Angry Reviews - Guild Wars 2

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  • whatisthisidonteven  - Hell Yeah
    I am now getting this game. Thank you, Joe.
  • Trencher
    Awesome review!
  • Dust  - Another plus
    Didn't get mentioned, but communal crafting nodes are another fantastic idea Anet put in.

    It was just amazing to run into six people, mine the same copper, have everyone laugh about "no more ninja ganking B.S to cap something", and continue on in peace.
  • PixelPirate
    What a great looking game. As a guy who finds mmos boring, this actually makes me want to make a return to them.
  • chronosXD
    Wow first game to ever get a 10/10 in my memory from angry joe
  • franman781  - Not quite
    Joe did give Skyrim a 10/10. Also he never did an official review of League of Legends, but he has said (be it in a vlog or commentary) that if asked to rate it he would give it a 10/10.
  • JayDogV45
    Actually, Joe gave Red Dead Redemption a perfect score
  • LikaLaruku
    Is it weird that I've never played WoW but still get the "$15 more dollars" joke?

    There are games that punish you for exploring? Tell me what they are so I can avoid them.

    I don't play Maple Story much, but it's my favorite MMO soundtrack.

    Sounds like the "something different" I've been looking for. & a one-time fee of $60 sound worth it.

    The last 10/10 I remember you giving was...Red Dead Redemption? Still pissed that didn't get a PC release.
  • Sven Lopez
    I wish so badly that I had a computer that could play games made later than 2004. I would buy this game so fast that Usain Bolt would be like "woah, dude! slow down there!"
  • Ironhead
    I was on the fence about getting this game but after watching this I'm so getting this game now.
  • Amoren
    Wait, Joe is on Henge of Denravi too!? I must find your guild now! The one I'm in everyone is on a different server. /:

    A few things, though. One of the biggest issues I've had in the game that I felt could have used mentioning is the huge learning curve early game. It really could have done a better job trying to drill into your head the better way to go about it; which can lead to a painful early few levels as you get the hang of it. But once you climb that curve and learn the game its very good.

    Also, I liked underwater combat too... Until it got to the orrian zones. It might be just that my build as a thief was centered on going into stealth a lot and backstabbing creatures, which I can't do in underwater and are thus left really vulnerable against the tougher risen (and there's A LOT of underwater areas you need to go through), but its certainly become a frustrating experience with me. Not helped by the fact that one of the reward chests I got was a bloody exotic harpoon gun. The game was tormenting me, I swear!

    As for the lack of trade, it should definitely be addressed. Surprisingly though, and this isn't an isolated experience, a lot of people are honest in their trading and don't cheat the other person. I haven't heard of a single experience of someone doing so; perhaps its a side affect of the gameplay style encouraging cooperation between players rather than a competition.

    The huge que timers on WvW, however, is probably due to the server population imbalanced between servers (or so I assume). It might even out as populations balance out. It also doesn't help that Henge of Denravi is a very dominant server, and thus a lot of people flock to it to be on a winning server. Some people who server transferred (which was or is free, at least for a time so people who bought the game and joined a server there friends weren't on could play with them with their already created character, rather than making a new one or paying to keep it!).

    Also, no mention of Tybalt? The best character in the game? D:
  • Amoren
    Oh yes. You also forgot to mention cross-server guilds and auction houses. ;) Or so I've heard (as well as cross-server parties as well, since I've grouped with guildies in another server for a dungeon). The fact that the auction house is universal will probably help the economy a ton, rather than letting some servers stagnate. Even a market for rare and expensive items can find a place due to the huge supply and demand offered by the entire game's player base rather than a single, population capped server.

    Although there's probably so much good in the game it was probably hard to isolate it down to the best talking points for a short review. (Also, drinking a charr underneath the table as an asura? Best. Quest. Ever.)
  • ManWithGoodTaste
    Now I see why Kevin Miller loves this game so much.

  • Formula Fox
    I have played less than an hour's worth of GW2, all on my own(my friends have yet to get the game and I don't play well with strangers), and I FUCKING LOVE IT.

    One of the best things about it is that it is no less entertaining when going solo than Joe makes it out to be when playing in a group. When you play solo, it feels like a NORMAL SINGLE PLAYER GAME.

    It's literally the closest thing we will ever get to a perfect game.

