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  • Jackass Mask
    It's time for M. Night to go away for awhile and re-think if he should ever come back to movies.

    I love the Avatar cartoon. It has a soul that was ripped out of this crappy movie version. How did anyone watch this as it was being made and think it was good?
  • BaltoStephenWinter  - Eragon vs Avatar vs IronmanPikachuwithMilleniumPuz
    I thought that this movie looked like an Eragon. I don't mean a sequel, but that Eragon was such a bad movie it has set a standard for how not to make films. Is it as bad as Eragon?
  • NCscritic
    actually, this movie does have a lot in common with Eragon; they are both shitty movies, but the material that they are based on is a HELL of a lot better. By which I mean that the Eragon book is pretty good, and the movie is horrible.
  • bobothegoat
    I demand you take back that insult to literature. Eragon was an absolutely fucking awful book, made 10 times worse by the fact that people still bought it and rewarded this piece of shit with attention that countless better authors deserved more. All this despite it quite possibly being the single most poorly written, hackneyed, overrated crime against culture to ever be published and sold.

    Yes, yes, it was written by a teenager. But unlike S. E. Hinton's [i]The Outsiders[/i], published when Hinton was 18, you already know [i]Eragon[/i] is written by a teenager before you read about Paolini, because it reads exactly like something a teenager would write. The Outsiders was a fucking awesome book that just happened to be written by a teenager; Eragon is a shitty book that uses its authors age as an excuse.

    The movie was terrible too, but that was not a surprise considering the source was also terrible. The terribleness of the Last Airbender is far more tragic, in that its source material was actually pretty well written, especially for its market, which is saturated with low quality garbage. Presumably, kids can't tell the difference between good and bad work. It's refreshing to see a story that doesn't insult its audience's intelligence, and tragic that something that has the complete opposite effect is spawned by it.
  • Moore
    I agreed with alot of what you said,bobothegoat, but, really, Eragon is the "quite possibly being the single most poorly written, hackneyed, overrated crime against culture to ever be published and sold?" I'm not defending that book, I didn't like it either, but you can't forget the infamously shitty twilight series which is more overrated, more poorly written, and can't even use its author's age as an excuse.

    On topic with the video, glad I avoided it. I knew this was going to be bad, like most attempts to turn a cartoon into a movie, but I never knew it was this bad. Good thing I went to go watch Toy Story 3 instead.
  • Reahvus  - Hmm?
    Personally I thought it was a decent book, although the plot was a bit clichéd. I think people having opinions is great and I like looking on the other side of things. Just wondering, could you give me a list of reasons why you consider it bad? I mean legitimate reasons and specific details not like, it's bad because. I don't want a single "because period" I want an answer like the ones AngryJoe and the Nostalgia Critic give.
  • ChaosShadow  - My thoughts on yaoi
    If I may. I'm... not exactly a fan of the Inheritance Cycle, myself.

    Eragon is passable. It's not a good book, but it's passable. An airport novel, I think it's been said, easy enough to read, nothing you get invested in. It's a very tired story -- and pretty much Star Wars with dragons -- but largely inoffensive. The characters (save Murtagh) are bland, the plot points foreseeable. The writing is only passable, even considering Paolini's age; when I initially read the book I was taken aback by how stilted the prose was, and how lengthy descriptions would suddenly be inserted into the middle of the action (particularly, Eragon is being attacked by an Urgal and Paolini interrupts to spent a full paragraph taking a step back and describing its dainty ears; you can do description merged with action, but he does not do it well). Still, overall, it's not a bad book, it's just not a particularly good one.

    Come Eldest, however... oh dear.

    Eldest saw Paolini find the thesaurus function, and his prose takes an absolute -nosedive-. His writing was passable for a teenager before, but he evolved from a bumpy but okay style to an over-written, thesaurus-addled mess of words. Nothing happens for the vast majority of the book. We learn a lot of nothing about elves except that they're a perfect hippy-coven, sexually liberated and effectively immortal and completely in control of their own appearance, living in a godless vegan utopia. Which is fine, except that for the entire time Eragon is with the elves -- effectively half of the book, at least -- we are brought to learn that they are PERFECT, and Eragon completely and totally assimilates all of their thoughts, thinking for himself only briefly before being cowed into their clearly superior intellect.

    Eragon is also proven to be a complete sociopath. During the massive battle at the end, he flies over the battleground, lazily using magic to snap the necks of hundreds of warriors below, and his only thought is "This is so easy." The problem with this is that we're still supposed to sympathize with Eragon and think of him as a good guy. Even when he confronts his brother -- who was FORCED into servitude by the evil emperor -- and moans about how much he missed him and how worried he was and how it's Murtagh's fault for working for Galbatorix, even though we haven't heard Murtagh's name since before Eragon left for the elven utopia. Eragon puts HIS pain and anguish first, despite Murtagh clearly having it far worse, and even goes so far as to taunt him by saying "I don't have a scar on my back anymore".

    Which, more than the terrible prose and the elvish hippy utopia, was my biggest problem with the book; Eragon's scar. It had all the makings of being a really good disability that Eragon would have to conquer over time, something that would hold him back and that he would have to learn to deal with. What happens, however, is sickeni...
  • AndrewDeLong
    See Hitler's reaction to the last airbender!

