wait till next year to see the next one? :(
  • Lightice
    The Eagles both in movies and books never deliver people into specific addresses, save for one single exception from the books, and that was for Gandalf when he was just resurrected, and his newly formed body was still literally as light as feather. Normally they only nab people out of danger, and drop them whereever it's safe. This is partially because although benevolent, the Eagles aren't servants of anyone in Middle-Earth, and won't stoop down to be a taxi service, but even more because they are still flesh and blood, and carrying huge burdens through the air is tiresome, no matter how big you are.
  • FunkyM
    3D. I just don't like how it darkens movies. You miss so much in dark scenes with 3D. Plus, "Conversion" to 3D is bull. If you film it in 2D, show it in 2D.

    And Dbox? WTF? I am so glad that such "Enhancements" have yet to reach deepest darkest Dudley. But Imax sounds cool.
  • Lightice
    The Hobbit was filmed in 3D right from the start. Leave misinformation somewhere else, please.

    I seriously don't understand the hate for 3D. It's purely an optional experience, and while it's annoying when it's used as a mere gimmick with no good movie behind it, it does wonders when the movie itself is actually worth watching. The technology is not fully mature yet, I've noted that some theatres are a lot better than others in terms of showing it properly, but when the place is right, it's great.

    Overall, the hate is just people being unfamiliar with the technology, and the companies milking everything they can about the "new experience". I can't wait the day when 3D and 48fps are ordinary and commonplace, and no-one bothers commenting about them, any more, because they are what everybody expects, anyway. It was the same shit with colour and sound back in the day. Changes always produce detractors, but at the end of the day the better technology wins as soon as it becomes ordinary.
  • AngryJoeShow
    Your point is invalid "3D is a purely optional experience".

    No. No its not. Maybe in your big ass city with 14 theaters, but its not optional for many places.
  • Lightice
    Where I come from, small places don't get 3D, period. And though I do get the choice, my town seriously is not that big, except by the standards of my 5 million people country, which has only one place that an American would call a city.

    Anyway, my point was that all these "gimmicks" of today are just standard, everyday experience of tomorrow. People stop making a big deal about them, and they end up just being there without anyone making a huge fuzz. That's how it always goes with new technology.
  • SilverScribe53
    I'm not really paying much attention to this whole "48fps," since I'll be seeing it in 2-D. All that matters to me is that the movie is entertaining, the cast is entertaining and certain scenes are entertaining.

    I've read MANY complaints saying how "goofy" and "kiddish" it was, compared to LOTR. But here's the cheese; The Hobbit was a children's book and like any children's book, of course there's going to be some goofiness to it.

    Also, the quest has just started and we haven't even got to the true serious stuff yet. I doubt you'll see any "kiddish" scenes; during the encounter with the Spiders, Thranduil, the Battle of the Five Armies or even with Smaug.

    So please, PLEASE quit nagging on The Hobbit and give it an actual chance
  • Hybrid2
    Dont you have recycling boxes for the 3D glasses?

    All the gimmicks are pointless. HD was great.we dont need more.

    Maybe the 48 images made the CGI look weaker?
    It did'nt look as good as it should..
  • Mischi  - The Hobbit is AWSOME
    Opinion? Here it comes:
    3D - I would like this if it works properly, wouldn't give you headache, and gives you information like: How far does this cave go, or how big is that character really.
    Throwing me things in the face is weak. I had that in 1986 at the fun fair.
    48 FPS - Dunno yet. But it might look like a 'soap opera'. How do I know? Because everyone.. and I mean: E V E R Y O N E keeps saying it.
    The movie: Huge fan of the books and great fan of the movies. So, this is no Star Wars Prequel, it is the real deal. I don't care if they split it in 3 movies. LOTR should have been 9 movies - Jackson Style.
    Extended Editions? Give them to me. That is an addition to movies, PJ always scores with. It is no SW special edition, no Deathly Hollows 1 and 2, no Breaking Dawn 1 and 2. This is as classic as the original trilogy (so far).
    It is now even more epic than it should be, but that is okay. LOTR is the big story. Hobbit can be big, and PJ did what he could.(again: so far)
  • pomaflah
    No, LoTR should be EIGHTEEN movies. There are SIX books, as anyone who's actually read them would know. He just packaged them together.
  • pomaflah
    Everything you like about The Hobbit is in the book. Everything you dislike isn't. So go read the book!
  • pomaflah
    I liked the movie. Lord of the Rings should have been 18 movies, though, if they're going to split the books into three movies each. They should really remake it.
  • Santa Prime
    Gonna disagree with Joe for once. The 48 frames per second 3D gives the whole thing a black box theater effect. No small part from Peter Jackson being a king among directors. Not since Avatar have I though that the 3D was worth. Yes Golem is awesome in this.
  • AngryJoeShow
    What is a "Black Box Theater Effect"?
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