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Da Pro: Lousy Villains We Adore 18 (and Top 6 Lousy Earthworm Jim Villains Week): Evil Jim

Posted by on in Uncategorized
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Absurdly long title, wouldn't you say? Well, that's me alright. Let's get explainin'.

Amongst my favorite cartoons are the Superhero Parodies. Freakazoid!, The Tick, , Darkwing Duck, Earthworm Jim (the cartoon show) made my childhood, and it's always a pleasure to rewatch them. Well, I've been meaning to make a...

LOUZY VILLIN WEE ADORE on one of Earthworm Jim's many ineffectual yet hilarious villains. Being the question, which one? So I made a list, trying to figure out which one I loved the most, and then it came to me: Why pick one? Let's do a Top 6. I always wanted to make a Top X!

Say hello to Da Pro's...


Why 6? That's the number of lousy villains in the Earthworm Jim cartoon. Today, we have our number 6.

Number Six (but that doesn't mean I love him any less): Evil Jim

Yellow teeth? Check. Evil pose? Check. Red eyes? Check. Yup, evil twin alright.

Okay, where to start. Origins. Once upon a time, our hero, Earthworm Jim, and his sidekick Peter Puppy, went to a mall. Jim was put in a photocopier and the result was thrown away. That picture of Jim ended up in a pile of toxic waste ("perfectly harmless stuff", according to the show), and then poof, this guy shows up, ready to wreak some havoc.

Regular day in a mall: Have some frozen yogurt, shop, slam Jim in a photocopier and create an evil twin that will later on try to destroy you and the Universe.

Evil claims to be Good Jim's complete opposite. However, when our hero points out that since he hates losing and as such Evil Jim should like losing, he is greeted with a ray-gun blast and a "Don't be so literal-minded".

I'll let this picture speak for itself.

Evil Jim's motives? He's an evil twin, therefore he must act evil. Duh. Anyway. However, as we learn in one episode, being Evil doesn't mean you don't want friends. In fact, being the only evil twin in the universe can be quite painful and sad...

Go easy on the milk there pal. It ain't water, ya know?

He fights his loneliness by creating evil copies of Peter Puppy and Princess What's-her-name (Jim's love interest). That doesn't work so well. Allow me to explain why. Peter Puppy is a cute little guy who turns into an EVIL MONSTER when hurt. His opposite, Evil Peter, is vicious and violent... but if he's hurt, he turns into a good monster. And Princess What's-her-name is an amazon-esque warrior. Her opposite is vain and weak.  FAIL, Evil Jim. FAIL.

The Terrible Trio. Terrible indeed.

Evil Jim is seen with many cool gadgets, like copies of Jim's ray-gun and rocket, his copy gun, a big robot worm, and a beam that makes you age (or become younger). However, Evil Jim's one weakness is rather amusing. Rule of Funny, guys! You see, he's got that aging ray. What happens when he turns the two heroes into babies? They become cute. Evil Jim gives up. He is weak against the power of cute. Man! The forces of Evil have been slacking.

Way to go.

Also, he's voiced by Dan Castellaneta, who did a great job. Then again, he always does. If you pay a lot of attention, you will be able to notice some of the interjections Evil Jim uses quite resemble Homer Simpson's.

Well, not much more to say about this guy. The fact he's my least favorite Earthworm Jim villain doesn't mean he's not exceptionally funny and affable: he's just not quite as hilarious as the rest of the gang. That makes him number 6. See ya tomorrow, guys, with number 5 of this countdown! Oh, and before I go, here's Evil Jim holding a pie.

Private joke, please move along.


0 - The place where you can make sites for your original characters. Y'know, for those gamers/writers out there who like anything that involves having a character and doing things with them.


  • Da Pro
    Da Pro Monday, 22 November 2010

    You have no idea how hard it was to make this particular blog (tried to use a Scheduling Option) - in my opinion, the Blog creation windows got way too many options, yet there's no way to know which does what, or how, or if they even work.

    Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy it.

  • WoobieOfDoom
    WoobieOfDoom Monday, 22 November 2010

    Holding a PIE, you say >.> I see what you did there...

    This guy seems like a pretty funny villin, I mean, come on... weakness against cute? That's amazing! Makes me wanna go find some old 90's cartoons to watch. Can't wait for the next Top 6!

  • Da Pro
    Da Pro Monday, 22 November 2010

    ...oh dear. Why is this not descending as new blogs are published? That's it, this is the last time I "schedule" a blog's publishing.

  • TheDVDGrouch
    TheDVDGrouch Monday, 22 November 2010

    Oh man I used to love earthworm Jim when I was kid and I still love evil Jim. Great article and a great read.

  • Da Pro
    Da Pro Monday, 22 November 2010

    If you loved Earthworm Jim, and if you liked the read, you'll enjoy this week. There are five more EWJ baddies to go!

  • JotaKaPF
    JotaKaPF Monday, 22 November 2010

    ...Earthworm Jim has a cartoon??? Since when? I guess it never came to Brazil... sad news...

    Great blog, am going to find out more about the cartoon... lame villain ._.

  • Da Pro
    Da Pro Tuesday, 23 November 2010

    Yes, there's an Earthworm Jim cartoon... and it's hilarious!

    Thanks for commenting!

  • Monday, 22 November 2010

    Hi Da Pro. I'm thinking I missed out on a really great show. Excellent article, my friend. I'm going to have to check it out. I look forward to your next article. Peace.

  • Da Pro
    Da Pro Tuesday, 23 November 2010

    I'm just glad you enjoyed it!

  • Daiul
    Daiul Monday, 22 November 2010

    Love everything about this show. Thank you Da Pro for reminding me that I need to go watch it again.

  • Da Pro
    Da Pro Tuesday, 23 November 2010

    You're welcome.

    Of all cartoon shows, this one is one of my favorites.

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