    [url]http:// v=rOGwClQuFKU[/url]

  • Lan
    As bad as everything about Eragon was it did have a redeeming quality in that Saphira the dragon was a very cool design. (The source material is both a compleate rip off an poorly writen.)

    There is nothing redeeming about The Last Airbender. Ya it's more tragic since the show it's self is so good, which makes me hate this movie and M. Night. SOOOOO much more.

    Eragon was just stupid, The Last Airbender was an insult. I HATE [b]HATE [color=red]HATE [size=medium]HATE IT![/size][/color][/b] :angry:
  • Semudara
    How can you like Avatar: The Last Airbender and yet have such a ridiculous opinion of Eragon? Whatever idiocy you want to spew, Eragon is an excellent book, which people insult [u]because[/u] it was written by a teenager. The only thing I'm angry at Christopher Paolini for is giving the rights to his story to a bunch of morons so that they could make a horrible movie and disgrace the book, just as Avatar and Dragonball have been disgraced. I've only seen a few scattered episodes of Avatar, but it's enough to see that it's a great show and I'm sad that the man who made Lady in the Water is responsible for this trash.

    Edit: Yes, Eldest was not as good, and yes, it gets better again in Brisingr.
  • NCscritic
    Hey goatboy,I will not take it back. I liked it. stop being a whiny fucktard and just let other people enjoy what they want to enjoy. Eragon is one of my favorite books, mainly because I can understand what the fuck they're saying, which is a lot more than I can say for LOTR. Is that what everyone thinks Eragon 'ripped off'? why? because it has elves and dwarves? Oh, okay, so now ANY book has elves and dwarves is automatically a rip off of LOTR. idiots. if you actually paid attention instead of whining about how there isn't a vague metaphor and old English farmer talk every other sentence like in LOTR, you'd see that Eragon has almost nothing in common with LOTR.

    if you haven't figured it out by now; yes, I'm a big fan of Eragon, But I don't care too much for LOTR. it's too overly complex and confusing. Eragon is nice and simple, easy to follow, and thats why I like it more than LOTR, a story that is supposedly about a Hobbit trying to destroy an evil ring, and yet it's somehow necessary to put in all this other confusing shit about Gondor and a Some King and bunch of other vague characters that just pop outta nowhere and Aragorn's past and Aragorn's brother or some shit and Aragorn's elf girlfriend who doesn't want to be an elf anymore because elves can't be with humans even though she is half elf herself which means that one of her parents must have been human so why can't Aragorn...., aw, fuck it....
  • bobothegoat
    Lord of the Rings doesn't need to exist for Eragon to be a bad book. In fact, I don't think I ever even mentioned any other books aside from The Outsiders, and I find it odd that you did. Paolini's writing is awful on its own, and doesn't need comparisons to other works to show it. Pick any sentence on any page, and you're almost guaranteed to find an atrocious mangling of the English language, where Paolini has hit shift-f7 on random words to replace ones he means to say with ones that only half-way say it. Paolini would NEVER say "red." Instead, his thesaurus would replace it with crimson, amber, or saguine. The results are invariably jarring.

    Even though Eragon is shit in a vacuum, let's talk about other stories now. After all, you must have gotten defensive about other books, and Lord of the Rings in particular, for some reason, right?

    Eragon steals from Star Wars for its plot. The dragons in Eragon are eerily similar to Anne McCaffery's, and the magic system is pretty much ripped straight from LeGuin's Earthsea novels. And of course, the names and setting are very much like Lord of the Rings. Material from Lord of the Rings is (unfairly) considered pretty much fair game in fantasy though. That's just the short list. You can probably find a longer list pretty easily on google, but those were the obvious ones I noticed from other stories I was familiar with.

    You say that Paolini's style has nothing in common with Tolkien. I'm forced to remember this infuriating quote from Paolini himself:

    "In my writing, I strive for a lyrical beauty somewhere between Tolkien at his best and Seamus Heaney’s translation of Beowulf." -CP

    That aside, one of the chief complaints about Tolkien is that he tends to go overboard with his descriptions. Paolini does the same, but since Paolini isn't an expert linguist like Tolkien is, when he does it, it is far more painful, to a degree I am incapable of expressing. Paolini goes incredibly overboard with his descriptions. He loves to tell us every meaningless detail he can about anything that doesn't matter. Why should I, or anyone else, care about a nameless elf character's "elegant slanted eybrows?" The manner in which he writes his descriptions is exactly like any beginning teen writer in any highschool creative writing class or fan fiction website. The writing style is characterized by purple prose, too many adjectives and adverbs, and awkward metaphors that distract rather than illuminate. In short, it's an example of how not to write.

    I think the only way you can not hate Eragon is if you don't read much. Especially if you don't read much [i]fantasy[/i] in particular.

    Twilight is a pretty awful book too, and is terribly overrated as well. I still stand by my belief that Eragon is far, far worse though, on account of it being as close to plagiarism as you can get without being ...
  • Colme
    Twilight and Eragon are two sides of the same coin. Eragon unabashed, poorly written, awful male escapist fantasy and Twilight unabashed, poorly written, awful female escapist fantasy.

    They both suck.
  • OtakuWerewolf
    As far as I know M. Night wasn't allowed to cut too much or alter too much (how the hell that is possible when taking an entire season of a show and condensing it to a couple of hours is beyond me) from Airbender which I think makes it better than Eragon. There is no way in hell they could possibly make a sequel too Eragon because of what they changed. (Thank GOD!!)

