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Top 12 Things To Do Besides Studying

Posted by on in Top # Lists
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Warning: this blog is full of pointlessness...

So I'm taking the GRE (Graduate Requisite Exam) in a couple of months, and I've been studying for a while...  But I'm tired of studying now.  So I'm going to do this: 

Top 12 Things I Could Be Doing Right Now Besides Studying For The GRE (or any other academic related thing, for that matter..)

#12.  Writing a Blog on


#11.  Writing a Blog on...My Blog

If you go to my profile, you will notice that I have website/blog.  I'm like a negligent parent...

#10.  Baking a cake

I have a dream.  And that dream is to bake the cake from Portal.  An exact replica.  It will be delicious.

Lie?  No.  Delicious?  Yes!

It's okay.  When I get my doctorate I'll just hire like fifteen maids to bake Portal cakes for me.  Every day!

#9.  Filming a Shot-by-Shot Remake of the "Angry Dance" Scene from Footloose

If you haven't seen this scene, watch it here.  All I need is a gymnast.  Also, maybe I should call Kevin Bacon up, and see when he's in town...

#8.  Starting a Fan Fiction

Why the hell not?  Anyone can do it.  I think I'll write a fanfic about a gang of the most outrageous Mary Sues you can think of, who one day become aware of the ridiculous amount of power their creators have given them, and decide to...  You know what?  I'm keeping this idea to myself.  This is starting to sound decent...  Danube.

#7.  Seeing The Deathly Hallows in Theaters for the Second Time

And then Harry, Ron, and Hermione looked in the distance knowing that their futures were going to be bright and happy.  And there was definitely no epilogue.  Nope!  No epilogue.  It doesn't exist.  THE END!

#6.  Eat Some Chicken Strips

Like a boss.

#5.  Tap Dancing

Again, why the hell not?

#4.  Playing NinJump on My iPhone


I always knew squirrels and birds were evil!

Addicting game #225.  The only problem with this game is beating your own high score.  

#3.  Watching Videos on This Site

Er...I may or may not have watched all of them already...

#2.  Watching Seasons 1-4 of Angel

Season 5 never happened.


#1. Sleep

Who decided that the universal indicator of sleep in a text format was "Zzzz"?  In my opinion it should be something like-- "CHHHHHHKKKKK"  Now, THAT looks like a snore!

You're Welcome.


  • LevelUpLeo
    LevelUpLeo Saturday, 16 July 2011

    A good just for fun list. I like it. However, activities involving members of an opposite sex (or same sex for some people) has been left off?

  • S-3
    S-3 Saturday, 16 July 2011

    Yeah, SEX!!!

    But why am I not having it?!

    In fact, WHY DON'T I CARE?! I'm just laughing in amusement at this list.

    Maybe I'll come up with my own...

  • Dawn_Heart
    Dawn_Heart Saturday, 16 July 2011

    Very funny! I'm going to follow this list when school comes back around. XD

  • ThatLong-HairedCreepyGuy
    ThatLong-HairedCreepyGuy Sunday, 17 July 2011

    I had a list like this. Only it lasted for the whole term.


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