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Spider-Man Month: Sam Rami vs Marc Webb

Posted by on in Movies
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Greetings this is the Reckoning Reviewer here and this is Spider-Man Month. Now you're probably wondering why I am posting this as a blog and not a video this time. Well, I think this part of Spider-Man Month works better written than recorded. So now onto something that Spider-Man fans are bound to talk about. Who makes the movies better?

In 2002 Sam Rami took the helm for Spider-Man and made the first film a major success. All the way to 2007 he continued that success with two more movies, making Spider-Man into a trilogy. There was going to be a fourth film in the franchise, but Rami and Sony couldn't agree because Rami kept hating the script. So Spider-Man 4 was cancelled and then the director's chair was passed down to Marc Webb, who constructed a new retelling of the story, a new cast, and a new franchise all-together. Some people might argue that the reboot came too early since it was five years after the release of Spider-Man 3 as supposed to another reboot which took eight years. But Spider-Man did not take severe damage like the Batman franchise did. But seriously, we have a blog to get through. This is going to be kind of an Old vs New thing, on the two Spider-Man directors battling it out.

This is Sam Rami vs Marc Webb.

Now the main thing to go over is the best Spider-Man, which I kind of did in the last video I did.

Best Spider-Man:

Okay, I already gave away who I prefer in the beginning of Spider-Man Month, so this won't take long.

First we have Tobey Maguire who was Spider-Man in the Rami Trilogy. I do like how shy he portrays him, but can that really cover up how much he needed to improve on Spider-Man? In the trilogy, Maguire portrayed Spider-Man as too serious at times, only cracking a handful of jokes throughout all the movies. Plus at times he can be either too goofy or whiny. Remember some of the scenes in Spider-Man 2 like "Raindrops Falling on my Head", or when he tries to tell Mary Jane that they can't be together? Or how about emo-dancing Peter?

Now we have our modern Spider-Man, Andrew Garfield, and yes, he's a huge improvement. He was a fan of Spider-Man growing up, so he knows the character better than Maguire did. I remember so many great moments with him as he's just so damn likable. He plays the character the way he needs to be, doesn't hold back, and gives us some nice moments that we only wish Sam Rami would think about giving the audience.

You can predict the outcome a mile away, Andrew Garfield wins.

Old - 0 New - 1

But what would Spider-Man be without an awesome arsenal of villains? This goes to the best villains.

Best Villains:

Now this seems a little unfair as Webb's movies have only had one villain so far while Rami's trilogy had five.

Well I think we can rule out the Green Goblin's chances of winning because, seriously Willum Dafoe?! I think James Franco  as Harry was a better Goblin because he had more motivation, but still, he probably wouldn't have turned evil if the butler had just told him that Norman Osborn was the Green Goblin and killed himself. Doctor Octopus is someone we can include as he was more well written than the Green Goblin and better portrayed, but he talks to his arms which is pretty silly. Another one to include is Sandman, as he actually does make the character more than just a guy who can turn into sand. He's a sympathetic guy who can turn into sand. Of course let's not forget the best Spider-Man villain ever, Venom. For the last ten minutes of Spider-Man 3! Seriously, they only had him there for ten minutes?! And what is worse is that they blew him up so he couldn't escape for the next film, no wonder they rebooted the franchise, they got rid of the best villain in Spider-Man history!

I really like how the Lizard is in the Amazing Spider-Man. He's a good villain for Spider-Man to start out with, he's sympathetic, he's someone Peter knows well, and he's English. Sure his design may not be what we would hope for, because he doesn't have a snout and only wears a lab coat 5% of the time.  But his design does end up growing on me as I watch the movie, as I can say it kind of shows the humanity that Connor's still has in him despite wanting to be a giant lizard for the rest of his life. We can probably guess that the regeneration serum is making him go insane and start to think like a villain.

So who can I say wins this battle? For portrayal reasons, I have to say Lizard. Hopefully Electro, Green Goblin and Venom will be played well in Webb's movies.

Old - 0 New - 2

Now onto the supporting cast. Who does better? Let's find out.

Best Supporting Cast:

Okay, the Rami Trilogy did get in some nice actors for the supporting roles in the movie, like Kristen Dunst as Mary-Jane, James Franco as Harry Osborn, the awesome guy who plays Jamenson, and...those old people as May and Ben. But for the majority, there are a fair share of supporting characters who are pointless. Gwen was supposed to be important in the comics, but in Spider-Man 3 she is pretty much used as the competing woman for the prize. Her father is more pointless as he's just there to be there, and there are 100 other characters I am sure that are pointless.

But for Webb's movies, the characters are much better. Gwen Stacy is portrayed as much more intelligent than how she was in Spider-Man 3, plus, unlike the women of Rami's trilogy, she can actually take care of herself, not just be the hot chick that needs saving all the time. She even tries to torch the Lizard. Aunt May is also portrayed better as she shows more concern for Peter as supposed to the other old lady. Gwen's father Captain Stacy is done better as well as he actually plays an important role in the movie, especially in the final fight with the Lizard. Uncle Ben is kind of controversial for me. It's not because he's played by Charlie Sheen's dad. WINNING. It's because he doesn't say the line that Uncle Ben is known for saying. He doesn't say: "With great power comes great responsibility". I just feel like it's something that needs to be said by Uncle Ben. But still with that aside, Webb has better characters.

Old - 0 New - 3

Okay, the winner is already clear but I'm going to go through the other two categories. This one is for best action.

Best Action:

Okay, with Rami's films, the first movie had some video gamish effects, I mean look at them, this caused the action to be quite silly. It was well improved through the other two films, so the action was much better there, especially with Doctor Octopus's fight scenes, and the fights with Sandman and Venom.

But what about the ones in the Amazing Spider-Man. All I can say is awesome! It has a ton of great action put into it, especially when Spider-Man and the Lizard fight in the high school, it is probably among the best fight scenes out there. Also the 3D kicks ass! I remember seeing this movie at the midnight premiere and it was amazing to see all of these scenes in 3D.

Easy to predict, Webb wins again!

Old - 0 New - 4

Okay, this is going to be predictable as hell but onto the final round. The best story.

Best Story:

With Rami and Webb they have different portrayals of Spider-Man's story. Rami made the first Spider-Man movie about a shy teenager who learns to become a responsible superhero. But really, did you have to make Willum Dafoe his biggest obstacle on the journey?

With Webb, the Amazing Spider-Man is about a young man who is motivated by guilt above all else to become a responsible superhero. I think this way of telling the story is much better and believable. This movie does feel like it could be tied-in with the Avengers, and Sony really should sign a contract!

It's easy to see, so I'll get it over now. Amazing Spider-Man wins!

Old - 0 New - 5

Okay, now, with that segment of Spider-Man Month done, I will soon go over my favorite Spider-Man series, and yes, it will be in video next time.

Season 1 for my reviews shall go out with a review of one of my favorite shows ever! Then season 2 shall begin with another collab with Mischief!


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