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WrestlingNerd Presents: WWE Raw Review 9/27/10

Posted by on in Wrestling
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What is up wrestling fans. I am the WrestlingNerd bringing you yet another written review of wrestling action. Today, we check out WWE Raw that took place on 9/27/10, so lets go ahead and get this started.

We open up the show with a recap of the Miz and Riley beatdown on Bryan last week.

The Miz comes out to open the show with Alex Riley. He says that Bryan challenged the both of them to a tag team match tonight. Miz proceeds by ripping on Bryan in his promo. Bryan comes to the ring and while Miz cuts him down even further and is ready to say his catchphrase, John Morrison's music plays. 

Match #1: Daniel Bryan/John Morrison vs Miz/ Alex Riley Tag Team Match

This was a decent match. There was a lot of good stuff from three of the four competators in this match, even if the match was a little short. The finish of this match occurs when Bryan is attempetd to lock in the LeBell Lock, but Miz pushes Bryan into Morrison. With the distraction, this allows the Miz to hit the Skull Crushing Finale for the win. This is a match you may want to check out cuz it was an effective way to open up the show.

Winner via pinfall: Miz/Riley

After the match, Miz continues to assault Bryan, but Morrison comes in to help out his partner. In one of the oddest spots of this show, Morrison and Bryan are both trying to take out the Miz and in the process they end up getting angry at each other and start having a free for all. With all the chaos, the stupid email sound of the GM goes off (I am really starting to hate that sound). Cole says that at Hell in a Cell, Bryan will defend his US Championship in a match that he as personally designed. At HIAC, it will be Daniel Bryan vs Miz vs John Morrison in a Falls Count Anywhere Submission Match. This was a creative way to open up the show, and an even more creative match set up at HIAC. These are three of the bright young stars to grace the WWE and they are basically going to have a free for all at a PPV. I am already excited for this match, and has the potentionals to possibly steal the show, so we will see if Miz and Bryan can make it two for two in match of the night category. The idea of throwing Morrison into this match might be a headscratcher as he had nothing to do with this feud, but it adds another body in the match, plus they are definitely trying something with John Morrison with the way they have been showcasing him the last couple of weeks. I don't think he will win, but should put forth a decent effort in the match, and if anything it might be the person to take Miz's place when this match is over and possibly begin a Bryan/Morrison feud. I know I am digging into this for way more than it is worth, but the idea of a Bryan/Morrison feud for the US Title should be a lot of fun and we whould see a great sequence of matches. It might not happen, but it is something to look forward to in case it does. 

Match #2: Diva Battle Royal/ winner becomes #1 Contender for Unified Diva's Championship

Before the match started, LayCool came out to join Cole and King on commentary.LayCool was really annoying on the headset, they just wouldn't shut up. They did a terrible job of calling the match, and after a while made you want to be perminately deaf just so you wouldn't have to hear them talk. This match went about as well as you would expect, botchcentral. The final two is Alicia Fox and Natalya and Natalya is able to get the elimination.

Winner and NEW #1 Contender for Unified Diva's Championship: Natalya

It is great to finally see Natalya getting her opportunity at the championship, and she deserves it. The LayCool thing has gotten stale and boring and it is time for a change, so hopefully at somepoint WWE decides to give Natalya the hardware, since they should actually give it to someone who was actually trained for the wrestling business and not women that Vince found while at a modeling contest. 

For what has seemed like the last 3,000 times, they show yet more Legendary stuff. It is coming out on DVD?, what I thought it was just at the theatres? If that is the case, we will never hear the end of Cena's movie.

We are backstage with Maryse and Ted DiBiase and they are arguing about losing their matches in recent weeks. The segment ends with a knock at the door and a letter being thrown underneath the door. They pick it and and it says " next week you will be mine". I have no idea where this storyline is headed, but something tells me the payoff will suck, but then again this whole angle is kinda forgettable and silly.

Sheamus comes to the ring and cuts a promo. Sheamus tells us of an old Irish tale called the Fiery Red Hand of Ireland. It was about two princes of Ireland deciding to have a race and the winner of the race would be King of Ireland. They were racing and while one of the prince's realized they were about to lose, he cut off his own hand and threw it across the finish line, thus proclaiming his throne. He says that like the prince, he would cut off his own hand for the WWE Championship. He says at HIAC, he will become a three time champion and will be the fiery red hand of the WWE. He then issues an open challenge for tonight. After a while of no one picking up his challenge, the Great Khali comes out to accept. Overall, this was a pretty good promo by Sheamus, and nice little metaphor with the story and the championship. I know a lot of people hate on Sheamus because of his thick accent and more or less average promos, but he showed tonight that he can cut a good promo when given the chance. 