    And despite the friendly social environment, I know the hardcore PvPers are still going to bitch, moan, whine and accuse my friend of using bots when he maps the game to an XBox controller and starts kicking their asses. Seriously, my friend has mad skillz with a gamepad; Chances are you will never beat him if you ever meet him.
  • Lou H. Wolfskin
    You know, i love Guild Wars 2, and i probably shouldn't say this but.... a lot of the stuff you're talking about has been done in Guild Wars 1 too, different yet without it you wouldn't have what makes Guild Wars 2 so much fun.

    In a few parts Guild Wars 2 even steps back to take you by the hand, the selfheal for example:
    Every class could heal themselves in the first one too, but many ppl ignored it, here you have no choice about the selfheal on your skillbar.

    And a huge thing you missed to talk about: you get leveled down if you visit lowlevel areas, still gaining moderate exp for fighting so that helping a friend who just started doesn't mean you hurt his experience with a high level character.
  • ColeYote
    Can someone please explain why I'm not playing this right now?

    You know, I seriously think WoW might be in trouble now.
  • LorienvArden
    So here are some issues I have with GW2 at the moment:
    - Tasks ("heartquests") repeat themselves too much over different areas. I think I did 3 or 4 variations of the "Help Messy Mcmesssome clean up his outpost" type so far. Don't expect to run into unique tasks at every corner, there is some repetition in the game.
    - The trading post (Auctionhouse) is fundamentally borked right now. It is one of the most worked on features of the game and frequently down for maintenance. Even when it is up, most items sell for the bare minimum prices and sometimes even less then if you sold them to a vendor because of the listing fees. Arenanet should find a way to raise the average price levels items sell for- though I have no idea how that could be accomplished without breaking the economy as a whole. This issue directly ties into another one:
    - Traveling costs & repairs will make gaining money on higher levels more difficult then on lower levels. I believe the developers expected player income to be significantly higher on levels 50-80 then they currently are. I suspect thats due to the very low prices of the tradingpost.

    GW2 is not perfect - but regarding MMORPGs, it is THE holy Grail in my opinion. Definitly 10/10 and a must-buy for anyone with a passing interest in slaying monsters with friends.
    I wish they would include more payment options for my region so I could spend 15$ a month on new skins, trinkets and buffs. Not because I miss the subscription so much, but because I feel they deserve my money.

    edit: Anyone eargasming because of the music should also listen to this lovely tune, curtesy of Jeremy Soule and Asja Kardic: watch?v=qOMQxVtbkik
  • Luieburger
    Was not a fan of GW2 at all. I didn't feel like I relied on other players or helped other players to beat bosses or anything. Everybody just attacks and heals themselves. No dependence or anything. Combat is boring. I even managed to level up a ways with a simple keyboard macro that took 10 seconds to make. Seriously... it's mind-numbingly boring.

    This game is not a WOW killer. I played WOW from Vanilla all the way to Cataclysm. I'm not buying pandas... game ends and Cataclysm. WOW has come and gone. It's over, but in no part due to GW2.

    Guild wars is really just WOW with the following:

    -Newer graphics
    -More casual questing and grouping and raiding (WOW already aced casual MMOs... so what is GW2 trying to do?)
    -A horrible combat system with no trinity dependencies between classes.
  • CriticKitty
    "Everyone just attacks and heals themselves. No dependence or anything."'re trolling, right? You have to be.

    No one can possibly be so dense as to purchase an MMO and complain about the fact that the combat functions EXACTLY as the developers said it would. It was never some big secret that GW2 was removing the holy trinity from its combat system, it was only one of the biggest announcements they ever made, and it was publicized on every major gaming website EVER. There is literally no way you can miss that sort of thing! This has to be a troll post, because I don't want to imagine the possibility that someone purchased a video game without knowing anything about it and then is actively complaining that he got the game exactly as advertised.
  • SilverFoxR  - If you liked Guild Wars 2...
    Hey, Joe! I liked the review and there were some things in it that reminded me of an upcoming MMORPG that might just tickle your fancy once it hits North America...

    Phantasy Star Online 2

    Although it's not going to be quite as big as GW2, it has a ton of very cool features, including:

    -Each weapon style has it's own individual moveset and ability set.
    -Each character class plays differently (IE: gun-wielding Rangers can play like an over-the-shoulder 3rd person shooter)
    -One character can play as 3 different classes, switching forms on the fly (though each class much level up on it's own).
    -Combat, instead of common MMO "click" fare, is real-time combat much like Devil May Cry, including air juggling combos.
    -You can actually jump onto enemies and get on their backs to target weak points.
    -Each area is randomly-generated and side-quests and side-objectives appear and change dynamicly during the game, making each run of an area entirely different than before.
    -The game will be free to download with no monthly fee. Money will be gained through a Cash Shop which is almost entirely filled with aesthetic items (not items that will help you be stronger than other players).
    -For those who want items in Cash Shop, but don't have the ability to buy credit for it, doing things in-game (like levelling up or coming online so many times a week) can net you free credits to be used in Cash Shop
    -A purchasable item in Cash Shop is your very own room, which you can customize yourself, including putting weapons you find on display.