    The three worst directors in history...The guy who did Eragon, Uwe Boll, and M.Night Shyamalan :angry:
  • RawMetal
    You forgot Michael Bay he sucks too :S
  • Lan  - re:
    [quote=RawMetal]You forgot Michael Bay he sucks too :S [/quote]

    Michael Bay would have made a better movie. The Bending would have at least been more kick ass, and the dialog/acting wouldn't have gotten any worse.

    [size=large][color=red] [b]AND FOR GOD'S SAKE PRONOUNCE THE NAMES RIGHT! HOW HARD IS THAT?!?!?!?!?[/b][/size] :angry: :angry: :angry:
  • Lëzen
    Perhaps if the makers of the cartoon had done a little research on how to properly pronounce the characters' names, the way they say them in the movie - which is correct - wouldn't offend you so much. Just something to think about.
  • undeadaRTie
    Can I add Eli Roth? >.>

    And yeah, I'm very much looking forward to not having to see this movie. Ever.
  • whatever42
    Phelous would be happy to hear you say that undead. ;)

    I'm also never going to see this movie. I like the cartoon series a lot and once I found out the movie would try to tell the entire first season, I knew it would be bad. Apparently, I just didn't know how bad it would be. I haven't heard a single good review of this movie.

    Joe, please don't judge the cartoon on this ... this travesty. The cartoon tells a nice story with generally likable characters in a rather interesting world. The characters really develop as time goes on and some are just instant winners, such as Iroh, the uncle, and Azula, the Fire Lord's daughter. Sokka is also slightly annoying, but not nearly enough to be unlikable.

    Give it a chance Joe. All the things you complained about arre pretty much nonexistent. Also, I think you probably saw one of the cartoon shorts if the character's proportions looked a bit off. Thanks for the review Joe. :)
  • undeadaRTie
    Yeah, this is a BIG THANK YOU to Phelous. For suffering through his movies.

    I'll admit, I'm from Slovakia. I've visited a friend in CA this year.... on the bus, random passengers still kept asking me if we butcher people like that back home because of Hostel. I'm NOT kidding. *facedesk*

    But I digress. Thank you Joe for the review. I'll just ask. Did you see the penis hair the Cinema Snob mentioned?
  • danail24
    I haven't watched the Last Airbender but I agree with the rest! The cartoon seems good coz I watched a few episodes! And yes Eragon may be kinda not that good but I liked that movie even with the low budged and I'm sure Eragon is better than the Last Airbender! And I'm gonna take Angry Joe's advice and not watch it!
  • ttime23  - Ditto!
    I know exactly what you mean! When I saw this movie, I was hoping it would be as thrilling and exciting as the series was. Boy! was I proven wrong. In the first five minutes, I saw the first plot hole!! I know that it's difficult to cut down close to 8 1/2 hours of a whole season to close to two hours, but they should have taken a bit more time in it! Also, M. Night writing the screenplay for this?! :angry: How did the creators of the series sign-off on this?!! I could rant more, but I won't. All in all, severely disappointed and underwhelmed.
    One good thing came out of this, I bought the first season on DVD. Only to remind myself that Avatar: The Last Airbender was a good show! P.S. AngryJoe, I'd have to watch the series again to give you a good defense, but I can say right now that it is a funny, entertaining show with awesome martial arts mixed with magic about the power and drive of hope, not about accepting destiny as is "AAAng's" "drive" in this poor excuse of an adaptation...Yes, I know I just ranted more. :whistle:
  • kosai2
    sooooo just wondering what was the big plot hole? because i saw it and i don't remember there being a plot hole there and if there was i wouldn't call it a big one.
  • KyaStar
    I'm going to say the biggest plot hole of the first 5 minutes is that Katara and Sokka are the only white people in their tribe. Even their Grandmother (is it so hard to call her GranGran movie?!) is Inuit.
  • ttime23
    Well, I probably exaggerated a bit, but it is quite a problem. Right after Katara and "SOkka" discover "AAng" it cuts immediately to them back in a village hut. It made me ask, "Gee, how in the world did we get back to the village so fast?" It also made me remember that there was practically no introduction between the main characters, but Katara just seemed to know exactly who "AAng" was.
    In the series, Aang's first line is just a complete embodiment of his personality, "Come closer. I have to ask you something...Will you go penguin sledding with me?" :D Not only that, you get the idea of a possible love interest that could develop between Katara and Aang, and you are introduced to Appa and the fact that Aang is an airbender.
    This is just one of the several key moments that should have been in the movie but were left out to just be explained away by a kid trying to narrate when they could have SHOWN us what was going on. Removing that scene took a good chunk of the series's true tone away.
  • Crazy_Canuk
    Probably the same way most other bad movies get made.

    Early in production people probably saw it wasn't turning out well, but they still thought it could be saved. By the time it becomes [i]obvious[/i] that it's shite so much money has been invested in it the only option is to finish it and hope to get as tleast some of the money back.
  • ronasokily
    i don't get where anybody came up with the idea of making it live action. couldn't it have been animated?
  • Quagile
    wow Angry Joe, here I was thinking you would rip the Nightmare on Elm Street remake but you didn't, not as much as I had hoped :lol: yet here you are, giving a low score to a probably deserving movie.

