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The Nostalgia Critic "Film Series" Reviews

Posted by on in Film Review
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In honor of the return of the legendary Nostalgia Critic (portrayed by Doug Walker) on February 5th, I decided that there is no better time than right now to review his famous movies. We have Nostalgia Critic vs AVGN, then what we can call the Anniversary Trilogy, and we have the short film that restored life to our beloved internet father, The Review Must Go On. So now I am going to do a review for each of these movies. So now, let's begin.

Nostalgia Critic vs AVGN

This is technically not a movie, but it got a Bum Review so I guess it counts. This is the final showdown between our beloved Nostalgia Critic, and his hated enemy, the Angry Video Game Nerd. What can I say about it? It's a giant action scene with so many movie and video game references, and not to mention it has lightsabers. This is an entertaining battle, with a ton of great creative ways for each one of them to use. Although if I had to say there was one part I didn't enjoy, it was the part when they were doing nothing but shouting random swear words at each other after the Critic falls into boxes. It seems so pointless, and if you cut it out of the movie, it wouldn't matter. It has nothing to do with the film and was just there to make it R rated.


Also, I think the Critic should've won. Come on, seriously, he's so much better than the Nerd, and is a 3-dimensional character, as the Nerd is just an internet troll. But still, I really like this movie for the fact that it is so fun to watch and entertaining as hell.


This was the first chapter of the "Anniversary Trilogy". And as a later member of the website, I didn't recognize a lot of the people in here. There was a guy who was just a poorly animated stop motion. Who the hell was that?! But I think it's good to educate me about some of the other members of this great site, and we see who was around in the early days, and who is still around today. The movie is about the critics of That Guy With The Glasses trying to take over a land called...damn I forget what it's called, and when they succeed in conquering it, they rename it Kickassia, and the Nostalgia Critic names himself the leader, and stays dressed as M. Bison from Street Fighter. The Nostalgia Chick is his vice president who tries to poison him at times, and the rest of the critics start to believe that it isn't really a good idea for the Critic to lead them.

Now this movie, I have to say, it isn't perfect, but I like it. I think its awesome to see the members of That Guy With The Glasses to take over some place. Also, I like a lot of the characters in there. Of course we know the Nostalgia Critic is awesome! Also the Nostalgia Chick is very fun, Linkara is rather interesting, Angry Joe is hilarious, plus Paw, Film Brain, and a few others are likable too. But of course Brad Jones is in this movie, and you all know how much I hate his guts. He's so unpleasant, and unlikable. Every time he comes on, I keep yelling for someone to get holy water, garlic or a stake, or for them to push him into sunlight.

But still, this movie is really likable, plus it has some really funny scenes, like when the Critic accidentally kills Santa Christ, and they try to resurrect him, and so it doesn't work so they dispose of the body. I remember laughing so hard. Another instance is where everyone learns how to play Risk from...someone I don't know the name of. I should've joined this site sooner. But anyway, I really like this movie. I know it's not perfect, but it's still fun as hell.

Suburban Knights

This movie shows that there are sequels that can be so much better than the originals. In this one the critics from the site all go after a mystical gauntlet that an obsessed role-player was after, and have to go on a journey to find it. I think this is a very well done movie. Not only do we see a lot of the Nostalgia Critic doing great, but we also get a lot of the other members of That Guy With The Glasses having great roles like the Nostalgia Chick, Obscurous Lupa, Spoony is hilarious in his Gandalf costume. Another interesting thing about this is its selection of villains. Most of them are obstacles, and one of them is portrayed by the Last Angry Geek I believe. I'm surprised one of them wasn't a Big Lipped Alligator. There is a main villain in the movie that hates that the world has been taken over by technology and magic has died out, and it is interesting. There is a really funny running gag where Angry Joe keeps saying his line wrong when it's supposed to be "You killed my father", he continues to say something else like "Mother, brother, hamster!", just to be corrected, and I applaud Angry Joe for being hilarious.

If I had to complain about something, it's Brad Jones and the Angry Video Game Nerd's involvement. But other than that, I love this movie. It actually made us care about Matee in the end. I applaud the crew for making this possible, and you have no idea how many times I recommended it for my friends.

To Boldly Flee

This completes the trilogy nicely. Kickassia played with the action genre, Suburban Knights played with the fantasy genre, and this one plays with the sci-fi genre. Three great genres, and three great movies. I think despite this being the longest, it has the most thought into it. I love it, it has so many Star Wars references and more, plus it is the point where the Nostalgia Critic realizes that he is a character. I really like that scene with Doug and the Critic, as it has this wonderful line where he says that the Nostalgia Critic became more than just a character. It shows how great of a writer Doug is, and how he evolved through time.

Matee as a villain, I think Doug was inspired by Scooby Doo kind of with their decision to make Scrappy the villain, and I think it works out well.

At times the movie can be really dark and intense, as some scenes are extremely serious. It's mostly in the odd-numbered parts, as they go really deep into it, and I think it all pays off in the end.

But once again, Brad Jones is a kill joy, and this is Brad Jones at his worst, the d*ckiest of his d*ckness, the douchiest of his douchness. I wanted to take a lightsaber and chop off his miserable ballsack a lot. And he tried to create a mini douche apprentice. And that is just evil as that character was likable in Suburban Knights.

Of course, I have to talk about what everyone talks about. The end of the Nostalgia Critic. This was where Doug originally intended to finish the character and I think he went out nobly. But I'm glad he's coming back.

Now, this was a great movie, and if they make another, I hope it can be at least as good as this.

The Review Must Go On

Yes, I have finally made it to the short film that brought life to the Nostalgia Critic again, the one that everyone is grateful for. The Review Must Go On.

While writing for the show Demo Reel, Doug goes through a temptation to bring back the Nostalgia Critic, but pauses in writing. When he watches the Odd Life of Timothy Green, he rages about how horrible it is, and feels the same passion that he felt as the Nostalgia Critic, and goes into a dilemma whether he should bring back the Critic or leave it in the past.

Now I have to say, for a short film, this is probably some of Doug's best work. Not just because we know that the Nostalgia Critic is back, but also because we see how tempting it is for Doug, which makes it very believable that he deep down really wants to do it. The Nostalgia Chick as the villain is a very interesting and entertaining choice, as we can see why she doesn't want the Critic to return, because if he does, she'll have serious competition again.

I especially also love this scene in the film when the Critic actually gets Doug to admit that he wants to bring back the Critic. It's really great because we see that Doug's not just doing it for the fans, he's doing it because he really wants to do it himself. Plus, I have to say that I love the scene where Donnie finds out that he's the Critic in an alternate universe undergoing punishment. I kind of guessed that later Donnie would be revealed as the Critic undergoing a new life, but to see it done in such a way is unbelievably great.

And of course, the official return of the Nostalgia Critic is absolutely fantastic. I remember actually going into a fan-mode and geeking out a lot. It was that awesome!

A wonderful short film, and I am so glad that the Nostalgia Critic is back. I can't wait to see him obliterate Timothy Green.

And that was my take on the Nostalgia Critic "movies". I can't wait for his return on February 5th, to see his review of Timothy Green. Plus there are so many other movies I'd love for him to review like Jurassic Park 3, Battleship, Avatar, District 9, Scooby Doo 2, Jumanji, the Total Recall remake, and so much more. I hope that things go well, and we get so many awesome reviews from our awesome founder!

Season 1 for my reviews shall go out with a review of one of my favorite shows ever! Then season 2 shall begin with another collab with Mischief!


  • NormalScabs
    NormalScabs Friday, 01 February 2013

    I think it might be time to dedicate a blog post to Brad Jones.

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