Match #3: Sheamus vs Great Khali

This match was very short. Khali had the advantage early, but once the action went on the outside, Sheamus gained the advantage by using foreign objects like the announce table to gain the upper hand. The ref calls for the bell. This segment ends with Sheamus hitting a Bicycle Kick on Khali and him standing tall.  It wasen't a good match, but it is not like any Khali match is good. This did show a vicious side to Sheamus that we have seen before, but tends to disappear when he is not the champion, which is odd booking by the WWE. This was an ok segment considering that the promo was good, but everything else is forgettable, so I say check out the promo but skip everything else.

Winner via DQ: Great Khali

Edge is in the ring with the Cutting Edge, with his guest the Raw GM. They have a mic and a voice changer to disguise the GM's voice and have the podium and labtop set up in the ring. The first thing that comes across is the voice they used for this thing, it was bad. It sounded like Johnny 5 if he was on crack and sucked in a entire years supply of helium. Anyway, they are arguing back and forth and Edge delivered the funniest line of the night. While Edge is talking back at the GM, he stops and says "Why am I arguing with a computer?" With the way the scene was going, that was easily the best part of it, but the rest of it sucked and looked really over the top silly. The GM ends the Cutting Edge by saying that Edge has a match tonight against John Cena.

Match #4: Edge vs John Cena

This was a pretty good match. Reckon, I have seen a lot of Edge/Cena matches and I know these two have show off better than they did tonight, but it was still competive and fun to watch. The finish of this happens when Edge finally hits the spear and wins, but Cena's leg was underneath the rope without the ref seeing it. His hand gets raised in victory but then the GM interrupets and says that Edge needs to play by the rules and orders this match to be restarted. Once the match restarts, Cena locks in the STF and Edge taps out. Again, solid match and definitely in my opinion the match of the night, definitey check it out.

Winner via submission: John Cena

After the match, Edge completely looses control of himself and walks like an as murderer towards the laptop. He eventually tips over the podium and proceedes by destroying the labtop (take THAT Microsoft). The audience is actually cheering for Edge. This was again a silly over the top segment, but I liked it. I personally have gotten a little tired of the mysterious GM and that damn ringing when an email comes in, so it was great to see somebody destroy it. Plus, I wish they would just reveal who the GM is already, but if I know the WWE, they most likely havent figured out who it is yet and are just stalling until creative comes up with an idea, weather it be a good or bad choice. 

Match #5: Nexus vs Mark Henry/Evan Bourne

Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel were the Nexus' members competing, but the rest of the stable is in the ring. This match was around average stuff and nothing special. The finish comes when Gabriel misses the 450 splash, which allows Bourne to hit Airbourne and while going for the cover, Slater rolls Gabriel over to get the win. This match was oddly booked and I wonder if someone missed a cue, cuz the finish was pretty bad and a headscratcher. 

Winner via pinfall: Nexus

After the match, the rest of Nexus comes in and cleans house standing tall. Barrett grabs the mic and says that Cena will be joining Nexus and become the property of Nexus after HIAC. He also says that with Cena with them, they will take over the WWE. Otunga grabs the mic and says they will be paying a little visit to Smackdown this week. Tarver then finishes up the promo by saying that the bad news is, they are the bad news and they can't be stopped. Overall, the match sucked but the promo afterwords was good, except for Otunga who isn't believable when talking. Barrett and Tarver are great on the mic, and I think even Tarver got more heat than anyone else from Nexus. I hope they keep Tarver around. I don't see anything big for the guy, but he is really entertaining on the mic and can play a good comedy jobber role, or even a bodyguard type role, so hopefully they find something for him after all this is over, or at least put the guy in a speaking role. 

Match #6: "Dashing" Cody Rhodes/Drew McInytre vs Hart Dynasty WWE Tag Team Championshps

This match was ok, but my problem with it is that it was basically the same match that we saw a few days ago on Smackdown, so why did we get the same match again? The finish comes with the Hart Dynasty attempting the Hart Attack, but McIntyre pushes Kidd off the ropes and misses his mark, which allows Rhodes to hit CrossRhodes and get the win. 

Winner via pinfall and STILL WWE Tag Team Champions: "Dashing" Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre

After the match, Kidd and Smith are aruging about losing the match. This segment ends with Smith walking away from the Hart Dynasty afterwords, symbolizing the possible end of the Hart Dynasty. Seems kinda odd they they broke up the tag team for really no reason, but WWE doesn't focus on tag team wrestling anymore and they seem to do this all the time to their tag teams. I again have to say, why didn't they just show this on Smackdown a few days ago? It would have saved up some time, but I guess when you only have two weeks to put together a PPV card, we have to do things quickly but this still could have been planned better.