    This is...remarkable, simply remarkable. I am almost tempted to see this just to see how bad it is, but after the review, damn, no fucking way! It looks so....bad, so unoriginal, so slapdash that I refuse to admit that the guy who made the Sixth Sense (I have yet to see that :( ) and Signs directed this piece of shit.
  • kosai2
    OMG REALLY!!!! YOU DID NOT JUST CALL THIS MOVIE UNORGINGAL! of course its unoriginal its based off a fucking tv show. dude seriously come on.
  • dancingpikachu
    The cartoon is alot better than how you say the movie is.
    the firelord and his daughter dont even appear until the second season.
    The guy with the boomerang is the fun comic relief guy who is annoying at times, who doesnt choose to protect the princess he gets assigned to.
    The firebenders also make their own fire, and can shoot lightning.
    The prince i mainly whiney in the show but still badass
    the flying bison they have fly super high in the air and in oone epsiode they actualy adress it and walk on the ground.
    the reason they can make a second season is because not the entire fleet is destroyed, and the comet gives the fire lord power to shoot enough fire to come from a megatom blast.
  • Sunzu49
    The Fire Lord's face wasn't shown until the premiere of the third season.
    At the very end of the first season, Azula makes a short cameo at the very end, bowing down to her father and smiling cruelly (not hesitating) when he gives her a task.
  • RaptarionFTW
    I get the just of what your saying... but check your spelling and grammar next time. I had to read it twice.
  • Tiana Sidhe
    [color=navy]Y'know what? I have mixed feeling about TLA after having watched it (not in 3D! Dickinson Owasso, ilu hadcore >:3 ). It's one of the very few films that had me going goosebumpy over and over. The acting sucked, the name pronunciation sucked, the sheer speed they went from South to North Water Tribe areas sucked. But especially with all the repetitiveness! GAWD! And I was looking forward to seeing this movie. I loved the TV series. A piece of my heart died Friday night. =.= [/color]
  • snowman762  - on the cartoon
    I was a casual fan of the show and I really liked how it had action and comic relief which gave it a wide audience,not to mention bright animation. Its definitely deserved a movie but not this one. I hope this movie doesn't destroy this great cartoon.

    and if there is a sequel then there is no hope :(
  • mrskippy
    LOL. I am so glad I never went to see this.
    It sounds like an epic fail.
    BTW, anyone else think that Joe was wearing a Cinema Snob jacket?
  • AngryJoeShow
    [b][color=red]Who else wears that jacket and rhymes with noug? I think its just a critic's jacket. Ive owned it for years and wear it to night clubs, its really classy. but seems to right to review movies in it![/color][/b]
  • Bobicus B. Bobington
    You're right. I am going to see this movie now that you said it was WORSE than revenge of the fallen. I actually feel scared since the cartoon is one of my favorite childhood memories.

    What you probably watched at the beginning was one of the Chibi shorts. I highly suggest you go out and watch at least the first season of the series. It actually makes sense and makes you care for the characters. Even the annoying ponytail Water Tribe guy (Sokka).
  • Pocky_Imp
    "It's not a ponytail. It's a [i]warrior's wolf tail.[/i]"
  • DawnWarrior
    I wrote an article all about the 3D problem here: [url]http:// LA-Pop-Culture- Examiner~y2010m7d2-To- all-studios-Stop- converting-to-3D[/url]

    The fire-king's daughter was terrible?! NOOOOO! NOT AZULA! SHE'S SUPPOSED TO BE AWESOME!

    Since you said you'd Netflix it, I hope you post another video after watching the cartoon.

    I'm having way more fun watching other people react to this movie than I probably would have had watching it myself. Regarding the race issue, I thought that would only be a problem for people who had seen the show, [i]but no:[/i] They couldn't even make it work in the movie itself, because like idiots they cast the entire water tribe as Eskimo-looking people except for the three leads who were all white. Duh, guys.

    Also amazing how the little details make a difference, like how the fire-benders on the cartoon can conjure fire out of nowhere while the movie fire-benders need an open flame, which makes the movie benders weaker.

    This movie seems to be full of contradictions; there's too much going on, but it's boring; the characters spend most of the dialogue on exposition, but no one knows what's happening.

    I've heard the TF:ROTF comparison from a few reviews, which is alarming in itself; the thing that seems to determine whether Airbender is better or worse depends on how much the reviewer enjoyed ROTF.
  • cheetaboy7  - re:
    :arrow: Yes! Please watch the show and give us you opinion on it, separate from the movie. It gets REALLY good in the second and third season. :D
    [i]The fire-king's daughter was terrible?! NOOOOO! NOT AZULA! SHE'S SUPPOSED TO BE AWESOME![/i]

    She wasn't in this movie for 20 seconds and said no more than 5 words. She was hot and was the only compelling thing in the movie, and that was at the end of the movie. Seeing her character actually interested me. Then I realized that there most likely won't be a sequel to this.

    But I will see the second season of the cartoon just to see what Fire Princess does.

    I disagree that slumdog was good. As a bad guy, he wasn't intimidating at all and he overacted.
  • bearkat84
    if its that bad ill wait til it hits the dollar fifty theater here in san antonio
  • SayaCeline
    So I can't speak for how the movie goes, but here is a brief defense of the cartoon.

    It is funny. Aang has some really innocently funny lines, kinda like a very sheltered kid. Sokka is great slapstick and Uncle Iroh is fun. The jokes are lame sometimes, but cute.

