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Lets Discuss Codename Kids Next Door

Posted by on in Uncategorized
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This is my first blog post. so bare with me if theres any mistakes or something. Also mid typing the font changed and i didnt know how to change it back. like i said bare with me.

Codename Kids Next Door. What can you say about it? When it comes to explaining things im completely retarded about it. So im going to let TV Tropes explain it for me

Codename: Kids Next Door is a show on Cartoon Network about a team of five ten-year-olds, members of a secret organization who fight adult tyranny. It's much better than it sounds.

The idea grew out of side characters for Mr. Warburton's failed series Kenny and the Chimp. The show featured five kids who lived next door to Kenny with no parental supervision. The five were simply troublemakers who enjoyed terrorizing the neighborhood. When the show fell through, they were retooled into the stars of their own show.The five kids became Sector V , a Five Man Band in the worldwide organization the Kids Next Door. Numbuh One, The Hero, is a Properly Paranoid Conspiracy Theorist who is always seen wearing sunglasses. Numbuh Two, The Smart Guy, is an inventor known for cracking anIncredibly Lame Pun at inappropriate times. Numbuh Three, The Chick, is The Ditz of the team, constantly happy and serving as the team doctor. Numbuh Four, The Big Guy, is a Book Dumb kid who holds an invaluable amount of street smarts. Finally, Numbuh Five, The Lancer, is the only sane girl trying desperately to keep the team together.

Together they fight several villains, such as the demonic and mysterious Father, his creepy children The Delightful Children From Down The Lane, Numbuh Five's traitorous sister Cree, and the Corrupt Corporate Executive Mr. Boss, all of whom hate children and want them enslaved.

The show was known for its consistent continuity and its use of the Story Arc, as well as having several Parental Bonus moments within. Among these include an Affectionate Parody of the Animatrix short The Second Renaissance and aMusical Episode starring GWAR. This has attracted fans outside its intended audience. Another draw is the aversion of Spotlight Stealing SquadInvincible Heroand Failure Hero- a new episode can actually have suspense over who's going to win or lose, and it's hilarious and/or awesome either way.

It ended after six seasons, one movie, and a crossover with The Grim Adventures Of Billy And Mandy. The Grand Finale, Operation: INTERVIEWS, answered all unsolved a few questions.

Delicious link to rest of article:

Watching this show as a kid i absolutely loved it. And i still love it to this day. I loved the diversity of the characters, I loved the mythology, I loved its consistency, and I loved its backstory. When the show is funny, its funny. when its dramatic, its dramatic (and it gets pretty dramatic.) and i loved how it took normal everyday situations of kids and warped it into a 15 minute plotline. (crazy old cat lady = lady who looks and acts like cat and has a telepathic control over cats. braking moms favorite vase = a secret game of baseball where baseballs are fragile porceline whatevers.)

However there are several problems with the show that never seemed to be explained. For starters, why is Numbah 1 bald all the time? in one episode its explained how he got balled in the first place(The Delightful Children from Down the Lane captured him and "Made Me Bald" as Numbah 1 puts it) but its never explained why hes ALWAYS bald. did they use acid or fire or which permanently removed all his hair follicles? And second, why are the teenagers enemies with the kids? i always viewed teenagers as authority haters (as stereotypical as that sounds) and the kids seemed to hate authority as well. so common sense would suggest they would team against the adults. but instead the teens team with adults against the kids which is unfair odds if you ask me. i think it would have made more sense if they were some sort of neutral faction of the three. (since teenagers are on the verge of becoming adults but still maintain there childlike sense of adventure)

Nevertheless, Codename Kids Next Door will always remain in my heart as the one of the greatest shows of all time. if you like the show, great but don't just put "i liked it to". explain why. if you didn't like it, don't just put "i didn't like it." explain why.



  • Edwin Q. Hatemonger
    Edwin Q. Hatemonger Sunday, 13 March 2011

    Kids Next Door was a brilliant rejection of fatalism and an embracing of the absurdity of juvenile conflicts with authority.

    The series never really hammered this point home, they left it there for the viewer to discover for himself, but the entire KND universe is based upon an ultimately pointless battle. The Kids eagerly fight against the authority and monotony of the adult world, which is futile as they shall one day become adults themselves. Their entire battle is a battle that they can only fight for a handful of years before inevitably becoming that which they fight against. What makes this series so brilliant is that the children do not despair at this, rather, they fight the battle just as passionately despite knowing that it is essentially futile to do so.

    In the face of the inherent absurdity of fighting against your own mature form, reason dictates that we should surrender and give in to the values of the mature. How can one fight against what one will soon be? Yet, the KND reject this fatalistic view of the conflict, and continue to fight. In hope of what? What is the goal? There isn't one: the fight is fought for its own sake, the conflict of values is fueled simply for the sake of allowing values to conflict. For those few years, those handful of years before puberty drags them out of the conflict, they are able to attain the height of childhood nobility of spirit by rejecting the will of those who presume power over them. They do not seek anything eternal or permanent, but are content with today. They are content with today's victory, though tomorrow makes the victory seem absurd.

    Truly a shining lesson for us all.

    Also, I've never actually seen a full episode of KND.

  • KalKratos
    KalKratos Sunday, 13 March 2011

    Man, you really love tv tropes. You basically put the tv tropes page with commentary as your blog. It's okay to occasionally reference a tv trope when talking about a work of fiction, but don't fill your review with them. Just give an objective review of what made the show work while occasionally throwing in your own opinions about the show.

    Now I've never written a blog. I am, however, working on one. But, I've read enough review blogs to know that you're heart was in the right place, but filling your blog with endless links is not going to catch the reader in to wanting to watch the show.