    It was shown of at PAX lately and has been online in Japan since mid-summer... there's lots of footage online, so check it out and see if it's something you'd like! Unfortunately, it won't be out until next year (estimated date is February).

    Now, this was an original function and I don't know if it's still coming out here in NA, but the game was originally planned to run on the PC and Playstation Vita, both for free, and, surprisingly enough, cross-compatible! You could play your characters on either platform with anyone else on any platform. If this still goes on, it's going to be pretty amazing.

    Anyways, keep your eyes open and, if you join in, see you in the Phantasy Star!
  • lordpants
    it's good to know that World Of Warcraft won't be the only great entry into the MMO Genre. Don't think I will buy this one but if this game does measure up to Release WoW that is an impressive feat.
  • Nagneto
    Urgh. MMOs (as in WoW clone) are going to be the end of PC gaming. Mark my words.
  • Dr. Acula
    Sorry to say that this is hardly the "nail in the coffin in the pay to play system" everyone seems to be desiring. The next Wow expansion is this month and Elder Scrolls Online has already been confirmed to be pay to play, both of which will be extremely popular (I know I will give ESO a shot).

    Wow had around 10 million subscriptions during the first expansion in 2008(the Burning Crusade) and numbers have always dropped at the end of expansions until the next one comes out, they currently have 9.1 million subscribers(an equal or better amount to the end of Lich King)so you can expect over 10 million again in a few weeks.
  • Korruk  - Negative points of the game
    This game is absolutely not for PvE-players.

    The big World bosses require almost no tactic. It comes down to shooting the boss and killing his adds, if you're ranged you can basically even stand still and shoot at the boss. And that offers less variety than other MMOs because of the fewer skills available.
    So while the dodging mechanic sounds really fun and innovative, it doesn't amount to very much because the PvE mechanic doesn't support it very well.

    Now the instances are more entertaining, because the required tactics are more complex, but it's still not that great.

    So as someone who is mainly into endgame PvE, GW2 doesn't offer me too much. I'll still get more than my money's worth out of it, because I am OCDing every zone I get into, but I won't spend hundreds (or thousands) of hours in it as I did in other, games.
  • Formula Fox
    I disagree. I've been playing not only PvE, but SOLO PvE, and it has been insanely fun.
  • Kaiju-Z
  • Telaj√§nis
    I hate MMOs but at least it looks like those that don't got a fair deal.. Always good when a dev puts out a decent product without shafting the consumer.
  • TheGrimHeaper  - Screw NCsoft
    Joe, the game may be worthy of the legendary status you have bestowed upon it, but let us not forget the awesome games NCsoft has shut down;

    Auto Assault
    Tabula Rasa
    City Of Heroes

    I have been burned three times - no more. City of Heroes was a wonderful game, eight years running. Issue 24, actively in development, was going to include MANY oft requested features. By all accounts the game was turning a (small) profit. And then out of the blue on august 31'st the dev team was fired, and the servers slated to be shut down by the end of November.

    Many of us had just had our yearly V.I.P subscriptions (hybrid free-to-play model) renew weeks if not days prior. Many had JUST bought Cash Shop points in preparation for upcoming powersets/costume pieces. And we have still, a week later, not heard a peep from NCsoft.

    Screw 'em.

    Guild Wars 2 might be all that (and a bag of chips), but NCsoft will not get another dime from me, and I encourage everyone who is still on the fence about this, or any other NCsoft title, to give it a pass.
  • CriticKitty
    I strongly encourage people to look at a game on its individual merits rather than ignoring it because it has relations with NCSoft. ArenaNet is a private studio and the only reason they have a partnership with NCSoft is to help market and sell their games to eastern markets (NCSoft is a Korean company). NCSoft took an entirely hands-off approach and let ANet create the kind of game they wanted to, so there wasn't executive meddling here. It seems extremely unfair to ignore a fantastic game because of the associations it HAS to make in order to survive.
  • TheGrimHeaper
    It may be unfair, but that's how boycotts work. If I continue to give NCsoft any money, I am telling them it is OK to keep shutting down games I like. That I will take it in the rear and beg for more. This is partially why Hollywood keeps producing crappy remakes, sequels, and all the other annoying modern tendencies - because despite all of the flak they may get from critics and even the general population over it, people are still paying in droves to see it.