    The best part, to me, is the character development. In the first season (water) Aang is unsure of himself and his powers. He is an excellent airbender but has trouble with the other elements because he hasn't be trained. Over the seasons he trains hard and gets better.

    Zuko, the prince, goes through wonderful development in the second season as he learns that he needs to find his own path in life. Aang learns that he'll have to take life in order to preserve it.

    Yes there are some silly probably made for kids moments but there are also some good made for teens moments.

    I love this show so when my friend, who loves the show too, tells me "if you go in with no expectations it's an alright movie" it makes me sad.
  • SaiyanKirby  - I didn't think it was THAT bad.
    I'm a HUGE fan of the cartoon series, and as bad as the acting was, I have to say the movie was still a fairly faithful adaptation. That doesn't mean it was GOOD, but it at least told the plot. (Whatever you do, don't see it in 3D though. It's not made for it.)

    You make a lot of good points, such as them being too speedy and the fact that pretty much ALL OF THE ACTING IS TERRIBLE. Two redeeming qualities of it are the awesome special effects and the way it sticks true to the plot. The very ending of the movie is different than the show but the movie told the basic elements of the plot fairly accurately...just, not nearly as well as the show.

    One of the biggest flaws, for me anyway, was that they couldn't pronounce the names right. It's pronounced AYNG, not AHNG. It's Saw-ka, not Soh-ka. Eye-roh, not ee-roh. Just me being nit-picky, I know.

    All in all, the movie wasn't good by any stretch of the word but I don't think it deserves to be torn apart as much as it has been. Adaptations are never good, and to be honest, this is one of the better ones. Even if it still does suck total balls.
  • Kalo  - name pronounciations
    I don't think you're being nitpicky at all. I found Shamy's intentional MIS-pronunciations as the simplest embodiment of how he values the original subject matter and its fans.

    What do you do to someone when you're making fun of their fandom? "OH you like that stupid Nair-oo-to with sas-oo-kay?!" or "pshhh that Inu-wash-oo show was LAME" or even "Gun-DAMNS aren't real mechs, you moron!"

    I just sounded like that was Shamy taunting the die hard fans of the show.
    I know I sound bitter now, but while watching it, I was less annoyed, and just more confused.
    like "Doesn't this guy KNOW that's the best way to piss off fans? What is he doing?"

    As you've probably guessed, I hated this movie. Every simpering moment after the first half hour, was one where I wanted to leave. I've been watching the show nonstop as a means of purging my mind of this wretched Shyamylahn-nightmare
  • AngryJoeShow
    [b][color=red]If this movie was a faithful recreation of the carton series than your cartoon series is utter SHIT. Remember that. And remember to distance yourself from this shit of SHAT at all costs. Im sure all Airbender fans cant be that blind as to see that it did their series injustice.[/color][/b]
  • JavaMoon
    I know that I am going to be repeating what many other comments have said, but please please PLEASE don't let this piece of shit movie influence your desire to see the actual show.

    Without getting into spoilers (which many posts already have, shame on them), the show really was written and depicted thoughtfully and masterfully. Watch the whole show once and then watch it again, you might see some little easter eggs that foreshadow to later episodes.

    It is, arguably, better than most Japanese anime I've seen in years. Yes, YEARS!

    Give the actual show a chance and let us know what you thought of that. All of the seasons are available for streaming on Netflix.

    About the little cartoon that you saw before the movie, that was a little cartoon short. I believe there are 3 of them. They're not the actual show, they're just there for fun and as a nod to the fans.

    As a big fan of the show, I went to see the movie. I already knew before going in that it was going to be bad, but I had been waiting to see this movie since it was first announced. It is HORRIBLE. It does NOT do the story and the characters justice. The movie focuses on certain parts of the story while ignoring others that are very crucial to later plots in the seasons. That was a big mistake.

    For the fans of the show, this movie should have been called:

    Avatar - The Last Airbender
    (as told by the Ember Island Players)

    See the show and you'll get the joke. :D
  • QuestionTheMajority
    *cracks up* Yes! Ember Island! Oh, but wait... Wouldn't it have been funnier then and portrayed the heroes as bumbling idiots? That actually would have been amusing!
  • The sorceress of annoying  - Agree
    The Ember Island Players was over-dramatic and silly, but it was fun! and the plot made sense!

    hell, let The Ember Island Players craw make the script, at least it will be entertaining
  • PhunkyPhazon
    At least the Ember Island Players went into detail and explained everything. So...Christ, the Ember Island Players version is better then this sludge.
  • DanT  - Avatar isn't anime
    Hey, uh, Java? Avatar isn't anime. First off, it takes a lot of its inspiration from Asian culture, secondly, it's an American made series. Both the creators are American. There is no original chinese or japanese story, book, video game, or TV series/anime.

    It's a little hard to tell at times though, isn't it?
  • JavaMoon  - Already know that, dude.
    I am fully aware that Avatar is not an anime. It's very often called that and I've heard various reasons defending that. I don't agree, but whatever.