Backstage with John Cena and R-Truth. Truth says that he has Cena's back regardless of what happens at HIAC. Cena says he has this and he should have nothing to worry about. Truth then says that Cena is wreckless and is always taking chances, to which Cena says he agrees. Cena also said that he is going to pay a little visit to Smackdown this week and find Nexus and start the PPV match early. 

Match #7: Chris Jericho vs Randy Orton

Before the match starts, Jericho cuts a promo. He says if he wins tonight, he will be the new #1 contender and says that he is a dangerous man and shouldn't be taken likely since he has defeated Stone Cold, Rock, Eddie Guerrero, and named about 500 prior wrestlers until Orton's music hits. This was a pretty good match, but that is of course until the finish. Sheamus was at ringside starring down at Orton throughout most of this match. The finish of this happens when Sheamus interfers and the ref makes it a no contest. Like I said, great match until the crappy finish. For the most part, I don't like it when wrestling does this and is almost a giant middle finger they deliver to the fans and saying you want a clean finish, buy our PPV, but I guess that is they best way to book the match if you didn't want Jericho to lose and to make Orton look strong going into his championship match this sunday. 

No Contest

After the match, Orton hits and RKO on Sheamus and while he is getting ready to set up the punt, Jericho runs in and hits the Codebreaker on Orton. Jericho goes to grab a chair and while he tries to take a swing at Orton, he misses and walks into an RKO. Orton then proceeds to punt off Jericho's head and the show ends with Orton and Sheamus starring down each other from the ring and entrance ramp and Jericho is getting put on a stretcher.

Overall Impression:

This was a mixed bag sort of show. I did like the whole opening match, Edge/Cena, Sheamus promo, and the Nexus promo. There was also some dumb moments like the Ted DiBiase thing and the WWE Tag Team Match. If you are looking for something to check out, check out the opening tag team match, and Edge vs Cena, also check out the promos cuz they were good but avoid everything else like the diva battle royal the the other two tag team matches. When a show is nearing the PPV, all I am looking for is if they can hype up the PPV properly and get me in the mood for it, and they did. They made the Miz/Bryan storyline even better by adding Morrison to their match, they even built up Nexus to look like Barret might be able to pull off the victory this weekend. I know a lot of wrestling fans are going to have mixed opinions on the potentional of this being Jericho's last match. Right now, we don't really know if Jericho is going to resign with the company or decides to leave, but if this is his last match I think he leaves off on a better note then 5-6 years ago when he was being carried away by security crying like a baby. WWE set it up pretty well for if Jericho decides to come back or not, so I am fine with that. I know it has only been two weeks, but is anyone else looking at Orton being Champion and going eh? I don't know why, but I am already bored of Orton holding the belt, but that is probably due to the fact that Orton has held the title so many times and it isn't anything special when he is holding it. That is at least my honest opinion about it, but I am in no way hating on Orton, so don't take it the wrong way. Well, that is it from the WrestlingNerd for this review, be sure to check back in the later of the week for when I will give my opinions on Smackdown, Impact, and do a rundown on Hell in a Cell PPV. I will see you guys and girls on the next edition of the WrestlingNerd show, see you next time. 



  • RolePlayHumor
    RolePlayHumor Tuesday, 28 September 2010

    Yeah I missed most of the show today but this gave me a small look into how it was lol (Though I could have also checked but eh this gives a more fan based opinion.) Now I am prepard for Sean's Wrestle Wrestle

  • Jekefka
    Jekefka Tuesday, 28 September 2010

    I liked how Jericho was injured, since he may be leaving, and allows him to potentially return. The ending to his match with Orton was annoying, but they made up for it with the extra attacks, I think.

    I really do not understand the Nexus attacks anymore. They're so old and stale at this point. They do the same thing every single week. Match interference of some sort, then they all get into the ring and stomp some guy, deliver their finishers ending with the 450, then cut a promo. It's boring already, just the same pattern on repeat.

    I am excited for Nexus and Cena going to Smackdown, though. RAW has all the good matches on the PPV card, except for maybe Kane/Taker at HIAC, and possibly Rey/Alberto if they really give them some good moments on Smackdown, and I'd like to see this Cena/Barrett match be really, really good, as it could lead to some fresh new story arcs for both the Nexus members and/or Cena.

    Also, I liked the huge red marking that Shaemus got from Khali. Given the Fiery Red Hand promo, they could easily use that image as part of his gimmick from now on, perhaps giving him war paint on his chest, or at least making him a T-Shirt. I'd like to see that Red Hand story can be worked into his character, since it really was a good promo and plays right into his Irish status.

  • criticalchap
    criticalchap Tuesday, 28 September 2010

    I'm hoping that Edge will be used at HIAC to reveal the RAW GM and put an end to this angle. If it is Triple H, then they have all the resources to make that happen. Triple H might be able to wrestle just yet, but he can act like a GM for a while.

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