    Simply wagging your finger at a corporation and chastising them in the way you would a puppy that peed on the carpet will not work. The only language they understand is money. The best I can do is recommend other people not support the corporate entity in question either...

    And I'm not even saying "NCsoft is Hitler and if you pay for GW2 you're a nazi". That's crazy talk (that has unfortunately found its way into much of North America's political discourse). Just that if you are on the fence about GW2, or any other NCsoft title, to give it a pass based on my own rational.

    And I'm not just singling out NCsoft;
    -Ubisoft is on my boycott list for their DRM practices that treat paying customers like criminals. (No, Ubi is not alone in these DRM practices, but they have been the most vocal(-ly crazy) in their support of it.)
    -Blizzard, of all companies, is getting close to being on my list for their current design choices of "always online, no LAN".

    EDIT: I should add that if NCsoft were to do something like sell off CoH, or release the source code for the game/servers - SOMETHING to allow the game to survive, if only in a limited capacity, my beef would with them would be over. Heck, at this point saying ANYTHING would go a long way towards rebuilding some PR bridges... things like compensation plans for those who had JUST renewed their multi-month subscriptions...
  • Professor Schn√∂belhosen  - -Screw NCSoft
    I'm with you on this one TheGrimHeaper.

    I'm not touching GW2 with a ten feet pole because of the way that NCsoft has screwed over Paragon studios and the City of heroes subscribers.

    So many of the gamefeatures that Joe praise in GW2, CoH has had for years.

    Closing down CoH is a dick move worthy of Corporate Commander! :(
  • Furluge
    Yeah. I was about to pick up the game until NcSoft pulled the rug out from under Paragon Studios and City of Heroes.
  • tchan5158
    I was fortunate to be in the beta of GW2 a few months ago, and it wasn't what I was expecting.

    Maybe I was logged in at a bad time, but there weren't enough people to do some events that I was at. I can't solo the events when its just me vs 4 mobs. Often I had to follow where everyone else was going or happen to be gathered at, and join in. Kinda makes me feel a lot less powerful as a 'hero'.

    But then, of course, I always play a squishy mage. My running speed was slow, and when fighting 1vs1, I often get very hurt. After I dodge a few times and fire off a few spells (learned all the spells for my weapon btw), I run out of stamina and either fight on hoping I win, run the hell away, or hope someone comes to help me.

    Again, feeling less of a hero, or maybe I just suck at playing mages :P

    And the personal storyline was set at a higher level than my character could handle. I didn't know at first, and wondered why I kept dying, frustrating me to no end.

    I heard later from a friend that I needed to grind event quests so I can do my personal quests. =(

    I'm sure with the influx of players right now I won't have a problem finding people to do events with. :)

    The thing Joe didn't mention was the length of an average event or large mission, perhaps from levels 1-10 or 20-30...40-50 and so on. Will I have to be stuck in a mission that goes on for hours?

    I'd really rather not have to spend that much time on an event. How casual is it?

    What if I have to go in the middle of it? Or if my internet connection dies for 30 seconds? Do I get to keep my progress? Do I get back into the same party? (granted I usually solo, but it is still nice to know)

    I really wanted to love this game. I was SO excited when I got into the beta. Overall it wasn't bad but probably not enough that I would buy this game. I can see why a ton of people love it. Joe already explained the major reasons, and I mostly agree.

    But dammit, I can't dedicate 4 or more hours a day to an MMO anymore.
  • Jo_Tunn
    I'm about to cry. I thought I would not find another game that could suck me in. Thank for showing this joe, Thank you.
  • Your Drunk Dad  - I find It surprising
    Love your shit Angry Joe. What I find silly, are the people leaving paragraphs full of nonsense. Be it critique or not it might be the the silliest shit ever. Obviously you know what you are doing.If they have a lot to say that really means they have ZERO social skills and you are miles ahead of the curve. fuck these retards you maybe brilliant in this.
  • Your Drunk Dad  - Oh forgot
    Cereal, you're my fave! no kidding Angry Joe is my fave on this site... and I might get a little territorial about it. You make Gamer videos and these art d bags may get it after one too many lines. Keep it up (art fags suck my nipples)
  • Your Drunk Dad  - Goddammit
    Cinema Snob is for awesome! I might be gehy for him.
  • Zoness
    alas if I had a computer that could handle this game I'd play it . . . but I don't . . . now I'm sad :/
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