    What I said (and what I meant) was that this show was done far better than most anime shows I've seen in years. I'm not saying Avatar's an anime, I'm only making the comparison between animation and the most animation I see nowadays is anime.
  • Madness
    The movie (in lowest possible definition)was not faithfull to the show. Aang was more fun loving, Sokka was a great comic relief, firebenders could make thier own fire and do it constantly, the characters were developed, Sozin's Comet allows firebenders to make infernos with little to no effort, it explains why Aang can't go into the Avatar State (what he used to destroy the Fire Nation Navy) when he wants to, he also had no problem with water bending, the bending looks more natural, and worst of all none of the minor charecters who had a great impact on the plot (WHY NO KING BOOMIE?!). THis isn't even half of how the story basis is blatantly ignored and spat in the face.
  • animesoul167
    :( I'm trying really hard not to scream my head off. Please listen, the cartoon show is not THAT bad. I urge you to find the show any way you can, and watch at least the first season.

    The big headed cutesy 5 minute episode was one of the comedy shorts.

    In the show the flying bison Appa is shot at.

    The firebenders can generate fire from their own bodies, and do not need an existing source.
    So when the come does arrive they gain powers like jet propulsion flight and enough power to burn down a country.
    But this will probably be ruined in the movie(s).

    I have not seen the movie, but I'm guessing when you saw the Avatar, Aang lift the all the water in the ocean he was all glowing and everything right?
    That is called the Avatar state in the show, and can only be used when Aang is in an emergency.
    Later in the series, Aang tries to learn to harness it's power to defeat the Fire Nation quickly, but decided not to use it, because in the Avatar State, Aang loses control of himself to rage and scares his friends, mainly the waterbender girl Katara.
    In the movie(s) it would make more sense for him to not use the Avatar State if they had built up the romance between Katara and Aang, but I suppose the movie(s) just ruined that for itself.

    Again, I'm not trying to rant and yell like a fantard. I'm sure the movie is shit, and I fully expected it to be. But the show is much better, and I actually think you would enjoy it.
    I'm just saying, you can't solely base your opinion of the cartoon based on it's shitty movie adaptation. The would be like if I saw Batman and Robin, and then believed everything in the entire Batman universe is as shitty as that.
    Please give the cartoon show a chance, at least the first season, and if you can't even manage that, then the first 2 episodes. It will be 1 million times better than that movie, I promise.
    Although from your review, explosive diarrhea sounds like a better time than watching that movie. xD
  • animesoul167
    Also, if you want to see the funniest Avatar The Last Airbender comedy short, watch here. watch?v=ZidjMBvh9vo& feature=related

    hillbilly swampbenders
  • Phred
    Dude, they don't have the Avatar state in the movie, well, they kinda do but they don't explain it at all. He just glows and gets more powerful but doesn't lose control and turn into a homicidal killing machine, and he manages to destroy all their ships without the Koizilla.
  • LDSocrates
    Trust me, it wasn't a faithful recreation of the cartoon at all. It takes even the simplest concepts and plot points and makes them [i]similar[/i], but no longer make any damn sense.

    Like the part with the imprisoned Earth Benders; in the cartoon, they were being held out in the middle of the ocean on a steel construct sort of like an oil rig, so they could not defend themselves or get out since there was no soil or rock to use. The Avatar and the group cleverly solved this by deducing that the systems on the rig was powered by coal, something the prisoners could bend, and broke in and supplied them with the prison's stores of coal. In the MOVIE, it was a regular prison with soil right beneath their feet, so that somewhat awesome scene is utterly ruined because it no longer makes any sense at all.

    The movie did this just about everywhere, hence why the plot was so rock-stupid even in the parts it did include. As for the characters, I'd have to say that's because Night didn't have any damn idea how the characters worked, and summarily made them worse like the change from the first "Battlefield: Bad Company" to the second; they no longer felt like them, just people with the same names and faces.

    So yeah, loved the show, despise the movie, you get the picture.
  • OtakuWerewolf
    Apparently M. Night used the original eastern pronunciations in the movie for "authenticity"
  • QuestionTheMajority
    Despite the fact that the story is only BASED on Asian culture and is not, in fact, true Asian culture. It's about as pointless as saying "Gimli's name is pronounced wrong in Lord of the Rings because the culture he's based on..." I don't care what culture it's based on. In the world of the series, it's pronounced this way, jackass.
  • Sylveria
    Don't excuse it just because it's an adaption.
    A shitty movie is a shitty movie no matter what the source material is.

    And it told the plot, yeah, in past tense. The entire movie was "Remember all that awesome stuff that happened?" "Yeah?" "That was awesome wasn't it?" "Yeah."

    Lastly, the effects sucked. This is an anime adaption. The effects are supposed to be a bit over the top and, by and large, they were all pretty tame even when compared to the show which is a on the subtle side.

    This movie is staggeringly UNfaithful to the source material and anyone who says otherwise is, frankly, wrong or in denial.
  • NoahClue22  - just...give the series a try
    [color=green]After all the negative reviews and whatnot, consider me fully against seeing this movie. The series, all on it's own, is a great watch for the complex characters, infusion of different cultures, and the pacing of the events that are wrapped around Aang's journey to master all four bending elements. Yes, on paper the story is nothing we haven't seen before, but it's execution is what has made it rightfully so popular.

    Looks like the movie has none of that. I have no sympathy for failed attempts at crossing mediums,

    That bit you saw in the theater was indeed a seperate entry. That super deformed cute look is called "chibi", and it's a staple anime format that's used for extremely silly and over the top moments. The real cartoon is in regular format, and randomly slip into off-scale chibi form for over the top moments. Glad you liked the short animation.

