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judodave presents: Top Ten Thrash Metal Bands (in my opinion)

Posted by on in Music
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I'll admit that I've only really been a metalhead for a few years now getting into the genre when I first went to college at the age of 17, my first concert soon followed and it was Bon Jovi with Nickleback suporting.........stop laughing.

Thankfully since then my tastes in music have drastically improved for the better, though some of my neighbours might disagree with me, and if I had to name a favourite genre I'd have to give the nod to Thrash Metal so here I am ready to give what I think are the best Thrash bands, now before anyone bitches me out about my tastes in music *coughtoptenfrontmeninheavymetalcough* keep in mind that this list is very opiniated if there's a band I missed then there's a posiblity that I've never heard of that band or that I simply don't like them, here's the list.

10. Kreator

Yeah we're starting in Germany for the number 10 spot with Thrash Masters Kreator! Formed in Essen, Germany under the name Tormentor in 1978 though they weren't formalized until 1982 and one of the big three of German Thrash metal which is often credited as a influence in Death Metal I put them at the bottom of the list because of what happened to them in the 1990s which thankfully stopped once the new millenium hit, confused? They tried experimenting in Industrial Metal, you can see how well THAT experiment went.

9. Anthrax

Much like heavy metal it's self I didn't get into this band until recently, more specifically 2009 when I saw them in concert as part of the first ever Sonisphere Festival, granted it was John Bush that was singing and I had come horribly unprepared for my first festival (all I had on me was two jackets, my clothes and a wallet with £50 in it) that performance got me into the band and their music, formed in New York City in 1981 and one of the Big 4 of Thrash Metal, as for why I put them above Kreator which is sure to enrage the fanboys I have yet to see Kreator live and based on what I've seen via Youtube I really want too so that's why.

8. Slayer

Let me get this out of the way, like Anthrax I didn't see this band live for the first until recently, even more recently actually as I saw them at the 2011 Sonisphere Festival as part of the Big 4 when they had the guitarist who play's in my fav thrash band's........I just gave away number 1 didn't I? Fuck it, was filling in for Jeff Hannenman, formed in Huntington Park California and arguably the most controversial Thrash Metal Band on the planet my main problem with them is that they've never really grown as a band.

7: Megadeth

Yep, I'm getting one third of the Big 4 out of the way as quickly as I can, formed in Los Angelous, California by former Metallica guitarist Dave Mustain I'll admit to only knowing a handful of Megadeth songs off by heart but the ones I do know are some of my favourite songs and once again I didn't see this band live until recently again at the 2011 Sonisphere Festival, I'm disapointed that they didn't play She-Wolf but I did enjoy their set.

6. Xentrix

Blimey guv'ner, we're going accross the pond with our next three entries, formed in Preston, Lancashire Xentrix can best be described as a British Metallica, only not neerly as succesful, damn you record companies for killing off the English Thrash Metal scene! Well written songs, great production and mucisianship, oh yeah and they did a thrash metal version of the Ghostbusters theme, no I'm not kidding.

5. Evile

Okay this band's a bit more recent than my other choices so far but I love them all the same, formed in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire in 2004 and arguably responsible for giving Thrash Metal it's revival, Evile has produced three excellent albums (yes I like Infected Nations, shut up) and a band that I'd love to see get famous, off particular note is their cover of Cemetary Gates by Pantara which was the last thing they recorded with Mike Alexander before his untimely death......let's move on before this gets any more awkward.

4. 80s Metallica

Do they need any introduction, they are one of the biggest Metal bands on the planet and whilst I'd prefer not to even think about their colabaration with Lou Reed we're talking about Metallica in the 80s here so there, and before you ask I prefer Ride The Lightning to Master of Puppets, don't like it? Too bad.

3. Overkill

Another band that I didn't get into until recently (thanks to their excellant Ironbound album) and formed in New Jersey in 1980 and have been going strong since then and I can't wait to see what they have in mind for their next album.

2. A TIE: Destruction and Testament

Both of these bands deserve equal praise and okay to be honest I'm listing Destruction here to avoid being accused of bias by commenters, Destruction where formed in Germany (Wikipedia didn't specify so feel free to correct me) and one of the three kings of German Thrash they are a band that I'd love to see live.

Testament where formed in Berkeley, California in 1983 and I fucking love this band, everything from Chuck Billy's vocals to the mucisianship to the fact that Chuck Billy fought off cancer and still performs to this day deserves praise.

So, who are my favourite band you ask? Didn't I give it away? Fuck it, DRUMROLL PLEASE! The number 1 Thrash Metal Band is........EXO FUCKING DUS!

1. Exodus

Once again a band I got into recently thanks to their Exhibit B The Human Condition Album which I got on the recomendation of a friend, each new album brings something new to the table and despite being active for quite some time Exodus still goes strong, how do I rate their vocalists? Simple:

1: Rob Dukes

2: Zhetro

3: Paul Baloff

With that said......

Audience: BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What? What? Oh don't tell me I'm not allowed to dislike a vocalist's vocal style because he's dead?! With that said I hope you've enjoyed the list and depending on how popular this is I might follow it up with a review of a Heavy Metal Christmas Album, yes I'm serious!

yes, I know the LVCS on Killer Moth is overdue but here's to hoping I'll finally get around to getting it up.


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