  • S-3
    S-3 Sunday, 13 March 2011

    I didn't like this series - I thought it was pretty immature, as well as overrated and stupid. Everything Edward Q. Hatemonger states summarizes my feelings on this series, however(Thank you, Mr. Hatemonger). It has its moments in later episodes where what Edward is saying rings true in an otherwise silly cartoon about kids and adults beating up on each for no good reason, until the kids grow up and find themselves beating up on other kids themselves. Cycle of life, much?
    Whether the show does know it or not, it sends an intelligent message about kids and adults today and the relationship and lity or lack thereof all sides struggle to have. It gets political with it, too, despite being so tongue and cheek.

    It's like Dexter's Lab for me (another CN original I watched as a kid that I NOW find overrated and stupid). Strong message, good excution- just NOT my cup of tea at all.

    I'd rather watch something that hammers this home that's more intelligent about it - can't say names though. knowing no one, I'm sure, shares my opinion.

    Good article and thank you for letting me voice how I feel about this series.

  • Yung Ago
    Yung Ago Sunday, 13 March 2011

    You're right one part no aside from trolls would share your opinion. Honestly, KND was subtle while still being honest. KIds are future adults but, adults don't treat them like that, they treat kids like they're just a problem. That's all. That is the plight that KND extolled. As much as the KND did they never had the adults respect, they were just a problem that the adults didn't wanna deal with. That's how children are treated in America.

  • Zydrate
    Zydrate Sunday, 13 March 2011

    I never really liked this show when I was younger. To me it just came off as immature and annoying, to it's credit thought it was very creative. Maybe I need to check it out again.

  • KRTellez
    KRTellez Monday, 14 March 2011

    I used to love this show until It had that "Growing Up" storyline, At some point i rember there was this chapter where Numbuh 5 find out she has the chicken pocks and all the teenages have this armada for making all the kids have those (BTW If i badly don't remeber they were actual chickens on her face) And this kid who had his memory erased was on a special team altough he was a teen, And he was dating Numbuh 5 Sister.
    I guess the idea behind the Teens (Is that even used nowadays?) helping the adulst was that Teenagers try to act like adults. Anyway what was fun about it, was all the mess that happened 'cos one little thing. For instance i rember an episode were Numbuh 4 eat a brocolli and they try to get it out in a mini-sub.

  • EpicFish
    EpicFish Saturday, 26 March 2011

    Honestly, I detested this show when it first aired and I'm still not a fan of it. I'll watch it on occasion if nothing else is on, but I don't find it witty or well written at all. All I see are the rehashed fart/butt jokes and the re-enforcing of the battle of the sexes. My main problem with it is that the show seemed to encourage bad behavior in child as a good thing, which considering that we've been living in a PC (politically correct) society for the past decade...that's not something you necessarily want to brag about your show achieving.

    A great example would be the five KND protagonists' attitudes towards their parents. The parents are showing as loving/caring adults that try their best to get their children to like them and maintain a healthy relationship, but all the children (with the exception of maybe Numbuh 2 and 3) come off as spoiled and want nothing to do with the parents. That's all well and fine, even understandable because they're 10 so of course they're going to be embarrassed or not want to spend every minute of the day with dear old mom or dad, but because they're KND, some of them act as though every kind thing their parent does for them is just an attempt to get rid off them (Wally/Numbuh 4) or they pity the parent because they're adults and by KND logic, all adults aren't bright so if the kid isn't "monitoring" mom or dad 24/7, they (the adult) will get themselves into trouble and will need their child to come rescue them because adults can't do anything for themselves (Nigel/Numbuh 1).

    Another good example would be the episodes that divulge into kid-related topics such as not wanting to take baths or brush their teeth. The episode where the KND fight Night Brace for the first time and Kookie/Numbuh 3 is ambushed in a dark alley by Night Brace (which when you see it for the first time and aren't aware of what's going on, looks like it's a set up for a rape/molestation episode because Kookie is walking alone in the dark alley when she's jumped, nothing is shown but it implies she struggles and she even let's out a terrified scream) then returns to Sector V with perfectly straight pearly white teeth and she gets flak from her peers because her teeth should be yellow/brown and riddled with cavities and holes because that's how all kid's teeth should look like. Or the episode where Wally/Numbuh 4 doesn't want to bathe because he thinks it's some kind of adult conspiracy so kid's need to remain dirty if they don't want to be like grown-ups.

    Here's another, when Lizzie (Nigel/Numbuh 1's girlfriend) is first introduced, Nigel can't stand her because she's a relentless stalker, obsessed with making him her boyfriend. He's even gone so far as to chew her out and demand she leave him alone. Does this deter her actions? Nope! She becomes even more determined and eventually Nigel gives in and goes out on a date with her, soon after he realizes she's not all that bad and falls in love with her! No wonder the tweens/teens today adore Twilight! They grew up watching KND which desensitized their brains and promoted the act of stalking by sending the message, "It's okay to be completely obsessed with this person to an extremely unhealthy level because if you just keep at it, they'll eventually give and a go out with you and realize they've been in love with you all along"!

    Or how about the BRA (Battle Ready Armor) episode? That was a blatant message of "Go into your older siblings room and rummage through their private things and take whatever looks suspicious because they're most likely going to use it as a weapon against you and your friends"! Do you know how embarrassing it is to be trying on bras at a JC Penney's when you're 14-15 and you're 6-7yo brother tries walking into the fitting room with you, demanding you had over your Battle Ready Armor over to him while you're mom laughs at how adorable your brother is while using the "he's (insert age here) he doesn't know any better" excuse much to your dismay?

    Like someone else mentioned, KND was very immature and IMO did a piss poor job at trying to teach kids morals. Doesn't matter if it's a children's show, there's a difference between being clever while teaching kids morals and outright stupidity masquerading as entertainment.

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