    Please, give the tv series a try. It'll be more rewarding for watchers that enjoy cultural references or elemental magic, but you'd be hard pressed to not find something enjoyable. Let's just pretend this film doesn't exist, lest the show's reputation be tarnished at all. ([/color]
  • TheSeventhSword
    The movie was HORRIBLE I love the animated series and to all who saw the movie WHERE WAS KING BOOMIE? Anyways moving on the acting was bad they didnt even pronounce the characters names right. The bending in my opinion was too slow. They took all of the comedy out of the series, they jumped around too much and they didnt tell the story in the proper order.

    All in all pretty bad movie. It makes me sad because its not like M Night had to come up with a story line or anything everything was handed to him on a silver platter, interesting characters, great plot, and an amazing world with interesting environments and creatures. Yet he messed it all up, how do you do that? However im sure all the fans of the series will inevitably see it and and so far its raked in about 40 million dollars so i think the next movie will happen. If it does happen Hopefully either a different director will be put in charge or M Night will come to his senses see the online retaliation to this movie and make a good Avatar movie
  • OtakuWerewolf
    King Boomie's not in it?! Damn I had heard they cut the Kiyoshi warriors but they cut King Boomie too?
  • sutakaiba
    THE SERIES IS AMAZING. The problem is that they crammed the whole first season into one movie! The series is hilarious and beautiful and creative and the characters and arcs are awesome. If you have the time, see it!!!
  • sutakaiba
    In the series, it's dangerous for Aang to be in his avatar state. The firebenders can make fire by themselves with help from the sun.
    Sokka, the brother, is hilarious. He is the most sarcastic guy in the whole world. The world that they live in is awesome! It has awesome monsters and all the kingdoms have their own culture. All the characters have awesome backstories and are complex. And its just...a great watch. It's amusing and creative.
  • Fluffyman
    When I heard all the stuff they changed, removed and butchered in the movie it really disheartened me, especially hearing M. Night is a fan. If he was a big fan he would have known to have treated the material better, maybe some of it was studio interference but there are elements that obviously meant M. Night had some say over it.

    I really hope though that people who have seen this movie and haven't watched the show don't feel any ill will towards the show.
  • AtticusSP
    Cartoon is really good, funny as hell, great voice acting and awesome fights.
    Movie decided it didn't need these things. Calling the cartoon bad because the movie screwed it up would be like saying Dragon Ball is shit because Evolution was shit.
  • Aronacus  - Joe, Watch the Series!

    I don't post ever but I had to post on this. Each season of Avatar is 25 episodes but the movie "The Last Airbender" reminded me and my wife of if a 7 year old kid saw the entire series and then told an adult about it. The movie was bad and M night needs to box Uwe Boll for supreme failure.

    High points of series.

    * Great Animation with very indepth characters.
    * All bending styles are based off REAL Martial Arts. Fire bending is Northern Shaolin, Earth Bending is Hung Gar, Water Bending is Tai Chi and Air Bending is Bog Wa.
    * The Characters are depicted differently in the series then in the movie. The Avatar is an innocent person who is trying to learn the world. Sokka Pronounced SOCK-A is the comic relief.
    * The Animals actually have back stories and are developped.
    * The Fire Nation is sort of like the Empire in Starwars Evil and Powerful and Oppressing the world.
    * The Fire LORD Is not Indian. They are all Asian and he's BAD ASS.
    * The Uncle is like a Father to Prince Zukko and is voiced by the mystic from Conan the one TGWTG made fun of.
    * Prince Zukko is voiced by Ruffio from Hook.
  • NintendoFanboy
    You forgot: the Fire Lord is voiced by MARK HAMILL!
  • nLea
    [quote]if a 7 year old kid saw the entire series and then told an adult about it.[/quote]

    That is it exactly! That's what I've been saying since I saw that god forsaken dung heap excuse of a movie.

    [u][b]Addressed to the rightfully Angry Joe,[/b][/u]

    I also am not one to comment often, but I feel that the cartoon series needs to be defended... some more.

    The "movie" (I use that term lightly here) was just an expositional bonanza of horrible pacing and painful acting. The series has so much more depth to it, so much more humor and heart and creativity. The action in the cartoon is fantastic, and the fight scenes are really fun to watch and creative. The scene where the Blue Spirit "rescues" Aang from Zhao? In the movie is was one of the better mediocre fight scenes. In the cartoon it is a very fun and gripping scene that highlights Aang's intelligence and skill in a battle situation. That entire situation is also a good exploration of both Aang and Zuko's characters and how they relate to one another. That's one of the most important parts of the series, the characters. How they develop and grow and relate to one another is a major drive of the story. Even Appa (the sky bison).

    I agree with you also 100% on the acting. Every time that girl playing Katara opened her mouth I wanted to punch her in the teeth. Zuko and Iroh (the Prince and the uncle) were the only two that embodied in any way shape or form the spirit of the original characters. And that was a very subtle and slight thing indeed.

    Yeah... so... this has turned into an angry rant of my own. This "movie", it just brings out the rage in me like nothing else can. And I personally think Dragonball: Evolution was slightly better, if only because I at least found that movie so absurd that it was funny. Let me put it this way, when I left the theatre after Airbender I really wanted to cleanse my brain by watching Evolution. *Shudder*

  • AndrewDeLong
    Finally! This movie gets BLASTED! are my hero right now.... :cheer:

    BUT!!! The cartoon IS quite good. It centers around a 3 season story arc of him trying to learn the other elements, all the while trying to stay away from the fire nation's forces. Aside from that, there is a journey of personal discovery for Prince Zuko, as well as a love story between Aang and Katara. Not to mention the EPIC amounts of funny the shows offer.

    Hell, Joe....just look at this (forgive the music, as youtube deletes anything of this series with ONLY the original audio....) [url]http:// v=XsThsWhdBls[/url]
  • anthony.tedone  - I work for AMC and I really should warn people
    I am so happy to watch this movie for free cause if I spent 25 dollars to watch with my girlfriend, I would of cried. As i was watching it tho it made be lose faith in trying to make a "Berserk" Feature Script. To condense 24 episodes into one 2 hour movie... They really really needed to cut shit out and try to make one balanced movie. Since this movie is making a shit ton money, the sequel better do it justice.
  • The_Unknown
    Great Review, Angry Joe!

    Well, at least The Last Airbender stuck to it's source better, if at all, unlike Dragon Ball: Evolution.

    And yeah, watch the TV cartoon, you'll like it, maybe love it. I'm glad you liked the Last Airbender cartoon shorts, they're funny, huh?
  • TheDudeWithNoName
    It's really a great show. One of my favorite animated shows. It can be light and really funny and also really dark and intense. So how could they ruin that? I'll tell you... M. Night. He made one good movie and everything else has been terrible. Why do they keep funding this guy? This movie had a 150,000,000 dollar budget and he couldn't do anything with it.
  • Pandoya
    Joe, please don't let M. Night kill the cartoon for you. It's a brilliant piece of story telling.
  • Wanderer255
    I'd give a detailed description on how amazing the animated series is, but it's late, so i'll just sum it up like this:

    Everything you said you hated about this movie isn't a problem in the series. In fact one of the major praises the series had was the fact that the characters were extrordinarily well developed.

    I know you fully intend to watch the series, but I can't begin to say how much better then this film it is.

    BTW, the short episode you watched with the super deformed characters was actually part of a trio of shorts the creators of the series did just for fun around the time the second season was airing. They are in the second season DVD set in the bonus features.

    I really hope that when you actually see the series that you tell us what you thought, because it really is a fantastic series and i'm sure you'll love it.
  • moviemaster8510
    don't worry, i'll just wait until it's uploaded on youtube!
  • Marshmallowcreampie
    I wasn't going to see this movie anyway, I no longer have faith in live-action film adaptations of things. Wasn't too hot on the casting decisions either. It got some really nasty reviews though, heard it was a train wreck. Kind of curious how they could make one of the best kid shows I've seen into such an apparently horrible movie.

    The cartoon is amazing. They lack the flaws a lot of kid shows lack, they avoid plotholes, and the firebenders can make their own fire. The comet makes them WAY more powerful, I'll try not to spoil much, but the Fire Lord can do some pretty crazy stuff because of getting more power from the comet. Go watch some more the show, many big-time critics love it and agree that the movie does it no justice. It's actually funny and has wit, and it does have some pretty good action scenes. They also have female characters that don't suck, if you're into that sort of thing. (I hear the movie made Katara weaker, which disappointed but did not surprise me. In the show, she's one of the few female characters in kid shows who is girly but still tough. And not that fake tough where she can do some cool kicks but still has to be rescued and gets her ass kicked all the time)

    I don't know why Hollywood has to ruin things by bmaking live-action films... I totally would've done for a regular, traditionally animated 2D Avatar film in theaters, but noooo. And I did hear about the film removing the humor of the show. They probably did it because angst is cool right now. T_T
  • Natrix
  • ChrowX
    You're dead on, Joe. The series is no where near as bad as this movie was.

    Do not judge Avatar the Last Airbender the Cartoon by the merits of the film because this movie does a very poor job of telling the story of the series as well as doing a piss poor job of bringing the characters to life.

    This movie is the soulless exsanguinated husk of the cartoon. Shyamalan, and by extension Hollywood, did this show no justice. Fans of the show are so angry about this film not only because it sucks and it earned every bit of you 1/10 rating, but also because it is a massive Hollywood-sized stain on the reputation of one of the best animated cartoons ever made.

    Please Joe, make the time to watch this series. You will not be disappointed.
  • ZeroSD  - Ok, that trailer fight?
    With all the ships?

    Season 1 finale of the show, and it is *awesome*.

    It is everything you're probably hoping for, and several other parts of the show are at *least* as badass.
  • mflippen  - So I think all of us want to know...
    Are you gonna watch the cartoon? I'm not going to repeat why this series is so awesome because everyone has said more articulately than I could, but Joe, it's imperative that you watch this series.

    Of course your rage will quadruple itself and there is a possibility it will consume you once you see how ridiculously awesome the series was and how BOTCHED M Night made this film. He literally gutted the source material.

    I hope we hear from you soon that you're watching it. If not a review, at least on Twitter (wow this is subtle plug of your twitter!

    Great review Joe! I'd love to see you doing more movies in the future. I think Predators is coming out July 9th. Knowing your love of Aliens and the Predator series, well, that could lead to an epic review. :evil: DO IT!!! :D

    Mollye aka dyinglight
  • armeetapus16  - I hate this movie
    :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:

    for those who haven't seen the cartoon here: http:// m/anime/avatar-the-last- airbender-book-1-water

    you'll have infinitely more fun and a better understanding of the story
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